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黑龙江省医院道外分院周日上班吗黑龙江阳光医院人流费用哈尔滨省妇女医院联系电话 F: what are you watching on the telly?H: there's a great sitcom on Channel 3 that stars in about three minutes.F: which one is that?H: the office. Have you watched it?F: I've seen the British version and loved it, but have never seen the American version.H: it's almost exactly the same. I think it's a hilarious show.F: what are you watching now?H: they're just showing highlights of American Idol from last night right now.F: I can't stand American Idol! I think it's really over-rated.H: I couldn't agree with you more.F: have you got satellite, cable, or digital TV?H: we have digital TV. It's amazing though---even with 100 channels, there's often nothing on that I'd want to watch!F: do you watch a lot of TV then?H: I guess so. I'm bit of a couch potato. How about you?F: I don't have a TV at home, so I rarely watch anything. Is there anything worth watching after the office?H: there's actually a documentary on the history channel later on that I'd like to watch. Do you want to stay and watch it with me?F: why not? I don't have anything better to do! /201004/101469外事接待的时候经常不知道该怎样跟老外朋友们打开话题,可以试试用下面这十句话哦。1. Welcome to our city! 欢迎到我们的城市来!2. I hope you're enjoying your stay here. 希望你在这里过得愉快。3. How long have you been in China? 你在中国多长时间了?4. Is this your first trip to China? 这是你第一次来中国吗?5. Are you here on business or for pleasure? 你来这里是出差还是游玩?6. There are many interesting places here. I'd like to show you around. 这儿有很多有趣的地方,我愿意带你去看一看。7. Please let me know if you need any help.如果需要帮助,请告诉我。8. What's your impression of China so far? 你对中国的印象如何?9. Are you used to the life here? Does the weather agree with you?你习惯这里的生活吗?你适应这里的气候吗?10. How do you like Chinese food?你觉得中国菜如何? /201001/95299哈尔滨市中心医院不孕不育科

木兰县中医医院四维彩超预约马路上丹尼尔对盲道感到新奇,经过妈妈对盲人专用设备的解说,他明白了很多,也试着触摸盲文,可是他却什么也没感觉到。 Listen Read Learn Daniel: Mom, the road is so strange! It is different from the common roads.Mom: Oh, it was done for the blinds. They can feel and find their way to any place they want.Daniel: Is that really so? Oh, great. It's unnecessary for the blind to get that extremely expensive eyes-seeing dog.Mom: Yeah, the eyes-seeing dog is expensive but it can look after the master without any problem.Daniel: Oh, Mom, it's just a dog like Barbie. But how does a blind person without an eyes-seeing dog live a normal life?Mom: They have little trouble in the public places now. Thanks to the good social services. You know, we have a lot of public facilities especially for the blind, such as the assistant facilities in elevator, or on the subway.Daniel: Oh, yeah, I also hear the reminder when crossing the street. Is that for the blind, too?Mom: Of course. If there isn't a broadcast that reminds the blind to be careful at intersections, they are unable to cross safely.Daniel: I recall that you told me there is some Braille on the paper money. Where is it?Mom: Mr. Forgetful, I told you it's right here. Just have a try. Can you feel it?Daniel: Oh, it's impossible for me. I feel nothing. Oh, how can they feel it by touch?Mom: They have incredibly sensitive fingers' feelings.Daniel: Sounds quite reasonable.Mom: We, able-bodied people, should do something for the disabled.Daniel: Oh, I want to be an inventor to work out more useful things.Mom: A good idea.听看学丹尼尔:妈妈,这路真奇怪,和普通的路不同。妈妈:哦,这是为盲人设计的。他们能感觉并找到通向他们想去的地方的路。丹尼尔:真的吗?噢,太棒了。那盲人就不用买那种特别贵的导盲犬了。妈妈:是啊,可导盲犬虽然昂贵但照顾主人却完全没有问题。丹尼尔:噢,妈妈,那是像芭比一样的吧。但是没有导盲犬的盲人怎么正常地生活呢?妈妈:他们现在在公共场合没有什么困难,这多亏了完善的社会务体系。你看,有很多专为盲人设置的公共设施,像电梯或地铁里的辅助设施。丹尼尔:是啊,刚刚过马路的时候我还听到了提示。那也是为盲人准备的吧?妈妈:当然,如果在十字路口没有广播提示盲人小心,他们就不能安全地过马路了。丹尼尔:我想起来了你告诉我纸币上有盲文,在哪里呢?妈妈:忘事先生,我告诉过你就在这里。来试一试,能感觉到吗?丹尼尔:噢,对我来说不可能啊,我什么都没感觉到。他们怎么能通过触摸感觉得到呢?妈妈:他们的手指有非常敏锐的的触觉。丹尼尔:听起来很有道理。妈妈:我们这些身体健全的人应该为残疾人做点什么。丹尼尔:噢,我想当个发明家,发明出更多有用的东西。妈妈:好主意。经典背诵 RecitationDaniel: The blind lanes ate different from the ordinary lanes. The blind people can feel and find their way to any place they want. And thanks to the good social services, the blind have little trouble in the public places. Now, we have a lot of public facilities especially for the blind.生词小结common adj. 普通的extremely adv. 美学地,有美感地master n. 主人normal adj. 正常的reminder n. 提示物incredibly adv. 不可思议地sensitive adj. 敏感的语素 MaterialDisabled Facilities at the AirportAirport provides disabled travelers with a range of facilities designed to make traveling easy. Disabled facilities at the airport include: an Ambulift for boarding (available on request), wheelchair ( available on request ), low level telephones, reserved parking for disabled badge holders, lifts to all floors, disabled toilet facilities throughout the building.机场残疾人设施 机场为残疾旅客提供一系列设施,以方便其旅行。机场的残疾人设施包括:伤残人士登机车(根据要求提高)、轮椅(根据要求提高)、低位电话、残疾持有人的预留车位、通往各楼层的电梯、全楼的残疾人专用厕所。Disability ServiceIf you or a family member has recently become disabled or bedridden, your disability services contractor has to be able to look at your home and envision all the obstacles for someone who has to live a life a little differently. This can often include widening door frames, installing bars in showers and bathrooms, even suggesting a different style of bed to accommodate the new way of life.残疾人务如果您或您的家人最近不幸致残或卧床,残疾务承包者就得到您家里查看,并为得过与以往不一样的生活的人预见所有的障碍。这通常包括扩宽门框,在淋浴室和浴室里安装扶手栏杆,甚至建议设置不同类型的床来适应新的生活方式。 /200806/42005哈尔滨红十字妇产医院中药科 Larry和李华打算乘火车去Larry家玩。Larry家住在纽约郊区。 Larry和李华还打算去纽约市旅游。李华会学到两个常用语:do the math和know the drill。 LL: Okay, Li Hua, I don't know how we are going to do the sightseeing and also spend time with my family. I mean, you do the math - how is it going to work? LH: Do the math? 这很好算嘛。我们有四天时间,24小时乘以4等于96个小时 。我们总共有96个小时。 LL: Oh, Li Hua, I guess I didn't mean for you to actually do the math. When I said "you do the math," I meant something like "you think about it." LH: 原来你说"do the math",意思是考虑一下,不是真的要我算。Larry,是你请我到你家去,还要到纽约玩, 你应该考虑呀 - You should do the math。另外,去纽约玩要花多少钱呢?我这个当老师的可没有很多钱啊。 LL: Don't worry, Li Hua. I've done the math. We'll save a lot of money by staying at my parent's house. Plus they will feed us. LH: 能住在你父母家就太好了,可以省很多钱。 Larry,你知道我是穷学生,凡事都要精打细算才行。I have to do the math all the time。 LL: You know that is very smart. My younger brother could really have learned something from you. LH: 你弟弟向我学习?我有什么好学的呢? LL: Well, when he moved out and got his first job, he really didn't do the math. He ended up needing help from my parents, because he wasn't making enough money. LH: 你弟弟真傻,第一次拿到工资就觉得自己很有钱,要搬出去住。他肯定没想到房租那么贵。你弟弟现在怎么样了? LL: Yes, he is now making very good money waiting tables at a restaurant. LH: 我也听说餐馆务员收入不少。 LL: In one hour he might wait on ten tables. If each table tips him between five and ten dollars。Well, you do the math. LH: 每小时务十桌客人,每桌客人给5块或是10块美元的小费。哟,你弟弟一个小时就能挣50到100美元。 看来,我也改行作务员算了。 LL: No, Li Hua. You are definitely meant to be a teacher. He's making what seems like a lot now, but in the long term - if you do the math - I think you'll be doing better in the end. LH: 从长远来看,我以后会挣得比你弟弟多?但愿如此。 ****** LL: Okay, Li Hua, we're now at the subway station. You know the drill. Have your ticket y ... LH: 地铁票?我有呀。 Larry,你刚才说: You know the drill, 这是什么意思啊? Drill不是一种工具吗? LL: Well, a drill is a tool。But a drill can also be a routine. Knowing the drill is knowing a routine - it is knowing how things are done. LH: 噢,to know the drill就是知道一件事该怎么作。我当然知道怎么坐纽约地铁了。先要买票,然后把票放进自动检票机,否则就进不去。对吗? LL: That's good. But do you know the drill when it comes to taking a taxi in the city? We have to do that next. LH: 什么?我们下了地铁还要打的?我可没有在纽约打过的, 我是随时拦车呢,还是要到指定的街口等呀? I really don't know the drill。 LL: That's OK, Li Hua. I'll teach you what you need to do - then you'll know the drill. LH: 我是得学学。我在纽约人生地不熟的。 没有你,我一定很紧张。 LL: Yeah, it can be very disconcerting when you are in an unfamiliar place and don't know the drill. LH: 是呀,在不熟悉的地方有时心里是很不安。我刚来的时候不知道怎么乘公共汽车,有一次差点走丢了。 LL: But now you are an expert. No one would say you don't know the drill now! LH: 当然了, 不过我也不是什么都知道, 还要向你多多请教。Larry,我们这是去哪里呀? LL: Oh, the usual places in New York City. You know the drill: go see the Statue of Liberty, go see a play on Broadway, and then go eat in Chinatown. LH: 对,到纽约来玩的人都是去这几个地方, I know the drill。先去自由女神像, 然后接着去百老汇看戏,然后去唐人街吃饭。 LL: I'm glad you are excited about eating in Chinatown. Because when it comes to ordering in Chinese, I really don't know the drill. LH: 这你放心,Larry。 你不会点菜,我来点。 I know the drill 。 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是do the math,意思是考虑、算计一下。另一个是know the drill,也就是说知道怎么作某件事情。 /200809/50504哈市阳光医院女子妇科医院怎么样

黑龙江省哈尔滨妇幼保健门诊正规吗因为不聪明才显示出来了这个女人看待世界的单纯。也是男人爱心涌现的时候。所以傻女人就会因为没有聪明的智商也会成为男人最求的时尚。  但是时尚归时尚,最终不是爱的话,最好放过这样一个单纯的群体。因为他们保留着最最美丽的童话。就像童话里的公主一样。单纯而透明的让人怜爱!1.She's wishy-washy, and has no guts.她像软棉花捏的,一点儿骨气都没有。 汉语口语常用“软棉花捏的”来责骂“没骨气”或“太软弱”的人。whishy-washy的意思就是如此。有的时候也可以用a wimp来表示。 如:She still found it wasn't detailed enough, saying, "Why be so wishy-washy? 她还嫌不详细,说:“你这人真不爽快! /201008/110366 民间艺术 Folk Arts在阿美和丹尼尔逛夜市的同时,我们一起来看看他们的爸爸本杰明到哪里去了吧! Listen Read Learn Assistant: There are many art craft items in this shop. I suggest you take your time, and you might find something you like.Benjamin: That's what I am going to do.Assistant: If you have any problem, please come to me.Benjamin: I surely will. How much is this wood carving?Assistant: You are an expert on it. That wood carving is very rare. But I'm so sorry; that is not for sell.Benjamin: That's OK. Is anything else recommended?Assistant: Do you have any special request?Benjamin: I'd like to see some traditional arts.Assistant: So that means you are shopping for presents?Benjamin: Yes, I'm just here to pick out some special presents for my foreign friends.Assistant: Actually, I think the paper-cuts is OK, because it is easy to carry and foreign friends are also interested in it. They think that is a miracle.Benjamin: Sounds good. I'll take paper-cut.Assistant: I have collected different kinds of paper-cuts all over the country; you can pick the one you like best.Benjamin: You collect them yourself? I think that you are just doing the wholesale.Assistant: As a matter of fact, I open the shop because I'm interested in the arts. I spent lots of time doing research on the folk art of our country.Benjamin: Wow, you are the expert on it.听看学店员:本店有很多工艺品,我建议您慢慢看,也许会看到喜欢的东西。本杰明:我正想慢慢看呢。店员:如果您有任何问题就请问我。本杰明:我会的。这个木雕多少钱?店员:您真是个行家。那个木雕非常珍贵。但是非常抱歉,它是非卖品。本杰明:没关系。有其他可以推荐的吗?店员:您有什么特殊的要求吗?本杰明:我想看一些比较传统的艺术品。店员:您的意思是您在挑选送人的礼物?本杰明:是的。我就是想在这儿挑选一些可以送给外国朋友的礼物。店员:事实上,我觉得剪纸就不错,因为剪纸便于携带,而且外国朋友对此也非常感兴趣。他们认为剪纸非常奇妙。本杰明:听起来不错。我就买剪纸。店员:我收集了全国不同的剪纸。您可以挑选您最喜欢的。本杰明:是你自己收集的吗?我还以为你只做批发生意。店员:事实上,我开这个店完全是出于对工艺品的兴趣。我花了很多时间研究我们国家的民间艺术。本杰明:哇,你才是真正的行家呢。Recitation 经典背诵Benjamin: The wood carving in the shop is very beautiful, but that is not for sale. The attendant suggests me to buy some paper-cuts for my foreign friends, because they are very easy to carry and foreign friends are also interested in them. She is an expert on it; she has collected different kinds of paper-cuts all over the country by herself.生词小结folk adj. 民间的craft n. 工艺miracle n. 奇迹wholesale n. 批发情景练习 Scene practice仔细阅读下面五个场景,两人一组,使用选择句型,用一用,练一练。1.If you were Daniel's friend, you want to ask him which apple he will prefer. What would you say?2.If you were May, you want to ask Gucci which vehicle she wants to take. What would you say?3.If you were Benjamin, you want to ask Daniel which room he likes best. What would you say?4.If you were Shirley, you want to ask your friend Jane where she wants to go for shopping. What would you say?5.Benjamin wants to know the vocation of the man beside him. If you were Benjamin, what would you say to the man? /200806/41258哈尔滨市儿童医院打胎流产好吗黑龙江省三院早孕检查



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