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郴州治疗尿道炎多少钱郴州治疗包皮哪家医院好Business Brewing mergers SABMillers tale商业 酿造商的并购 SABMiller神话Heroic Aussie beer-drinkers make Fosters a tempting takeover target福斯特成为收购目标 澳大利亚啤酒消费者功不可没;FOSTERS, Australian for beer; went one slogan.有则广告叫;福斯特,澳洲人的啤酒;。Oddly, few Aussies sip the amber nectar.但很奇怪,很少有澳洲人会品尝这种琥珀色的佳酿。In Britain, where it is ubiquitous, it is brewed by Heineken, a Dutch beermaker.在英国情况却是大不一样,几乎人人畅饮荷兰人酿造的;喜力;啤酒。Yet Fosters, Australias largest brewer, looks appetising to SABMiller, the worlds second-largest.然而现在,澳洲最大的啤酒酿造商福斯特集团正逐渐引起世界第二大啤酒酿造商,英国南非米勒集团(SABMiller,以下简称南非米勒)的兴趣。On September 21st the London-based firm seemed to end a long takeover battle by raising its cash bid for Fosters to A.9 billion (.1 billion).9月21日这家总部位于伦敦的公司最终决定提高收购价,以99亿澳元(101亿美元)的价格收购福斯特集团。The Fosters board has recommended accepting the offer.福斯特集团董事会建议接受该收购价。SABMiller, which has 10% of the global market,南非米勒目前占有全球10%的市场份额。will acquire a business that generates barrels of cash.而且将要被其收购的福斯特集团将会为其带来大量收入。Australians chug an impressive 84 litres of beer a year. (The global average is a shameful 27 litres.)澳洲人每年的啤酒消费量令人乍舌的达到84公升(全球平均量只有27公升)。And though Aussies shun the insipid stuff with ;Fosters; on the can, they love the companys Victoria Bitter, which is the nations bestseller.尽管人们对啤酒罐上的;福斯特;标识不甚关注,但对该公司的Victoria Bitter牌啤酒却钟爱有加,该啤酒正是全澳洲最畅销的啤酒。全澳洲十大最受欢迎的啤酒中就有七种是福斯特酿造的。Fosters brews seven of the ten most popular beers in Oz and has half the domestic market by volume, though its share has slipped over the years.尽管在国内市场上福斯特集团的份额在不断下跌,但仍达到50%。Alas, like most wealthy drinkers, Australians are forsaking beer for wine and other unmanly tipples.与其他发达国家的消费者一般,澳大利亚人饮酒习惯正逐渐倾向于葡萄酒及其它;女性;酒。The domestic beer market, flat for the past 25 years, has remained so only because of a growing population.国内的啤酒市场,只是由于人口数量的增加,才得以在过去25年中保持稳定。SABMiller can probably cut costs; Fosters has been badly run.米勒也许能削减成本,福斯特却已经是经营不善了。Its expertise may help to win back market share and its global procurement operation will help to save cash.其专业人士或许能帮助福斯特重获市场份额,而且其全球采购计划也能降低开。But as Olivier Nicola? of UBS, a bank, points out, synergies are limited.但正如瑞银集团的Olivier Nicolai所说的,合并的效果是有限的。SABMiller, which has not done a big deal since 2005, may simply want to join the global trend towards consolidation.自2005年以来,南非米勒集团的交易量一直不大,而其收购的目的就是向全球扩张。It has low debts and lots of cash, so why not?债务低,资金多,何乐而不为呢?Because Australia is a mature market, grumble many shareholders.因为澳大利亚的市场已经成熟,因此众多股东对此次收购怨声一片。Of all the global brewers, SABMiller has by far the biggest presence in emerging markets.然而新兴市场方面,在众多啤酒酿造商中,南非米勒集团占有最大的市场份额。Profits are thinner in such places, but beer drinking is growing healthily.在这些地区虽然利润不大,但啤酒消费市场却在健康的发展当中。Dirk Van Vlaanderen of Jefferies, a bank, notes that buying Fosters will only drag the emerging-market share of SABMillers revenues down from 80% to 70% of the total.杰弗瑞集团的Dirk Van Vlaanderen认为收购福斯特,会让南非米勒总收入中来自新兴市场的收入比例由80%下降为70%。But growth-hungry investors are still miffed.那些亟需发展的投资者们对此却甚为不满。Analysts at Collins Stewart, a financial firm, speculate that SABMiller wants to buy Fosters to make it harder for Anheuser-Busch InBev, the worlds largest brewer, to swallow SABMiller.根据高林斯特投资的分析师推测,南非米勒集团想借收购福斯特,来增加世界最大酿造商Anheuser-Busch Inbey对其收购的难度。Others doubt that such a deal would happen for years, if ever.也有人认为即使其想收购南非米勒,那也得耗费数年的时间。And for a brewer aiming at world domination, a bigger SABMiller might be an even more tempting target.而对于任何一家欲称霸全球的酿造商来说,南非米勒越大,则诱惑力就越大。 /201301/218070桂东县人民中妇幼保健医院包皮手术怎么样 The bisons form a defense circle around their young, horns pointing outwards. The wolves needs the bisons to break rank, but the table is turning, now the wolves have to retreat, the pack focuse their attention on the rear of the herd, and the bisons begin to panick, a young bison falls behind, even this yelling wolves the wounds, running head down, the herds only thought to escape, a stroke of luck for the wolves. The kill will feed the pack for sevaral days, but then they will have to resume the chase, at the frozen end of our planet, the struggle for survival never eases. South of the treeline, the winters are shorter, so trees grow faster and taller, and forests begin to appear.野牛围绕幼仔角朝外形成防御网。狼需要野牛自我暴露弱点,但现在形势扭转,现在狼准备撤退,他们的注意力聚焦在牛群的最后,野牛开始夺命奔逃,一只年轻的野牛落在后面,即使这样狼群仍然继续追逐,牛群只想到逃跑,运气转眼间到了狼这边。这些天蓄积的杀戮被完全释放,然后他们将继续追捕,在我们这个冷冻的星球,生存永远都是不易。南部的山林由于冬季较短,所以树长得更快、更高、森林开始出现。注:听力文本来源于普特201201/169435郴州市中心人民医院治疗男性不育多少钱

资兴市市立医院龟头炎症Technology catalog科学技术Caught in a BEAR hug落入BEAR怀抱Robotics: A newly designed robot can recover casualties from battlefields,机器人技术:一种新型机器人能够从战场上救回伤员,and might also be able to make itself useful to soldiers in other ways或许还能以其他方式为士兵务。Carrying out an important duty执行一项重要任务KILLING a soldier removes one enemy from the fray.杀一名士兵会使冲突中减少一个敌人,Wounding him removes three:而伤一名士兵却会减少三个敌人:the victim and the two who have to carry him from the battlefield.伤兵及运送伤兵撤离战场的两名士兵。That cynical calculation lies behind the design of many weapons that are intended to incapacitate rather than annihilate.许多武器在设计时就运用了这种乖张的算计思维,它们的目的不是消灭敌人而是使敌人丧失作战能力。But robotics may change the equation.不过,机器人技术或许能改变这种格局。The Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot, or BEAR for short, is, in the words of Gary Gilbert of the ed States Armys Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Centre,在美国陆军远程医疗与先进技术研究中心工作的加里?吉尔伯特说:战场协助撤离机器人是a highly agile and powerful mobile robot capable of lifting and carrying a combat casualty from a hazardous area across uneven terrain.一种极其敏捷且功能强大的移动式机器人,它能够抱起并运送战场上的伤员,穿越崎岖不平的地带将其带离险境。When it is not saving lives, it can perform difficult and repetitive tasks, such as loading and unloading ammunition.不在战场上拯救生命时,它还可以执行棘手及重复单调的任务,如装缷弹药。The current prototype BEAR is a small, tracked vehicle with two hydraulic arms and a set of cameras that provide a view of its surroundings to its operator via a wireless link.现在这款BEAR的原型是一种小型的履带车,具有两个液压臂和一组摄像机,可以将其周围环境的图像以无线链接方式传送给它的操作者,It has been developed by TATRC in collaboration with Vecna Technologies, a company based in Maryland that invented the robot.它由TATR与Vecna Technologies公司合作开发,该公司位于马里兰州,首款BEAR就是该公司发明的。Daniel Theobald, BEARs inventor and Vecnas boss, says versatility is at the heart of the robots design.BEAR的发明者兼Vecna老板丹尼尔?西奥尔德说多功能性是该机器人的设计核心。It would be completely impractical if you had robots with a sole duty to rescue soldiers, because they would spend most of their time unused, he says.如果只让机器人执行拯救士兵这一种任务,那太不实用了,因为它们大部分时间都将处于无用状态,他说,The whole idea from the start was to design a general-purpose robot.从一开始,整个设计理念就是设计出一种多用途机器人。The BEARs operator can control the robot in two ways.BEAR的操作者可以通过两种方式控制机器人。One, a joystick, can be embedded into the grip of a rifle and manoeuvred by the soldiers fingertip when he is holding his weapon to his shoulder.一种是操纵杆,它可以嵌入步的把中,当士兵将步扛在肩上时,可以用指尖操纵此操纵杆。The advantage of this is that he does not need to put his gun down to rescue his comrades.这样设计的好处是士兵无需丢下就可以救他的战友。The other means of control, a special glove designed by AnthroTronix, another Maryland firm, can sense the wearers hand movements and direct the BEAR accordingly.另一种控制方式是使用马里兰州另外一家公司AnthroTronix设计的专用手套。该手套可以感知佩带者的手部运动,以此指挥BEAR做相应的运动。If, for example, the gloved hand moves to the left, the robot will follow.举例来说,如果戴着手套的手向左移动,机器人也会跟着向左移动。If the hand moves backwards, the robot will slow down or stop.如果戴着手套的手向后移动,机器人就会降低移动速度或者停止移动。If the gloves wearer closes his fist, the robot takes that as an instruction to grip an object with its arms.如果带手套的人握紧拳头,机器人就会认为该指令是让它用手臂抓住某个物体。Over the past year BEAR has been tested at the armys Infantry Centre Manoeuvre Battle Laboratory in Fort Benning, Georgia.过去一年里,BEAR在位于佐治亚州本宁堡的陆军步兵中心机动作战实验室里接受测试,It has shown that it can travel at around 12mph across a flat surface.结果显示它能以每小时12英里左右的速度通过平坦路面。It can also move over soil, sand and gravel, through trees and inside buildings, albeit at lower speeds.此外,它还能在泥地、沙地和砾石路面上移动,能穿越树林及建筑物内部,尽管速度要低一些。Several more years of tests are planned, but Dr Gilbert is optimistic that BEAR will come through them.按计划,BEAR还要再接受几年的测试,不过吉尔伯特士非常乐观,他相信BEAR能通过所有测试。If it does, soldiers will be able to get on with their primary job of killing the enemy, without having to worry so much about what the enemy has done to their friends.如果事实果真如此,士兵们就能够专心执行杀敌这个首要任务,而无需太担心敌人对他们的战友下了什么毒手。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201303/231828郴州包皮环切术价格 Business商业HTCs patent problemsHTC的专利问题Android alert要当心安卓系统了Using Googles Android software has given HTC a boost, but it may now make the Taiwanese handset-maker vulnerable to costly lawsuits. 使用谷歌的安卓软件推动了宏达电的发展,但是现在它可能变成弱点,令这家台湾手机制造公司遭遇昂贵的诉讼UNTIL a few years ago HTC was pretty small and relatively obscure. 几年前HTC还只是一个规模很小、相对不知名的公司。But the Taiwanese companys recent growth has been remarkable. 但是这家台湾公司最近的业绩增长却有目共睹。In the second quarter it sold 11m smartphones, more than doubling its revenues in the same period last year. 今年第二季度它共出售了1100万部智能手机,收入比去年同期增加了一倍多。HTCs main rivals, Nokia, Samsung and Apple, still sell around twice as many smartphones. HTC的主要竞争对手诺基亚、三星和苹果公司卖出的智能手机仍然是HTC的大概两倍。But its rapid growth, especially on Apples American home turf, has made it a competitor to reckon with.但是它的快速崛起、特别是在苹果的美国老家的迅速发展,已经使它成为不容小觑的对手。One reason for HTCs surging sales is the relentless pace of its innovation: HTC手机销量猛增的原因之一是它源源不断的创新:in the past quarter, in which Apple had no new iPhone to launch, HTC introduced ten new models. 上个季度,苹果公司没有发布任何新款iPhone,但是HTC却推出了10款新机型。Another is Googles Android operating system, on which most of HTCs smartphones are now based, which has proved a hit among consumers.还有一个原因是谷歌的安卓操作系统,现在HTC智能手机的大部分都以此系统为平台,它在消费者中间非常受欢迎。Apple has not taken the challenge from HTC lightly. 苹果公司并未轻视来自HTC的挑战。On July 15th the US International Trade Commission upheld two claims in a larger patent suit Apple had filed against its rival. 7月15日,在苹果公司起诉HTC的一起比较大的专利诉讼案中,美国国际贸易委员会裁决HTC侵犯苹果公司的两项专利。Earlier in the month, Apple had filed additional claims and MOSAID, a Canadian company, said it would also sue HTC, and Sony Ericsson, for patent infringement. 本月初,苹果公司还起诉HTC侵犯了自己另外几项专利,而加拿大公司MOSAID称它也要起诉HTC和索尼爱立信侵犯专利。The outcome of these cases will be of keen interest not just for HTC but for other handset-makers using Android: promoted as a free, open-source system, it is proving surprisingly expensive. 这些案件的结果不仅关系到HTC的直接利益,同时也关系到其他使用安卓系统的手机制造商的切身利益:安卓系统以免费、开放资源的姿态推广入市,但现在明它会非常得贵。This is because it relies on a host of basic features that may be subject to patents: how a screen is swiped with a finger, how a phone number embedded in an e-mail can be called by tapping it, and so on.这是因为它的一些基本特色也许涉及到专利:触摸屏、电邮里的电话号码能直接拨打等等。Last year HTC resolved another claim over Android, with Microsoft, agreeing to pay it hefty royalties. 去年,HTC也解决了一起有关安卓系统的专利问题,它同意向微软付巨额专利费用。More such suits may yet emerge, and prove costly. 更多这样的诉讼也许还会浮出水面,而且代价高昂。HTCs shares, having hitherto outperformed its peers,have dropped by a third since early June. HTC的股价目前已经胜过同行们的了,而自6月初以来已经下跌了三分之一。HTC will appeal against the trade commissions ruling; but it will fight back in other ways, too. HTC将就贸易委员会的裁决提起上诉;不过它也从其他方面予以反击。This month it spent 0m buying a loss-making software firm, S3, which recently won a patent case against Apple and may have other patents that will be useful in fending off Apples legal forays.本月,它耗资3亿美元收购了亏损软件公司S3,这家公司最近在与苹果的专利案中胜诉,它也许还有其他专利能帮助HTC应对苹果的法律突袭。Founded in 1997, HTC started out mostly doing contract manufacturing for other gadget-sellers. HTC成立于1997年,最初主要为其他小机械销售者做代工。But as it has gained confidence in making smartphones under its own brand, it has steadily risen up mobile operators lists of the handsets they promote to subscribers. 但是随着在制造自己品牌智能机方面积累起了信心,它在移动运营商向用户推荐的手机名单中的地位平稳上升。By April this year it had a bigger market capitalisation than troubled Nokia. 到今年4月,它的市场资本化已经比身陷困境的诺基亚公司要大了。The firms success has pushed Cher Wang, its chairwoman and largest shareholder, to the top of Forbess Taiwan rich list, passing Terry Gou, the boss of Hon Hai. HTC的成功使得其董事长、也是最大的股东王雪红女士超过鸿海集团董事长郭台铭荣登福布斯台湾富人榜榜首。HTC has kept much of its production in Taiwan whereas Hon Hai has shifted it to mainland China and stuck with contract manufacturing—a business that emphasises cost-trimming and low value-added.HTC的生产多保留在台湾省内,而鸿海集团则把生产移向中国大陆,继续做代工—它注重节省成本和低附加值。HTC has shown remarkable speed in building new products, adapting to changing telecoms standards and developing its own applications software. HTC制造新产品非常迅速,也能很快地适应电信商的标准、开发自己的应用软件。And its manufacturing quality has been remarkably high. 其生产质量之高令人瞩目。Unlike rivals HTC has not suffered unpleasant headlines about shoddy products or suicides at its factories. 不同于竞争对手,HTC并未因劣质产品或是工厂里员工自杀而登上头条惹一身麻烦。It has made progress in building a brand that reflects innovation and trust, allowing it to escape from the low-cost tmill on which some of its peers remain stuck.在建立一个反应创新和信任的品牌方面它取得了进步,这使得它能从禁锢了一些同行的低成本枯燥无味的工作中逃脱出来。But there is a risk that Android, a key element in this successful strategy, is turning into a vulnerability. 但是风险在于这种成功策略的关键因素之一安卓系统正转变为致命弱点。Apple sees its patents as a weapon to undermine Androids cost advantage. 苹果公司以专利作为武器削弱安卓的价格优势。The more time HTC has to spend fighting lawsuits, and the greater the share of its revenues it has to pay out in software royalties, the harder it will be to keep up its remarkable run of success. HTC花在反抗诉讼上的时间越多,它在软件专利费上出的钱占其收入的份额越大,那么它就越难保持巨大的优势。点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201302/227393郴州三甲男科医院

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