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He ultimately hits upon this idea他最终认为that computer technology can be the source of transcendence,电脑技术将成为历史性的革命that it can transform our lives,我们的生活将彻底为之改观that it can help us live on a different plane, a different dimension.进入全新的维度和层面But in the here and now in the mid 1970s但在70年代中期computers were prehistoric and enormous.电脑犹如史前生物般庞大Back in the 60s and 70s,在六七十年代think of what the computer looked like.电脑的样子与今日大相径庭They were the size of an office.大小和房间差不多Only the millitary and large banks could own one of these things.只有军队和大型才能拥有这样一台装备The very first Steve Jobs computer史蒂夫·乔布斯的第一台电脑was acturally the brain child of his friend, Steve Wozniak.实际上是他朋友史蒂夫·沃兹尼亚克的创意Wozniak did the wiring and Jobs did the dreaming沃兹尼亚克负责实际操作 而乔布斯负责构思未来and be hold, the Apple 1.各位请看 苹果一代No power supply.No casing, just a beginning.没有电源 没有封装 只是个雏形Jobs and Waz unveiled the prototype to their fellow tech geeks at the Home Brew Computer Club in 1976.1976年 乔布斯和沃兹在家用电脑俱乐部向其他研究技术的同仁们推出了苹果机的原型Everybody kind of huddled over in a group俱乐部中的所有成员都会聚在一起and you can go over there and talk about building a 6502.你可以上前和他们讨论如何制作6502微处理器In the first meeting where I saw Steve Jobs,我第一次在会上见到史蒂夫·乔布斯时he was rushing around madly,他疯狂地到处跑乱窜trying to listen in on every one of those conversations在场同时进行的众多讨论that was going on simultaneously.他都不想错过He had a real intensity to his demeanor.他的求知欲望很强烈Jobs imagined a machine for the people.乔布斯为大家构思了一台机器And he said he was the man to make it happen.并且声称他要使之成为现实The two Steves found an investor这二人组找到了投资者and formed Apple Computer Inc.并成立了苹果电脑公司The name apple, the friendly shape,苹果一名琅琅上口 造型可人the friendly advertising we did,再加上很有亲和力的广告Steve was a genius at marketing.史蒂夫就是个营销天才It helped bring this whole category of device to the world.这样有益于把这一整套设备向全世界推广 /201305/239256

Nightmares and bad dreams are a common problem, so if you suffer from nightmares or bad dreams this film will give you some tips on how to avoid them.噩梦是一个非常普遍的问题,所以,如果你遭受噩梦的困扰,这段视频中的建议将告诉你怎样摆脱它们。Step 1: You will need1.所需工具BedDuvet or sheetReadiness for sleep - whatever it may bring…一张床羽绒被或床单做好睡觉的准备——无论后果是什么……Step 2: Getting your brain y for sleep2.让你的大脑做好睡觉的准备Dreams and nightmares are related to ones mental state in waking hours, so going to bed in a panicked or fearful state is a bad idea.梦和噩梦与一个人清醒时刻的精神状态有关。所以千万不要以惊慌或恐惧的状态上床睡觉。To get yourself in a good mood for dreaming, spend between thirty minutes and an hour winding down before going to bed.将自己的情绪调整到良好状态,上床睡觉之前花费30分钟至1个小时的时间让自己平静下来。Reading a book, or listening to some relaxing music can help - although choose your material carefully; this isnt the time for Stephen King or Cannibal Corpse.读书或者听一些舒缓的音乐可以帮助你——不过要认真的选择,恐怖之王或死亡金属乐队在这个时候不适合。Similarly, if you are busy and stressed in the day, this anxiety can spill over into your dream life. Make a list of things youre worrying about before you go to sleep - writing them down takes them out of your head and onto the paper. You can also use this as a ;to do; list in the morning!同样,如果你在白天非常繁忙,非常紧张,这种焦虑情绪也会蔓延到你的梦中。在睡觉之前列下你担心的事情——写下来,将他们从你的脑海中转移到纸上。还可以将这作为清晨的计划清单。Step 3: Getting your body y for sleep3.让身体做好睡觉的准备The urban myth about cheese causing bad sleep has been disproved by the British Cheese Board, with cheese before bedtime causing no problems for 72% of a test group. In fact, eating a small amount before sleeping can help you relax; however caffeine and tobacco before bed can disrupt sleep patterns, making relaxing much more tricky.关于奶酪导致噩梦的城市传说已经被英国奶酪委员会(British Cheese Board)明是虚构的。72%的受调查群体睡觉之前食用奶酪没有任何问题。实际上,睡觉之前食用少量奶酪可以帮助你放松下来;然而睡觉之前食用咖啡因和烟草会扰乱你的睡眠模式,使你更难放松下来。Similarly, an alcoholic nightcap may help you to get to sleep, but excessive alcohol interrupts sleep throughout the night. Try hot milk or Horlicks, though not too much - a full bladder can cause broken sleep.同样,睡前酒可以帮助你进入睡眠,但是过量饮酒会扰乱夜间睡眠。可以尝试一下热牛奶或好立克,不过不要太多。肚子太饱会让你睡眠间断。Major exercise less than two hours before going to bed is extremely unhelpful, but some light stretching, meditation, or a warm bath can really help you to relax.在上床睡觉之前进行少于两个小时的剧烈运动对睡眠非常有害。但是一些比较轻柔的伸展运动,冥想或温水澡可以帮助你放松。Step 4: Be in control4.自我控制A good way to tame the terror of your dreaming is to find ways to be in control. ;Dream catchers; originated in the Native American culture of the Ojibwa tribe; bad dreams were said to be caught on the net as they passed through it.克噩梦的恐惧的一个好方法就是寻找控制的方法。捕梦器源自Ojibwa部落的美国土著文化。据说噩梦通过捕梦器的时候会被网捕捉。Psychologically, a dream catcher provides an opportunity for you to focus your internal cerebral state on an external object- this placebo effect is particularly good for easing the bad dreams of children.从心理的角度讲,捕梦器提供了一个机会,将你内在的大脑的状态集中在外在的物体——这种安慰剂效应对缓解儿童的噩梦非常好。During a bad dream, a good way of defusing its power is to recognise that you are dreaming, and that you are in no danger. 在做噩梦的时候,缓解噩梦的影响最好的办法是意识到你在做梦,你并没有处在危险中。Lucid dreaming is the conscious awareness that you are dreaming, with some skilled lucid dreamers gaining the ability to directly control their dreams.清醒的梦是指清醒的意识到自己是在做梦,一些有技巧的做梦的人有能力直接控制自己的梦。Start a dream diary. Learn to recognise similar themes and images in your dreams and use these as reminders when dreaming to break the reality of your nightmare.开始写做梦日记。学习鉴别梦中同样的主题和画面,当你做梦的时候,你可以用这些来提醒自己你是在做噩梦。Step 5: Solving any big problems5.解决任何大的问题Serious or persistent bad dreams are likely to be related to a specific problem or a past trauma. An understanding of what this is, and investigation of it, will help to ease these nightmares.严重的或持续的噩梦可能与特定的问题或过去的创伤有关。关于这个问题的理解和调查可以帮助缓解这种噩梦。Counseling has helped many individuals to explore their mental and emotional states, and exploration of what is worrying you with a trained professional will help you get to the bottom of your anxiety.咨询已经帮助许多人探索自己的精神和感情状态,利用专业知识对你的精神状态进行探讨可以帮助弄清焦虑的真相。Congratulations! Youre now free to enjoy sweet dreams each and every bedtime. Night, night!祝贺你!从现在开始,你每个夜晚都可以进入甜蜜的梦想!晚安,晚安!Thanks for watching How To Avoid Bad Dreams感谢收看“怎样摆脱噩梦”视频节目。 /201209/198701

Today in History:Saturday, June1, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月1日,星期六June 1st, 1967. “Were Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, we hope you will enjoy the show…” The Beatles release what’s considered one of rock’s greatest albums, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The album’s complex and experimental songs make it a popular and critical success amid the counterculture of the late 1960s.1926. “A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend…”Actress and silver screen sex symbol Marilyn Monroe is born Norma Jeane Mortenson in Los Angeles. Among her films, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Seven Year Itch, Bus Stop, Some Like It Hot, and The Misfits.1980. “This is CNN.”Cable News Network , founded by Ted Turner,hits the airwaves, introducing the world at 24-7 TV news coverage.1801. Brigham Young, the Mormon leader whose religious followers settled what’s now Utah, is born in Whitingham, Vermont.And 1968. Helen Keller,the blind and deaf author and lecturer, whose story is told in The Miracle Worker, dies in eastern Connecticut. She was 87.Today in History, June 1st. Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press /201306/242355


  [a-.!+FOm3;^-6w16iKa8NyVZe(xd@ww4DxoR0(aTerror attacks across Nigeria by a radical Muslim sect have killed at least 39 people. The majority died on the steps of a Catholic church as a massive explosion occured during Christmas Mass.bNycBE(6^+IwVSkex尼日利亚恐怖袭击导致39人死亡2L5P8c9]|Xg;7_g(mq。大多数人死在圣诞节天主教堂的台阶上,这一大规模爆炸发生在圣诞节pB2@kRisD[2Ye%。]tEenTdZBQMoW)I9te2]T(8mn|)[PwH.[0165975。


  Are you a little sensitive? The chemicals in commercial shaving creams and lotions may dry out and irritate your skin.Imagine the money you would save if you didnt have to buy shaving cream or lotion. Follow these easy steps to find out how to make and use an all-natural and organic shaving lotion from olive oil.你的皮肤是否有一点敏感?商业化的剃须膏和润肤露中的化学品可能会变干并刺激皮肤。想象一下,如果你不买剃须膏或润肤露可以省多少钱。遵循以下简单的方法,学习怎样用橄榄油制作全天然有机剃须膏。Step 1: You will need1.你需要Extra virgin olive oil,A razor特级初榨橄榄油,剃刀Step 2: Choose Your Oil2.选择橄榄油Olive oil contains Vitamin I and is a natural antioxidant so its great for your skin. The best choice for shaving is extra virgin olive oil. You should avoid pure and light olive oil as they have been chemically processed.橄榄油中含有维他命I,是天然的抗氧化剂,因此对皮肤非常好。用于剃须最好的选择是特级初榨橄榄油。不要使用纯净轻质的橄榄油,因为这些橄榄油是经过化学加工的。Step 3: A Little Goes A Long Way3.用量很少Pour out a little olive oil into your hands and rub into your skin. In addition to being a great energizer for your skin,olive oil is a great lubricant and will protect your skin from nicks and cuts while you shave. Since the oil is naturallymoisturizing your skin, you wont need to apply any aftershave lotion when youre finished shaving.向手里倒一点橄榄油,擦在皮肤上。除了可以催化皮肤之外,橄榄油还是良好的润滑剂,剃须的时候可以保护皮肤免于刮伤。由于橄榄油对皮肤有天然的保湿作用,剃须之后不需要再涂抹须后水。Step 4: Dont Get Rusty4.防止生锈Once youre finished shaving, you can help preserve the life of your razor and prevent it from rusting easily by dipping it into olive oil. The oil will lubricate the metal and naturally protect the surface. Done.剃须之后,你可以将剃须刀浸入橄榄油中,延长剃须刀的寿命,并防止生锈。橄榄油可以润滑刀片,保护剃须刀表面。Step 5: Done.5.完成。Thanks for watching How To Shave With Olive Oil.感谢收看“怎样用橄榄油代替剃须膏”视频节目。201212/214700Use VideoJugs simple advice and say goodbye to those arguments and tiffs within your relationship. Find out how to embrace your differences and restore harmony to your relationship with this great guide.遵循VideoJug的简单建议,情侣之间将不再有争吵。在这些指引下,你将能接纳两人之间的不同之处,情侣之间和谐相处。Step 1: Avoiding arguments1.避免争吵Some arguments just arent worth having, as youre never going to win. So never pick a fight when it concerns the following areas:一些争吵根本是不值得的,你永远都不会赢。涉及以下这些方面的时候,永远不要争吵:Clothes. Its your girlfriends right to tell you how to dress, but on no account should you make unsolicited comments or criticisms about her outfits. Avoid all negative clothing references, even if she asks your opinion.衣。告诉你怎样穿衣打扮是你女朋友的权利,但是永远不要在未征求你意见的情况下或批评她的外套。永远不要提出负面意见,即使她征求你的意见。Cooking.If he wants to be the Picasso of the pots and pans, let him. Never criticise his cooking style, complain about the mess, or refuse to eat it. Better to risk a dodgy stomach then never be cooked for, or spoken to, again.烹调。如果他想成为炊事用具的艺术家,随他去。永远不要批评他的厨艺风格,抱怨他弄的一团糟,或者拒绝食用。宁肯让自己的胃受点委屈也不要批评他。Exes. Criticising previous relationships will only make your partner defensive. As for your own past relationships, avoid making any kind of comparisons. This is almost as dangerous as shouting out the wrong name.前任。批评以前的恋爱关系只会让你的伴侣怀有戒心。而且永远不要拿你的现任和前任做比较。这是非常危险的,就像大声叫错了别人的名字一样。Step 2: The War of the Worlds2.不同世界的战争As everyone knows, Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus. Its important to accept these differences to avoid unnecessary rows.每个人都知道,男人来自火星,女人来自金星。一定要接受这些差别,这对于避免不必要的争吵是非常重要的。So, dont try and be Mr. Fix-it: When shes had a hard day at work and wants to get it off her chest, you may try and help by suggesting some solutions to her problems. Women often dont want solutions, they just want to be listened to - easy! No effort involved.所以,千万不要做“修理先生”:当她完成一天艰难的工作时想要发泄一下,你可能试着想要提出一些建议帮助她解决问题。女人通常不需要解决方法,她们只想有人倾听——非常简单!这不需要任何努力。Equally, dont be Miss Chatterbox:同样,也不要做“罗嗦”:When hes had a hard day at work and wants to be a moody sulky nightmare, let him. He doesnt want to be probed and questioned endlessly. So leave him alone and eventually hell come crawling out of his cave.当他辛苦的工作了一天之后可能非常沉闷,由他去。他不想被无止境地追问。给他独处的空间,最终他会振奋起来。Step 3: Restoring harmony3.重建和谐Its unrealistic to think youre never going to row, but the key is how quickly you can make it up to each other when you do.Be the bigger person, swallow your pride, and dont sulk. If you cant bear to back down to their face, write them a note or leave a surprise you know theyll find when youre not there.希望永远不要争吵的想法是不现实的。但是关键是争吵过后怎样弥补。做一个大度的人,收起你的骄傲,不要生闷气。如果你不能忍受在情侣面前屈,给他们留一张纸条,或者给他们创造一个惊喜。Use humour to diffuse a tense atmosphere by calling yourself names. Get creative. Agree that yes you are a culinary challenged, poorly dressed Martian fool. If youre both laughing, youll probably forget why you were upset in the first place.通过骂自己来增加一点幽默感可以缓解紧张的气氛。要充满创造性。赞同你是一个没有烹饪天赋,打扮不恰当的笨蛋。如果你们两个人都笑了,你可能会忘记最初为何会生气。Thanks for watching How To Have A Harmonious Relationship感谢收看“怎样拥有和谐的恋爱关系”视频节目。201209/198911How To Have A Healthy Body And Mind如何保持健康的身心 Tony Buzan is a best-selling author and leading expert on the brain and learning, and has worked as an adviser to Olympic athletes. Tony aims to educate the world in how to think and live more efficiently. In this film he talks about the need for a healthy mind and body, to get the best performance in all areas of life.Step 1: Mind amp; Body Connection身体与心理的关系To be mentally healthy, you need to be physically healthy, and vice versa.Step 2: Mind amp; Body Foods心理与身体所需的养料 The body and mind need to be fed with: Oxygen. Good nutrition, so eat well. Stimulation of the senses. Friendship, affection and love.Step 3: Be physically fit身体健康的要求Fitness requires: Cardiovascular exercise, which makes the heart beat fast for 20 minutes or more, at least 2-3 times a week. Flexibility, which is gained from activities like yoga, stretching etc.Step 4: Poise amp; Balance保持平衡Poise and balance, gained from Pilates, yoga, Alexander technique, martial arts. etc.201109/154222

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Todays first ;Shoutout; goes out to Mrs. Jimenezs math classes, at Cesar Chavez Academy in Denver, Colorado.今天的第一次“大声喊出来”来到了Jimenez女士的数学课堂。Which of these political parties has won a U.S. presidential election?这些政党中的哪一个曾经赢得过美国总统选举?Here we go. Is it the Reform Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party or Whig Party? Youve got three seconds, go!开始!它是改革党,绿党,自由党还是辉格党?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!There have been four U.S. presidents who were members of the Whig Party. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;曾经有四位美国总统来自辉格党成员。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: You obviously hear about the Republican and Democratic Parties, but as you saw there are other political parties in the ed States, there have been throughout the countrys history.你肯定听说过共和党和民主党,但正如你所看到的美国还有其他的政党,他们谱写着美国的历史。Like the Whigs back in the 1800s.正如19世纪的辉格党。These days other parties are usually referred to as third parties.现在其他的党派通常被称为第三党派。This years third party presidential candidates werent part of the debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.今年的第三党派总统竞选人并不是巴拉克#8226;奥巴马和米特#8226;罗姆尼争论的部分。They got together for their own debate this week in Chicago.他们这周聚集在芝加哥举行了他们自己的辩论。 /201210/206499在EG会议上,身兼作家、哲学家、爱开玩笑的人和记者的 A.J. Jacobs 谈分享关于这一年依照圣经指导原则生活的经验 -- 尽可能的依照圣经的规范过生活。201205/184486


  美国第一夫人背后的时尚推手 201301/223296。

  Rotating your veggies helps reduce insects and plant disease, and allows the soil to recharge and rebalance its minerals.蔬菜轮作可以减少昆虫和植物疾病,让土壤中的矿物质得到自动补充和平衡。You Will Need你需要A guide to vegetable families蔬菜科属指引Various vegetable seeds各种各样的蔬菜种子Steps步骤Step 1 Get a guide to vegetable plants from a home store or garden supply shop. It will list the different plant ;families; or groupings.1.从家具商店或园艺用品商店了解蔬菜作物指引,其中会列举出不同植物的科属。Step 2 From season to season, avoid growing vegetables from same family in the same garden.2.随着季节变化,不要在同一块菜园种植同一个科属的蔬菜。Step 3 For the best results, develop a three-year rotation plan, such as legumes like peas, beans, and peanuts the first year; onions, carrots, and tomatoes the second; and turnips and kale the third.3.为了获得最佳效果,制定以三年为期限的轮作计划,例如第一年种植蚕豆,四季豆和花生等豆类作物。第二年种植洋葱,胡萝卜和番茄。第三年种植萝卜和甘蓝。Step 4 Follow your three-year plan and plant seeds from a different family in each garden plot at the start of the growing season.4.根据制定的三年计划,当种植季节开始的时候,在花园的每一块区域种植不同科属的植物种子。Did you know? George Washington Carver, who developed hundreds of uses for peanuts, introduced the concept of crop rotation in the American South.你知道吗?发明了花生数百种用途的乔治·华盛顿·卡弗在美国南方提出了作物轮作的概念。视频听力栏目译文属。201303/232469

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit?这合理吗?Someone is officially recognized as a saint when he or she is canonized.当某人被封为圣徒之后,他就会被官方认定为圣人。This is true. In the Roman Catholic Church, canonization is the act of recognizing a saint.这是真的。在天主教会,列入圣徒是承认一个圣徒的行为。AZUZ: The Roman Catholic Church recognized seven people as new saints over the weekend.天主教在这周末将会确定7个人作为新的圣徒。The canonization ceremony included some history as well.列入圣徒的庆典也是有一定历史的。For the first time, a Native American was named a saint.第一次,一个美国土著人被封为圣徒、During a special mass in Saint Peters Square on Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI and other worshippers celebrated the new saints.在圣伯多禄广场周日的特别聚会上,罗马教皇本笃十六世和其他的礼拜者共同为新的圣人庆祝。The pope praised Kateri Tekawitha for living a life of service.教皇赞扬了卡特里#8226;特卡瓦塞一生的尽职尽责。Tekawitha was a member of the Mohawk Tribe, sometimes known as Lily of the Mohawks.特卡瓦塞是莫霍克族的成员,有时被成为莫霍克族的百合。She converted to Catholicism and served as a nun.她皈依天主教并成为了一个修女。 /201210/205691

  Knowing what kind of surf board to start on can be questionable when picking up surfing for the first time. Here in this two-minute , you can know how to find out what kind of board you should be getting and what price to expect.第一次购买冲浪板时,应该购买哪一种。在本期2分钟的视频中,你将学会如何挑选价格合理适合自己的冲浪板。Okay, you guys, in this , I am going to talk you through on how to buy a surfboard. Okay, so you have decided to take up surfing, so first off, I would suggest you buy a Luna Board, okay? You probably, if you go to any surf school within the UK or the world, they are going to get you standard on one of these first off, okay? On the deck, it is nice and soft, and on the underneath, it is plastic, okay? It is a nice rigid board and especially with it being a soft deck, you are not going to hurt yourself. So you are looking at pay in between a hundred and two hundred pounds, depending on what size you go for with the Luna Board.大家好,在这个视频中,我将告诉你购买什么样的冲浪板。你已经决定去冲浪,那么首先,我建议你买个弯月牌的冲浪板。如果你去英国或者世界上任意一所冲浪学校,他们都会首先让你使用一个标准的冲浪板。这种板很结实,但是上面有柔软的表层,这样你就不会轻易受伤。根据尺码的大小,这种板的价格在100到200英镑之间。You can buy these in your local surf shop or on the internet. So, if you want to have a little bit something more progressive, okay, but still easy to surf, you might want to buy yourself a long board. So a long board traditionally is nine feet long, okay, but they go up to ten feet, but same again, you can buy these in your local surf shop or on the internet.你可以在当地的冲浪用品店,或者互联网上购买。如果你想学更高级一点的冲浪技术,而又不想太难,你可以买一个长一点的冲浪板。传统上的长冲浪板长9英尺,但是现在也有10英尺长的。同样,你可以到当地冲浪用品店或者网上商店去买。Especially with ;foamified; blast boards, I really suggest that you go to your local surf shop, but they are going to talk you through your height, your size, how long you have been surfing, and what you can actually do along the wave, okay? They are going to point you in the right direction on what board you need. Now, on a long board, you can be paying anything between five hundred to a thousand pounds. That is basically down to who makes the surf board, where it is from in the world, and if you have sprays or what not on your long board.尤其是那种带着泡沫斑点的长板,我真的建议你应该到当地冲浪器材店去买一个,但是通常情况下,他们会要求你提供身高,体重,冲浪年龄,以及冲浪技术等数据,然后他们将会告诉你需要使用什么样的冲浪板。这样的一个长板,你需要付五百到一千磅间不等。这基本上取决于冲浪板的品牌和制造地,也取决于你有没有必要的附件。So, if you progress even more from your long board, you can move down to short boards. Now, short boards again, you really need good advice on what short board to buy, so you might want to go to your local surf shop again when you buy these. So, short boards, you are probably looking at a pay in between three hundred and four hundred and fifty pounds.所以如果你还没有到需要长板的地步,你可以从短板开始练习。说到短板,你还要到冲浪用品商店里去咨询一番,一般来讲,短板的价格在300到450英镑之间。And that, in summary, is how to buy a surf board.以上内容就是如何选择冲浪板。Thanks for watching How To Buy A Surfboard谢谢收看本期节目。 /201208/196499

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