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Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates remains America#39;s richest man by far, as the tech and philanthropy giant took the top spot on the Forbes 400 list for the 19th year running, with a net worth of US billion.微软联合创始人比尔#8226;盖茨目前为止仍是美国首富,这位科技和慈善大人物已经连续19年占据福布斯400大富豪榜的榜首,目前他的净资产为660亿美元。Investor Warren Buffett, the head of Berkshire Hathaway Inc, again took second with US billion, while Oracle Corp co-founder Larry Ellison remains third with US billion and brothers Charles and David Koch, co-owners of Koch Industries Inc, tied for fourth with US billion.伯克希尔哈撒韦公司CEO、股神投资人沃伦#8226;巴菲特(Warren Buffett),以460亿美元的身家再次排在第二位,甲骨文的联合创始人拉里#8226;埃里森(Larry Ellison)以410亿美元财富保住第三位置,科氏工业集团的查尔斯和大卫#8226;科赫兄弟(Charles and David Koch)的财富都为310亿美元,并列第四。Forbes yesterday said the rich mainly got richer in 2012, with net worth rising for 241 members of its list and shrinking for only 66. Rising stock prices, a rebound in real estate values and rare art prices helped.《福布斯》称,2012年富人变得更加富有,排行榜中有241人的净资产上升,财富缩水的只有66人。股价上涨、房地产价格反弹和珍稀艺术品价格上升都是因素之一。More members of the Walton family, the founders of Wal-Mart Stores, moved up into the top 10, displacing investor George Soros and Las Vegas Sands Corp founder Sheldon Adelson. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is also back with the top dogs at No. 10 with an estimated net worth of US billion.沃尔玛的创始人沃尔顿家族的成员,有更多人进入了前十名,分别取代了投资者乔治#8226;索罗斯(George Soros)和金沙集团创始人谢尔登#8226;阿德尔森(Sheldon Adelson)。纽约市市长迈克尔#8226;布隆伯格250亿美元的净资产也再次排在了第十位。Social media moguls took the biggest hit. Zynga Inc#39;s Mark Pincus and Groupon Inc#39;s Eric Lefkofsky dropped off the list entirely.社会媒体巨头遭受了最大打击。Zynga的马克#8226;平卡斯(Mark Pincus)和Groupon的埃里克#8226;莱夫科夫斯基(Eric Lefkofsky)彻底与该榜单无缘。Facebook#39;s Mark Zuckerberg was the biggest dollar loser in Forbes#39; latest ranking of the 400 wealthiest Americans. The company#39;s lackluster IPO in May resulted in a huge drop in market value that cut the value of his shareholdings almost in half, costing him US.1 billion in net worth. That dropped Zuckerberg from No. 14 to No. 36.Facebook的马克#8226;扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)在“福布斯”400大富豪排名中成了财富缩水最多的人。他公司5月的IPO失败导致其市值大幅下跌,他所持股票的价值缩水了近一半,使他的财富减少了81亿美元。他在排行榜中的排名从去年的第14位下滑到第36位。There were just 45 women in the list, up from 42 last year. The wealthiest was Alice Walton, one of the heirs to the Walmart fortune and whose .3bn made her the eighth richest person overall.今年有45位女性富豪上榜,一年前为42位。最富有是爱丽丝.沃尔顿,沃尔玛财富继承人之一,她263亿美元的财富使她成了第八个最富有的人。 /201209/200847The recent tabloid sting involving the Duchess of York has elicited plenty of schadenfreude in the British press.最近有关约克公爵夫人的八卦消息让英国媒体感到很是幸灾乐祸。The Duchess, it appears, is by her own admission virtually penniless after her divorce from the Duke of York left her with only 15,000 pounds a year. That's a modest income for anyone, but especially so for someone who confesses to an 'overspending disease' and penchant for private jets and luxury goods.据这位公爵夫人自己承认,她在与丈夫离婚后,每年只有1.5万英镑的赡养费,这看来可以说是身无分文了。每年1.5万英镑对任何人来说都只是微薄的收入而已,更何况是对一个承认自己患有“超病”、嗜好私人飞机和奢侈品的人而言呢。In an article on the B News Magazine, U.K. psychotherapist Benjamin Fry, who co-presents B Three's Spendaholics program, says giving up the bling can be traumatic.在B新闻杂志(B News Magazine)上的一篇文章中,英国精神治疗师弗莱(Benjamin Fry)写道,放弃奢侈的生活可能会造成创伤性后果。他是B三台“花钱狂”节目的主持人之一。'It's the change in circumstances that's difficult… She could have accepted she was poor but wouldn't know who she was. The alternative was to do something I'm sure she didn't really want to do.'他说,环境的改变让人难以接受,约克公爵夫人或许可以接受自己穷困的事实,却无法再找准自己的位置。她的变通之道就是做了一些我肯定她并非真想做的事。He says wealth can become an addictive drug, needed most by the insecure.他说,财富可以成为一种成瘾性毒品,是缺乏安全感的人最需要的。'People do overspend because they've got a low sense of self worth. If you feel very small on the inside and present yourself as very big on the outside, it's compensation.'他说,人们大手大脚地花钱,因为他们的自我评价很低。如果你内心感觉很渺小,表面上就会装得很强大,这是一种补偿。'The way to cope is to try really hard to invest in non-material sources of wealth - family, relationships, community or self care.'他说,应对之道就是切实努力投资于非物质的财富来源,比如家庭、人际关系、社区或是自我关爱。Easier said perhaps than done. After all, spending habits die hard - especially among the wealthy.说起来容易做起来难。毕竟,大手大脚花钱的习惯已经根深蒂固,特别是在富人之中。Do you think there are rich (or formerly rich) people in the U.S. being forced to cut back dramatically on spending?你认为美国有富人(或以前曾经富有的人)被迫大幅削减出的事吗? /201006/105347

Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. turned to some high-stakes legal housekeeping Monday, in one of the companies#39; last chances to weigh in on nitty-gritty procedural matters before closing arguments Tuesday. 苹果公司(Apple Inc.)和三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)周一将目光转向一些利害攸关的法律事宜,这是在周二进行结案陈词之前,它们参与具体法律程序的最后机会之一。 Lawyers for both companies told Judge Lucy Koh that their chief executives conferred by phone one more time to attempt to resolve their differences, fulfilling her last-minute request. As expected, they said that they failed to reach a resolution, however, meaning the case will proceed to closing arguments Tuesday. 两家公司的代理律师均对法官高兰惠(Lucy Koh)说,其首席执行长再次进行了电话沟通,试图解决双方分歧,算是满足了高兰惠在最后一刻提出的要求。结果不出所料,律师说双方未能达成和解,这意味着此案将于周二进行结案陈词。 One of the most contentious issues of the day was whether jurors will be told that Samsung and Apple failed to live up to their obligations to preserve evidence for the trial, which is entering its fourth week. 周一,最有争议性的问题之一是陪审员是否会被告知三星和苹果未能履行为案件的审理保留据的义务。此案的审理工作已经进入第四周。 Judge Koh tentatively ordered that the nine jurors will be told that both Apple and Samsung didn#39;t live up to their obligations to preserve evidence and could decide to weigh that in their decision. An earlier judge ruled that Samsung didn#39;t live up to its obligation, but Judge Koh said she thought that Apple didn#39;t either and that the jurors would be told the same thing about both. 高兰惠已暂时同意,九位陪审员将被告知苹果和三星均未履行保留据的义务,他们可在裁决时将这一点纳入考虑。早前的一位法官曾裁定,三星没有履行其义务,但法官高兰惠说,她认为苹果也没有履行,而且说陪审员会被告知这两个公司都未履行责任。 #39;You are equally culpable,#39; Judge Koh said to lawyers for both companies. 法官高兰惠对两个公司的代理律师说,你们都难辞其咎。 In explaining her thinking, Judge Koh questioned why certain Apple executives, such as Senior Vice President Scott Forstall, didn#39;t receive notices to retain documents until later than other executives. 在解释自己的想法时,高兰惠问道,为什么高级副总裁福斯特(Scott Forstall)等某些苹果高管在其他高管接到保留文件的通知之后才接到该通知? A lawyer for Apple argued that Mr. Forstall was given a notice when the patent he was listed on as a creator became part of the case. #39;There is absolutely no evidence of any documents destroyed at Apple,#39; she said. 苹果的一位代理律师称,当那项福斯特被列为发明者之一的专利成为案件一部分的时候,他才收到通知。她说,绝无据表明苹果有任何文件被损毁。 A lawyer for Samsung said that if the company is dinged on the point, Apple should be, too. 三星的代理律师说,如果三星在这一点上有问题,苹果应该也是一样。 Lawyers also aired their objections to various line items in the instructions that Judge Koh will to the jury Tuesday. The instructions tell the jury how to apply the law and what they should and shouldn#39;t consider in determining matters such as whether a design patent is valid. 苹果与三星的专利纷争此外,律师们还对高兰惠周二将向陪审团宣读的指令说明中的各种内容表示反对。指令说明会告诉陪审团如何将法律适用此案,以及在裁决一项设计专利是否有效等问题时该考虑什么和不该考虑什么。 Both sides were also scheduled to discuss Judge Koh#39;s tentatively ordered jury-verdict form, the worksheet that jurors will fill out to issue their verdict and which asks them to indicate whether devices infringe particular patents, among other things. 双方律师还曾计划讨论暂时得到高兰惠同意的陪审团裁决表。陪审员要通过填写这份表格来发布裁决结果,指出产品是否侵犯了某些专利等。 The issues the companies bickered over include language related to consumers#39; confusion over purchases, one of the things jurors consider in determining whether Samsung#39;s designs infringed Apple#39;s intellectual property. 让苹果和三星争论不休的问题包括消费者购买产品时令其困惑的语言等,这是陪审员在裁决三星设计是否侵犯了苹果知识产权时需要考虑的问题之一。 The minutiae matter. Lawyers for either side could use issues such as juror confusion as potential ammunition to dispute the verdict. 细节是关键。双方的律师都可用陪审员困惑等问题作为对裁决结果提出异议的潜在武器。 One issue the two companies resolved between themselves, at least tentatively, was how to handle Apple#39;s concerns that jurors may inadvertently update disputed phones they will be given to study during deliberations, modifying some of the features in dispute. Lawyers agreed that removing the wireless service SIM cards for devices on ATamp;T Inc. T -0.75% and T-Mobile USA should address the concern. 两家公司达成和解的一个问题(至少是暂时和解)是,如何避免发生苹果所担心的一种情况,即陪审员可能会在不经意间更新那些有争议性的手机(这些手机将在陪审团审议过程中交给他们研究),修改一些存在争议的功能。律师们一致认为,取出使用美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T Inc.)和T-Mobile USA网络的手机的SIM卡应该能解决这个问题。 /201208/196081

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