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  • Thai transsexual ladyboys are taking to the air as flight attendants for a new airline, a move that some said could be a key step towards still broader acceptance in a nation where they are aly unusually visible.泰国某航空公司将在某条新航线启用变性人妖担任;人妖空;,一些人称此举将有助于人妖在泰国得到更广泛的承认。人妖在泰国已经非常普遍。Known as ;katoeys; or ;ladyboys,; transgenders and transsexuals hold mainstream jobs in a variety of fields in Thailand. They are especially common in cosmetics shops or health stores, which almost always have a ladyboy shop assistant.跨性别者和变性者在泰国也被称为;变性女;或;人妖;,这些人在泰国可以从事多种行业的主流工作。她们在化妆品商店、药店特别常见,这类商店几乎都有一位变性人妖助理。Working for new charter airline PC Air, transsexual flight attendants including 22-year-old Tanyarat Jirapatpakorn made their debut on a flight from Bangkok to the southern city of Surat Thani on Thursday, serving drinks and snacks and carrying out safety demonstrations.泰国PC航空的这条新的包机航线的人妖空上周四在从曼谷开往南部城市苏拉特他尼的航班上首次亮相,为乘客提供饮料、零食、并完成安全示范,其中包括22岁的谭雅娜。;This is the beginning of the acceptance of transsexuals in Thailand, giving the opportunity for us to work in various fields,; said Tanyarat.谭雅娜说:;这是泰国接受变性人的开始,给我们机会在不同的行业工作。;;Maybe in the future we can get any job that transsexuals never did before, such as police, soldiers or even pilots.;;也许在将来,我们可以从事变性人之前从没从事过的任何工作,比如警察、士兵、甚至飞行员。;PC Air, whose name comes from the initials of president Peter Chan, originally planned only to hire male and female flight attendants, but changed its mind after more than 100 transsexuals and transvestites applied as well.PC航空公司的名字来自总裁陈彼得名字的首字母,最初计划只招募男性和女性空乘人员,但在100多名变性人和异装癖者也报名后改变了想法。Four were chosen, along with 19 female and 7 male flight attendants. The airline said qualifications for the ladyboy flight attendants were the same as for female flight attendants, with the additional provisos that they be like women in how they walked and talked, and have a feminine voice.除了19名女性和7名男性外,公司还招募了4名变性人。该航空公司表示,;人妖空;的职位要求和普通女性空一样,附加条件是走路和说话的方式要像女生,嗓音也要像女生。Chan, the airline president, said the ladyboy flight attendants actually might have a special advantage.航空公司总裁陈彼得说,;人妖空;其实也许还有优势。;They might provide better services because they understand both males and females. And they#39;re well trained according to the aviation standard,; he added.他补充说:;她们也许能提供更好的务,因为她们不仅了解男性,还了解女性。而且她们都按照航空标准进行了良好训练。;The new recruits were chosen in February and have been training since in security measures, in-flight services, and make-up application.新的招聘自今年2月开始,自此之后成功应聘者都经过了安全措施、飞行务和化妆方面的训练。PC Air flies domestically as well as to several Asian destinations, including Japan and South Korea.PC航空公司不仅有泰国国内航线,还有几条亚洲航线,包括日本和韩国。词汇点津:ladyboy 人妖 /201112/165061。
  • China has pledged to act as a backstop for banks suffering cash shortfalls, giving rattled investors hope the country#39;s money squeeze could be nearing an end.中国央行承诺为存在资金缺口的充当后盾,这让目前惶恐不安的投资者产生了一种期待,即中国的“钱荒”可能已接近尾声。A statement by the People#39;s Bank of China yesterday was the clearest attempt yet by the government to calm turmoil that has shaken global markets over the past week and fuelled concerns that the world#39;s second-biggest economy could be on the verge of a credit crisis.中国央行昨日发布的一份声明,是中国官方迄今最明确的平息市场动荡的尝试。过去一周期间,这场动荡撼动了全球市场,令人担忧全球第二大经济体可能即将爆发一场信贷危机。“If banks have temporary shortages in their planned funding, the central bank will give them liquidity support,” it said in the statement. “If institutions have problems in managing their liquidity, the central bank will apply appropriate measures under the circumstances to maintain the overall stability of money markets.” It had aly provided money to some banks, but did not specify the amount or the banks.“若(的)资金安排出现暂时性头寸缺口,央行将提供流动性持;”中国央行在声明中表示,“对流动性管理出现问题的机构,也将视情况采取相应措施,维持货币市场的整体稳定。”中国央行已向某些提供资金,但没有具体说明金额以及向哪些提供了资金。The promise of support contrasted with the much harder line taken on Monday by the central bank when it said there was sufficient liquidity in China#39;s financial system and the biggest banks had a duty to lend to their smaller peers.提供持的承诺与中国央行在周一采取的强硬得多的立场形成反差。中国央行周一表示,中国金融体系内部流动性充足,而且大有义务向规模较小的同行放贷。Earlier yesterday, fears about the persistence of China#39;s tightening squeeze led to a 6 per cent fall in the Shanghai Composite Index. But a burst of optimism late in the day that the central bank would act to avert a crisis prompted a sharp recovery and left the stock index just barely in negative territory at the close.昨日早些时候,由于投资者担心中国“钱荒”将持续下去,上综指下挫6%。但股市在接近收盘时爆发一股乐观情绪,人们相信央行将采取行动防范危机,这推动行情急剧反弹。收盘时,股指在当日仅微幅下跌。The central bank said money markets were aly on the mend after interbank rates rose to double digits last week. The overnight bond repurchase rate fell to 5.83 per cent, more than half what it was last week, but still about twice as high as normal.中国央行称,上周间拆借利率飙升至两位数以后,货币市场已在恢复当中。隔夜质押式回购利率已回落至5.83%,仅为上周水平的大约一半,但仍为正常水平的两倍左右。“Several strong banks have aly started to play an important role in providing funds to the market and stabilising interest rates,” it said. A series of temporary technical factors, including tax collection and end-of-quarter regulatory deposit requirements, had exacerbated market tightness.“一些自身流动性充足的也开始发挥稳定器作用向市场融出资金,货币市场利率已回稳,”中国央行在声明中表示。此前,一系列暂时性的技术因素,包括税收集中入库和季度末法定准备金缴存,加剧了市场偏紧的局面。Commentary in the People#39;s Daily, the official Communist party newspaper, called on authorities to continue an unyielding stance. “The central bank is not a wet nurse to the stock market. If it saves the stock market, it will in fact be harming it,” it wrote.中共机关报《人民日报》发表文章呼吁官方保持坚定立场。“监会不是股市的‘奶妈#39;,央行也不是。这些所谓的‘救市#39;和‘托市#39;之举,不是帮了股市,而是害了股市,”该报署名文章写道。Lu Ting, an economist with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said the central bank had little choice but to soften its approach. “They will have to end the credit squeeze soon,” he said.美银美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)经济学家陆挺表示,中国央行几乎别无选择,只能放软身段。他说:“他们将不得不尽快终结这场信贷紧缩。” /201306/245526。
  • The Made in America Store here displays plastic fly swatters, toilet brushes and cowboy hats made of vinyl and cardboard. Visitors also find tiddlywinks, EZ-DUZ-IT manual can openers, Wigwam socks and wood signs with slogans such as #39;Caution: Dog can#39;t hold its licker.#39;纽约州埃尔马(Elma)的“美国制造”(Made in America Store)卖场里,摆放着塑料苍蝇拍、马桶刷,以及用塑料和纸板做成的牛仔帽。顾客们还可以买到挑圆片游戏所用的塑料片,“EZ-DUZ-IT”手动开罐器,“Wigwam”袜子,还有写着“恶犬凶猛”的木制标牌。Just don#39;t come here looking for high fashion or high tech.只是别到这里来找高级时尚商品或高科技产品。Mark Andol, who opened the store about 15 miles southeast of Buffalo, N.Y., 2frac12; years ago, has basked in national television coverage and received an invitation to a White House seminar for his efforts to promote goods made in the U.S. But stocking his store with fashionable merchandise has proved a challenge, partly because Mr. Andol has a very strict definition of #39;made in America.#39;两年半以前,马克#8226;安多尔(Mark Andol)的这家卖场在纽约州布法罗市东南方向约15英里(24公里)的埃尔马开张。因其推销美国国货的努力,安多尔屡获全国性电视报道,并曾获邀参加白宫的一场研讨会。但事实明,在商店里备上时髦商品殊为不易。这在一定程度上是因为安多尔对于“美国制造”的定义非常严格。Manufacturing is showing signs of a modest revival in the U.S. Some companies have brought home production of items, including refrigerators and hand mixers, formerly made abroad. But clothing, electronic goods and many other day-to-day staples still tend to come from overseas.Joe Philipson for The Wall Street Journal在美国制造卖场里,Zack Andol正在给一位顾客结帐。美国制造业已经显露出适度复苏的迹象。部分企业已经把电冰箱和手持式搅拌器等产品的生产从国外转移回美国国内。但装、电子产品和其他很多日常用品往往还是来自国外。As a result, there is no electronics department in Mr. Andol#39;s 6,000-square-foot store. #39;Nothing in our store takes a battery, and nothing is plugged in,#39; he said. He would love to change that if he ever finds such a product that is completely American-made.因此,安多尔6,000平方英尺(557平方米)的卖场里没有电子产品区域。他说:我们店里没有什么东西需要使用电池,没有什么东西需要电源插座。如果能够找到一款纯美国制造的这类产品,他倒是乐意改变这种状况。Rob Whalen, the store#39;s head merchandise buyer, would be delighted even to find a U.S.-made electric can opener. #39;I can#39;t tell you how many people want an American can opener,#39; he said. But partly American-made wouldn#39;t cut it.对于卖场的商品采购部主管罗布#8226;惠伦(Rob Whalen)来说,能找到一款美国制造的电动开罐器都是一件非常高兴的事。他说:我可以告诉你有多少人想要一款美制开罐器。但半美国制产品满足不了他们的要求。Mr. Andol, who also owns a metal-fabrication business here, is stubborn. If the product is to appear in his store, all of the parts and packaging must come from America, he said. Suppliers are required to sign letters attesting to their domestic purity.在埃尔马还开有一家金属加工厂的安多尔依然固执己见。他说,产品要出现在他店里,所有零部件还有包装都必须来自美国。供应商要签下字据明它们完全是国产。He banished puzzles made by Buffalo Games Inc. after learning that the printing on the boxes was done in Canada.在得知Buffalo Games Inc.拼图玩具的包装盒印刷是在加拿大完成的之后,他便将这些产品赶出了自家卖场。A spokeswoman for Buffalo Games said the products have only #39;a negligible amount of foreign content.#39;Buffalo Games的一位发言人说,在这些产品的生产中,涉及国外的部分可以忽略不计。For a while, the store sold Charleston Tea from South Carolina. Then a customer reported that, even though the tea was grown in America, the bags were from Japan. Mr. Andol stopped selling the tea. Bill Hall, a partner in the tea company, said Mr. Andol was #39;kind of splitting hairs.#39; The tea company uses U.S.-made envelopes for the tea bags, and #39;we do everything we possibly can to be American,#39; Mr. Hall said.有一段时间,这家卖场出售产自南卡罗来纳州的查尔斯顿茶(Charleston Tea)。但后来一位顾客反映说,虽然茶叶是在美国种植的,但茶包却产自日本。安多尔随即停止销售这款茶叶。茶叶公司的合伙人霍尔(Bill Hall)说安多尔这是在吹毛求疵。这家茶叶公司使用美国制造的包装来装茶包。霍尔说,我们尽一切可能使用美国制造的产品。Why not use U.S.-made tea bags? Marshall Adams, senior vice president at R.C. Bigelow Inc., which owns Charleston Tea, said there are no U.S. makers of the corn-based fiber used for the type of #39;pyramid#39; bags the company prefers for its Charleston Tea. #39;It#39;s the reality of today#39;s global economy,#39; he said.为什么不使用美国制造的茶包呢?拥有查尔斯顿茶的R.C. Bigelow Inc.的高级副总裁亚当斯(Marshall Adams)说,没有一家美国厂商生产该公司包装查尔斯顿茶所用的“金字塔”型茶包用到的玉米纤维。他说,这是当今经济全球化背景下的一个现实。The store has no sneakers, though it carries Thorogood shoes from Weinbrenner Shoe Co. of Merrill, Wis., and sandals from Okabashi Brands Inc. The denim trousers made by Texas Jeans USA of Asheboro, N.C., are mostly of the sort young people mock as #39;mom jeans.#39; They don#39;t come in skinny cuts or trendy colors like pink or canary yellow.这家卖场并不出售运动鞋,但它销售威斯康星州梅丽尔(Merrill)的制鞋厂Weinbrenner Shoe Co.生产的Thorogood鞋子,以及Okabashi Brands Inc.生产的凉鞋。卖场销售的Texas Jeans USA生产的粗棉布裤大都是那种被年轻人嘲笑为“老妈裤”的牛仔裤。卖场没有那些剪裁贴身或颜色时尚(比如粉红或淡黄色)的裤子。For Mr. Andol, a 46-year-old who drives a Ford F-350 pickup, the crusade to support American manufacturing is personal. About five years ago, his welding company lost a contract to supply steel posts to a fence manufacturer─eliminating nearly half his revenue. A supplier in China had undercut him by a post. Because of that lost order and the recession, he had to lay off nearly 40 employees, including a brother in law.安多尔现年46岁,开一辆福特(Ford) F-350皮卡。对于安多尔来说,这场持美国制造业的征战包含了个人感情的因素。大约五年前,他的焊接公司丢掉了一份给围栏制造商提供钢柱的合同,这令他的收入减少了近一半。一家中国供应商的报价每根钢柱比他低了3美元,因此拿到了合同。由于丢掉了这份合同且遭遇了经济衰退,他不得不裁员近40人,其中包括他的一个亲戚。Mr. Andol said he didn#39;t oppose trade with other nations. #39;I believe in global. I just say we#39;re totally out of balance#39; in trade, he said. He sells T-shirts that call for buying U.S.-made goods #39;because China is a long drive to work.#39;安多尔说他并不反对同其它国家进行贸易。他说,我相信全球化,我只是说现在贸易失衡的现象太严重了。他出售那些呼吁购买美国国货的T恤,T恤上印着“中国离美国太远了”了的字样。Sales at the store will top million this year, Mr. Andol said. More than 150 tour buses, mostly from the Midwest, have visited. (One group serenaded him with #39;God Bless America.#39;) He aims to nearly double the size of his store by moving to a new location nearby. Still, his customer base skews toward baby boomers or older. The bus tourists typically are 55 to 75, he says.安多尔说,这家卖场的销售额今年会超过100万美元。逾150辆满载游客的旅游巴士(主要来自中西部地区)已经参观过这家卖场(其中一个旅游团还为他献唱了一曲《上帝保佑美国》(God Bless America))。安多尔打算将卖场搬迁至附近的一个新地点,他的目标是通过此举将卖场面积增加近一倍。不过,他的客户群主要是婴儿潮一代或中老年人。他说,搭乘巴士的游客年龄通常在55岁至75岁之间。Joe Cal, a retired gas-utility manager from Orchard Park, N.Y., recently stopped in with his wife. They spent on socks, candy and greeting cards. #39;You#39;re helping the economy,#39; Mr. Cal said.纽约州奥查德帕克(Orchard Park)一个已经退休的煤气公司经理卡尔(Joe Cal)最近和妻子逛了这家商场。他们花了34美元购买袜子、糖果和贺卡。卡尔说,这是在帮助美国经济。Alyssa Senko, 11, a daughter of Mr. Andol#39;s niece, admired the puzzles and slinky toys. But neither she nor her two companions were wearing any American-made clothes. Alyssa#39;s Dallas Cowboy baseball cap was made in China. As for toys, she said, #39;usually we, like, go to Target or Wal-Mart.#39;安多尔侄女的一个女儿桑科(Alyssa Senko)喜欢拼图和精美的玩具。但无论是桑科还是她的两个伙伴穿的都不是美国生产的衣。桑科戴的达拉斯牛仔队(Dallas Cowboy)的棒球帽产自中国。至于说玩具,她说我们通常到塔吉特(Target)或沃尔玛(Wal-Mart)去买。 /201211/210699。
  • Even with sales of e-ers surging, only 10% of respondents said they had abandoned traditional books. More than half of them said most or all of the books they are in printed form. The pleasure of ing endures in the digital age, even with its nearly boundless options for entertainment, according to data collected from 1,500 voters. More than 20% reported ing books for more than 10 hours a week. Owners of e-ers are more likely to books, more books and spend more hours each week in ing. About 4 in 10 said they devoured four or more books a month.即使电子阅读器的销售风起云涌,但在有电子阅读器的受访者中,只有10%的人说他们已经抛弃了传统的书本。超过一半的受访者表示他们读过的大部分书是纸质书。根据从1500名投票者那所收集的数据,即使数字时代有无限的方式选择,阅读还是有其乐趣所在。超过20%的人表示每周会读书10小时以上。有电子阅读器的人更可能读书,读更多的书,每周花更多的时间阅读。大约40%的人表示他们每月“消化”4本或者更多的书。 /201211/210267。
  • China officially welcomed its first aircraft carrier to its navy on Tuesday, offering a public display of its ambitions to challenge U.S. naval supremacy in Asia in the midst of a territorial dispute with Japan that has inflamed nationalism at home. 周二,中国第一艘航空母舰正式交付海军。这是在中日领土争端引燃中国国内民族主义情结之际,中国公开展示其挑战美国在亚洲制海权的雄心壮志。 The carrier, christened the Liaoning after China#39;s northeastern province, is at least several years away from minimal combat iness, military experts say. In particular, Chinese fighter pilots are still learning skills needed for taking off and landing on a moving deck. Diplomats say China has yet to land a plane on the vessel. 军事专家说,以中国东北部省份辽宁命名的航母距离达到最低战备状态至少还有几年时间。特别是中国战斗机飞行员目前仍在学习在移动甲板上起飞和降落飞机所需的技术。外交人员说,中国还没有飞机在这艘航母上降落。 But the addition of the Liaoning to the fleet Tuesday received broad coverage in China#39;s state-run media. President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao were among the leaders at a ceremony in Dalian, the port city where the carrier was refurbished, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency. The commissioning led the national nightly television news broadcast, which showed Mr. Hu presiding over the ceremony while wearing the Mao-style suit he reserves for military functions. 然而,“辽宁舰”周二的交接入列引发了中国国有媒体的广泛关注。新华社称,中国国家主席胡锦涛和国务院总理温家宝等领导人出席了“辽宁舰”在大连的交接入列仪式。大连是座港口城市,该航母就是在这里改造完成的。中国国家电视台晚间新闻的主要内容就是关于“辽宁舰”的正式入役。画面显示,胡锦涛身穿中山装出席了入列仪式。一般在军事场合下胡锦涛才会穿中山装。 Mr. Wen, ing a letter on behalf of the country#39;s leaders, said putting the aircraft carrier into service would #39;be of great and far-reaching significance in inspiring patriotism, national spirit and driving national-defense technologies,#39; according to Xinhua. #39;It will also be of great significance in enhancing national defense power and the country#39;s comprehensive strength.#39; 温家宝宣读了中国领导人的贺电。据新华社报道,贺电说:这艘航母顺利交接入列对于提高我军现代化水平,促进国防科技工业技术进步和能力建设,增强国防实力和综合国力;对于振奋民族精神,激发爱国热情具有重大而深远的意义。 The carrier#39;s formal handover to the navy from contractor China Shipbuilding Industry Corp. is largely symbolic. It comes just before China#39;s Oct. 1 National Day as well as a sensitive once-a-decade changeover of top political leaders set to begin in the coming weeks. It appeared in part designed to reinforce a domestic message as China verbally defends its territorial claims against neighbors including Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam. 这艘由中国船舶重工集团公司(China Shipbuilding Industry Corp.)正式交付给中国海军的航母,其象征意义大于实际意义。该航母的役恰好赶在10月1日中国国庆节之前,而且再过几周,10年一次的敏感的中国领导人换届选举就将拉开帷幕。所以从一定程度上说,“辽宁舰”的交付似乎是为了强化国内的信息,因为中国目前与日本、菲律宾和越南等邻邦都有领土之争,而中国都是在口头上捍卫其主权。 China holds claim to the Japanese-controlled Senkaku islands in the East China Sea, known in Chinese as the Diaoyu. It also faces potentially volatile disputes with Vietnam, the Philippines and others over energy-rich waters in the South China Sea. 中国声称拥有东中国海(East China Sea,中国称东海)钓鱼岛主权。该岛为日本所控,在日本叫尖阁列岛(Senkaku)。此外,中国与越南和菲律宾等国就南中国海(South China Sea,中国称南海)蕴藏丰富能源资源的水域也存在可能一触即发的争议。 Tens of thousands of Chinese have protested─at times violently─against Japan#39;s control over the Senkaku during the past several weeks, underscoring the public pressure leaders face to defend Chinese territorial claims. Top Chinese political leaders are also grappling with a resurgent U.S. military presence in the region, after more than a decade where the Pentagon focused on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 过去几周,中国国内有成千上万人就日本对钓鱼岛的控制爆发了抗议活动,有些活动甚至带有暴力色,这也凸显出中国领导人在捍卫领土主张方面所面临的民众压力。此外,中国领导人还在努力应对美国重新在亚洲积聚军事力量的问题。在此之前的十几年里,美国五角大楼把主要精力都放在了伊拉克和阿富汗战争上。 The development of an aircraft carrier has long been promoted as a symbol of rising national strength. It reinforces the government#39;s narrative that China under the Communist Party is rapidly emerging as a benevolent regional actor just as the U.S. is struggling to retain the influence it has enjoyed in the Asia-Pacific since 1945. 发展航空母舰在中国长期以来一直被宣传为国家实力增强的标志。此外,这也强化了中国政府的说法,即中国在中共的领导下正快速崛起为一个友好的地区大国。而此时的美国却正为保持其1945年以来在亚太区享有的影响力而举步维艰。 #39;China will not join any arms race, pose a threat to other countries or exceed its national and economic strength to develop arms,#39; Xinhua said in a commentary Tuesday. 新华社周二发表的一篇文章说,中国不会与任何国家进行军备竞赛,不会对任何国家构成军事威胁,更不会超出国力和经济实力来发展武器装备。 The Pentagon has reported rising overall numbers of overall Chinese naval vessels in recent years as well as a greater proportion of which the U.S. considers modern. The Chinese navy possesses about 75 principal surface combatants, like destroyers and frigates, and around 60 submarines, according to the U.S. Defense Department. 五角大楼曾经在报告中提到,最近几年中国海军舰艇整体数量不断上升,被美国认为现代化的舰艇比例增加。据美国国防部说,中国海军拥有大约75艘主要水面作战舰艇,如驱逐舰和护卫舰,以及大约60艘潜水艇。 China#39;s military could add to its projected power if it were eventually able to deploy aircraft carriers as well as necessary support vessels. That could include running longer and more sophisticated sea and air missions to assert sovereignty over the South China Sea. Currently, its jets don#39;t have sufficient range to operate for extended periods to the outer limits of China#39;s territorial claims, experts say. 如果中国军方最终能够部署航母以及必要的援舰,中国军方的力量投射可能会增强,例如中国将能够执行距离更长和更复杂的海上和空中任务,宣示对南中国海的主权。据专家说,目前,中国飞机的最大航程不足,无法在中国领土主张的外部界限长时间飞行。 A Chinese company purchased the carrier#39;s empty hull from Ukraine in 1998, and it made its first sea-trial under Chinese control in August 2011. 1998年,一家中国公司从乌克兰手中购买了这艘航空母舰的空壳。2011年8月,这艘航母在中国的控制下进行了第一次试航。 China#39;s neighbors have reacted warily to its growing clout. The U.S. is forging strategic partnerships with long-time ally the Philippines as well as with Vietnam. Vietnam is also in the process of acquiring six Kilo-class submarines from Russia while the Philippines has been pressing the U.S. for defense pledges in the event of a territorial conflict with China. 中国的邻国对中国日益扩大的影响力反应谨慎。美国正在与长期盟友菲律宾以及越南建立战略伙伴关系。越南也在从俄罗斯收购六艘基洛级潜艇;与此同时,菲律宾一直在敦促美国做出防务方面的承诺,一旦与中国发生领土冲突时可以获得帮助。 Chinese leaders see a modern navy as necessary to protecting Chinese assets and interests increasingly sp across the world. China#39;s navy in recent years has been taking part in antipiracy missions in the in the Gulf of Aden, for example, though it isn#39;t likely the aircraft carrier will be participating in missions far from China#39;s shores in the immediate term. 中国领导人认为,有必要通过一现代的海军队伍来保护中国不断向全世界拓展的资产和利益。例如,最近几年,中国的海军一直在亚丁湾参与打击海盗的行动。不过,这艘航空母舰不太可能立刻参与到远离中国的行动中。 In an annual report to Congress on Chinese military developments, the U.S. Department of Defense said some components of China#39;s first indigenous aircraft carrier may aly be under construction. The first of several indigenous carriers isn#39;t likely be y until after 2015, the report said. 美国国防部在递交给美国国会的中国军事发展年度报告中说,中国第一艘国产航母的一些部件可能已经在建造之中。报告说,第一批国产航母在2015年之前不太可能准备就绪。 Chinese aircraft carriers are the cornerstone of a multidecade effort by Beijing to modernize its forces. China#39;s military spending in 2012 is forecast to rise to 670.2 billion yuan (about 6 billion), an 11.2% jump over spending a year earlier, according to government figures. 中国的航空母舰是数十年来中国政府努力实现武装现代化的基石。政府的数据显示,中国2012年的军费出预计将增长至人民币6,702亿元(大约1,060亿美元),较上年增加11.2%。 Other Chinese military advances that could counter the U.S. include the development of specialized missiles designed to target large ships, such as U.S. aircraft carriers operating in the Western Pacific. One antiship ballistic missile under development, the DF-21D, has a range of more than 1,500 kilometers, or 900 miles, according to the Pentagon. 中国其他能与美国对抗的军事进展包括,针对大型船只的专门导弹,包括美国在西太平洋上的航母。据五角大楼说,反舰弹道导弹DF-21D正在开发之中,该导弹的射程超过1,500公里(900英里)。 /201209/201936。
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