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医生我要挂号- 3:58:5 A:Is this the registration office?这儿是挂号处吗?B:Yes, it is. Which department ?是啊,你要看哪一科?A:I don't know exactly.我其实也不知道B:What's your problem then?你哪儿不舒?A:I've got a sore throat, a runny nose, and a headache.我喉咙痛,流鼻涕,头疼B:OK, I will register you with medical department.好的,我帮你挂内科A:Medical department? Are you sure?内科?你确定吗?B:Yes. Just go there!是的你去就可以了A:Where is it?它在哪儿呢?B:It's on the second floor. Have you got your records?在二楼你带了你的病历了吗?A:Yes. Here you are.带了这就是B:OK, here is your registration card.好的,这是你的就诊单

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活How to stay away from cell phone?如何戒掉手机Sever social mediaties.切断社网 We love hitting up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep tabs on friends and relations. 我们痴迷于浏览Facebook,Twitter和Instagram来和朋友保持联系If you arent willing to walk away from this ritual of keeping up with digital Joneses, then considercon solidating down to one service and picking a dedicated daily time checking in — at your lunch break or at the gym, ideally. And turn off app and email notifications the services you use, so you arent tempted by allthose little red badges.如果你不愿改掉和网络好友比排场的习惯的话,那就试试将所有务整合到一起,然后每天统一看看你的手机——理想的时间是午饭休息片刻,或者健身时还有关闭你所用的应用和邮件提醒,这样你就不会被那些小红标诱惑啦!willing to 情愿的 例句:There not enough people willing to take the risk.没有足够的人愿意冒这个险turn off (把…)关掉; 完成;解雇;转向 例句:I have to get up and turn off the radio.我必须起床关上收音机更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 799

A small plane has crashed into a building in Austin in the US state of Texas, and officials are investigating whether it was deliberate. The plane hit the second floor of the building, which contained federal tax offices, and burst into flames. Officials were ed as saying that the pilot has set his own house on fire bee the crash, and they were investigating whether he had deliberately targeted the tax offices.一架小型飞机撞上德克萨斯州奥斯汀一座建筑,相关官员正在调查是否是蓄意行为飞机撞上这座建筑的第二层,随后迅速燃烧起来,在该建筑第二层办公的是联邦税务官员官员表示,在撞击之前,飞行员先把自己的房子点燃他们正在调查,他是不是故意袭击税务官员 3斯嘉丽·约翰逊《皮囊之下角色大转换 -- :01: 来源: 斯嘉丽·约翰逊《皮囊之下角色大转换New sci-fi thriller "Under the Skin" sees Scarlett Johannson as a seductress, seeking out Scottish backpackers. What’s most unusual is that Johannson's character happens to be an alien."Under the Skin" sees Johansson star as a sexy alien on a road-trip through Scotland, seducing and destroying men along the way.She disguises herself under a dark wig and cheap clothes and despite her blank, incomprehensive expressions at first, she begins to gain some sensitivity, and even human emotions, over the course of her journey. Scarlett Johannson disguises herself under a dark wig and cheap clothes and despite her blank, incomprehensive expressions at first, she begins to gain some sensitivity, and even human emotions, over the course of her journey. "It’s almost like biological in a weird way I think and there is a lot of intention behind it. And you know I’m not a nudist by nature so of course you feel self-conscious about it bee hand but it actually allowed me to realize and explore what kind of judgments I had about myself because I had to abandon those and really see myself as blank sort of slate and it was an interesting exercise sure." Scarlett Johannson said.The film is directed by Jonathan Glazer, whose background is in music s, and is good at depicting unusual experiences and emotions in his works. Johansson says working with the film-maker was the main attraction when it came to signing up the role."The opporty to work with Jonathan Glazer was an attractive quality of this production and we’d been talking a few years bee we actually collaborated to make it and so I think we had a shared appreciation of one another artistically." Scarlett Johannson said."Under the Skin" played in competition at the 70th Venice International Film Festival, and screened at the Toronto International Film Festival. It is released in the UK on March. New sci-fi thriller "Under the Skin" sees Scarlett Johannson as a seductress, seeking out Scottish backpackers. 斯嘉丽约翰逊 皮囊之下

挂号 Registration-01 ::5 A:Where shall I register, please?请问在哪儿挂号?B:Here. Do you have a registration card?这里,你有挂号卡吗?A:Yes. Here you are.有,给你B:Please register your inmation here and pay it. And I’ll make a medical record you.请在这儿注册信息并交费,我要给你写一份病历A:OK. How much do I need to pay the registration?好的,我需要付多少钱挂号费?B:Please pay ten yuan the registration.请交元钱挂号费A:Here is my money.给你钱B:This is your registration card. Please don’t lose it and bring it whenever you come.这是你的挂号卡请不要遗失,每次来时带着它A:Yes, I will. But can you tell me how to get to the consulting room?好的,我会带的请问到诊疗室如何走?B:Go down this way until you come to the drugstore. Make a left turn and it's just there.沿这条路走到药房,再向左拐就到了隔壁那条街上有战-31 ::9 A:Jack, let’s go!杰克,咱们走B:Oh, you are out of breath! What happened?哦,看你,上气不接下气!出什么事情呢?A:Some people are wildly shooting on the next street. We must leave here as soon as possible!隔壁那条街上有战,我们必须尽快即开这里B:Take it easy. They will get caught.别紧张,他们会别抓住的我想买一些中国人参- :5:0 A:Would you like a bag?你要袋子吗?B:That's OK. I'll just throw them in my backpack. Say, do you have any advice on where I can get some Chinese ginseng?没关系我把它们丢进我的背包就行了呃,你知道我得上哪儿买中国人参吗?A:Ginseng? You can get that at any Chinese herb store. I know a good one right near here--I can show you if you want.人参?中药房都有得买我知道附近有间店不错……要的话我可以带你过去B:If it's close to here and you don't mind, sure, that would be great!若是离这儿不远,而你又不麻烦的话,好啊,那太棒了!A:Come with me!跟我来!B:Oh, hi! I'm Uranda! My aunt said you wanted some ginseng. Which kind do you want?噢,嗨!我是优兰达!我阿姨说你要些人参你要哪一种?A:Uh, what's the difference?呃,有什么不同?B:Korean ginseng is red--it's more warming. The Western ginseng is white and more cooling. Since it's still kind of cold, I suggest you get the red kind!高丽参是红参--比较温润西洋参是白参,比较凉因为天气还有点冷,我建议你买红参!A:Well, OK. How much a pound?那好吧一磅多少钱?B:We don't sell by the pound here in Taiwan. We sell by the jin. One jin is about one and a third pounds.我们在台湾买卖不用磅来算我们是论斤卖的一斤约等于一又三分之一磅

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Why are you not reaching the success?你为什么没有成功?You dont learn from your mistakes. 你没有从错误中吸取教训 A lot of people take their mistakes assigns of their unworthiness. 许多人都认为错误是毫无价值的迹象They take setbacks as proof that they were never meant to achieve anything in the first place, and that they werestupid to even try. 他们用挫折明自己一开始就不打算取得成功,同时也明他们愚蠢到要去尝试Mistakes are crucial to success — if we take the time to analyze them and learn from them. 错误是成功的关键——如果我们花些时间去分析它们并从中学习的话Even when they bar us irrevocably from attaining a goal, the lessons we learn from our mistakes help us to make newand better goals.即便当错误不可避免地禁止我们达到目标,我们从错误中吸取的教训也能帮助我们设定一个新的更好的目标【知识点讲解】learn from 向…学习,从…获得[吸取]; 效法;例句:There is a great deal to learn from Hal expert approach. 从哈尔熟练的方法中可以学到很多Looking back helps insofar as it helps you learn from your mistakes. 审视过去的作用是能帮你从错误中吸取教训Be humble enough to learn from your mistakes. 要虚心地从自己的错误中学习《年全部节目MP3资料包请关注微信公众号:安夏说英语(anxia),关注之后后台回复:,即可自动获取![本节目属] 5357,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Nerver too old to learn活到老学到老Get More Intellectual Friends交更多好学的朋友Start spending more time with people who think. Not just people who are smart. But people who actually invest much of their time in learning new skills. 和那些乐于思考的人多接触,这可不是单单和聪明的人,而需要你去和真正愿意花时间学习新技能的人在一起Their habits will rub off on you. Even better, they will probably share some of their knowledge with you.他们的习惯会影响到你,最好的莫过于还会跟你分享一些知识呢rub off on lt;口gt;因接触[相处]而对…产生影响例句:His experience will rub off on the other players.他的经验将对其他运动员产生影响[本节目属] 71

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