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嘉兴整形公立医院抽脂多少钱For many of us, it is the rocket fuel that gets us going first thing in the morning.对我们许多人来说,早起第一件事就喝咖啡则如同火箭燃料一般,能让我们清醒起来动起来。But one expert has argued that to get the maximum effect of caffeine, it#39;s better to hold on a few hours - because coffee is most effective if consumed between 9.30am and 11.30am.但是有专家认为,要想获得咖啡因的最佳效果还得再等上些许时间。因为在上午9:30-11:30这个时间段喝咖啡才是最有效的。Steven Miller, a neuroscientist from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Maryland, says it is best to drink coffee when the body’s levels of the hormone cortisol are low because caffeine interacts with the hormone.马里兰州健康科学统一务大学的神经学家史蒂芬·米勒认为,最好在身体中的荷尔蒙皮质醇水平偏低时喝咖啡,因为这时咖啡因和荷尔蒙相互作用。He explained that people who drink coffee when their cortisol levels are high –namely, between 8am and 9am –develop a tolerance to caffeine, meaning it becomes less effective.他解释道,当人们在上午8-9点中皮质醇水平较高时喝咖啡,身体对咖啡因有耐受性,并不是很有效。Cortisol controls the body clock and causes people to feel wide awake, The Telegraph reports. The body’s levels of the hormone are usually high just after a person wakes up but start to fall about an hour afterwards.据《每日电讯报》报道,皮质醇控制人体生物钟,让人们感觉很清醒。人体内的激素水平在刚刚睡醒后通常较高,但大约一小时后便开始下降。Mr Miller argues that it is during this drop in cortisol levels that people get the most benefit from the caffeine in coffee –it gives them a boost as it encourages cortisol production when their cortisol levels start to drop and they do not become resistant to its benefits.米勒先生认为,正是因为这种皮质醇水平下降,人们从咖啡中所含的咖啡因获得了最大益处——因可以振奋精神,在皮质醇激素下降时刺激皮质醇产生,而且人体对咖啡因的吸收不会受到皮质醇的抵制。He explained that cortisol levels also peak at lunchtime and between 5.30pm and 6.30pm, meaning that these would also not be good times to drink coffee.他解释道,皮质醇水平在中午以及下午5:30-6:30之间达到峰值,这也就意味着这两个时间段也不是喝咖啡的最佳时间。Writing on his blog he said: ‘If we are drinking caffeine at a time when your cortisol concentration in the blood is at its peak, you probably should not be drinking it.他在客中写道:“如果当我们的皮质醇浓度在血液中达到高峰时喝了咖啡,那么你可能不应该在这个时候喝咖啡了。‘This is because cortisol production is strongly related to your level of alertness and cortisol peaks for your 24 hour rhythm between 8 and 9am on average.“这是因为皮质醇激素的生产与人的警醒度紧密相关,在一天24小时的生物钟里,早上8-9点皮质醇达到顶峰。”He added that people who drink a coffee first thing in the morning, when their cortisol levels are naturally high, will soon find themselves needing to make their coffee stronger and stronger to get the desired effect.他补充道,人们早起第一件事就是喝咖啡,他们的皮质醇水平自然就高了,很快他们就会发现自己需要喝咖啡来达到所需的效果。However, he did accept that cortisol levels at different times of day vary from person to person meaning that the best time of day to drink a coffee also differs between people.不过,他确实赞同每个人在一天中的不同时间段所接受的皮质醇水平因人而异这个说法,即每天喝咖啡的最佳时间也因人而异。For example, people who get up very early may find their cortisol levels drop earlier than those of people who get up late.例如,起的很早的人可能会发现他们的皮质醇水平比那些起的晚的人的皮质醇水平下降的早。He says it helps turn energy into sugar to be utilised by cells in the body and that it also plays a role in controlling the body clock.他说,这有助于利用体内细胞把能量转化成糖,并且对控制人体生物钟也起作用。 /201311/266006海宁市中医院激光祛斑多少钱Do you know what to do when the lens points to you? It’s notall about flashing a smile and hoping for the best. And there’s noone who knows that better than celebrities. After mugging it formillions of flash bulbs—including plenty of shots at this year’sNew York Fashion Week—they’ve learned a thing or two aboutlooking good in pictures, and now they’re sharing their lessonswith you。当镜头对着你时你知道该做什么吗?这不是露出一丝微笑然后期待最好的效果就行了的。没有谁比明星更知道这些了。经过数以百万计的闪光灯的历练,包括今年纽约时装周的大量摄像镜头,他们多少知道如何使照片中的自己更美,现在他们正与您分享着经验。Rebecca Romijn;Sometimes you have to fake confidence, posture, or a smile—fake it until you make it!;丽贝卡#8226;罗梅恩“有时候你不得不假装出信心、姿势或一个微笑,假装这些直到你做到最好!”Brad Goreski;Posing is an actual art form. You can give a really great dress to a girl, and if they don’t know howto pose in it, the dress falls dead. If the dress has an open neckline and a plunging back then yougive them the surprise over-the-shoulder. For me personally, I try to give smiles and no smiles. Ithink it’s good for them to give steely, sexy, sensual, and then just a happy smile.;布拉德#8226;戈雷斯基“摆姿势是一门真实的艺术形式。你可以给某个女孩一件漂亮礼,但如果她们不知道穿着它如何摆姿势,那这件礼就会黯然失色。如果一件礼领口大开且露出后背,然后你在肩以上部位给他们惊喜。就我个人而言,我试着微笑或者不笑,我觉得对他们来说在给出坚毅、性感、感性之后,来一个快乐的笑容这是很好的。Katharine McPhee;I try to stand up as straight as I can. I have really broad shoulders, and the straighter I stand, themore of an hourglass shape it gives me.;凯瑟琳#8226;麦菲“我试着尽可能得站直,我有很宽阔的肩膀,我站得越直,它就会使我的身体像沙漏那样拥有更多的性感。”Shay Mitchell;Work it! Have fun. Don#39;t be nervous. If you#39;re laughing and you have a genuine smile, there#39;s nobad photo you can take. My favorite pose is the arm out on the hip. Have your face a little bittitled—I don’t like to face straight on. Chin up, and you’re good to go.;薛#8226;米契尔“努力吧!享受快乐。不要紧张。如果你在大笑,而且笑得很真诚,那么你拿到的照片就没有不好的。我最喜欢的姿势是手插在臀部。让你的脸有一点点倾斜——我不喜欢直直地面对。抬起头,你就可以了。”Maria Menounos;When you stand next to someone, stand straight, and lift your head.;玛丽娅#8226;曼努诺斯“当你站在别人旁边,站直并抬起你的头。Megan HiltyKeep breathing—don#39;t be so stiff!;梅根#8226;希尔提“保持呼吸,不要这么僵硬!”Miranda Cosgrove;Wear something you feel really comfortable in.;米兰达#8226;卡斯格拉夫“穿一些你感觉相当舒的衣。”Debra Messing;Shoulders back. That#39;s huge! It just completely makes everything look taller and better.;黛拉#8226;梅辛“不要耸肩,这事关重大!就这完全可以让一切看起来更高、更好。”Karina Smirnoff;Three things: Blot your face so you’re not as shiny. Use excessive hairspray because if the carpetis outside, it seems to always blow the wrong way. And, last but not least, wear less makeup ratherthan more. Because when you go into pictures with more makeup, it just looks like a mess.;卡琳娜#8226;斯莫诺夫“三件事:把脸弄干净那么你就不会有油光。多用点发胶,因为如果红毯在外面,那么头发似乎总会被吹乱。最后但同等重要的是,少化妆而不是多化一点,因为当你妆很浓的时候去照相,它看起来就一团糟。”Nikki Reed;I#39;m always nervous on a red carpet, when there#39;s a thousand paparazzi standing there takingphotos. I#39;ll forget that I was supposed to pose in a certain way, so I don#39;t really know what myadvice would be, other than to just be yourself!;妮基#8226;瑞德“在红毯上我总是很紧张,当有一千仔站在那里拍照,我就会忘记我该怎样摆姿势,所以我真的不知道我的建议是什么,除了做你自己!” /201308/250869海宁市绣眉多少钱

嘉兴曙光中西医整形美容医院整形浙江打美白针一针多少钱Stop for a second and notice the way you are sitting. Back curved, shoulders slumped, maybe legs crossed? For people who spend the day staring at a computer screen, this position is fairly typical. But what is it doing to your spine, if anything? Do we need to sit up straight to focus, like that mean math teacher once insisted? Here#39;s some straight talk from one expert, Mladen Golubic, medical director for the Center for Lifestyle Medicine at Cleveland Clinic#39;s Wellness Institute.停下手里的事情,注意一下你的坐姿吧!驼背、缩肩,说不定还翘着二郎腿?对于整天盯着电脑屏幕的人来说,这个姿势相当典型。然而,如果这种坐姿会伤害你的脊柱呢?另外,我们真的必须坐直了才能集中精力吗,就像小时候严厉的数学老师要求的那样?克里夫兰诊所健康协会(Cleveland Clinic#39;s Wellness Institute)生活方式医疗中心(Center for Lifestyle Medicine)的医学主任穆雷登#8226;戈卢比奇(Mladen Golubic)就坐姿问题畅谈了自己的看法。Degrees of Comfort舒适的坐姿角度Little research has been done on the best way to sit upright. One American meta study in 1999 concluded that sitting at an angle of 110 to 130 degrees was optimal for spine comfort. A Scottish study published in 2007 found that leaning back at 135 degrees is ideal to prevent back strain. While interesting, this sort of precision may be impractical for most people, Dr. Golubic says.至今,围绕最佳坐姿的研究仍寥寥可数。美国的一项于1999年进行的整合分析研究指出,身体躯干和大腿呈100度至130度角的坐姿最能令脊柱放松。苏格兰的一项于2007年发表了论文的研究发现,角度为135度的后仰坐姿对防止背部酸痛最为有利。戈卢比奇士表示,虽然这些研究令人颇感兴趣,但对于大多数人来讲,如此精确地拿捏坐姿角度或许并不可行。Sitting to Death?久坐伤身His clinic sees patients with multiple chronic illnesses. Nearly all of them sit for long periods each day. The term Sedentary Death Syndrome was coined by the President#39;s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports in 2002 to address the growing consequences of a seated lifestyle. #39;There are studies on Sedentary Death Syndrome that show that sitting for hours can cause anything from lower back pain to high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity,#39; he says. In other words, no matter what position you#39;re sitting in all day, it is pretty bad for you.克里夫兰诊所治疗过患有多种慢性疾病的病人。几乎所有这类患者都是每天久坐不动。2002年,美国总统健康及运动委员会(President#39;s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports)为应对久坐的生活方式所带来的日益严峻的问题创造了一个新词──体力活动缺乏综合症(Sedentary Death Syndrome)。戈卢比奇士称:“有关体力活动缺乏综合症的研究表明,久坐数个小时可能引发腰痛、高胆固醇、糖尿病及肥胖症等多种疾病。”换句话说,不管用哪种坐姿整天坐着,对你的身体都颇为有害。The Perfect Pose最佳坐姿Body posture determines the efficiency of your breathing. #39;Relaxed, straight sitting#39; -- with the core strong, shoulder blades active but not tight and spine erect -- #39;expands your chest, allowing you to take in a larger breath . . . and you#39;ll have more energy and focus,#39; Dr. Golubic says. To achieve this, sit away from the back of your chair so you don#39;t slump, with your feet placed firmly on the ground. He sometimes sends patients home with a blue dot to put on their computer screens as a reminder to sit up straight and stretch and take a deep breath when they feel pain. There is also an app called PostureTrack that alerts users when they#39;re slumping.身体姿势是对呼吸效果起决定性作用的因素。戈卢比奇士说,“放松,坐直”──保持身体核心稳定、打开但别绷紧肩胛骨并挺直脊柱──“挺胸,深呼吸……你会感觉到更有活力,更能集中精力”。为保持这样的坐姿,你需要和椅背保持一定距离,以防止自己瘫靠在椅子上,同时你的双脚应该稳稳地踩在地上。有些时候,他会让患者把一个蓝色的圆点贴纸带回家贴到电脑上,以此提醒患者在感觉到酸痛时,应该坐直、舒展身体并深呼吸。另外,有一款名为PostureTrack的应用程序可以在用户弯腰驼背时发出警报。Slump to a Hump弯腰驼背的害处It#39;s not as though slouching will give you a hunchback in a day, but #39;if you do this day after day, and your muscles are not strong, the whole skeleton changes,#39; Dr. Golubic says. #39;I#39;m not aware of any studies that look at the changes in the volume of organs like the liver and spleen when you sit straight or slump forward. But we do know that when you slouch, you project an attitude of depression and low motivation.#39; When you sit up straight, he adds, #39;psychologically, your attitude is better.#39;并不是说坐没坐相会让你在一天之内变成驼背,但戈卢比奇士称:“如果长此以往,你的肌肉又不够强壮,你全身的骨骼就会变形。据我所知,还没有哪项课题就人坐直时和驼背时内脏(如肝脏和脾脏)的体积变化进行过研究。但是我们知道的是,当你驼背时,你会传递出令人感觉你萎靡不振和情绪低落的信号。”他补充道,当你坐直时,“给人感觉你的心理状态比较好”。Core Message腰痛发出的信号If you#39;re not used to sitting up straight, you may feel lower back pain -- an indicator that you need to strengthen your core and work on general fitness. Dr. Golubic almost always advises his patients to start yoga: #39;The first thing we learn in yoga is how to sit properly.#39;如果你还不习惯于直坐,你可能会感觉到腰痛──这说明你需要进行核心力量训练并提高身体的综合素质。基本上,戈卢比奇会建议所有的患者开始练习瑜伽:“在瑜伽课上,我们最先学习的就是正确的坐姿。”Walk, Don#39;t Sit多走并避免久坐The bottom line: How you sit is less important than how long you sit, Dr. Golubic says. He tries to get up from his desk often, doing #39;walking meetings#39; with colleagues and taking phone calls outdoors. #39;If you cannot walk,#39; he says, #39;At least stand.#39; Subscribe to WSJ: http://online.wsj.com?moddjnwires底线:戈卢比奇士称,坐姿如何远不及坐的时间长短对身体的影响大。他本人会尽可能频繁地离开书桌,和同事们“边走路边开会”,并到室外接打电话。他说:“如果你没有条件走动,至少该多站站。” /201305/240331平湖市耳部整形多少钱嘉兴全身吸脂医院

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