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白银市哪里有好的纹绣学校成安县韩式半永久眉培训学校渝北区纹绣化妆造型美容培训 Can Perfume Make You Appear More Attractive?香水让你更有吸引力?Want to instantly boost your attractiveness? Spritz on a nice perfume and you may have just upped your stock.想要瞬间增加自己的美丽?撒点香水可能会给自己加分不少。In a very small study funded by Unilever and carried out by neuroscientists and psychologists in the US and Sweden, women#39;s faces were rated as more attractive in the presence of a pleasant odor, suggesting that the use of perfumes and scented products may alter how we perceive others.联合利华赞助一批美国和瑞典的精神学家和心理学家进行了一个小研究。研究中,当好闻的气味环绕时,女人容貌显得更加漂亮。这表明香水的使用和香型产品可能会影响我们对别人的印象。Published in the journal PLoS One, the study asked participants, most of whom were women, to rate the attractiveness and age of eight female faces, presented as photos.这项科研的结果在期刊;公共科学图书馆;上刊登。研究中,参与者们被要求给照片呈现的8位女性的脸打分。While evaluating the images, scientists diffused five different concentrations and combinations of fish oil and rose oil.在参与者打分时,科学家散布5种不同的鱼肝油和玫瑰油的浓缩物或混合物。Participants were asked to rate the age of the face, the attractiveness of the face, and the pleasantness of the odor.参与者们被要求评判年龄、面部魅力指数和气味的好闻程度。Results showed that #39;odor pleasantness#39; directly influenced the ratings of facial attractiveness but did little to influence the determination of age, authors noted.作者们写到,研究结果显示;气味好闻程度;会直接影响到对于面部魅力指数的评定但对于年龄的估计影响却不大。;Odor pleasantness and facial attractiveness integrate into one joint emotional evaluation,; explained lead author Janina Seubert, who carried out the research while at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Pennsylvania.首席作者雅尼娜·索特解释:;气味带来的愉悦感和面部的吸引力融为一个非常情绪化的评判体系;。她宾夕法尼亚的莫耐尔化学感官中心做了这个实验。;This may indicate a common site of neural processing in the brain.;;这可能指明了脑部神经处理信息的有一个共同的区域。;According to scientists, another way to make yourself more attractive is to surround yourself with friends.根据科学家的研究。另一个让你看上去更有魅力的方法就是让你被好友围绕。In a separate study, psychologists from the University of California decided to put Barney Stinson#39;s ;cheerleader effect; theory to the test. Stinson was a popular womanizing character on the US TV series ;How I Met Your Mother.;巴尼·斯廷森是美剧《老爸老妈罗曼史》中一个风流成性的角色。在一项独立的研究中,来自加利福尼亚大学的心理学家决心测验斯廷森在剧中提出的的;拉拉队效应;。True to his theory, the psychological scientists found that participants rated both male and female subjects as more attractive when shown in group shots compared to photos pictured alone.他的理论的确是正确的。心理学家们发现,无论是男性还是女性,他们都会在集体照中显得更加有吸引力。Their working theory? That people tend to ;average out; the features of faces in a group, canceling out unattractive or distinctive facial features.难道这就是背后的原理?人们在评判的过程中会倾向于给一个小组的成员们打一个;平均分;,而忽视掉那些没有魅力或是与众不同的面部特征。~ /201408/319417A lost boy was found safe and sound in North Dakota this week under the protection of his beloved dog, Cooper.本周,美国北达科他州一名男孩不小心走失,但是他在自家爱犬Cooper的保护下安全回归。After 3-year-old Carson Urness went missing from his yard around 7:30 p.m. Monday, a search party of about 200 people was organized to find the child. About seven hours later, one of the volunteers spotted the golden retriever-german shepherd mix near a knoll; Carson was huddled underneath the pup. It appears the dog protected the missing boy from a thunderstorm by using his body to shield him.Carson Urness今年3岁,周一晚上7点30分左右他从自家庭院里失踪,此后一个由约200人组成的大队开始了搜寻工作。7小时后,有个志愿者在一座小丘附近发现了一条金毛和德牧的混种,而Carson正被它拥在身下。看上去这条忠在雷暴雨中用自己的身体保护了它的小主人。;You think of the worst, but then I knew Cooper was gone. If anyone was going to find him, they#39;d just have to find Cooper,; Carson#39;s mother told WDAZ-TV.“一开始我们想到了最糟糕的情况,但随后我发现Cooper也不在。如果我们想找到Carson,只要找到Cooper就行。”Carson的母亲对WDAZ电视台说。The boy and his dog were discovered about a mile away from the family#39;s Cooperstown farm. Though those on foot were called off from the search around 2 a.m. Tuesday due to heavy rain, ATV riders continued until one four-wheeler spotted the dog.男孩和是在距离自家农场一英里的地方被找到的。虽然由于周二凌晨2点左右下起了暴雨,搜寻工作被喊暂停,但还是有些志愿者开着沙滩车继续寻找,直到其中一人发现了Cooper。As Carson rode back to the family home on the ATV, Cooper reportedly followed closely behind. The 3-year-old was taken to a local hospital for evaluation but appears to be in good shape after the ordeal, thanks to his loyal dog.据报道,在人们用沙滩车将Carson载回家时,Cooper一路紧跟其后。Carson被送进一家当地医院进行检查,但是多亏有忠诚的守护,他在历经磨难后安然无恙。 /201405/297844玉环县哪家纹绣培训学校好

沂水县学习纹绣培训需要多少钱They may forget anniversaries and buy last minute Valentine’s gifts from petrol stations, but men are, apparently, more romantic than women.他们可能会忘记结婚纪念日,或者到最后一刻才在加油站买情人节礼物,但是男人显然比女人更加浪漫。A survey found that while 48 percent have fallen in love at first sight, a mere 28 percent of women could claim the same.一项调查发现,48%的男性曾一见钟情,而自称有过一见钟情经历的女性只有28%。The research, published in new book The Normal Bar, questioned 10,000 people worldwide about their attitude towards love and relationships.发表在新书《The Normal Bar》中的这一调查询问了全球1万名男女对爱情和感情关系的态度。Using data collected from their online survey, the book aims to dispel the myths surrounding sexuality and relationships, shed light on what a real 21st century relationship entails and help make your own relationship more satisfying.这本书采用了从在线调查收集来的数据,目的是揭开蒙在性爱和感情关系上的神秘面纱。该书揭示了21世纪感情关系的真面目,对提高人们感情生活的满意度也有帮助。The survey, which is ongoing, contains 1,300 questions and touches on everything from sex to the most attractive physical features to personality traits a prospective partner looks for, the Washington Post reported.据《华盛顿邮报》报道,这项仍在进行中的调查包含了1300个问题,涉及从性到最吸引人的身体特征再到潜在伴侣寻求的个人特质等方方面面。Other interesting figures from the survey included the finding that only 74 percent of people are happy in their relationship and 66 percent of those questioned believe their partner is their soulmate.调查还发现了其他一些有趣的数据,例如只有74%的人对自己和恋人的关系感到满意,66%的被调查者认为他们的另一半是自己的灵魂伴侣。But perhaps the most interesting – albeit worrying – discovery was that having sex without emotional ties outside a relationship was not technically regarded as an affair by many.但也许最有趣的——尽管也是令人担忧的——发现是:许多人认为和伴侣之外的其他人发生的没有感情的性行为严格来讲并不叫外遇。While only 15 percent of those asked admitted to having had an affair, the number confessing to being unfaithful shot up dramatically when the question was phrased as ‘sex outside your current relationship’.只有15%的受访者承认自己有过外遇,但当这一问题改了个说法,变成“你现在的感情关系之外的性行为”时,承认自己不忠的人数量急剧增加。A third of men and 19 percent of women then said they had indulged in extra-marital relations.在回答这一问题时,三分之一的男性和19%的女性表示自己曾有过婚外情。The books goes on to explain that for many, the secret to a happy relationship includes having regular date nights, using pet names, holding hands, passionate kissing, back rubs and frequently saying #39;I love you#39;.这本书解释道,对于许多人而言,快乐恋情的秘诀包括有定期的约会之夜、使用昵称、手牵手、热吻、互相搓背、经常说“我爱你”。But the most important factor that almost everyone surveyed agreed on, was communication.但是几乎每个被调查者都认同的最重要的因素是沟通。In unhappy relationships, a lack of communication was cited as the number one reason for it breaking down.在不快乐的感情关系中,缺少沟通被认为是恋情失败的第一大原因。 /201403/278817璧山县纹眉半永久皮肤管理培训学校哪个好些 This is the tear-jerking moment a proud father is captured on camera celebrating his son#39;s exam result.得知儿子通过了数学考试,父亲骄傲无比狂喜庆祝,这催泪的一幕被摄影机悄悄记录了下来。After setting up the hidden camera, the boy summons his father to the kitchen, ominously telling him: #39;I#39;ve just got something from school, I need you to come and look at it.#39;儿子设置好了隐蔽摄像头之后,将父亲叫到厨房里,用预示着坏消息的语气对父亲说:“学校里发了一个文件得要你来看看。”His father, who can be heard shouting from elsewhere in the house, asks: #39;Has something happened?!#39;, to which the mischievous teenager, Aria, replies: #39;Yes! It#39;s really important#39;.我们可以听到父亲从其他房间里传来的对话声,“发生什么事了吗?”,调皮的少年奥里亚回答说,“是的,是很重要的事。”As his nervous-looking father approaches, Aria says: #39;Come and have a chat with me. Just come in, and that#39;, he says while passing over a piece of paper displaying the result.当一脸担心的父亲走进厨房时,奥里亚说:“过来我们聊聊吧。过来,看看这个吧”,他说着把成绩单递给父亲。After seeing his son has achieved a C grade in the maths exam, the man asks: #39;Is that real!?,#39; before bursting into tears of joy.看到儿子在数学考试中得了C,爸爸问“这是真的吗?”,然后喜极而泣。The pair embrace before the disbelieving dad asks again, #39;Are you sure!? They#39;ve not made a mistake!? I can#39;t believe it, I just can#39;t believe it!#39;父子俩拥抱了一会儿,然后爸爸又觉得不敢相信,问:“你确定吗?学校不会弄错了吧?我不敢相信!我简直不敢相信!”A mere year before the was filmed, the schoolboy received an F in the subject, he explained,#39;In England you need a C to basically do anything with you life. I#39;ve never been amazing academically and have struggled through school. Neither me or my dad or my teachers thought I was going to get my C, for me it was tough. When I told my Dad who means the world to me this was his reaction...Enjoy#39;.奥里亚解释道,在这段视频拍摄前一年,他曾在数学考试中只拿到了F。“在英国,无论你以后从事什么职业,数学考试至少要拿个C。我的成绩一向不好,勉强在学校混到现在。无论我自己、我爸爸还是我的老师都没想到我能拿到C,这对我来说很不容易。爸爸是世界上对我最重要的人。当我告诉他我及格了的时候,这就是他的反应——激动无比。”Still reeling from the news, his ecstatic father tells him: #39;You#39;re set for life! You#39;re set for life!#39;.狂喜的爸爸还在为这个消息感到眩晕,他对儿子说:“万事开头难,现在你一定会一帆风顺了!一帆风顺!”The teen is seen smiling into the camera at the end of the , seemingly as thrilled with the result as his emotional father.在视频的最后,我们看到少年对着摄像机微笑,似乎他和激动的父亲一样对自己的考试成绩兴奋无比。 /201310/262212单县纹绣半永久纹绣化妆培训网上订购

治多县半永久性化妆培训1. John Tlumacki. Boston, Mass., USA. April 15, 2013.2013年4月15日,美国马萨诸塞州波士顿,摄影:约翰·特卢马奇基奇The first Boston Marathon bomb exploded about two hours and forty minutes after the winner of the men’s race had crossed the finish line on Boylston Street. I was standing on the finish line photographing runners; some dressed in costumes, others were holding the hands of children and family members as they shared the joy of finishing together.冬季男子马拉松赛冠军冲过终点两小时四十分后,伊尔斯顿街发生首起爆炸。我当时站在终点线为参赛者拍照;有的身着运动装,有的握着家人和孩子的手正分享他们胜利的喜悦。The first bomb went off on the Boylston Street sidewalk less than 45 feet from me. The percussion from the blast jolted me. I saw runner Bill Iffrig from Lake Stevens, Wash., fall to the pavement. I ran forward to photograph him. Three Boston Police officers bolted towards him at the same time, one with her gun drawn, as the second bomb exploded three blocks away. I had not seen the officer#39;s gun until I edited the photos. I didn’t understand at first what had happened, thinking maybe it was a cannon salute or a manhole explosion. But when I ran to the sidewalk area several feet away, I saw the horror of what the bomb did. I then began to comprehend what I was photographing. I tried not to take my eye off the camera. Smoke was thick. A police officer looked me in the eyes and said, “You shouldn’t be here. Another bomb could go off.” Bodies were still smoldering, legs were blown off, and massive amounts of blood covered the sidewalk.第一次爆炸发生在伊尔斯顿街,离我不到45英尺。爆炸冲击到我,使我站不住脚。我看到来自史蒂文斯湖(Lake Stevens)的选手比尔·伊弗里戈(Bill Iffrig)跌倒在人行道上。我跑向他去拍照。三名波士顿警察拔指向他,与此同时,一名女警官已经拔下,第二次爆炸在三个街区外发生了。我没看到那位警官的,后来编辑照片时才发现。一开始我不明白发生了什么,我猜可能是致敬礼炮或者是水井爆炸。后来我才意识到我拍下了什么。我不停地拍照。烟雾很重。一名警官看着我说,“你不应该待在这儿。可能还会发生爆炸。”尸体冒着烟,有的双腿被炸了,人行道上到处都是血。I photographed Kevin Corcoran from Lowell using his belt to stop the flow of blood from his wife Celeste’s mangled leg. I photographed Celeste’s daughter, Sydney, lying on the ground as two men wrapped t-shirts on her legs. Nicole Gross from Charlotte, North Carolina, struggled to get up, her shirt in tatters, her leg severely injured. A pool of blood surrounded her. A police officer reached over and placed two fingers on Krystal Campbell#39;s neck, looking for a pulse. Krystal had passed away. Celeste lost both legs. Sydney lost nearly all her blood from a cellphone-size piece of shrapnel that lodged in her thigh and severed her femoral artery. I continued taking photos for about 12 minutes. Then I got my laptop, which was still plugged in near the finish line, and walked to my car and drove to the Globe office. I took off my shoes, which were covered with blood, and began to edit my photos. On bad nights, the images still play over and over in my mind.我拍到来自洛厄尔(Lowell)的凯文·科克伦(Kevin Corcoran)用自己的皮带包扎妻子塞莱斯特受伤流血的腿。我拍到他们的女儿悉尼躺着地上,两个男子正用T恤包裹她的腿。来自北卡罗来纳州夏洛特市(Charlotte)的尼古拉·克洛斯(Nicole Gross)挣扎着要站起来,她的衬衫破烂不堪,腿受重伤,身旁一滩鲜血。一名警官到来,将两根指头放在克里斯塔尔·坎贝尔(Krystal Campbell)的肩头,在试他是否还有心跳。但克里斯塔尔已死去。塞莱斯特失去两条腿,悉尼大腿处被手榴弹炸伤入,股动脉断裂,几乎失去全部血液。我连续拍照12分钟。我找到仍躺在终点线上的笔记本电脑,然后开车返回办公室。我脱掉沾满血的鞋子,然后开始编辑照片。我到现在做恶梦还能看到这些血淋淋的场景。 /201312/269445 清原满族自治县纹绣半永久睫毛嫁接半永久课程培训视频吉林/市附近纹绣培训学习学校渐变纹绣



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