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郑州中心医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱郑州/治疗晒斑费用Forget stocks, gold is back! This week's sharp rise in commodities was a surprise to some. CNN's Jim Boulden reports.Gold leap for dawns many buildings in the city of London some within the shelter of the bank of England. And while the BOE in its fellow central banks has attempted to stabilize the financial market this week. Many eyes turn back to the precious metals like gold. There’s no a total loss of faith and trust in the system. And when people do, when people lose faith like that, they move toward a hard tangible lasses like gold. On Wednesday gold future saw the biggest one-day jump in history, up 70 dollars. A week is a long time in politics and as we have seen also in the markets. Gold briefly topped 1000 dollars an ounce back in March, but was down 27% from that high this time last week, while oil was down a nearly third from its super spike in July, but all that changed with the bankruptcy of Leman Brothers. Unlike holding shares or bonds or even a bank account, holding a physical commodity means you don’t have to rely on the financial health or the so called counter party, such as a bank or a company or a government. A big reason people turned commodities as safe haven, commodities also benefit this week from the dollar’s weakness, meaning investors could get more dollars and hand more commodities for their money. When the dollar is weak, you tend to find a lot of investments like moving into commodities, because a lot of commodities are denominating US dollars anyway. So as a result, they become cheaper to consume, and more expensive to produce which tends to be poorish for commodities. And secondly, dollars, er, commodities are used as hedge against the declining dollar. So who can take advantage of this, well, you unlikely to stick a few barrels of oil in the basement, gold is another story. Ten ounces gold to fit the pummel hunt could store at home a few ounces. Stores count for very low insurance //. Of course, there were plenty of voices this past summer that warned commodities with then in bubble territory, and it looked like that might be true until this week. Now there are vows calling for gold push over a thousand dollars an ounce once more. And this time stay there as long as financial markets look a bad debt. Jim Boulden, CNN, London.200811/54791河南省郑州/华山整形美容医院激光祛痘好吗 Constitutional reform宪法改革All change英国剧变Britain is on the verge of constitutional upheaval英国正在宪法剧变的边缘THIS may seem an odd moment to make the claim, but Britain is a country in the grip of a modernising frenzy. The outside world may see an unvarying kingdom of royal weddings, golden carriages and clip-clopping Horse Guards, with a young prime minister drawn from the old Establishment. But strip away the pageantry, and David Cameron’s Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition is proposing radical changes to the constitutional order.现在似乎还不是下结论的时候,但是英国正受到对现代化的狂热情绪配。在国外人看来这个王国并无变化:皇室婚礼、黄金马车、马蹄得得的皇家骑卫队以及正当权的年轻首相。但是在这华丽的虚饰下,大卫卡梅隆的保守党、工党、自民党联合政府正提议彻底改革宪法。A national referendum on May 5th and months of parliamentary wrangling lie ahead. But if all the changes being proposed by the coalition come to fruition, British democracy could look and feel very different by the next general election, set by the coalition for May 2015.5月5日全国范围的公民投票后是长达数月的议会辩论。如果所有联合政府提出的改革都得到成效,下一次联合政府举行大选时(2015年5月)英国的民主会让人们看到、体会到很大的不同。Depending on the outcome of the referendum, that general election may be held using a new voting system: supporters of change call it the biggest shake-up since votes for women in 1928. Voters are to be asked to choose between keeping the winner-takes-all system of first-past-the-post (FPTP) and moving to the alternative-vote (AV) method, in which voters rank candidates in numbered order of preference. Under AV, if no candidate wins more than 50% of voters’ first preferences, the least popular candidate is eliminated and the second preferences of those who voted for him are distributed. The process continues, redistributing third, fourth or lower preferences until someone crosses the 50% line.公投的结果将决定大选是否会采取新的投票体制:改革持者称之为继1928年妇女获得投票权后最大的改革.投票人将选择是保留赢者通吃的简单多数制(FPTP)还是改为排序投票制(AV),后者框架下投票人根据喜好对候选人排序,如果没有候选人获得超过半数的首选,得票最少的候选人将被淘汰,其选票划入排在第二位的候选人名下。以此类推,经过对排在第三位、第四位甚至更靠后的候选人选票重新划分直到有人的得票超过半数。201105/135029郑州市中心医院治疗青春痘多少钱

河南第一附属医院减肥瘦身价钱费用President Barack Obama is mounting an all-out push for U.S. Senate ratification of the New START nuclear treaty with Russia, calling it crucial for U.S. national security. The president summoned a bipartisan group of former White House officials to help efforts to gain ratification before the end of the year.奥巴马总统正在全力推动参议院批准美国与俄罗斯签署的新的《削减战略武器条约》。奥巴马称这一条约对美国国家安全至关重要。奥巴马总统召集了由前白宫官员组成的一个跨党派小组,努力促成这项条约在今年年底前获得批准。Seated with the president were Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, along with the Democratic chairman and ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry and Richard Lugar.与奥巴马总统坐在一起的有副总统拜登、国务卿克林顿,以及民主党主席克里和参议院外交关系委员会的资深共和党人卢格。Also there were former secretaries of state Madeleine Albright, James Baker and Henry Kissinger, former defense secretaries William Cohen and William Perry, former National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft and former Senator Sam Nunn.在场的还有前国务卿奥尔布赖特、贝克和基辛格,前国防部长科恩和佩里,前国家安全顾问斯考克罗夫特以及前参议员纳恩。Calling ratification a national security imperative, the president said failure to do so would endanger the entire U.S.-Russian verification framework.奥巴马称批准美俄核军控条约是美国国家安全的当务之急。他说,如果条约得不到批准的话,将威胁到整个美俄的核查体制。"If we do not, then we do not have a verification regime. No inspectors, no insights into Russia's strategic arsenal, no framework for cooperation between the world's two nuclear superpowers."奥巴马说:“如果我们没有这么做,那么我们就没有了核查体制。没有检查员无法洞察俄罗斯的战略核武库,更无法在世界上两个核超级大国间建立合作框架。”201011/118638郑州隆胸价格 郑州市中医医院整形美容

郑州全身激光脱毛多少钱Asian Stock Markets Continue Downward Trend投资者担忧经济恶化全球股市下跌Stock markets in Asia have followed the downward trend set by Wall Street as fears mount over the state of the ailing global economy. The Australian government says it is hopeful that a coordinated response to the world's economic problems will emerge from an emergency meeting in Washington this week. 由于投资者对全球经济状况恶化的担心,亚洲股市继续步华尔街后尘下滑。澳大利亚政府表示,本星期在华盛顿召开的紧急会议将为解决世界经济问题采取协调行动。A deep sense of gloom has again descended over Asian stock markets.  亚洲股市再次被悲观的情绪所笼罩。In Japan, the Nikkei share index fell by more than five percent Thursday, as did while Hong Kong's Hang Seng. 在日本,日经指数星期四下跌百分之五以上,香港恒生指数也是如此。Markets in Australia, South Korea and Taiwan were all down. The slumps across Asia followed a decline of nearly five percent in New York's Dow Jones index, its third straight loss. 在此之前,在纽约股市,道琼斯工业指数下跌了将近百分之五。这是道琼斯工业指数接连第三天跌落。Analysts say that panicked investors are worried that giant financial bail-outs by governments around the world have failed to halt a downward spiral in global markets. 分析人士认为,投资者们由于担心世界各国政府规模庞大的救市计划无法阻止全球金融市场的螺旋式下跌而陷入恐慌。The international financial crisis will be discussed at a meeting this weekend of the G20, a grouping of the world's largest economies.  这个周末,世界20个主要经济体的领导人将举行会议,讨论国际金融危机。Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will be among the leaders attending the emergency summit in Washington on Saturday.  印度尼西亚总统苏西洛和澳大利亚总理陆克文是出席星期六在华盛顿举行的20国集团峰会的领导人之中的两位。Australian Treasurer Wayne Swan will also be there and hopes that decisive action will emerge from the talks. 澳大利亚财政部长维恩.斯旺也将出席会议。他希望,会议将采取决定性行动。"We've made it pretty clear yes there does need to be better regulation, there's no doubt about that. There needs to be better supervision, and of course there does need to be better coordination between the major agencies," said Swan. "At the moment we've got the IMF and the World Bank, two old, established institutions, and we've got the Financial Stability Forum. We've also got the needs of countries who must attend to their own domestic arrangements as well, and we need to put in place a way in which they can co-operate." 他说:“我们已经明确表示,是的,的确需要更好的监管,这一点毫无疑问。当然,需要更好的监督,的确需要改善主要政府机构之间的协调。目前我们有国际货币基金和世界,这两个具有良好基础的机构。我们还有金融稳定论坛。我们还需要各国处理各自的国内问题。我们需要建立一种各国合作的途径。”As world leaders gather in Washington to discuss the perilous state of the global financial system, more bad news on the state of the U.S. economy emerged. 在各国领导人聚集在华盛顿讨论全球金融体系的威胁状况的时候,又出现更多的有关美国经济的坏消息。America's three big car makers - Ford, General Motors and Chrysler - all suffered big declines in sales - announcements that will add to the general air of pessimism that pervades the stock markets. 美国三家最大的汽车制造商福特、通用和克莱斯勒的销售额都大幅度下降。这一宣布将给弥漫在券市场上的悲观情绪雪上加霜。U.S. retailers also say their sales have fallen, and may continue to do so.  美国的零售商也表示,他们的销售额在下降,而且可能继续下降。That will hurt exporters in Asia, which rely on American consumers to buy their products. 这将伤害亚洲的出口商,这些出口商依靠美国的消费者购买他们的产品。Also on Thursday came news that Germany had slipped into recession, which follows warnings in Britain that it too may be in a recession. 同样在星期四,德国进入经济衰退的消息也出现了。德国经济衰退的消息传出之前,英国警告说,它也可能进入衰退。200811/56097 Representatives from more than 190 nations are attending the ed Nations Climate Change Conference in the Mexican resort of Cancun. They're trying to reach accords on a number of issues but are leaving a comprehensive, legally binding agreement for next year. Environmental activists from non-governmental organizations are also in Cancun. They're pushing for action to curb greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.190多个国家的代表聚集在墨西哥旅游胜地坎昆参加联合国气候变化大会。他们寻求在一系列议题上达成一致,争取在明年签署一项全面的、有法律约束力的条约。来自非政府组织的环保人士也聚集在坎昆,力促采取行动,削减温室气体的排放。他们中的很多人认为,能够拯救地球的时间已所剩不多。地球变暖与人类活动是否造成全球气温上升的问题是联合国气候大会上人们关注的议题。Activists lobby As conference delegates meet elsewhere, author Bill McKibben makes the rounds in the hotel lobbies, talking about the need for action now.在与会代表开会期间,作家比尔.麦克基本在饭店大堂里走来走去,跟人们讨论现在采取行动的必要性。In his best-selling book Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet, McKibben argues that an eight-tenths-of-one-percent rise in temperature has aly changed the planet irreversibly and that catastrophe awaits if it goes much higher.麦克基本在他撰写的畅销书《地球》 一书中争辩说,气温上升0.8度就已经无可挽回地改变了地球,如果气温升得更高,等待人类的将是一场重大灾难。"The arctic is melting quickly, Russia caught on fire this summer, Pakistan drowned [in floods], the ocean is 30 percent more acid than it used to be," McKibben said. "We are in tough shape with less than a degree of temperature increase."他说:“北极正在迅速融化,俄罗斯今年夏天遭大火,巴基斯坦被洪水淹没,海洋的酸度比过去提高了30%。我们所处境况不妙,地球气温再上升哪怕不到一度,就会造成灾难。”McKibben says the threat is confirmed, continually, by scientific data, yet world leaders have yet to produce an effective plan to meet the challenge. 麦克基本说,科学家的数据已经不断实这一威胁,可是世界各国领导人却仍然拿不出来一个应对挑战的计划。"The scientific method has worked pretty well. The political method has not worked at all," he added.“科学的方法行之有效,但政治的手段却一事无成。”201012/120088河南双眼皮吧新郑市耳部整形多少钱




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