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sports bar体育运动酒吧 /201611/476608This Chinese couple have proved that love is not about physical appearance.这对中国夫妻明:爱与外表无关Lin Zhouqiang 23 and his wife Xu Qinqin 21 have melted millions of hearts in China with their extraordinary love story.据中国的媒体报道,23岁的林舟强和他21岁的妻子徐沁勤用他们不平凡的爱情故事融化了数百万颗中国人的心。Qinqin had been ridiculed by her neighbours colleagues and even family members for her disfigurements until she met Zhouqiang who was deeply attracted to her kind heart according to Chinese media.徐沁勤由于生理缺陷一直受到周围邻居甚至家人的嘲笑,直到她遇到了被她那颗善良的心深深吸引的林舟强。The couple live in Yuechi County south-west China#39;s Sichuan Province reported Chongqing Morning Post.锯重庆早报报道,这对夫妻生活在中国西南部的四川省岳池县一个叫郑家坝的村子里。Their story has been widely discussed by residents in the village of Zhengjiaba after the couple got married last month.自从上个月结婚以后,这对夫妻成了当地村民们热议的话题。According to the report some locals are frightened by Qinqin because of her looks; while others praise the couple for their true love.报道说,当地人在赞美他们纯真的爱情的时候,也表示沁勤的样子的确很可怕。Qinqin was said to be disfigured when she was 29 days old after a rat bit off her nose as well as the flesh around her eyes.传说她的面容被毁的时候,她只有29天大,老鼠咬掉了她的鼻子和眼睛周围的皮肤。 /201703/499057

The start of Gollum#39;s diabetes古鲁姆糖尿病之始 /201702/490780The Russian Navy is proud of its cats.俄国海军对其舰猫深感自豪。Although Russia and the West have many differences, one thing that unites the two is a feline obsession.俄罗斯与众多西方国家差别甚大,但在一件事上它们却是相通的,那就是对喵星人的热爱。The latest achievement by a four-legged friend has been proudly sent out by the social media accounts of the Russian Ministry of Defense.近日,俄罗斯国防部在社交媒体账号上高调地晒出一只“四脚兽”照片。A ginger cat, pictured, was reportedly the first to travel on a long range voyage of Russian naval vessels to the Syrian coast.报道称,这只橘猫(如图所示)开启先河,全程跟随俄国海军舰队前往叙利亚海域执行任务。This cat has a more perilous job than the moggies the British have in Westminster, who chiefly meet foreign ambassadors and catch mice.不同于英国威斯敏斯特的猫咪,见见外国大使、抓抓老鼠就完事,橘猫所面临的工作更加有难度。Cats have had a place on board Russian ships for many years, and now appear to serve the purpose of making their military operations look more cute and cuddly.猫咪随船出海在俄罗斯早已非罕事,现在来看主要是想让军事行为看起来更可爱。A 2015 article in Russian media claims that cats on ships serve an important purpose - their purring helps soothe humans on the ships.俄媒2015年发表的一篇文章提到,带猫咪出海还有一个重要原因:它们的呼噜声有利于帮助抚慰船上的人。They also, of course, kill rats.当然了,它们还能顺便抓抓老鼠。 /201705/507945

Some think it#39;s fly while others … not so much.有人觉得超美,但是有人觉得……不咋地。Feather eyebrows are not a flight of fancy.羽毛眉可不是不着调的幻想。They are a real thing, created by real teens living in the real country of Finland.在芬兰这个真实存在的国家,真有姑娘们画出了羽毛眉。Stella Sironen, a 19-year-old makeup artist and her friend, Leevi Ik?heimo, came up with the idea by accident one lazy Sunday while Ik?heimo was brushing out Sironen#39;s eyebrows.19岁的斯泰拉?西罗宁是一名化妆师。在一个慵懒的星期天,西罗宁的朋友莱维给她修眉时,突然想到了个主意。“Suddenly he busted out laughing,” Sironen told the Huffington Post.西罗宁告诉《赫芬顿邮报》:“他突然就笑喷了。”Curious, Sironen took a gander at herself on her phone#39;s camera and totally got it.西罗宁很好奇,就用手机摄像头看了眼自己,就彻底明白了。“He had made a middle part on my brows … and we just laughed about it for the rest of the night.”“他把我的眉毛中分了……我们笑了一个晚上。”Sironen thought the look was so funny, that the next day she took a glue stick to her brows and decided to part them again. She paired the feathered follicles with some eye-catching blue mascara and posted a picture of the creation to Instagram.西罗宁觉得这个眉毛看上去很好玩,所以第二天她将固体胶抹在眉毛上,决定再把它分开来。为了和羽毛状的眉毛搭配,她涂抹了抢眼的蓝色睫毛膏,然后在Instagram发了一张照片。so i’m starting this new brow trend please recreate it and wear it everyday and don#39;t forget to tag me like and subscribe and hit that bell button ALL credits go to my muse @leevittu he came up with this whilst brushing my eyebrows last sunday brow (@stella.s.makeup)我创造了这个画眉新潮流,请尽情模仿吧。每天顶着这个眉毛,别忘了点赞、关注。要夸就夸我们家缪斯@莱维上周日给我修眉的时候想出了这个眉形。The post soon went viral, receiving over 45,000 likes and the hashtag #featherbrows was born. The bold brow also ended up being pretty polarizing, tearing the online beauty community into two firm camps: Team YAS I Shall Recreate This Look and Team Ick, No Those Are The Stuff Of Nightmares.这条Ins迅速走红,收到了超过45000个赞,#羽毛眉(#featherbrows )这个标签应运而生。这一大胆的眉妆收获的评价也是两极分化,网络美妆爱好者分成了两派:一派决定尝试这个妆容,另一派觉得看了晚上绝对做噩梦。Opinions were expressed on Instagram and Twitter.人们纷纷在Instagram和推特上发表意见。I’m no @stella.s.makeup but I had to give this #featherbrows look a go. Honestly I know she was having a joke but for real this is great. Just a quick few brushes with a clear brow gel to separate and hold and added some gold my brows are particularly thick, so much so that the hairs just don’t like to bend any other way so it didn’t work out too well for me.我不是@stella.s.makeup,但是我得试试这个#羽毛眉。老实讲,我知道她在开玩笑,但是羽毛眉真的好看。只要拿透明眉胶快速地刷几下,分开眉毛并定型,再刷点金粉就行了。我的眉毛非常浓密,很难分到两边,所以效果不太好。Stunning amp; unique The #featherbrows trend is everywhere and I know everyone has their opinions about it... but I love it! This gave me my first inspiration for an editorial look. I love editorial because it#39;s different, messy, the imperfections make it perfect. So when I thought of feather brows this is what I came up with. Please note this is just for fun, not something I#39;d wear to date night太特别了,漂亮极了#转发@paletteprincessss #羽毛眉现在非常流行,每个人都有自己的看法……但是我超爱它!它启发了我的第一个自创妆容。我喜欢自己设计的妆容,因为它独特、凌乱,它的缺点成就了它的完美,所以我一想到羽毛眉,就想出了这个。而已,我晚上不会化这个妆约会的。Feather eyebrows look like the eyebrow equivalent of 1990s middle-partings.|羽毛眉看上去特别像眉毛版的90年代中分头。@Fashionicide lool looks so weird, who comes up with these things?@Fashionicide 你看上去真的很奇怪,谁想出来的这玩意儿?#featherbrows THIS HAD TO BE DONE! Link in bio for full on how I created these brows after seeing @stella.s.makeup #39;s post on these TEHE!!#feathereyebrows#羽毛眉 这个绝对要画!看完@stella.s.makeup 的Ins,我资料里有画眉的完整视频教程链接 嘤嘤嘤!#羽毛眉Today#39;s trend: Feather eyebrows!!! just kidding PLEASE DON#39;T!今日潮流:羽毛眉!!!开个玩笑!别当真!let#39;s not make feather brows a trend, please别让羽毛眉流行起来,千万别。Let#39;s change these brows !!! A few days ago I saw a picture of @stella.s.makeup where she did her brows in a way that I have never seen before. She calls it #39;featherbrows, and I think this is amazing and very very cool! So I wanted to try it out and made a on how I create #39;featherbrows#39;. Of course all the credit goes out to the very talented Stella. Go check the link in my bio to see the . Let me know what you guys think #featherbrows #featherbrow让我们来改掉眉形!!!几天前我看到@stella.s.makeup的一张图,她画出来的眉形我从来没见过,她取名叫“羽毛眉”,我觉得特别厉害,超级酷的!所以我想试试画这个眉形,就录了羽毛眉教程视频。当然啦,这都归功于是斯泰拉!她太有才了。点击我资料里的链接观看视频。让我知道你们的想法。#羽毛眉 #羽毛眉Yaaas! My take on @stella.s.makeup new feathereyebrow -look! But why does mine look more of hairy worms than feathers. Oh well. #feathereyebrows #featherbrows呀呀呀呀!我画了@stella.s.makeup 的羽毛眉妆!不过为什么我的眉毛看上去好像毛毛虫,不像羽毛啊。苍了个天。#羽毛眉#羽毛眉As for Sironen, she is surprised by the response, especially since she posted her photo in jest. She even posted a second photo of the look and in the caption explained that the initial photo was a joke.西罗宁对人们的反应很惊讶,尤其是因为她只是觉得好玩才上传了照片。她甚至又发了一张羽毛眉的照片,解释说一开始只是开个玩笑。note to self: when u make a joke about starting a funny brow trend people will take it seriously and.... well. start the trend anyways THANK YOU for all the love and hate on my last pic! i think we should call this #featherbrows so if you actually want to recreate this, pls use the hashtag and tag me in the picture提醒自己:当你开了个玩笑,开了个搞怪眉毛的头,人们就会当真……总之玩下去吧。不管你们喜不喜欢这张照片,都谢谢你们啦!我觉得我们应该叫它#羽毛眉,这样的话,你要是想改这个眉毛,用这个标签,在照片里圈我一下就好了。Yet, regardless of her post#39;s nature, she doesn#39;t really get the uproar about eyebrows.不管斯泰拉?西罗宁发Ins的目的是什么,都不会被这些分歧真正影响到。“It#39;s strange that there is eye art, lip art and many other forms of creative makeup but brows have remained untouchable for years,” Sironen told HuffPost. “We#39;ve seen crazy eyebrows on fashion editorials and runways forever. I truly hope that this inspired makeup artists to explore brow art and experiment more!”“有眼部艺术、唇部艺术,还有很多其他部位的创意妆容,但是很奇怪的就是这么多年来还没人玩眉毛,”西罗宁告诉《赫芬顿邮报》,“我们永远只能在时尚杂志和T台上看到夸张的眉部妆容。我真的很希望羽毛眉能带给化妆师灵感,让他们研究一下眉毛艺术,做更多的试验!” /201704/505673The number of single youths between the ages of 20 and 39 in China has reached 20 million, and the total single population of the country is 58 million.在中国,年龄在20岁至39岁之间的单身青年数量已经达到2000万,而全国单身人口的总数为5800万。According to statistics from an online dating website, first-tier cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen have become dense settlements for single young people.根据一家相亲网站数据显示,包括北京、上海、深圳在内的一线城市是单身青年的密集定居点。Some argue that being single is now the norm for young adults, while others believe that those who live alone will inevitably become lonely.一些人认为,单身是现在年轻人的标准,而其他人则认为,那些独居的人不可避免地会变得孤独。For the purposes of the survey, single young people are defined as single people living and working independently in metropolises with fixed accommodations.为了方便调查,单身青年定义为那些独自居住和工作在大城市、有着固定住处的单身人士。Due to high living costs, this population is often under huge pressure. Lacking a sense of belonging in the cities where they work, they often struggle with their migrant identity, relationship status and lack of property.由于高昂的生活费用,这一群体往往生活在巨大压力下。在工作城市缺乏归属感的他们经常与漂泊身份、关系地位以及没有房产作斗争。According to China#39;s Ministry of Civil Affairs, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi#39;an, Wuhan, Dongguan and Changsha are the top 10 cities with the most single people in the country.据中国民政部表示,北京、深圳、上海、广州、成都、重庆、西安、武汉、东莞和长沙是中国单身人数最多的10大城市。Most Chinese cities are plagued by gender imbalance, which is one major cause of the growing trend of singleness.中国大部分的城市受到了性别失衡的困扰,这是单身趋势不断增强的一个重要原因。Experts suggest that young people expand their social networks, seek out new friends and improve their communication skills to break out of their solitary situations.专家建议,年轻人应扩大自己的社交网络、结交新的朋友和提高自己的沟通技能来打破孤独的处境。 /201704/504443

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