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浙江嘉兴复合激光去斑价格嘉兴哪里文眉较好浙江嘉兴自体脂肪隆胸的价格 Brexit was always a threat to the territorial integrity of the UK. The Leave campaign airily dismissed such talk as scaremongering. It was not, as Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, made plain on Monday.英国退Brexit)一直对联合王国的领土完整构成威胁。脱欧阵营毫不在意地不理会这种言论,认为这是危言耸听。事实并非如此,正如苏格兰首席大臣尼古拉?斯特Nicola Sturgeon)周一所表明的那样。Ms Sturgeon’s demand for a second referendum on Scottish independence comes as the UK government prepares to trigger Article 50, setting in motion divorce proceedings with the EU. The Brexit negotiations will be hard enough. Simultaneously fighting a Scottish referendum campaign would be a nightmare for Theresa May. It would also be against Scotland’s interests to make an irrevocable decision without knowing the terms of Brexit an irony which will not be lost on Britain’s voters.斯特金要求举行第二次苏格兰独立公投之际,英国政府正准备触发欧盟《里斯本条约》第50Article 50),启动脱离欧盟的程序。英国退欧谈判将会非常艰难。同时要应对一场苏格兰公投运动,将是特里萨?Theresa May)的噩梦。在不知英国退欧条款的情况下做出不可撤销的决定,也不符合苏格兰的利益——英国选民将感受到其中的讽刺意味。Yet Ms Sturgeon can argue legitimately that there has been a material change in political circumstances since the Scottish referendum in 2014. It may be a mistake for Scotland to demand a second vote, and voting to go might leave Scotland poorer and weaker; but Brexit changes everything.然而,斯特金可以合理地认为,自014年的苏格兰公投以来,政治环境发生了重大变化。苏格兰要求第二次公投也许是一个错误,投票离开也许会使苏格兰变得更贫穷、更弱小;但英国退欧会改变一切。Economic reality has changed too, but not in Scotland’s favour. Scotland’s flow of trade with the rest of the UK is still four times its trade with the rest of Europe, but oil prices are lower now. It is running a deep budget deficit, and continues to receive a significant slew of subsidies from Westminister.经济现实也发生了变化,但并非有利于苏格兰。苏格兰与联合王国其他地区的贸易量仍是其与欧洲其他国家贸易量倍,但现在油价更低。眼下,苏格兰的预算赤字很严重,并继续从威斯敏斯特方面获得大量补贴。Mrs May says the Scottish nationalist party is playing political games. Yet the extreme version of Brexit that the Tory government appears intent upon has forced the Scots into terrible choices. They face leaving the EU despite voting to remain by a large margin or upending relations with the rest of the UK, their biggest bilateral trading partner. They risk being hitched to an English Tory government that has scant support in more left-leaning, immigrant-friendly Scotland.梅表示,苏格兰国民党(SNP)正在玩政治游戏。然而,保守党政府看来打算走极端的退欧路线,这迫使格兰人面临可怕的选择。他们要么离开欧盟,尽管苏格兰的留欧票数大幅领先于退欧票数,要么与联合王国其他地区——他们最大的双边贸易伙伴——脱离关系。他们面临跟英国保守党政府捆绑到一起的风险,这个政府对立场更偏左、对移民友好的苏格兰给予的持非常小。Ms Sturgeon is playing on these fears, arguing that the May government has failed to give Scotland any real input into the Brexit process.斯特金正在利用这些恐惧。她辩称,梅的政府在退欧程序里没有给苏格兰任何真正的话语权。Mrs May could deny Scotland a constitutionally binding referendum. She cannot, however, stop an advisory vote from taking place. If such a vote were won by the leavers, she could prevent it going into force only by inviting a crisis of democratic legitimacy.梅可以拒绝授权苏格兰举行具有宪法约束力的公投。然而,她不能阻止咨询投票的发生。如果主张离开者赢得投票,她唯有引发一场民主合法性的危机,才能防止投票结果产生实效。If Scotland were to vote to leave, it would be an immense gamble. It could not be assured of an invitation to join the EU, since countries worried about their own restive regions, such as Spain, would surely object. The border will be another vexed topic, as is the case today with Northern Ireland. The future of farm and fisheries policy now in the hands of the EU remains open too.如果苏格兰投票离开,这将是一场巨大的。苏格兰不能确定自己会被邀请加入欧盟,因为担心本国内不安定地区的国家(如西班牙)肯定会反对。边界将是另一个令人头疼的话题,正如今日北爱尔兰的情况。目前掌握在欧盟手中的农场和渔业政策,其未来也不确定。The country of Adam Smith will no doubt favour open trade relations with the UK. The UK may feel differently if businesses shift operations north to remain in the EU’s single market. More important, the SNP has still not answered the questions that dogged it in 2014: what currency an independent Scotland would use, and how it would fund a generous welfare state.诞生了亚斯密(Adam Smith)的苏格兰无疑将赞成与联合王国的开放贸易关系。如果各企业把业务向北转移,继续留在欧盟单一市场,联合王国或许会有不同的感觉。更重要的是,苏格兰国民党仍没有回答014年困扰它的问题:独立后的苏格兰将使用什么货币,以及它撑一个慷慨的福利国家的资金来源是什么。This moment in the history of the nation is doubly fraught because there are irresponsible voices in Mrs May’s party who would be content to see Scotland go. They dream of tightening the conservativeshold on Westminster and ending the flow of subsidies north.在历史的这一刻,联合王国面临双重困扰,因为梅的保守党里有一些不负责任的声音,他们将乐意看到苏格兰离去。他们想要收紧保守党对威斯敏斯特的控制,不再向北方提供补贴。Ms Sturgeon has proposed that the referendum goes ahead between autumn 2018 and spring 2019. At the early end, it could disrupt Brexit negotiations. A later date would give Scots an informed choice. It might also force Mrs May’s government to think harder about the risks of walking away with no deal. In an imperfect world, that is the least the public deserves.斯特金提议在2018年秋季至2019年春季之间举行公投。如果时间靠前,公投可能会破坏英国退欧谈判。如果时间靠后,苏格兰将会在知道谈判结果的情况下作出选择。这也许会迫使梅政府更加认真地考虑尚未达成协议就退出的风险。在一个不完美的世界里,公众绝不应该承受这样的结果。来 /201703/498438嘉兴胎记医院好吗

嘉兴曙光整形美容医院去除鱼尾纹手术怎么样Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, took some wild questions at a town-hall meeting in New Hampshire on Thursday. One woman objected to the wearing of hijabs (which she called “heebie-jobbies by airport security officials and wondered if military veterans could be found to replace them. Mr Trump promised to look into it. He thereby conveyed the core principle of his campaign: there is no subject so controversial or off the radar that he will not speak his mind about it. That is what makes his rallies so interesting and, for his audiences, thrilling.不久前,美国共和党推定总统候选人唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)在新罕布什尔州一个市政厅的集会上回答了几个疯狂的问题。一名女士反对机场的运输安全(TSA)官员戴“希贾布”(hijab,穆斯林妇女戴的头巾——译者注;提问的女士还把这个词说成了“heebie-jobbies”),并且想知道是否能找些退伍军人替代她们。特朗普承诺研究此事。他由此传达了其竞选的核心原则:从不因话题争议太大或过于冷门而保留自己的观点。这使得他的竞选集会非常有趣,同时对于他的受众来说,非常令人兴奋。They thrill Republican leaders less especially when Mr Trump vents his unorthodoxy on the “valuesthat once brought Christian voters to the polls in droves. Last week the US Supreme Court intervened to void certain Texas laws restricting access to abortion. This sort of judicial meddling has always been oratorical catnip for Republican candidates. Mr Trump said nothing. He was still busy talking, weeks after a mass murder at a gay nightclub in Florida, about what a terrific friend he would be to gays and lesbians.这些集会对共和党领袖来说没则那么令人兴奋,特别是当特朗普将他的离经叛道用到共和党的传统“价值观”上时——这些价值观曾吸引大批基督教选民投票持共和党。不久前,美国最高法Supreme Court)介入,宣布德州限制堕胎的法律无效。共和党候选人总会拿此类司法干预大做文章。但特朗普什么也没说。在佛罗里达州一家同性恋夜店击案发生数周后,他仍在忙着谈论他会是同性恋多么好的朋友。Mr Trump is looking like one of those cosmopolitan New York politicians who travel badly former mayor Rudolph Giuliani, for instance, who was the Republican frontrunner in 2008 until voters nationwide got acquainted with his tolerant, big-city ways. But Mr Trump adds a canny understanding of how the broader electorate has drifted away from his party’s preoccupations.特朗普看起来就像那些一出本地就不吃香了的纽约大都会政客,比如纽约前市长鲁道#8226;朱利安尼(Rudolph Giuliani)008年,朱利安尼一度是领先的共和党候选人,直到全美国的选民了解到他宽容的大城市人做派。但是特朗普又多了几分精明——他知道大部分选民已经不再关心那些共和党全心关注的问题。Abortion is an organisational pillar for both parties. For Republicans Roe vs Wade, the 1973 case that legalised abortion, was long a powerful symbol of judicial over-reach. To invoke it was to connect with activists upset by the Supreme Court’s role in other cases, from workplace safety to civil rights. This fostered an optical illusion. Certain candidates grew unable to tell the party apparatus from the broader public. They believed Republicans could prosper by throwing the public more red meat. Ted Cruz, Mr Trump’s primary-season rival, was especially deluded on this score.美国两党都把堕胎问题作为本党的组织柱。共和党长久以来一直认为,1973年促使堕胎合法化的罗诉韦德案(Roe vs Wade)是司法越权的有力标志。援引此事就是在拉拢其他不满于最高法院在其他案件(从工作场所安全到民权案件)中角色的活动人士。这强化了一种视觉错觉。某些候选人渐渐无法把党组织与整体公众区分开。他们认为,共和党可以通过给公众更多合他们胃口的东西而蓬勃发展。在这一点上,特朗普初选时的竞争对手特#8226;克鲁Ted Cruz)的错觉尤其严重。Of course, respect must be paid. Mr Trump has hired anti-abortion staffers and drawn up a list of potential Supreme Court justices acceptable to them. In March Chris Matthews, the MSN host, got Mr Trump to agree (after four minutes of badgering) that, if Republicans really did plan to make it a crime to seek an abortion, then clearly this crime must have consequences for women who sought it. This was a novice’s blunder. Mr Trump erred on the side of candour and intellectual curiosity, two things a politician must never show. He had to renounce his remarks and paid for them with a heavy loss in the Wisconsin primary. Yet the episode showed him as someone who will not don a party line like a suit of clothes. He may benefit in the long run from not having thought through abortion.当然,面子上还是要过得去的。特朗普聘请了反堕胎人士,并列出了一张他们认可的拟任命最高法院法官名单月,微软全国广播公司(MSN)主持人克里斯#8226;马修Chris Matthews)(在纠缠分钟后)使特朗普同意,如果共和党确实计划使堕胎成为犯罪行为,那么犯下这一罪行的女性显然必须承担后果。这是菜鸟级错误。特朗普过于坦率和富有求知欲了,这两样东西是政客绝不能表现出来的。后来,他不得不收回自己的言论,并为这些言论付出了沉重代价——在威斯康辛州初选中惨败。不过,这段插曲表明,他是那种不会时刻把本党的统一口径放在心上的人。从长远来看,没有仔细地思考过堕胎问题或许会使他受益。Unusually for a Republican, Mr Trump has thought through gay rights. He likes them. In 2000 he urged that sexual orientation be added to the US anti-discrimination laws. He sees sexual liberation as the highest form of western freedom. In this he resembles Geert Wilders of the Freedom party in the Netherlands. The status of homosexuality as the bogeyman of Islamism appears a reason to favour it.特朗普倒是仔细思考过同性恋权益——这在共和党人中并不常见。他持同性恋权益000年,他敦促将性取向加入美国反歧视法中。他把性自由视为西方自由的最高形式。在这方面,他与荷兰自由Freedom Party)的海尔特#8226;维尔德斯(Geert Wilders)类似。同性恋被伊斯兰教视为魔鬼,这似乎是持同性恋的理由之一。You could see this when Omar Mateen, an Afghan-American, murdered 49 people last month at the Florida nightclub. Mr Trump viewed it as a chance to vindicate his calls for restrictions on Muslim immigration a narrative that was complicated when it emerged Mateen’s feelings about his own sexuality may have had as much to do with the carnage as his ings of the Koran or opinions about Isis.你可以从上个月发生在佛罗里达州一家夜店内的击事件中看出这一点,当时阿富汗裔美国公民奥马#8226;马丁(Omar Mateen)杀害了49人。特朗普把这视为一次印他呼吁限制穆斯林移民的正确性的机会。然而,后来人们得知,和阅读《古兰经Koran)、对“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的态度一样,马丁对自己性取向的感受同样是导致杀戮行为的重要原因。这让特朗普的论不那么站得住脚了。“Ask yourself,said Mr Trump at a June talk, “who is really the friend of women and the LGBT community: Donald Trump with his actions, or Hillary Clinton with her words? I will tell you who the better friend is, and someday I believe that will be proven out. Bigly.”“你们扪心自问,”特朗普月的演讲中称,“谁真正是女性和LGBT群体(女同性恋者、男同性恋者、双性恋者与跨性别者)的朋友?是有实际行动的唐纳德#8226;特朗普、还是光说不练的希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)?我会告诉你谁才是更好的朋友,我相信有一天事实会以令人无可辩驳的方式,明这个的正确。”Does Mr Trump believe what he says? The safest answer is: he believes it as much as any politician does. He is soft-pedalling the traditional culture-wars rhetoric not because it does not convince him, but because it does not interest him. The Trump movement is about sociology not ideology. It is about reassuring globalisation’s losers that politicians have not forgotten them not about crafting elegant syllogisms. In western countries globalisation produces losers faster than winners, Mr Trump thinks, so democracy will eventually vindicate his side. Any issue that highlights the gap between grandees and commoners helps his cause. Any issue that distracts is to be avoided.特朗普相信他所说的话吗?最保险的是:任何一名政客有多相信自己所说的话,特朗普也一样。他没有卖力地参与传统的文化战争,不是因为不相信相关言论,而是因为他不感兴趣。特朗普的竞选围绕的是社会学,而不是意识形态;是让全球化的输家放心——政客并未忘记他们,而不是编制精巧的三段论。特朗普认为,全球化在西方国家制造输家的速度要快于它制造赢家的速度,因此民主最终将站在他这边。任何凸显权贵与平民之间差距的问题,都有助于他的事业。任何分散注意力的问题都要回避。In this, as in other things, nothing is more distracting than sex.在这方面,如同在其他领域一样,没有什么比性取向和性别更能分散注意力的了。来 /201607/455063嘉兴曙光医院冰点脱毛要多少钱 Having reached the current stage of development, China can now advance only through reform and innovation. We have the largest quality workforce as well as the largest pool of scientists, engineers and professionals in the world, and their potential for innovation is truly tremendous.我国发展到现在这个阶段,不靠改革创新没有出路。我们拥有世界上数量最多、素质较高的劳动力,有最大规模的科技和专业技能人才队伍,蕴藏着巨大的创新潜胀?We must make dedicated efforts to deliver services to the people, resolve the difficulties they face, promote social equity and justice, and demonstrate that development does better people’s lives.我们要咬定青山不放松,持之以恒为群众办实事、解难事,促进社会公平正义,把发展硬道理更多体现在增进人民福祉上。The system for ensuring responsibility is taken for poverty elimination will be effectively enforced, the strictest possible evaluations and assessments of poverty alleviation will be carried out, and stern measures will be taken to address deception, falsification, and the manipulation of numbers in poverty elimination work. We must see that the results of our poverty elimination earn the approval of our people and stand the test of time.切实落实脱贫攻坚责任制,实施最严格的评估考核,严肃查处假脱贫、“被脱贫”、数字脱贫,确保脱贫得到群众认可、经得起历史检验。To see that businesses and the public benefit more from our reforms to streamline administration, delegate powers, and improve regulation and services, we must cut red tape, level the playing field, provide greater convenience, and remove that last crucial hurdle.我们一定要让企业和群众更多感受到“放管”改革成效,着力打通“最后一公里”,坚决除烦苛之弊、施公平之策、开便利之门。The fundamentals of the Chinese economy remain sound, the capital adequacy ratio and provision coverage of commercial bans remain high, and we have many financial tools and instruments that can be used. We have the confidence, the ability, and the means to forestall systemic risks.我国经济基本面好,商业资本充足率、拨备覆盖率比较高,可动用的工具和手段多。对守住不发生系统性金融风险的底线,我们有信心和底气、有能力和办法。We will promote coordinated urban development above and below the ground, and begin construction on at least another 2,000 kilometers of underground utility tunnels in cities. A three-year initiative will be launched to remove the risk of flooding in highly vulnerable urban areas; and further progress will be made in the development of sponge cities. All these efforts will make our cities more attractive and function better.统筹城市地上地下建设,再开工建设城市地下综合管000公里以上,启动消除城区重点易涝区段三年行动,推进海绵城市建设,使城市既有“面子”、更有“里子”。We will promote workmanship and foster a culture of workmanship where workers have a strong ethic and tirelessly seek improvement. We will see great numbers of Chinese workers exemplify workmanship and more Chinese brands enjoy international recognition. We will usher in an era of quality for economic development in China.要大力弘扬工匠精神,厚植工匠文化,恪尽职业操守,崇尚精益求精,培育众多“中国工匠”,打造更多享誉世界的“中国品牌”,推动中国经济发展进入质量时代。Faster progress in work to improve environment, particularly air quality, is what people are desperately hoping for, and is critical to sustainable development. We must adopt well-designed policies, tackle both symptoms and root causes, and take tough steps to make the grade in responding to the people.加快改善生态环境特别是空气质量,是人民群众的迫切愿望,是可持续发展的内在要求。必须科学施策、标本兼治、铁腕治理,努力向人民群众交出合格答卷。Employment is crucial to ensuring people’s well-being. We will focus our efforts on facilitating employment to see that through their hard work, people can create wealth and realize their full potential.我们必须牢牢抓住就业这一民生之本,让人们在劳动中创造财富,在奋斗中实现人生价值。We will improve mechanisms that give incentives and allow for and address mistakes so as to support those who are dedicated to their work and stand behind those who live up to their responsibilities. Every one of us in government must take an active approach to our work and have the courage to tackle the toughest problems, we must work closely with the people, using concrete action to make progress in development, and using genuine hard work to realize a bright future.健全激励机制和容错纠错机制,给干事者鼓劲,为担当者撑腰。广大干部要主动作为、动真碰硬,与人民群众同心协力,以实干推动发展,以实干赢得未来。来 /201703/496561嘉兴哪里个医院祛斑好

浙江嘉兴激光祛斑价格The State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters says water levels of 127 rivers across China have surpassed alert levels after most parts of the country entered the main flood season.国家防汛抗旱总指挥部近日表示,全国大部分地区已进入主汛期,目前已27条河流的水位超出警戒线。It said the water levels of several rivers in China have aly exceeded those of the same period in 1998, when massive flooding claimed thousands of lives in the country.国家防总称,国内多条江河水位已超过1998年同期水位998年,我国曾发生特大洪灾,导致数千人丧生。Causing concern, water level downstream and in the lower reaches of these rivers is even higher, making flood discharge even more difficult and dangerous.令人担忧的是,这些河流的下游水位及下游干流河段水位更高,使得泄洪的难度和危险性变得更大。Water levels at Taihu Lake, a major freshwater lake in the Yangtze River Delta in east China, have surpassed the alert line by over 20 centimetres.中国东部长江三角洲地区的一个主要的淡水-太湖--的水位,目前已经超过了警戒线20厘米。Rainfall in the Yangtze River Delta reached over 220 millimeters in May, up more than 91% compared with the same period in previous years.长江三角月的降水量已超过220毫米,同比增长1%。Strong winds in recent days have forced boats in the area to berth at ports. The area will enter the rainy season around mid-June, which will bring even greater pressure to anti-flood efforts.最近几天的强风迫使该地区的船只停泊在港口中。该地区将于6月中旬左右进入雨季,将给抗洪工作带来更大的压力。来 /201606/449922 嘉兴祛雀斑价格海盐县妇幼保健院激光去斑多少钱



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