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Inviting邀请Hungry?饿吗?Are you hungry?你饿了吗?Have you eaten?吃了吗?Shall we go get something to eat?我们去吃点东西?Would you like to have dinner/lunch/breakfast?你想吃饭/午餐/早餐?Would you like dinner/lunch/breakfast/a snack?你想吃饭/午餐/早餐/点心?Would you like something to eat?你想吃些什么?Wed like to invite you to dinner.我们想请你吃饭。Wed like to invite you to have dinner with us.我们想邀请您和我们一起吃饭。Wed be very happy if youd have dinner with us.我们会很高兴,如果你必须和我们一起吃饭。Accepting接受Sure, why not?当然,为什么不呢?Thatd be great, thanks那简直太好了,谢谢That would be lovely. Thank you.这太好了, 谢谢。Thats very kind of you. Thank you.谢谢您的好意,谢谢。Rejecting拒绝Another time perhaps? Ive got to dash.还有一次吧?我得冲啦。Could we do it another time?我们能做到这一点其他时间?Thatd be great, thanks, but unfortunately+clause…那简直太好了,谢谢,但是可惜+从句...That would be lovely, but unfortunately+clause…这将是极好的,但不幸的是+从句... /201603/431503unit 368到同事家做客dialogue 英语情景对话A:Good evening, Martin.A:马丁,晚上好。B:Hello, How good to see you. Did you have any trouble finding our place?B:你好。见到你真高兴。我们这地方难找吧?A:Not at all. Your instructions were very clear. Where is Mrs. Martin?A:一点也不。你把地址说得很清楚。您夫人在哪里?B:She is in the kitchen. Kate! Mrs. Gao is here !B:她在厨房里。凯特,高女士来了。C:Mrs. Gao! I am so glad you could come. My husband has told me so much about you.C:高女士,你光临寒舍,我感到很高兴。我丈夫已经对我说了很多关于你的情况。A:These are for you.A:这是送给你的。C:Oh, what lovely flowers! You are very kind. Thank you so much. I will go and put them in some water right away.C:哦,这么漂亮的花呀!你太客气了,非常感谢。我马土就去把它们插在水里。A:And here is a bottle of Chinese Mao-tai.A:这瓶中国茅台酒是送给你的。B:That is thoughtful of you. I have heard that it packs quite punch.B:你想得太周到了。听说这是一种度数很高的烈酒。C:Mrs. Gao, would you like to start now?C:高女士,你现在开始吃吧? /201603/433405Chris: So Adelina, I guess its not polite to ask a girl for her age, but you must be more or less like me, 31, youre in your early 30s or maybe a bit less?克里斯:阿德琳娜,我知道问一个女孩的年龄并不礼貌,不过我想你应该和我年纪差不多,我今年31岁,你也是30出头吧?或者要更小一些?Ade: Well I just turned 34.阿德琳娜:嗯,我刚满34岁。Chris: Wow! Well you wouldnt say that. Well, whats your profession, what do you do?克里斯:哇哦!你没说,你的职业是什么?你做什么工作?Ade: Im a translator.阿德琳娜:我是翻译。Chris: Oh wow, translator. And how long do you have to study for that, lets say if you want to become a translator, how many years of study is that?克里斯:哦哇哦,翻译。如果要成为翻译,需要学习多少时间,需要多少年?Ade: In that time it was five years, but now I think they cut it one year, so now its only four.阿德琳娜:以前是五年,不过我想现在他们把课时缩短了一年,所以现在是四年。Chris: But you did five?克里斯:你学了五年?Ade: Yeah, I did five plus another year because I did a specialization master.阿德琳娜:我学了六年,因为我是专业硕士。Chris: Oh right. And you did this in Spain?克里斯:好。你是在西班牙学的硕士?Ade: The master?阿德琳娜:硕士吗?Chris: The formation, I mean the study.克里斯:我说的是学业。Ade: Well the study, the university, I did it in Granada. Its one of the best school of translators and interpreters that we have here in Spain. But the master, I did it in London.阿德琳娜:我在格拉纳达大学完成的本科学业。那所大学是西班牙最好的笔译和口译院校之一。至于硕士,我是在伦敦念的。Chris: Okay, right. And generally not only university or high school, but generally the education system in Spain, you think its good, you think its a good system?克里斯:哦好。我们不只看大学或高中,就西班牙整体的教育体系来说,你认为这是个好体系吗?Ade: I dont know, Im not into that anymore. But I dont think its good, I dont like it, no. No, because I think there are so many things that needs to be changed because we need to improve our education system with the time. We are in a technology era, okay, so I dont think they need to learn ... I dont know, the Second World War, you know, because its not useful anymore. So I think there is a lack of languages in Spain. People dont speak languages at all, so they should focus a little bit more in teaching the kids how to speak another ... more foreign languages, you know. Plus, I think also there is a lack of ... make the kids unique. So you cannot teach everyone the same thing because each person has potential and special skills. So I think the teacher shall be know a lot their students and focus on their abilities and their skills and try to grow them, to make the kid be ... I dont know, but more talented, more creative and this world will be much better, I think.阿德琳娜:我不知道,我不再对这种感兴趣。不过我认为西班牙的教育体系并不好,我认为不好。因为我认为有许多方面需要改进,我们应该让教育制度与时俱进。我们现在处于科技时代,所以我认为不应该再学习第二次世界大战的相关知识了,因为那不再有用。我认为西班牙缺少语言体系。人们完全不讲外语,他们应该在教孩子说外语方面投入更多精力。另外,我认为西班牙的孩子缺少独特性。你不能教所有的人同样的东西,因为每个人都有自己的潜能和特殊技能。所以我认为老师应该对学生有更多了解,更关注学生的能力和技能,并努力让学生获得成长,让学生更出色、更具创造性,这样这个世界会变得更好。Chris: Yeah, its true. Parents only want the best for their children and they choose for their children. And when you talk about teachers, I mean teachers as well, they don t... I dont think they care the most, I mean maybe in their first year, but when they are 10 years in teaching, I dont think they will really focus on one kid and saying, ;Lets go talk to their parents because this kid really has to do this or that.;克里斯:没错。父母只希望孩子做到最好,他们会代替孩子做出选择。而至于老师,我想他们也不太关心,也许在刚当老师的第一年,他们会很有热情,可是在教了10年书以后,他们就不太会关注学生,不太会说:“我们和他们的父母谈谈吧,孩子必须这样做”。Ade: Yeah, I dont know, lately I see a lot of news that the children are aggressive and is the poor situation of the teachers, they become like victims. But I think also that if the teenagers are aggressive its because they feel lost, they dont know what to do with their lives. And that becomes frustration, and with the frustration comes the aggressive attitude, you know.阿德琳娜:对,最近我看到了很多新闻都在报道,学生变得有攻击性,而老师则处于恶劣的情况中,反而成为了受害者。不过我认为,如果青少年变得有攻击性,这是因为他们感到失落,他们不知道应该怎样过生活。这会引发沮丧感,而这种沮丧感会演变成攻击性的态度。Chris: Yeah. Well its only now if you look in Spain, as you say, on the other hand people study ... parents put a lot of money in their kids to study and have their diploma and then finally they graduate, but theres no job or maybe shall we leave that for another time, this discussion?克里斯:对。看看现在的西班牙,父母花很多钱让孩子去学习,在孩子拿到学位毕业以后,他们可能找不到工作,也许这个问题我们应该再找个时间讨论?Ade: Yeah. But the thing is that its too much theory and not practice. So they need to practice what theyre going to do in the future you know. But I cannot save the world, so this is a topic, it really, really get out of my nerves. So yeah, as you said, maybe just stop in this point.阿德琳娜:对。这是因为现在的教育理论性太多,没有实践。他们未来要做什么,他们应该去实践。不过我不能拯救这个世界,所以这个话题让我感觉紧张。如你所说,也许我们应该就此停止讨论。Chris: Okay. Well, thank you very much.克里斯:好。 非常谢谢你。 译文属 /201701/486701

讲解文本:put oneself in someone elses shoes 换位思考,将心比心Always put yourself in others shoes.要经常为别人着想。Jack is the kind of person who always puts himself in others shoes.Jack是那种会为别人着想的人。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201606/449112

unit 38电话道别dialogue英语情景对话A:Hello, Mr.Green. This is Lin Tong. How are you?A:您好,格林先生。我是林潼,您好吗?B:Hi, Mr.Lin. I am leaving tomorrow and I am just packing.B:您好,林先生,我明天就要动身回国了,我现在正在整理行装呢。A:Oh, sorry to interrupt you. But I am calling to say goodbye to you. I am awfully sorry to tell you that I am afraid I could not see you off at the airport tomorrow, because I will have to affend a very important meeting.A:哦,对不起,打扰您了。我打电话来是跟您道别的。非常抱歉我明天恐怕不能去机场给您送行了,因为我要参加一个很重要的会议,脱不开身。B:lt doesnt matter, Mr.Lin. I can understand. I know you are always very busy. Work must come first.B:没关系,我能理解,林先生。我知道您总是很忙,工作第一嘛。A:Thanks a lot. You have been here for almost three weeks. How time flies!A:非常谢谢您的理解。时间过得真快呀,转眼您都在这儿待了快三周了。B:Yes. And I would like to convey my thanks to you for your help during my stay here in Nanjing.B:是呀,时间过得真快。在此我要向您为我在南京期间所做的一切致以深深的感谢。A:It is our pleasure. It has been a great pleasure to work with you.A:这是我们的荣幸。很乐意跟您一起工作。B:Me too. I am looking forward to cooperating with you again.B:跟您合作我也同样开心。我希望还能再有机会合作。A:Really? Great! We will. Well, whats your flight number? When are you leaving tomorrow?A:真的吗?那太好了!我们会的。对了,您乘坐的是哪次航班?明天什么时候动身?B:lts Flight No. 104, Northem Airlines, which leaves at ten Odock tomorrow evening.B:是北方航空公司的104次班机,明天晚上10点起飞。A:OK, I will send someone to see you off.A:好的。我会派人去送您。B:That is so thoughful of you.B:哎呀,您真是想得太周到了。A:My pleasure. Take care and have a nice trip.A:您不用客气。您多保重,旅途愉快。B:Thanks a lot. My wife and I will be welcoming and looking forward to your visit.B:非常感谢。我太太和我将欢迎并期待您来做客。A:Lets call it a deal. Hope to see you again soon. Keep in touch then. Byebye.A:一言为定,我一定去。盼望与您再会。常联系,再见。B:Goodbye. Thanks again.B:再见,再次感谢。 /201504/370519

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