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上海医学院附属医院脱毛多少钱上海瑞金医院激光除皱多少钱崇明活细胞丰胸价格 Thousands of people protested against the election of Donald Trump in cities around the US on Wednesday night, in a sign of the deeply divided country he will soon lead.周三晚上,数以千计的人们在全美国多个城市举行了抗议活动,抗议唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)当选,显示出后者不久将领导的这个国家出现了深层次分歧。A multicultural crowd of a few thousand protesters marched 40 blocks to Trump Tower, where garbage trucks surrounded the building where Mr Trump lives, chanting not my president, love trumps hate and black lives matter. 一个由几千名抗议人士组成的多元文化的人群,喊着这不是我的总统(not my president)、爱压过恨(love trumps hate)和黑人很重要(black lives matter)等口号,游行了40个街区走到特朗普大厦(Trump Tower)。Protesters also chanted against Mr Trump’s plans for a wall.在这里,特朗普居住的大楼已被人用垃圾回收卡车包围起来。There were also further protests, including in Chicago; Washington; Portland, Oregon; St Paul, Minnesota; New Orleans and Boston. 其他地方也发生了抗议活动,其中包括芝加哥、华盛顿、俄勒冈州的波特兰市、明尼苏达州的圣保罗市、新奥尔良及波士顿。There was a small protest earlier in the day in San Francisco, with a much larger protest in the evening, with hundreds of people marching briskly up Market Street, the city’s main thoroughfare. 当天早些时候,旧金山曾出现小规模抗议活动,而夜间的抗议活动规模则大了许多,有数百人在该市主干道市场街(Market Street)上快速行进。The group was a broad mix including students, LGBT campaigners and parents with young children. 抗议人群的身份来源广泛,有学生,有LGBT(女同性恋者、男同性恋者、双性恋者与跨性别者)活动人士,还有带着年幼子女的父母。Some chanted Donald Trump has to go and its equivalents in Spanish while others walked along in tears. 部分人喊着唐纳德.特朗普必须下台及对应的西班牙语口号,其他人则流着眼泪走过。 /201611/477637上海割双眼皮的价钱

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上海宝山区中西医结合医院治疗狐臭多少钱BERLIN — A German publisher of right-wing books has begun selling a reprint of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” originally issued in 1943 by the Nazi party’s central publishing house, a move that risks violating Germany’s law against the distribution of Nazi propaganda.柏林——德国一家右翼书籍出版商,已经开始销售再版的阿道夫·希特勒(Adolf Hitler)的《我的奋斗》(Mein Kampf),该书最初由纳粹党的中央出版社在1943年出版。此举有可能触犯了德国关于不得销售纳粹宣传品的法律规定。A copyright on “Mein Kampf” that was held by the Bavarian government expired on Dec. 31, and an annotated scholarly edition was published this year with government permission.由巴伐利亚州政府持有的《我的奋斗》版权于去年12月31日到期。今年,该书的学术注释版在政府的许可下出版发行。Now, state prosecutors in the German city of Leipzig, where the publisher, Der Schelm, is based, are investigating whether they can press charges . Last week, prosecutors in Bamberg opened a separate investigation after a bookseller, who was not identified, advertised Der Schelm’s edition.前述出版商名叫淘气出版社(Der Schelm),其所在地莱比锡市的州检察官正展开调查,看是否可以对其提起指控。上周,班伯格的检察官针对一个推介淘气版《我的奋斗》的书商启动了单独的调查。该书商的姓名未被公开。Although Hitler’s two-volume treatise, written from 1924 to 1927 and laying out his ideas on race and violence, is widely available on the internet, the annotated version is the only one that is legal in Germany. The 3,500 comments accompanying the text provide context for the work, and they are aimed, in part, at trying to prevent a new generation from taking up Nazi ideologies.希特勒的这一专著分上下两卷,写于1924年至1927年,详细论述了希特勒关于种族和暴力的观点。尽管该书在网络上流传甚广,但在德国,新上市的注释版是唯一合法的版本。与正文一同出现的3500条注释交代了这本书的背景,在某种程度上旨在竭力防止新世代的年轻人接受纳粹的意识形态。“Promoting an edition without annotations is considered a criminal offense,” Christopher Rosenbusch, a spokesman for prosecutors in Bamberg, said on Wednesday.“推销无注释版本被认为是犯罪行为,”班伯格的检察官发言人克里斯托弗·罗森布施(Christopher Rosenbusch)说。The Der Schelm edition is advertised as “unchanged and without comment, for critical assessment.” The house, which also offers a reprinted edition of the German translation of Henry Ford’s “International Jew,” encourages its ers to “have the courage to make your own judgment.”淘气版《我的奋斗》的宣传语是“无修改无注释,谨供批判性评价之用”。该出版社还再版了亨利·福特(Henry Ford)的德译本《国际犹太人》(International Jew),并鼓励读者“鼓起勇气做出自己的判断”。The move comes as a new far-right political party, Alternative for Germany, has risen in popularity, in part, by appealing to fears linked to the arrival last year of a million migrants and by questioning many of the liberal policies and premises that have dominated public discourse in postwar Germany.淘气出版社此举的背景是,一个新成立的极右派政党——德国另类选择党(Alternative for Germany)——已经通过迎合去年到来的100万移民所引发的恐惧心理,以及质疑主导德国战后公共话语的许多自由主义政策和假设,而受到了广泛欢迎。 /201606/447441 A senior family planning official said last Saturday that due to the introduction of the two-child policy, China#39;s population is predicted to peak at about 1.45 billion by the end of 2028, three years later than expected.一名计划生育部门高级官员于上周六表示,由于二孩政策的出台,中国人口预计将于2028年迎来14.5亿的峰值,比预期晚了三年。China will have an estimated over 17.5 million newborns in 2016, roughly equal to the number in 2000 and coinciding with predictions made after the introduction of two-child policy in January, Wang Peian, deputy head of the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), told a conference on population and development, chinanews.com reported.据中新网报道,中国国家卫生和计划生育委员会副主任王培安在一场人口与发展会议上表示,中国2016年新生儿数量预计将超过1750万,大致相当于2000年前后的出生的人口规模,与今年一月二孩政策出台后的预测相一致。;According to the predictions, if China kept the previous strict family planning policy, the population would peak at 1.415 billion in 2025,; said Zhai Zhenwu, a demographer and president of the School of Sociology and Population Studies under Renmin University of China.中国人民大学人口统计学家、社会学与人口研究学院院长翟振武表示:“预测结果显示,如果维持原来较严格的生育政策不变,总人口规模将在2025年时就迎来峰值,达到14.15亿人。”But the two-child policy will delay the peak until 2028 and it will reach the larger size of 1.45 billion.但是二孩政策将把这一人口峰值延迟到2028年,届时将达到更大规模的14.5亿人。The two-child policy, on one hand, will make China#39;s population peak higher, but on the other hand the policy will postpone the population inflection point and slow down the speed at which the population shrinks, according to Zhai.据翟振武表示,一方面二孩政策会使得中国的人口高峰值更高,但是另一方面该政策也将推迟人口拐点出现的时间、放缓人口减少的速度。China had a population of 1.37 billion at the end of 2015, up 6.8 million from the end of 2014, according to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).根据国家统计局公布的数据显示,2015年底中国人口共计约为13.7亿,比2014年底时增加了680万人。 /201612/482322上海激光祛痘要的价格上海双眼皮手术优惠



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