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And I said, ;really?我说,;真的吗?;Really?;真的。;You#39;re sure you want To go for a walk?;;你确定你想要散步?;We#39;re about halfway to the neighborhood park,我们走到邻近的公园,And he stops, you know.半路上他停下来He wasn#39;t gasping for air or anything,他没有大口喘气,也没有别的情况But he was not a well-looking man,但是看上去不太好And I said, ;steve, why don#39;t we go back to the house?;于是我说,;史蒂夫,我们回去吧;And he smiled or chuckled, and he said,他轻轻的笑着说,;no. We#39;re not going back to the house.;不,我们不回去;;I just need a minute and then we#39;re gonna go on to the park;只要一分钟就好,走到那个公园;because that#39;s my goal.;因为那是我的目标.;I set a goal every day,;我每天都给自己设定一个目标and my goal now Is to get to this park.;今天的目标就是走到那个公园.;I said, ;you#39;re sure?; and he said, ;yeah.;我说,;你是认真的?; 他说 ,;当然;So we walked to the park, and, you know, he was fine.然后我们一起走到那个公园,而且,你知道,他没事We talked by the way the whole way.我们一直边走边聊,整个散步的过程中都在聊天We were doing what he does on walks,我们跟随他走过的道路,Which is we were talking about different things,谈论着各种事情,And we got to the park, and we sat on a bench,然后到了公园,坐在一个长凳上And we talked about in the park,然后我们聊了很多 在这个公园里,If I remember correctly,如果我没记错的话we actually talked More about life and health and you know,我们聊了很多关于生命和健康的话题,I had had a heart attack some years before,你知道的,多年前我得过心脏病And he was lecturing me about that,他用那件事来教训我,And I was sort of lecturing him, as well,而我也以此来教训了他About work/life balance and all these things,关于工作与生活的平衡之类的问题And then we got up and walked back然后我们起身走回去,And talked some more.又聊了很多别的事情And the last thing he said to me was他对我说的最后一件事情就是;you know, walt, you and I have been ;through lots of adventures over the last 15 years,;Walt ,你和我在过去15年经历了非常多的冒险;And we#39;re going to have some more adventures to come.;我们将会一起经历更多的冒险.;We never did.我们没法实现了.on october 5, 2011, steve jobs died.2011年10月5日 史蒂夫乔布斯去世The next day, his closest friend and colleague第二天,他最亲密的朋友兼同事Steve wozniak paid his own tribute.史蒂夫沃兹亚克发表了他的个人颂词 /201310/259505Tal Golesworthy 是一个锅炉工程师——他擅于管道和水管设施。当他需要通过手术来修复一个关乎到生命的大动脉的问题时,他将他的工程师技术和他的医生的医疗知识融合在一起,来设计了一个更好的修复方式。 Article/201306/242819Today in History: Monday, May27, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月27日,星期一May 27th, 1937, the newly completed Golden Gate Bridge opens to the public, connecting San Francisco and Marin County, California. For the bridge’s first day, only pedestrians were allowed onto the span. Louis Riogiado helped build the famous suspension bridge:“Nothing more thrilling amaze than that I get a woman to the bridge in my car and drive through, and see these towers as they stand up majestically against the sky. How wonderful it is!”1999, a UN tribunal in the Netherlands indicts Yugoslavia president Slobodan Milo?evi? and 4 of his aides for war crimes in Kosovo. 2 years later, Milo?evi? is arrested and handed over to the tribunal. In 2006 he’s found dead in his prison cell, while still on trial.1941, during World War II, the British Navy sinks Nazi Germany’s battle ship Bismarck off the coast of France.1936, the Queen Mary, one of the world’s great ocean liners leaves England on its maiden voyage. The ship, part of the Cunard Line, is now retired, serving as a hotel and conference center in Long Beach, California.And 1995, “If you think the game is worthwhile, then you just play the hand you#39;re dealt. Sometimes you get a lot of face cards, sometimes you don’t. But I think the game is worthwhile, I really do.” Actor Christopher Reeve is paralyzed when he is thrown from his horse during an equestrian event in Charlottesville, Virginia. Reeve, best known for playing Superman on the silver screen, dies more than 9 years later.Today in History, May 27th. Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201305/241667At least 39 killed in plane crash near Tehran airport伊朗客机失事坠毁德黑兰已致39人遇难Now let#39;s cross live to our correspondent Liang Xinwen in Tehran for more details.现在让我们连线我们驻德黑兰的记者梁新文,请他为我们带来更多深入报道。Q1 Xinwen, the plane crashed in a residential neighborhood. Was anyone hurt on the ground?Q1飞机是在一个居民区坠毁。有人受伤吗?Q2 Is there any indication what caused the crash? And how badly hurt are the injured?有了解到飞机坠毁的原因吗?伤者受伤情况如何? Article/201408/319939

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