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NEW DELHI — A young man was mauled to death by a white tiger at the New Delhi zoo on Tuesday after he fell into a moat in the animal’s enclosure and was unable to climb out to safety, witnesses said.新德里——周二,一名年轻男子在新德里一所动物园遭到一头白虎袭击,随后身亡。目击者称,这名男子落入了虎栏中的壕沟里,未能爬到安全地带。The man, identified by the police as Maqsood Khan, 20, was spotted by other visitors, but the security personnel who came to the scene were not equipped with tranquilizer guns.警方确认,这名男子名叫马克苏德·汗(Maqsood Khan),今年20岁。当时,其他游客发现了他,但赶来现场的保安人员没有携带麻醉。Anil Kumar, a police spokesman, said Mr. Khan was in the enclosure at the National Zoological Park for 10 minutes before he was killed. Photographs showed Mr. Khan several feet from the tiger, his hands folded as if in prayer.警方发言人阿尼尔·库马尔(Anil Kumar)说,马克苏德·汗遇难前,在印度国家动物园(National Zoological Park)的虎栏里待了10分钟。照片显示,马克苏德·汗离老虎只有几英尺的距离,他双手紧扣,像是在祈祷。Bystanders with cellphones took images of Mr. Khan cowering in the moat, the tiger pawing at him and later seizing him by the neck and lashing his body back and forth, finally settling in a grassy corner with its prey.拿着手机的旁观者拍下了马克苏德·汗蜷缩在壕沟一角的情景,老虎用爪子扑向他,随后叼起他的脖子,把他甩来甩去。最后老虎终于带着猎物,在一个长满草的角落里安静下来。In interviews with NDTV, a cable news channel, witnesses complained that members of the security staff who had come to the scene had not been able to help. “The initial first-response team was one guard with a baton,” said one woman who described the events on camera. “Even after the guard came, they were focusing more on clearing the crowds than saving the man.”目击者在有线新闻频道新德里电视台(NDTV)的采访中抱怨称,来到现场的保安人员没有帮上忙。“最早赶来的应急人员只有一名拿着警棍的保安,”一名面对摄像机讲述事情经过的女性说。“即便在保安到来后,主要关注的也只是驱散人群,而不是营救这名男子。”Amitabh Agnihotri, the director of the zoo, said that tranquilizer guns were stored at the zoo hospital, roughly 350 feet from the tiger’s cage. “We do have tranquilizer guns, but by the time we could organize them, he was dead,” he said.动物园园长阿米塔布·阿格尼霍特里(Amitabh Agnihotri)说,麻醉存放在动物园的医院里,离老虎的笼子大约有350英尺(约100米)。他说,“我们确实有麻醉,但是在我们能做出安排时,他已经死了。”Mr. Khan had stepped over a low outer fence to get closer to the tiger. Witnesses said they believed that he had slipped, but zoo officials said he had jumped into the moat, which is about 18 feet deep.为了离老虎更近,马克苏德·汗跨过了外面的一道矮栅栏。目击者表示,他们认为他是滑倒掉进了大约18英尺深的壕沟,但动物园的官员却说他是跳进去的。In a written statement, Mr. Agnihotri said Mr. Khan had actually “crossed the standoff barrier of the white tiger enclosure” and had “jumped into the enclosure,” rather than fallen.阿格尼霍特里在一份书面声明中表示,马克苏德·汗实际上“越过了白虎虎栏的隔离栅栏”,并“跳进了虎舍”,而不是跌入。The director said the guard who had been posted there sounded an alarm and sent wireless S O S messages to other staff members. Employees “tried to divert the attention of the tiger from the visitor but to no avail,” he said.这名园长称,部署在那里的守卫拉响了警报,通过无线电向其他工作人员发出了紧急求救信号。他说,工作人员“试图转移老虎对那名游客的注意力,但无济于事”。In his statement, Mr. Agnihotri said the enclosures of the zoo were “absolutely safe.”在声明中,阿格尼霍特里称动物园各个动物围栏“绝对安全”。Three years ago, a female tiger at the zoo jumped over a 12-foot fence into an adjacent enclosure, prompting officials to temporarily close the park.三年前,该动物园的一只雌虎越过一道12英尺高的栅栏,跳进了相邻的一片围栏,于是官员暂时关闭该动物园。According to news reports, it took the staff two hours to tranquilize the tiger and put her back into a cage.新闻报道称,工作人员用了两个小时才让那只雌虎失去知觉,并将其放回笼子。Zoos in India are regulated by a federal agency, the Central Zoo Authority, but are typically understaffed and overcrowded, said Bittu Sahgal, the editor of the wildlife and conservation magazine Sanctuary Asia. He said that officials often failed to register animal births or deaths publicly, and that supervision was scattershot.野生动物和环保杂志《亚洲保护区》(Sanctuary Asia)的编辑毕图·萨加尔(Bittu Sahgal)表示,印度的公园归联邦机构中央动物园(Central Zoo Authority)管辖,但通常都人手不足,并且过于拥挤。他说,官员们通常都做不到公开展示动物的出生和死亡日期,而且监管颇为松懈。Under existing regulations, Mr. Sahgal said, an episode such as Tuesday’s should have set off a fast-moving emergency plan.萨加尔表示,根据现行规定,周二这类事件应该触发快速应急计划。“If someone walked inside, or fell inside, there should have been tranquilizer guns, there should have been rifles, and it should have been three or four minutes,” he said. “The boy’s life should have been saved.”“如果有人走进去或掉进去,就应该有麻醉、有步,应该只需要三四分钟时间,”他说。“那个男孩本来应该有救的。” /201409/331802The 11 fathers of Asia: 800 million modern men are descended from a handful of ancient leaders - including Genghis Khan研究称8亿亚洲人来自11名共同祖先More than 800 million men living today are descended from just eleven men, including the ruthless Mongolian leader Genghis Khan, according to new research.最新研究表明,残酷的蒙古首领成吉思汗等11人在今天有8亿后代。Geneticists have been able to find eleven distinctive sequences in Y-chromosomes - the chunk of DNA that is only carried by men - that are persistent in modern populations in Asia.  基因学家发现,现代亚洲人中,只有男性才拥有的Y染色体有11种互不相同的序列。  By systematically analysing the DNA of more than 5,000 men, they have been able to trace these male lineages to their approximate #39;founding fathers#39;.通过对5000多名男子的DNA进行系统分析,基因学家能够追溯到他们的男性祖先。  They found that along with Khan, who is reputed to have sired hundreds of children as his hoards cut a swathe across much of Asia, they traced ten other lineages.他们一共找到11种血统,其中包括成吉思汗的--他几乎横扫整个亚洲,留下许多子孙。  They found that 37.8 per cent of the 5,000 men they tested belonged to one of these eleven lineages.他们发现,5000名男性中的37.8%都有这11种血统之一。If this is reflected in the entire Asian population, then it could mean around 830 million men living in Asia currently owe their Y-chromosomes to one of these eleven men.这一点反映了整个亚洲的人口状况,可能表明约8亿3千万亚洲男性都从这11位祖先中的某一位那里继承了Y染色体。  Among them is a lineage that has previously been attributed to a Chinese ruler called Giocangga, who died in 1583 and whose grandson founded the Qing Dynasty that ruled China between 1644 and 1912.  其中的一种血统曾被认为来自中国酋长觉昌安。他卒于1583年,孙子是清朝(统治期1644-1912)的建立者。  Giocangga is thought to have had many children with his wives and concubines and is the direct male ancestor of more than 1.5 million men.  人们认为觉昌安和他的妻妾生了许多孩子,是150万人的直系男性祖先。  The researchers also found that another of the lineages appears to have population clusters that are concentrated along the Silk Road trading route and date back to around 850AD.研究人员发现另一种血统的持有者集中在丝绸之路一带。这种血统可以上溯到公元850年左右。  This suggests they may have their origins among the powerful rulers who dominated the steppes where the route passed - the Khitan, Tangut Xia, Kara-Khitan and Mongol empires.  这表明他们的祖先可能是契丹、西夏、西辽、蒙古等丝绸之路沿途各国的统治者。  The researchers suggest that Abaoji, Emperor Taizu of Liao and the Great Khan of the Khitans, who died in 926AD in the Khitan area of China, is a possible candidate for the father of this lineage.研究人员认为公元926年去世的契丹大可汗辽太祖阿保机有可能是这条血脉的始祖。 /201507/384040

By 2050, India will take pole position with 1.6 billion people with China in second place at 1.3 billion.到2050年,印度的人口将达到顶峰也就是16亿人,同时中国以13亿人口排在第二名。The world#39;s population will rise to 9.7 billion in 2050 from the current level of 7.1 billion and India will overtake China as the world#39;s most populous nation, a French study said on Wednesday.一项法国研究在星期三表示,2050年世界人口将从现在的71亿上升至97亿,印度将赶上中国并成为世界上人口最多的国家。A bi-annual report by the French Institute of Demographic Studies (Ined) projected there would be 10 to 11 billion people on the planet by the end of the century。根据法国人口研究机构的一年两次的报告预计在本世纪末地球的人口将有100亿到110亿。The projections ran parallel to forecasts by the ed Nations, the World Bank and other prominent national institutes.此次预测的结论与联合国、世界等其他国家著名的研究机构所得出的结论一致。A UN study in June said the global population would swell to 9.6 billion in 2050 and the number of people aged 60 and above would catapult from 841 million now to two billion in 2050 and nearly three billion in 2100.联合国一项研究称全球人口在2050年将膨胀至96亿人,超过60岁的人口将从现在的8.41亿人激增至20亿,到2100年将接近30亿。Ined said Africa would be home to a quarter of the world#39;s population in 2050 with 2.5 billion people, more than double the current level of 1.1 billion.非洲的人口达到25亿并占全球人口的四分之一,是现在人口11亿的两倍。Gilles Pison, the author of the report, said the prevailing fertility rate in Africa was around 4.8 children per woman — far higher than the global average of 2.5.该报告的作者称,当时非洲生育率大约是每名妇女4.8个孩子,远高于全球平均水平的2.5个孩子。The Americas will breach the one-billion mark in 2050 with 1.2 billion inhabitants against 958 million at present.美洲的人口在2050年将突破10亿将达到12亿,并与现在的居民人口9.58亿形成鲜明的对比。And Asia#39;s population will increase from 4.3 billion to 5.2 billion in 2050, Ined forecast预测亚洲的人口在2050年将从现在的43亿增加到52亿。The world#39;s most populous nations are currently China with 1.3 billion people; followed by India (1.2 billion); the ed States (316.2 million); Indonesia (248.5 million) and Brazil (195.5 million)世界上人口最多的国家,目前中国有13亿人;印度以12亿人紧随其后;美国3.162亿人;印度尼西亚2.485亿人和巴西1.955亿人。But in 2050, India will take pole position with 1.6 billion people with China in second place at 1.3 billion但是到2050年,印度的人口将达到顶峰也就是16亿人,同时中国以13亿人口排在第二名。Nigeria, Africa#39;s most populous country, will outstrip the ed States with a population of 444 million against a projected 400 million Americans in the middle of the century.在本世纪中叶,尼日利亚的人口为4.44亿,超过美国的4亿人口并成为非洲地区人口最多的国家。 /201402/277321

Over the past week, I have spent much time with some of the country#39;s most famous artists – including filmmakers, singers, choreographers, writers, actors, painters and musicians - during the NPC and CPPCC sessions.上周,我采访了一些前来参加两会的知名艺术家,他们中有电影制片人、歌唱家、舞蹈编导、作家、表演艺术家、画家还有音乐家。One thing that I can confirm about these people is that – perhaps unsurprisingly – they are usually completely devoted to their art, talk about little else – and they seem to live in their own world.I assumed they would support policies relating to their own field – possibly relating to financial assistance and promoting their art to the general public.Well, they did do that – but not only. Most of the time, when they were sitting together and chatting, they discussed social issues that affect everyone.和大家一样,我认为这些艺术家平时都沉浸在自己的世界中,全身心投入艺术创作,很少谈论国事。我猜想他们提出的议案会与自己的专业领域有关,比如政府的财政持,让艺术走进百姓的生活。可事实却不仅如此,艺术家们大部分时间都围坐在一块儿,讨论与所有人相关的社会问题。Just this Sunday morning, the actress Song Dandan began a discussion about recent worrying trends that have been widely covered in the media. For example, there have been cases of people – especially the elderly – lying injured or sick on the sidewalk and passers-by walking past, ignoring them completely, as many are apparently afraid of being accused of involvement in the person#39;s plight and some fear being blackmailed. Song and the rest of the group were dismayed by these incidents, and Feng Shuangbai, a dance critic, proposed a solution involving an improved medical system for the elderly – with the aim of putting an end to such incidents.3月9日上午讨论展开,表演艺术家宋丹丹表达了自己对于一些社会现象的担忧,引发讨论。比如,行人对于倒在路上的伤者或病人,特别是老年人,不闻不问,漠不关心,生怕被讹诈,陷入窘境。宋丹丹所在讨论组的代表们对于此类现象表示非常失望。舞蹈家冯双白建议建立更加完善的老年人医疗体系,希望能够就此解决问题。The comedian Gong Hanlin - who often appears on CCTV#39;s Spring Festival gala - made several suggestions, including naming the area which was occupied by Japan#39;s 731 during the Anti-Japanese War a heritage site – so as to remember the victims - tackling pollution and offering financial support to those involved in endangered traditional art forms. Regarding the smog, Gong said: ;What has the Ministry of Environment been doing?; and he called for civil servants to ;take the blame and offer to resign;. He added: ;We#39;ve only seen expelling. But is this all that a transparent government does?;春晚的常客,喜剧表演艺术家巩汉林在会议上也提出不少建议。建议包括将日本侵略军731部队遗址申报为世界文化遗产以纪念死难者,解决环境污染问题,政府对濒临失传的传统艺术给予财政持等等。当谈到雾霾时,巩汉林发问:我们的环保部门做了哪些事?他认为一些地方的环保部门官员应当引咎辞职。人们只看到了官员落马,但一个透明化政府远不止如此。A group of painters discussed Sino-Japan relations, the Gulf War, and defense spending. They said that funds related to the Clean Your Plate Campaign could go to the military.一些画家讨论了军事方面的问题,例如中日关系、海湾战争和国防开,他们认为光盘行动也应当在军队推行。A writer with the Guangzhou Military Command, Tang Dong, talked about traditional Chinese values and how they could be kept alive in the money-crazed, dog-eat-dog days. ;We have to keep the essence of our tradition,; he said.The artists also talked about education - from primary school to vocational school - and a new evaluation system. They seemed to care very much about migrant workers, and whether or not they get the same treatment as urban residents. They also care about issues such as employment, the environment and food safety.广州军区军旅作家唐栋提出在如今这个金钱至上、竞争激烈的社会环境中,如何保持中国传统文化活力的问题,他认为我们应当传承中国文化中最本质的精神。Mo Yan, the Nobel laureate, made a proposal for couples who have lost their only child, suggesting that they should be given priority in hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities – and the government should cover their fees.Mo Yan wrote the controversial novel Frog – which focused on the one-child policy - and this may explain his concern and unusual insight in a social problem that affects many people around the country.诺贝尔文学奖得主莫言针对“失独夫妇”提出了议案。在他的小说《蛙》中,他就关注了中国独生子女政策,用小说的形式从新的视角表达了他对这一国策的看法。他建议政府应当保障“失独夫妇”的就医、养老等问题并且承担相应费用。But many of these artists are trying to make an impact concerning matters that do not necessary affect them – and in which they have no expertise - and they are thus stepping out of their comfort zone.艺术家们还谈论了涵盖小学直至职业培训的教育问题以及新的教育评价体制。农民工问题也是他们关注的焦点,农民工和城市居民应当享有平等的权利。他们还讨论了就业、环境和食品安全等方面的问题。The artists are sincerely interested in offering their insight to tackle issues affecting the whole of the country. Though they may often seem aloof and detached from reality, when they become CPPCC members and receive training on how to push forward their opinions, they go out of their way to try and improve the lives of everyone – suggesting areas that require research and policies that could make a difference.在两会上许多艺术家走出了自己的圈子,不再谈论自己的专业,而是将目光投向了社会问题,这些问题也许与他们的关系并不密切。艺术家们真诚地希望能够从他们的角度为国家大事献言献策。也许,人们认为艺术家永远活在艺术的世界中,脱离现实,但是当他们肩负两会代表的使命时,他们将展现全新的一面,深入调研,提出议案,考虑如何提高百姓的生活质量。Gao Peifen, a famous qin player, told me: ;We#39;re supposed to start from our areas of knowledge and then to investigate larger issues. We take this job very seriously.;古琴艺术家高培芬说:“作为政协委员,我们十分认真严谨。我们首先要立足于自身的专业领域,之后探讨更加宏观的社会问题。”I have witnessed that with my own eyes.这些都是我亲眼所见。 /201403/280022

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