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This is the second in a two-part Business English Pod lesson on first round job interviews. You’ll practice responding to common interview questions and learn some useful phrases and vocabulary.工作面试,这是有关工作第一轮面试课程的第二节。我们将练习下如何回答普通的面试问题并学习下有用的短语和词汇。As you’ll remember from the first episode, Mike Barnes is interviewing William Chow for a job at the Hong Kong head office of First Mercantile International, a global bank. William had just finished telling Mike about his work history, management style and personal characteristics. Our HR manager, Mike, continues the interview with another very common first round question. Lets see what it is and think about how you would answer the question?第一节课中,Mike Warner正在面试申Mercantile International请香港总部工作的William Chow。William刚介绍自己的工作经验,管理模式和性格。人事部经理,Mik将要问下一些很常见的面试问题。我们一起来看下并想下你将如何回答这些问题? /201101/124037简:Now we've decided to go global, what form of entry should we use to get into the US market? 杰克:Well, as you saw in my strategy plan, I think that a joint venture would be the best choice. What do you think? 简:I think for our type of consumer products a joint venture is not suitable because we don't necessarily need a local partner. 杰克:But their local market knowledge could be invaluable. 简:But there are easier ways to gain that local knowledge. 杰克:So what is your suggestion then? 简:I think we should acquire the services of a distribution agent as well as a business consultant. These are relatively inexpensive ways to gain local knowledge. /201004/100996

Catherine和一位同事将要代表公司与一家韩国企业就一个项目进行谈判。公司给他们俩的压力很大,要他们无论用什么方法一定要拿下这个项目。但两人对这个项目的成功率信心并不是很大,于是美国同事就建议同事联络另一家公司,以增加成功的机会,并笑着说:Don't put all your eggs in one basket。 Don't put all your eggs in one basket. 不要把希望寄托全在一件事情上。put all one's eggs in one basket是个俚语,表面意思是”把所有的鸡蛋都放在一个篮子里“,暗示一旦篮子摔了,便一个蛋也保不住。所以这句俚语的比喻义就是”孤注一掷,把所有希望都寄托在一件事或一个人身上“。这句俚语往往用来告诫人们,不要孤注一掷,如果把一切希望都寄托在一件事上,这往往有很大的冒险性。 Benjamin: This programme is so important to us. We'll benefet a lot from it so long as we can get it!本杰明:这个项目对我们太重要了,要能得到该是多好啊!Todd: Yeah, but don't put all your eggs in one basket. What if we fail?托德:是的,但不要把希望都寄托在这一件事上。如果得不到这个项目怎么办?背景音乐:May It Be◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎

  I didnt expect that she would stab me in the back.我没有料到她会在我背后捅我一刀。to stab someone in the back直译过来就是:“在某人背后捅刀子”,这个短语很形象地表达了:“在背后中伤别人,暗箭伤人”。因此,当美国人说;I didnt expect that she would stab me in the back.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;I didnt expect that she would hit me secretly.;、;I didnt expect that she would speak ill of me under the table.;、;I did never think that she would injure me by underhand means.;。情景对白:Shirley: I didnt expect that she would stab me in the back. I placed too much trust in her.雪莉:我没料到她会在背后捅我一刀,过去我太信任她了。Jane: Yeah. In order to get ahead, she works hard by hook or by crook.简:是啊,为了升职,她卖力工作,不择手段。搭配句积累:①She can talk to me face to face.她可以当面跟我说。②Moreover, I treat her like my best friend.况且我一直待她是最要好的朋友。③It is unfair competition.这是不公平竞争。④If I were wrong, she could point it out directly.如果我错了,她可以直接指出来。单词:1. speak ill of 诋毁,说……坏话Dont speak ill of others behind their backs.不要在背后说人坏话。She never speak ill of anyone in his or her absence.她从不乘人不在时说别人的坏话。2. under the table 秘密地Some athletes sometimes cheated, sometimes lied, or took money under the table.有些运动员有时作弊,有时说谎,有时私下拿钱。The matter was finally settled under the table.事情终于私下解决了。3. by hook or by crook 不择手段Unsuccessful people eager for quick success and instant benefit only care about your immediate needs, even by hook or by crook.失败的人急功近利,只在乎自己眼前的需要,甚至不择手段。Since this was going to be the decisive game, they were determined to win it by hook or by crook.因为这将是一场决定性的比赛,他们决心不择手段打赢它。 /201212/213148

  好友Jane兴冲冲来到Catherine旁边,告诉Catherine说自己公司调整岗位,由于自己最近工作出色,就被升值作部门经理了。听到这Catherine甭提有过高兴了,顺口说道:Whoa, that is a bombshell. Whoa, that is a bombshell.哇,那可真是个惊人的好消息啊。bomb是炸弹的意思,可引申为“引起震惊的人或事,出人意料的人或事”。bombshell就是“炸弹,令人震惊的人或事”,通常用来指“好消息”。to drop a bombshell意思就是“宣布令人震惊的消息”,就像一枚炸弹在你身旁突然爆炸一样让你吃惊。That is a bombshel就是我们日常生活中经常发出的感叹:“真是个惊人的好消息啊!” Jane:Shirley, have heard that our general manager has resighed his post?简:雪莉,我们经理辞职了,你听说了么?Shirley:Really?Whoa, that is a bombshell. He has always done very well.雪莉:真的吗?哇,那真是个惊人的消息啊!他一直都做得很好啊!背景音乐:What about now◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎。

  smooth sailing ---------- 一帆风顺(成语)英文释义 (IDIOM) Describing a situation without obstacles.例句 Although at the start the complicated project was quite difficult for our business team, after a couple months passed it was smooth sailing, and we finished the project on time.尽管一开始,我们的业务团队觉得这个复杂项目相当困难,但是几个月过后,事情变得一帆风顺,我们按时完成了项目。 /201505/374367

  As we’ve discussed in other episodes on job interviews, one goal of the person conducting the interview is to get you to “let your guard down.” Often, after a series of “warm-up questions,” the interviewer will give you a tough question. This will likely come “out of the blue,” that is, unexpectedly. We call these types of questions “stress questions” because part of the intention is to see how you react under pressure.我们在其他课时已经讨论过工作面试,应对面试的目标之一是“让自己镇定下来”。在一系列热身问题之后,面试官会问你一个较难的问题。这可能是你意想不到的。我们管这类问题叫“压力我呢提”,因为出这类题的目的就是看你在压力下如何反应。Common types of stress questions range from problems, such as how to solve a business case study or even a mathematics question, to “behavioral questions,” such as how to deal with imaginary work situation involving conflict or communication.普通的压力问题,包括从如何进行商务案例学习甚至是给你处数学题;到处理“行为问题”,比如如何处理工作中的冲突和交往。The key with this type of question is “Don’t panic!” which is the theme of this episode. We’ll be looking at strategies and language that will help you deal with this type of query coolly and calmly.回答这类问题要把握一点:“不要惊慌”,这也是这节课的主题。我们来看下冷静处理这类问题的策略和语言。Listening Questions (Good Example):1) What is the interviewer’s “stress question?”2) What does Yala do to give herself some thinking time?3) How does Yala answer the question? /201109/155202;Not on your life!; 绝对不会英文释义 An expression meaning ;absolutely not!; (NOTE: an extreme and forceful way to reply negatively)例句 When a few younger partners suggested that the stubborn old founder of the company might want to retire soon, he said Not on your life! quite sternly.几位年轻的合作伙伴建议,这位年迈而固执的公司创始人应该考虑尽快退休。他非常坚决地说: “绝对不会。” /201208/195638

  (一):Thank you for coming here tonight to see me off.谢谢你们今晚来为我送行。 Thank you for coming here tonight to see me off.谢谢你们今晚来为我送行。Thats all right.那没什么。Thank you for seeing me off.感谢您为我送行。Thanks for seeing me off at the airport.感谢您到机场来为我送行。 (二):Its a great honor to have you here. 您的来访是我的荣幸。 Its a great honor to have you here.您的来访是我的荣幸。Its also my honor.这也是我的荣幸。Its a pleasure to have you here.欢迎您来访。We are glad to meet you in Shanghai.我们很高兴在上海见到你。 /201411/339803


  Dont jump the gun.不要草率行事。jump the gun直译过来就是:“发令未响就起跑”,这个短语的正确意思是:“行动过早,操之过急”。因此,当美国人说;Dont jump the gun.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Dont be in a hurry.;、;Just take it slow.;。情景对白:Benjamin: Sir, I think we can run a few chain stores in African countries.本杰明:老板,我觉得我们可以在非洲国家经营一些连锁店。Boss: Dont jump the gun. We need a further discussion.老板:不要草率行事,我们还需要作进一步讨论。搭配句积累:①We have to be patient for a while.咱们得耐心等一会儿。②You dont know whats going on here.你不知道这里究竟是怎么回事。③Please calm down and consider it again.请冷静下来再仔细考虑下吧。④What you intend to do is just harmful and profitless to our company.你所要做的对我们公司百害而无一利。单词:1. consider vt. 考虑,仔细想eg. You do have to consider the feelings of those around you.你的确需要考虑周围人的感受。eg. Consider how much you can afford to pay for a course, and what is your upper limit.考虑一下你能承受花多少钱修一门课,上限是多少。2. intend to do sth. 打算做eg. We intend to do business with you on the basis of processing.我们打算在加工的基础上,和你方发展业务。eg. This step is needed regardless of what type of writing you intend to do.无论你打算写什么,这都是一个必备步骤。 内容来自: /201211/207951。


  美国驻中国员工Tiffany 跟中国同事Kelly聊天儿。Kelly Yan: So Tiffany, youve been working with us here in China for a few months now. Are you still feeling culture shock?Tiffany Scolini: Yes, a bit. But its much better than the first few weeks. Back then I was really a fish out of water.K: Remember the first time I took you to eat real Chinese food? You barely touched anything!T: I know! I was scared! A lot of the food here is very different from back home. And the Chinese restaurants Ive been to in America are very different from here.Tiffany来中国几个月,文化上还是有些不习惯,I am still feeling culture shock a little bit. 不过,跟刚开始比已经强多了。刚来那会儿,I was really a fish out of water. 就象离了水的鱼,意思是跟环境格格不入,特别不自在。Kelly第一次带Tiffany去中国餐馆吃饭,Tiffany几乎没动筷子,因为这儿的中餐馆跟美国的中餐馆差别太大了。K: Yeah. We Chinese like to joke about American Chinese food. Its really not very authentic.T: Yes, thats true. But I think its true all around the world. You really have to be in the foods original country to truly experience it. My family is Italian and in Italy they think American-Italian food is awful!K: Oh, but I love pizza!T: Me, too! But the pizza in Italy isnt anything like American pizza. In the U.S. we like to borrow the general idea of a food, and then we give it an American twist.吃中国饭去中国,吃意大利菜去意大利,这样才能吃到最正宗的,authentic, a-u-t-h-e-n-t-i-c, authentic. 在美国,虽然什么都能吃得到,但是美国人喜欢把别人的菜拿来,give it an American twist,加入美国自己的特色。K: I remember when I was in the States I ordered fish one time. When the dish arrived I was surprised to see just a little chunk of meat. I thought ;Where is the head and tail?;T: (laughs) Oh...yes. In the States we almost never leave the head and tail on a fish! Americans are kind of squeamish when it comes to dead animals. We would never;not in a million years;leave the head on a chicken!K: Yeah, thats right! I never saw a chicken head when I was there.Kelly回忆说,她在美国点鱼,结果上来的只是一盘鱼肉。原来,美国人不吃鱼头和鱼尾。Tiffany解释说,Americans are kind of squeamish when it comes to dead animals,美国人对杀生非常敏感。Squeamish意思是容易受惊的,神经质的。Americans would never;not in a million years;leave the head on a chicken. 美国人绝不会把鸡头留在盘子里。这里说的not in a million years, 一百万年都不会,是强调的意思。Tiffany对中国菜还有哪些印象呢?我们下次继续听。 /201202/170977


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