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Is that runny nose bringing you down? With over-the-counter cold remedies and a few simple steps, you can put a stop to your problem.流鼻涕是否让你痛苦不堪?根据下面这些非处方感冒疗法和一些简单的步骤,你可以尽快解决问题。You Will Need你需要Decongestants解充血药Antihistamines抗组织胺药Box of tissues一盒纸巾Saline nasal spray盐水鼻腔喷雾Vitamin C维他命CZinc锌Table salt (optional)食盐(可选)Baking soda (optional)小苏打(可选)Medicine dropper (optional)医药用滴管(可选)Steps步骤If your runny nose persists for more than 10 days, contact your doctor.如果流鼻涕超过10天,向医生咨询。STEP 1 Take decongestants and antihistamines1.用解充血药和抗组织胺药Take the directed dose of decongestant during the day and antihistamines at night. Drink plenty of fluids.按照建议用量白天用解充血药,夜晚用抗组织胺药。饮用足够的液体。STEP 2 Blow your nose2.擦鼻涕Keep plenty of tissues on hand so that you’re prepared when your nose drips.手头准备足够的纸巾,以便及时擦拭。STEP 3 Use nasal spray3.使用鼻腔喷雾Use saline nasal spray as directed throughout the day.按照指引使用鼻腔喷雾。Make your own saline solution with 8 oz. tap water, 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. salt, and a pinch of baking soda.用8盎司自来水,1/4至1/2茶匙食盐,一小捏小苏打自制盐水溶液。STEP 4 Take your vitamins4.如用维他命Take vitamin C and zinc before going to bed, so that when the morning comes around, you’re y to hit the ground running!上床睡觉前用维他命和锌,早上醒来时,你的流鼻涕症状就会有所缓解了!After 30 seconds of use, a handkerchief may contain 15,000 germs.使用30秒后,手帕可能含有15000个细菌。 /201412/347178

一个孩子的成长 需要天赋 但是更需要理解和持 像他的祖父母一样 我们缺的就是这些 如果可以重来 我也会给我的孩子更大的成长空间201403/280429Can you break five or six pieces of wood with your hand or your foot?Boards dont hit back.你能不能用手或脚把五六块木板打断。木板可不会还手。Ill probably break my hand and foot.那我可能手残脚残了He had high regard for those martial artists of the day that were winning tournaments.He just had a different philosophy about martial arts and actual fighting.他对当时在锦标赛获奖的武术高手十分尊敬,他只是对武术和打斗的哲学看法不同。I do not believe in styles any more.I mean I do not believe that there is such thing as like a Chinese way of fighting or the Japanese way of fighting or whatever way of fighting.我不再相信什么流派了,我不再相信有什么中式格斗、日式格斗或者是别的什么格斗。Because if you dont have styles,if you just say,;Well here l am, you know, as a human being,how can I express myself totally and completely?;因为如果你无门无派,只是说我作为一个人该怎样淋漓尽致得表现自己Now, that way, you wont create a style,because style is a crystallisation.I mean, that way its a process of continuing growth.这样你就不会创立流派,因为流派只是经验结晶。如果没有流派,就可以不断进步。He called his institute Jun Fan Gung Eu.We were riding in a car and he mentioned what he enjoyed in fencing was the stop hit.那时他的学校叫振藩武术学校。一次我们在车上,他说击剑里他最喜欢的就是反杀。Bruce didnt have any passive blocks.His blocks were a strike.布鲁斯从不被动防卫,他的防卫就是攻击。Bruce took the stances from the stances that you see in Western fencing.Instead of just block and then hit,its done simultaneously.布鲁斯的站位就是西方击剑的站位,但他不是先防后攻,而是同时进行。He says we wanna intercept his physical motion and his thought.Its almost like fencing.You see this capture? Thats the capture.他说他想截断他的身体活动和思想,这很像击剑。看到这个截断动作了吗?就是这个。201311/265837Theres a pretty good chance that youll get a TV series in the States called The Warrior in which you use, what, the martial arts in a Western setting?你有一个好机会能在美国出演一部叫做勇士的节目,在节目中,你在欧美的场景设定中表演武术?That was the original idea.Bruce Lee had an idea for a TV show called The Warrior which later became the series Kung Fu which we all know and love.那是初步的想法,李小龙对于勇士有自己的见地,后来他把它发展为功夫系列,这个系列脍炙人口.David Carradine did a good job but Kung Fu, the TV series, was Bruce Lees role.大卫·卡拉丁干得不错,但是功夫系列才是李小龙的角色所在.The better guy doesnt always get the job in the movie business.Theres a lot of politics involved.Have people come up in the industry and said ;We dont know how the audience are going to take a non-American?;电影产业中,优秀不等于衣食无忧,电影界人际关机错综复杂。有没有业内人士说过我们不知道观众会不会认可非美国人.Well, such question has been raised.In fact, it is being discussed and that is why The Warrior probably is not gonna be on.这种问题的确出现过,事实上还引发过讨论,这也是勇士不能上映的原因.I see. - You see?Because unfortunately such thing does exist in this world.Bruce Lee was a bigger star, both in Asia and America.明白了 -明白了吗.因为很不幸,这种事情确实存在.不论在亚洲还是美洲李小龙都十分出名.He was a world-class martial artist.He had aly done The Green Hornet.And then he did not get the role for being too Asian.他是世界级的武术家,他成功出品了《青蜂侠》,但从此以后再也没机会饰演纯正的亚洲角色.He had such disdain for Hollywood and all those old movies having Caucasian people play the parts of Chinese characters.他十分鄙视好莱坞和所有那些让白人饰演中国人角色的老电影.201312/268209

Shella certainly did get stronger, but the hope that some day希娜的确变强壮了 但有朝一日she might swim out in the open was not to be fulfilled.希望她能回归大海的愿望并未能实现Unaccountably, she become weaker and eventually died.她不知为何变得越来越虚弱 最后死去This kind of work will inevitably have setbacks.这种工作挫折无可避免But there are always new turtles to be cared for.但总有新海龟需要照顾Is she healthy? Yeah, this one is healthy.她还健康吗 对 这只很健康She has some few bruises, could be from the fishing gear.她有些擦伤 可能是渔具造成的Like these ones here.像是这里Oh, yeah, but otherwise healthy.对 但除此以外很健康 Otherwise the turtles healthy.除此之外这头海龟都很健康Shall we have a go?我们该把她放生吗Since 1998 till now, weve released over 8,200 turtles.1998年至今 我们放生了超过8200只海龟It makes me feel proud and privileged,那让我自豪骄傲 weve done lots of work with the community and我们和社会一起做了大量努力changing the attitudes and their behaviours and everything.改变了人们的态度和行为I guess our job as an organisation was really successful.作为一个组织 我想我们是成功的201408/321452Back home, shes built a pond, surrounded by netting to keep out predators where her charges will spend the next six months, until they are big enough to fend for themselves.回到家里,她建了一个用网围起来以隔离捕食者的水塘,在接下来的六个月内加以保护,直到他们长得足够自立。For the past 20 years, small-scale conservation projects like this are all that have kept Chinas 150 wild alligators from extinction.过去的20年里,靠着像这样小规模的保护措施中国150只野生扬子鳄免遭灭绝。Just south of the alligator country, dawn breaks over a very different landscape.就在饲养鳄鱼村落的正南方,黎明破晓之光照耀出一幅不同的画卷。The 1,800-meter high granite peaks of the Huangshan or yellow mountain.黄山那海拔1800米的花岗岩巅峰,又称为黄之山。To the Chinese, Huangshans pines are epitomised as the strength, and resilience of nature. Some of these trees are thought to be over 1,000 years old.对中国人而言,黄山松象征着自然蓬勃的生命力与不屈的精神。其中一些树据说已超过千岁。 注:如视频无法播放,请刷新 /201407/312939

Today in History:Tuesday, June11, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月11日,星期二June 11th, 1963Alabama governor George Wallace takes a symbolic stand against racial immigration at the University of Alabama. He blocks a doorway on campus, defining a federal court order, allowing two black students to enroll at the school.;I deem it to be my solo obligation and duty to stand for you, representing the rights in the provinces of this state and its people.;Wallace backs down after Alabama National Guard Troops under federal control are ordered to the campus.Also that same yearIn whats then South Vietnam, a Buddhist monk immolates himself in the capital Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City. Its a protest against South Vietnamese leader Ngo Dinh Diem for his crack down on Buddhist. Diem is killed in a military coup months later.2001 Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh is executed by lethal injection at a federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.1919 In New York, Sir Barton wins the Belmont Stakes, the first to win horse racings Triple Crown. On the same day, 58 years later, Seattle Slew wins the Belmont, the first undefeated racer to capture the Triple Crown.And 1979 ;Well, take some advice, pilgrim. You put that thing up. Youll have to defend it with a gun.;Actor John Wayne, the silver screen legend known as the Duke dies of cancer in Los Angeles. He was 72.Today in History, June 11th, Tim Maguire, the Associated Press. /201306/243630The best leaders are a special breed because they know themselves, their role, their direction, and their purpose. Review the various ways to build your strengths and raise your profile.最好的领导是一种特别的存在,因为他们了解自己,他们的角色,他们的方向和他们的目标。了解增强自己的优势,改善自己的形象的不同方法。You Will Need你需要Courage勇气Priorities优先Humor幽默Vision前景Team团队Flexibility灵活Delegation skills授权技巧Steps步骤STEP 1 Show courage1.展示勇气Pursue a constructive course of action in spite of criticism. Demonstrate moral courage in your business. The buck stops at your desk, so you have to be strong.尽管受到批评,也要追求有建设性的行为模式。在企业中表现出道德上的勇气。责任止于你的办公桌,所以你必须强势。STEP 2 Exercise judgment2.锻炼判断力Exercise good judgment through your willingness to think deeply about lifes reversals and peoples needs, and to incorporate this sensitivity when formulating plans.通过你的意愿来锻炼自己的判断力,认真思考生活的挫折和人们的需要,制定计划的时候把这些因素考虑在内。Intelligence isnt nearly as critical as humility for making wise decisions.在制定明智的决策方面,智慧并不像人性化那么关键。STEP 3 Prioritize3.优先Prioritize issues and plot a course. Carefully allocate your time so that your mind is clear and your energies are focused.确定优先事宜,制定出路线图。谨慎分配时间,这样你的思路就比较清晰,精力也比较集中。STEP 4 Keep humor4.保持幽默Maintain a sense of humor, a key element for the best leaders. Everyone needs to be cool under pressure -- the troops will trust your example and follow suit.保持幽默感,这是成为最好的领袖的关键因素。每个人在压力下都需要保持冷静,下属们会以你为榜样,跟风而行。STEP 5 Create the vision5.打造前景Create and communicate a vision for your team. Paint a picture with words so that your vision becomes clear to everyone. Your job is to see over the mountain and beyond tomorrow.与你的团队一起打造可以预见的前景。用语言描述一幅图画,这样你们的前景对每个人来说都非常清晰。你的工作就是具有前瞻性。STEP 6 Build a team6.创建团队Build a management team that exhibits a desire to succeed, which is a fire you must light through your inspiring focus.创建一表现出成功的渴望的管理团队,你必须通过激励他们来点燃他们心中的火焰。The best leaders choose the right people to make them look good. Be strong enough to take criticism and suggestions.最好的领导人可以通过选择正确的人来让整个团队更好。强势一点,能够接纳人们的批评和建议。STEP 7 Move and adjust7.调整Decide and move on objectives without rigidity, flexing when the market or unforeseen circumstances demand an adjustment. Be thoughtful, not obsessive or egotistic.灵活地做决定或者更改目标,当市场或者不可预见的环境因素要求作出改变时,要灵活一点。深思熟虑,而不是强迫或者任性。Utilize a 360-degree system to get feedback from peers and employees.使用360度全方位的系统来获得同事或雇员的反馈。STEP 8 Sp the load8.放权Delegate authority to others -- to involve the team and to sp the load.向其他人放权,将整个团队包括在内,分担责任。STEP 9 Count on character9.依赖性格Accept your limitations. Be a judicious leader. Be aware of your power -- and the best leader because you dont abuse it.接受自己的局限性。做一位贤明的领导人。正视自己的权利,最好的领导人在于自己不滥用权力。Argentina became the first nation to have a female president in 1974, when Isabel Peron took control.1974年,阿根廷成为首个拥有女总统的国家,当时掌权的是依莎贝儿裴隆(Isabel Peron)。视频听力译文由。201405/297917

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