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苏仙区医院男科郴州市男性专科郴州治疗睾丸炎哪里好 New research reinforces the importance of prenatal iron supplementation for good birth outcomes and continued good health for growing children.最近一些新的研究强调产前补铁对安全分娩和成长中孩子的健康非常重要。Studies over the past 20 years have pointed to the importance of micronutrients - substances found in small amounts in foods that make a big difference. One of the most important micronutrients for pregnant women is iron. Iron is vital to the development of a fetus' central nervous system, says Parul Christian, a nutritionist working at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.过去20年来的研究指出了微量营养素的重要性。存在于食物中的这些微量元素对身体健康至关重要。对妇非常重要的一种微量元素就是铁。约翰霍普金斯大学公共卫生学院营养专家帕鲁尔·克里斯琴指出,铁对于胚胎的中枢神经系统发育非常重要。"Early iron deficiency can change the neuro-anatomy of the brain, and impact the neuro-chemistry of the central nervous system and brain metabolism, that are important for cognitive development, for sensory-motor development."她说:“早期缺铁,会使脑部组织发生变化,影响中枢神经系统的神经化学以及脑部的新陈代谢。这些部分对认知能力以及感觉运动能力的发展等都很重要。”But providing vitamin and micronutrient supplements to all pregnant women can be a significant financial burden in low income countries. Some experts argue that it's enough to give infants iron supplements after they're born. That was part of the reason Christian and her colleagues decided to study poor women in Nepal a decade ago. Some of the women got supplements without iron and folic acid, another important micronutrient, while others got supplements with both micronutrients.但是在低收入国家里,为所有妇补充维生素和微量元素、以便使婴儿在出生前就受益的做法,是一个沉重的经济负担。有些专家说,婴儿出生以后再补铁,就足够了。这个说法促使克里斯琴10年前开始对尼泊尔的贫穷妇女进行研究。有些妇女得到的营养剂不含铁和另外一种重要微量元素叶酸,有些得到含有这两种重要微量元素的补剂。201101/122808EU Ministers Discuss Funding Environment Projects欧盟召开环境会议拟减少温室气体European environmental ministers met in Luxembourg to discuss ways to significantly cut greenhouse-gas emissions - without hurting economies struggling with the current financial crisis. 欧盟各国环境部长在卢森堡开会,商讨采取什么措施能大幅度减少温室气体,而同时又不伤害正在金融危机中挣扎的各国经济。The European Union members discussed goals agreed to last year by the 27-member bloc to slash greenhouse-gas emissions by 20 percent from 1990 levels by the year 2020.  欧盟成员国讨论了去年27个成员国一致同意的目标,也就是到2020年之前把温室气体排放量在1990年的水平上减少20%。But the European Union is facing another problematic climate as the world wrestles with the worst financial crisis in decades. Italy and several other eastern European countries worry they will not be able to afford making the proposed emissions cuts. 可是,随着全世界都在应对几十年来最严重的金融危机,欧盟正处于另一个困难的环境之中。意大利和几个东欧国家担心,他们无法达到计划中减少废气排放的目标。Italy and Poland have warned they may veto the final EU climate change agreement if it is not to their liking. During the meeting in Luxembourg, Italian Environment Minister Stefania Prestigiacomo told reporters the agreement was unsuitable in its present form.  意大利和波兰警告说,如果他们对欧盟气候变化协议感到不满意,他们有可能否决最后达成的协议。在卢森堡召开的这次气候变化会议期间,意大利环境部长普雷斯蒂贾科莫对记者说,这项协议目前的形式是不合适的。But other ministers said they believed the final climate-change agreement would be largely unchanged. 不过其他部长认为,这项气候变化协议最后不会有什么变动。The Europeans are racing to finalize their package before a U.N. climate change meeting in December. A number of EU countries, including Britain, along with the U.N. climate-change panel, believe it is important the Europeans stick to their greenhouse cutting goals and show leadership in this area.  欧盟国家正在竭力争取在联合国12月召开气候变化会议之前最后确定它们的气候变化协议。包括英国在内的几个欧盟成员国以及联合国气候变化委员会都认为,欧盟国家按计划执行其温室气体减排目标,在这方面显示领导作用是非常重要的。European environment commission Stavros Dimas also objected to watering down the EU's objectives, as he made clear during remarks to the press this month. 欧盟环境专员斯塔夫罗.迪马斯也反对欧盟降低废气减排目标,他这个月向新闻界表态时明确表示了这点。"I am confident that an agreement will be settled by the end of this year and keeping to this timing is important, since we need to give to the international community a clear signal the European Union is on target to meet its own climate commitments," he said. 迪马斯说:“我有信心,今年年底之前将达成协议,遵守这个时间表非常重要,因为我们需要给国际社会一个明确的信号,也就是欧盟在履行它对气候变化的承诺方面是按计划进行的。”The EU meeting coincided with a new report by the environmental group the World Wide Fund for Nature claiming that climate change was increasing faster than predicted, with serious consequences in Europe and elsewhere. 欧盟举行这次会议的同时,环保组织世界自然基金会公布了一份新的报告。报告称,气候变化的速度要比预期的越来越快,对欧洲和其他地区产生严重后果。200810/53448郴州哪里治不孕不育比较好

郴州治疗软下疳医院哪家最好A new U.S. Congress has convened in Washington. Republicans now control the House of Representatives, and Democrats have a reduced majority in the Senate, giving the ed States a divided legislature.The 112th Congress features scores of new Republicans. Most are still getting settled in their new offices and learning their way around the Capitol.美国第112届国会中出现了数十名共和党新成员。其中大多数人刚刚在新办公室安顿下来,了解着国会的情况。But the new legislators come infused with the ideological fervor that fueled their successful campaigns. They view last November's election as a national rebuke of President Barack Obama's economic stewardship and a mandate to scale back the size and scope of the federal government.但是这些新议员充满着理想的热情,正是这种热情帮助他们竞选成功。他们把去年11月的国会中期选举结果视为民众对奥巴马总统国家经济指导政策的不满,以及对缩小联邦政府规模和范围的要求。Kentucky freshman Republican Senator Rand Paul told CBS' Early Show he will not vote to raise the limit on federal borrowing unless spending is drastically cut. "All the new people coming to Washington are going to insist that if we raise the debt ceiling, it has to be linked to something,” he said. “From here on out, we are going to balance the budget."肯塔基州新任国会参议员、共和党人兰德.保罗告诉哥伦比亚广播公司《早间秀》节目说,除非政府大幅缩减开,否则他将不会投票持提高政府借债的限额。他说:“所有来到华盛顿的新任议员都会坚持这一点,那就是如果我们提高借债限额,这必须与其他举措联系起来。从现在开始,我们要平衡开。”The Obama administration says failure to raise the debt ceiling would cause the U.S. government to default on its loan obligations and produce a catastrophic financial crisis.奥巴马政府表示,如果不能提高借债限额,就将导致美国政府无法偿还国债,并带来一次灾难性的金融危机。201101/122804湖南郴州前列腺炎哪家医院最好 Lily: Hello, I'm Lily. Welcome to On the Town from B Learning English. Sun Chen: 还有我孙辰。今天的城市掠影节目我们要向大家介绍的是英国著名的战争物馆。Lily: Yes. We are taking you to the famous Imperial War Museum in London. Insert (Sound of submarine) In the spring of 1941, the Royal Navy was equipped with more escorts of an improved design... Sun Chen: 在英国战争物馆里,我们能见到各种各样的战车,武器,战争纪念品。在这家物馆里面,还有一个图书馆,一个摄影档案馆,还有其他的一些艺术藏品。Lily: It is a well-known museum, not only in Britain, but throughout the world. I spoke with Terry Charman, the museum's historian. He started with what he considers to be the unique feature of the Imperial War Museum.Sun Chen: 接待我们的是战争物馆史学家 Terry Charman.Insert Well, I think the thing that is unique about the Imperial War Museum, perhaps not only in London but also worldwide, is that we attempt to record and display items relating to all aspects of international conflict since 1914, since August 1914 when the First World War broke out. Our main objective, of course, is to display to members of the public how war has shaped lives in the 20th and sadly in the 21st century. Sun Chen: 他们的目标,就是力图通过展品把国际冲突有联系的各个方面都能体现出来。 All aspects of international conflicts.Lily: Their main objective is to show people how war has shaped their lives. Sun Chen: 战争是如何改变人们的生活。Lily: That's right. What you see here in the museum is truly spectacular, with all kinds of military vehicles, airplanes and submarines.Sun Chen: 各种各样的战车,还有战斗机,和潜艇。这些让人听起来真是过瘾。Lily: Well, Terry told me that one of his female colleagues described it as the biggest boy's bedroom.Sun Chen: 为什么叫最大的男生宿舍呢?Lily: Let's listen.Insert Speaking in the main gallery, the atrium of the museum, which one of my female colleagues has described as one of the biggest boy's bedroom in London, displaying as it does, tanks, guns and aircraft, including the most famous of all British aircraft, the super marine Spitfire, that helped to win the Battle of Britain in 1940. As well as, of course, the aircraft, we have on display a small one-man submarine from Germany and also the human torpedo that the Italians used in the Second World War. And of course, we have a large number of armoured fighting vehicles. Sun Chen: 在中厅大厅,我们能看到坦克,各种各样的,还有飞机。这其中还包括英国历史上最著名的功勋战斗机,还有超级喷气式战斗机 Spitfire.Lily: The Spitfire is very famous as it helped win the Battle of Britain in 1940.Sun Chen: 这里还展出了二战当中,从德国缴获的一艘潜艇,还有一个从意大利缴获的鱼雷。 Torpedo.Lily: And there are a large number of armoured fighting vehicles as well.Sun Chen: 就是装甲车。Lily: And there is a unique item that visitors shouldn't miss. 06/72679郴州大小医院有多少家

郴州男科医院最好是哪家The U.N. Security Council on Monday condemned North Korea's most recent missile launches as violations of council resolutions, and demanded that Pyongyang comply fully with its international obligations.联合国安理会星期一谴责了北韩最新一轮导弹发射,说这一举动违反了安理会各项决议,并要求平壤按照国际准则办事。The Council President for the month of July, Ugandan Ambassador Ruhakana Rugunda, a statement from the Council condemning Saturday's launch of seven ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan. "Members of the Security Council condemned and expressed grave concern at the launches, which constitute a violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions and pose a threat to regional and international security," he said.安理会这个月的轮值主席、乌干达驻联合国大使鲁贡达.鲁哈卡纳(Ruhakana Rugunda)宣读了安理会的一份声明,谴责北韩星期六向日本海发射七枚弹道导弹。他说:“安理会成员国对这次发射行为高度关注,并予以强烈谴责;北韩的行为违反了联合国安理会决议案,对区域和国际间的安全都构成了威胁。”He said Council members are appealing to all parties to refrain from action that could aggravate the security situation in the region, and he noted the Council's commitment to resolving the situation through peaceful, diplomatic and political means.他说,安理会成员国呼吁所有各方保持冷静,不要采取有可能让区域间安全局势更加恶化的行动。他同时指出,安理会仍然希望能够通过和平、外交和政治手段解决问题。Last month, the Security Council unanimously passed a resolution tightening existing sanctions and imposing additional ones, after Pyongyang conducted an underground nuclear test. Among the new measures is one ordering U.N. member states to inspect ships suspected of transporting prohibited weapons and other materials into or out of North Korea.上个月,在北韩进行地下核试验之后,安理会通过了一项决议案,在加重已有制裁措施的同时又增加了一些新的措施。新的制裁措施包括要求联合国所有成员国对所有涉嫌运输被禁武器以及其他材料出入北韩的船只进行检测。Japan's U.N. envoy, Yukio Takasu, noted some success on that front, citing the imminent return to North Korea of a ship suspected of carrying banned weapons. "I think it is good that [the] DPRK [i.e., the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, or North Korea] got the message that wherever it goes -- that any port or countries in the region -- will be cooperating in compliance with resolutions. And probably that was the reason why they changed directions. It is welcome development," he said.日本驻联合国大使高须幸雄(Yukio Takasu)表示,这一制裁措施到目前为止已经取得了一些成效,北韩一艘涉嫌携带被禁武器的船只面临立即回程的处境即说明了这一点。他说:“我认为北韩方面现在知道,不论走到哪里,不论是区域间的哪个国家或者是港口都要按照决议案行事。这恐怕就是他们改道而行的原因。从整个局势来说,这是一个积极的动向。”The ship, the Kang Nam 1, reportedly was bound for Burma, when it changed course late last month after a U.S. warship began following it. It was due back in North Korea on Monday.据报导,北韩的江南一号(Kang Nam 1)原本是驶向缅甸的,但是从上个月底遭到一艘美国战舰跟踪以来即改变了航程。这艘船计划星期一返回北韩。 07/77099 Mexican Officials May Have Discovered Motive for Killing of US Citizens墨西哥官员可能得知美国公民被杀原因In Juarez, Mexico, authorities say a suspect they detained last week in connection with the March 13 murder of two US citizens has told them the reason for the killing may have to do with treatment of jailed gang members across the border in El Paso, Texas. One of the victims worked as a jailer in El Paso.墨西哥华雷斯市当局说,上周拘捕的一名嫌犯与3月13日两名美国公民被杀案有关,他告知当局,这起杀害事件有可能跟边境另一侧、美国德克萨斯州埃尔帕索市被关押在监狱中的黑帮成员所受到的待遇有关。受害死者之一是埃尔帕索一所监狱的狱警。Investigators in Mexico say the detained suspect Ricardo Valles de la Rosa, 45, claims the ambush of a US couple near the Juarez city hall on Saturday, March 13, was carried out as an act of retribution against Arthur Redelfs, who worked as an El Paso County Sheriff's detention officer and was accused by gang members of mistreating their compatriots there. 墨西哥的调查人员说,被关押的45岁嫌犯罗萨声称,一对美国夫妇3月13日星期六在华雷斯市政府附近遭伏击,这是一起报复行动,针对的目标是阿瑟·雷德尔弗斯。他是埃尔帕索郡警察局拘留中心的狱警,帮派成员指控他虐待他们在监狱中的同伙。Redelfs and his pregnant wife, Lesley, who worked at the US consulate in Juarez, died in their white sport utility vehicle after being shot multiple times. Around the same time, a Mexican man who had been at a social event with the couple just minutes before was killed in similar fashion at another location. 雷德尔弗斯的妻子莱斯莉已经怀,在华雷斯的美国领事馆工作。他们驾驶的白色的越野车遭多处击,夫妻双双死于非命。大约在同一时间,一名墨西哥男子在另外一个地点以同样的方式被击毙,几分钟前他还在一个社交场合跟雷德尔弗斯夫妇在一起。According to Mexican authorities the second victim was also in a white sport utility vehicle and since the gunmen were not sure which one was Redelf's car, they decided to kill the occupants of both vehicles. Such callousness is not unusual in Juarez, where drug-related violence has claimed the lives of more than four thousand, 800 people since 2008. The violence has claimed around 600 victims so far this year. 据墨西哥当局说,这名墨西哥受害者也在一辆白色越野车里。由于杀手不太清楚哪一辆车是雷德尔弗斯的,他们决定对两辆车里的人同时下手。在华雷斯,这种杀人不眨眼的行径屡见不鲜,这座城市自2008年以来已经有4千8百多人死于跟毒品相关的暴力事件,今年已经有大约6百人死于毒品暴力。El Paso County Sheriff's Department spokespersons say they have no information to collaborate the reports coming out of Mexico, but they have said that Redelfs was a well-respected professional. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and other federal law enforcement agencies are providing assistance to Mexican authorities in this investigation, but they have declined to comment on the developments in Mexico.德克萨斯州埃尔帕索郡警察局发言人说,他们从墨西哥方面没有任何相关的信息。不过,他们表示雷德尔弗斯是一位很受尊敬的专业人士。美国联邦调查局和其他联邦执法机构协助墨西哥当局调查此案,但他们不肯对墨西哥方面的进展发表。201004/100443郴州看前列腺肥大多少钱苏仙区治疗龟头炎多少钱



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