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银川纹眉纹绣的地方江油水光美白去青春痘哪家哪里医院好Broadcast: February 13, 2005 VOICE ONE:People in America, a program in Special English by the Voice of America. (THEME)Two of the most famous outlaws of the old American west were brothers. I'm Tony Riggs. Today, Maurice Joyce and I tell about Frank and Jesse James. We begin their story on a cold day in February, eighteensixty-six. (MUSIC)VOICE TWO:Liberty, Missouri. Two o'clock in the afternoon. ((SFX))Twelve men on horses ride slowly into town. Their hats are low on their faces. They stop in front of the Clay County Savings Bank. Two of the men get off their horses and enter the bank. The bank manager asks if he can help them. The two men pull out guns from under their heavy coats. They demand money. In less than two minutes, they return to the street. Now the gang is in a great hurry. All twelve men begin shooting. ((SFX))Several people are wounded. A young college student is killed. ((SFX))(MUSIC)VOICE ONE:What happened on that day was the first bank robbery, during business hours, in peacetime, in the ed States. History books say the two men who went into the bank were Frank James and his younger brother Jesse. But this was never proved. Frank and Jesse James told lawmen they were home that day. Several of their friends confirmed the story. True or not, during the next sixteen years, the James brothers did become two of the most famous outlaws in America. VOICE TWO:History experts say they robbed at least twelve banks, perhaps many more. They stopped seven trains, taking money from passengers and the ed States Postal Service. They robbed as many as seven stagecoaches, the horse-pulled vehicles used back then as public transportation. They traveled from their home in Clay County, Missouri, to Minnesota in the North and to Texas in the West. Hundreds of lawmen hunted them. But the James Brothers were never caught. Much later, their story was told in songs. (MUSIC)Who were Frank and Jesse James? Why were they so famous? VOICE ONE:Frank and Jesse were the sons of Robert James, a religious minister who owned a farm in Clay County,Missouri. People who knew the family said the James boys were polite and friendly. At least until the time of America's Civil War. Many people in Missouri believed in the cause of the southern, or Confederate, states during the Civil War. However, Missouri was on the border between the North and the South. Almost as many people there supported the Union as the Confederacy. Terrible fighting took place in Missouri and in other border states. Guerrilla groups from both sides were responsible for the fighting. Article/200802/28043四川省永久眉毛 Aren’t airports strange places? There’s so much happening in them. People coming, people going; people crying with sadness because they’re going away, people crying with joy because they’ve arrived. Big airports are almost like small towns. It seems like you walk across a town by the time you check in and get to your departure gate. The thing I like most about airports is people watching. There are people from all over the world. I also like how everything fits and works together. You check your luggage in and then it disappears, before you see it again at the next airport. I still think airports need improving. There’s not a lot to do there. Airports really need to have an entertainment area so people can kill time. Article/201103/129941Last night my granddad left me alone in the house again, the first time since Monday night’s incident. I decided to sleep on the sofa bed in the front room. I was really tired so went to bed about 9pm. I was woken by a loud banging noise around 2.15am. I sat bolt upright in my bed and noticed a tall dark figure standing at the bottom of my bed. I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman and I couldn't see its face. I sat there for about 30 seconds looking at it, trying to calm myself down and trying to adjust my eyes to see if I could see the figure’s face, until I heard a loud bang downstairs again, I turned around towards the stairs but there was nothing and when I turned back to face the figure, it was gone. I jumped out of bed and turned the light on. I put my clothes on, ran out of my house and got a cab to my boyfriend’s house. I told my granddad what happened today and also told him I’d be moving out from today.   Whatever is in that house, it doesn't like me. Well it must not, my granddad has lived there for 24 years and nothing like this has ever happened. I can't explain it and I don't ever want to experience anything like that ever again.  自从那个星期一的晚上后,昨晚是我爷爷第一次又把我一个人留在了家里。我决定睡在客厅的沙发床上,那天我很累,所以大概九点就上床了。凌晨大约两点一刻的时候我又被一声巨大的砰砰声给吵醒了,我立马直起身子,注意到我床尾处站着一个巨大的黑影。我也说不上那是个男的还是个女的,我也看不清他的脸.我就坐着,看了它大概半分钟,想让自己镇定下来,让眼睛适应一下光线看看能不能看清楚那张黑影的脸。正在这时,我又听到楼下一只巨响,我把脸别向楼梯,但什么也没有看到。当我把脸转回来时,却发现那个黑影不见了。我从床上跳起来,把灯打开,穿上衣,跑出房间,拦了一辆出租车直奔我男友家。我告诉我爷爷今天发生的一切,也告诉他我今天开始我再也不会住在那了。  不管那房子里是什么东西,它都对我都没什么好感,它肯定不喜欢我,因为我爷爷在那住了24年,可什么都没有发生过。我解释不了这到底是怎么回事,这种事,我也不想再碰到了。 Article/200810/53014四川怎么长眉毛

成都/纹绣眉毛“我可不愿意象你那样挑肥拣瘦,”彬格莱嚷道,“随便怎么我也不愿意;不瞒你说,我生平没有见过今天晚上这么许多可爱的姑娘;你瞧,其中几位真是美貌绝伦。”;I would not be so fastidious as you are, ; cried Mr. Bingley, ;for a kingdom! Upon my honour, I never met with so many pleasant girls in my life as I have this evening; and there are several of them you see uncommonly pretty. ;;YOU are dancing with the only handsome girl in the room, ; said Mr. Darcy, looking at the eldest Miss Bennet.;Oh! She is the most beautiful creature I ever beheld! But there is one of her sisters sitting down just behind you, who is very pretty, and I dare say very agreeable. Do let me ask my partner to introduce you. ;;Which do you mean?; and turning round he looked for a moment at Elizabeth, till catching her eye, he withdrew his own and coldly said: ;She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt ME; I am in no humour at present to give consequence to young ladies who are slighted by other men. You had better return to your partner and enjoy her smiles, for you are wasting your time with me. ;Mr. Bingley followed his advice. Mr. Darcy walked off; and Elizabeth remained with no very cordial feelings toward him. She told the story, however, with great spirit among her friends; for she had a lively, playful disposition, which delighted in anything ridiculous.The evening altogether passed off pleasantly to the whole family. Mrs. Bennet had seen her eldest daughter much admired by the Netherfield party. Mr. Bingley had danced with her twice, and she had been distinguished by his sisters. Jane was as much gratified by this as her mother could be, though in a quieter way. Elizabeth felt Jane#39;s pleasure. Mary had heard herself mentioned to Miss Bingley as the most accomplished girl in the neighbourhood; and Catherine and Lydia had been fortunate enough never to be without partners, which was all that they had yet learnt to care for at a ball. They returned, therefore, in good spirits to Longbourn, the village where they lived, and of which they were the principal inhabitants. They found Mr. Bennet still up. With a book he was regardless of time; and on the present occasion he had a good deal of curiosity as to the events of an evening which had raised such splendid expectations. He had rather hoped that his wife#39;s views on the stranger would be disappointed; but he soon found out that he had a different story to hear.;Oh! my dear Mr. Bennet, ; as she entered the room, ;we have had a most delightful evening, a most excellent ball. I wish you had been there. Jane was so admired, nothing could be like it. Everybody said how well she looked; and Mr. Bingley thought her quite beautiful, and danced with her twice! Only think of THAT, my dear; he actually danced with her twice! and she was the only creature in the room that he asked a second time. First of all, he asked Miss Lucas. I was so vexed to see him stand up with her! But, however, he did not admire her at all; indeed, nobody can, you know; and he seemed quite struck with Jane as she was going down the dance. So he inquired who she was, and got introduced, and asked her for the two next. Article/201105/137869成都/纹唇一般要多少钱 Short-term Memory There are two kinds of memory: short-term and long-term. Information in long-term memory can be recalled at a later time when it is needed. The information may be kept for days or weeks. Sometimes information in the long-term memory is hard to remember. Students taking exams often have this experience. In contrast, information in short-term memory is kept for only a few seconds, usually by repeating the information over and over. For example, you look up a number in the telephone book, and before you dial, you repeat the number over and over. If someone interrupts you, you will probably forget the number. In laboratory studies, subjects are unable to remember three letters after eighteen seconds if they are not allowed to repeat the letters to themselves.Psychologists study memory and learning with both animal and human subjects. The two experiments here show how short-term memory has been studied.Dr. Hunter studied short-term memory in rats. He used a special apparatus which had a cage for the rat and three doors. There was a light in each door. First the rat was placed in the closed cage. Next, one of the lights was turned on and then off. There was food for the rat only at this door. After the light was turned off, the rat had to wait a short time before it was released form its cage. Then, if it went to the correct door, it was rewarded with the food that was there. Hunter did this experiment many times. He always turned on the lights in a random order. The rat had to wait different intervals before it was released from the cage. Hunter found that if the rat had to wait more than ten seconds, it could not remember the correct door. Hunter's results show that rats have a short-term memory of about ten seconds.Later, Dr. Henning studied how students who are learning English as a second language remember vocabulary. The subject in his experiment were 75 students at the University of California in Los Angeles. They represented all levels of ability in English: beginning, intermediate, advanced, and native-speaking students.To begin, the subjects listened to a recording of a native speaker ing a paragraph in English. Following the recording, the subjects took a 15-question test to see which words they remembered. Each question has four choices. The subjects had to circle the word they had heard in the recording. Some of the questions had four choices that sound alike. For example, weather, whether, wither, and wetter are four words that sound alike. Some of the questions had four choices that have the same meaning. Method, way, manner, and system would be four words with the same meaning. Some of them had four unrelated choices. For instance, weather, method, love, and result could be used as four unrelated words. Finally the subjects took a language proficiency test.Henning found that students with a lower proficiency in English made more of their mistakes on words that sound alike; students with a higher proficiency made more of their mistakes on words that have the same meaning. Henning's results suggest that beginning students hold the sound of words in their short-term memory, while advanced students hold the meaning of words in their short-term memory.短时记忆有两种记忆:短时记忆和长时记忆。处于长期记忆中的信息,在后来需要的时候能够回想起来。这一信息可以保持数天或数周。有时处于长时记忆中的信息很难记起。参加考试的学生经常会有这种经历。反之,短时记忆中的信息只能保持三两秒钟,通常还得再三复习这一信息。例如,你在一本电话号码簿中查到一个号码,在你还没拨号之前,你得再三复习这一号码。如果这时有人打扰了你,你也许会把这个电话号码忘了。通过实验研究表明,如果不准被测试的人复习,那么十八秒以后,被测试的人连三个字母都记不住。心理学家们以动物和人这二者做测试对象分别研究了记忆和学习的情况。这里这两类试验都表明了研究短时记忆的情况。亨特士研究了大老鼠的短时记忆。他用了一种特殊装置,这种装置上有个鼠笼和三扇门。每扇门上都有一盏灯。首先,把大老鼠放到一个关着的鼠笼里。接着,把其中一盏灯打开然后再关上。只有在这扇门那里才有给老鼠听的东西。在把灯关掉以后,必须让这个老鼠等候一段短时期,这才把它从鼠笼中放出去。接下来,如果这个老鼠走对了门,那么,门那里摆着的食物就是对他的奖赏。亨特士多次做过这种实验。他总是没有按固定顺序随便打开任何一盏灯。让老鼠等候的时间间隔也完全不同,然后才把大老鼠从鼠笼中放出去。亨特士发现,如果老鼠必须等候10秒钟以上才放出,那它就记不住哪扇门是正确的。亨特士实验的结果表明大老鼠能有大约10秒钟的短期记忆。后来,享尼希士研究了那些把英语作为第二种语言来学习的人,是怎样记生词的。他实验的对象是洛杉矶加州大学的75名学生。他们都是各种程度的英语学生中的代表人物:初级的、中级的、高级和以英语为母语的学生。开头,先让受试者们听一段以英语为母语的人所朗读的一小段英文文章的录音。听了录音以后接着让受试者参加一次共15个问题的考试,看看他们都记住了哪些生词。每个问题有四个选择项。受试者必须圈出他们在录音中所听到的单词。每个问题有四个选择项听起来很像是一样的。例如:weather天气,whether是否,wither枯萎,wetter润湿剂。有些问题的选择项的意义像是一样的:method,way,manner和system.有些问题的四个选择项之间没有任何关连:weather,method,love和result.最后,受试者们都参加一次语言熟练程度的测试。享尼希士发现,凡是英语熟练程度低的学生多在声音相似的单词中会弄错;凡是英语熟练程度高的学生多在意义相似的词汇上会出错。享尼希的实验结果表明:初学者能把单词的声音保持短期记忆。享尼希的实验结果表明:初学者能把单词的声音保持短期记忆,而程度高的学生能把词汇的意义保持短期记忆。 Article/200802/27813成都/化妆美甲美容做眉毛好吗

成都/一美美容整形医院绣眉飘眉多少钱One of the world's oldest stories, The Epic of Gilgamesh, is a lively tale of heroism and sacrifice from ancient Sumer. It also contains one of the earliest references to beer. In the story, a female friend of the hero changes a wild, primitive beast into a cultured human being by giving him seven cups of beer. In reality, drinking that much beer is more likely to have the opposite effect. Nowadays, it is the beverage of choice among rowdy young people on a Saturday night out, and it has fueled acts of violence and destruction in more than a few societies. It is, nevertheless, the oldest known alcoholic drink in the world and is widely enjoyed.Fermented beverages made from various types of grain appeared independently in different locations all over the ancient world from Africa to China. The word beer itself comes from a Latin verb meaning "to drink", and the ancient Romans were certainly no strangers to the brew. However, because they considered it the drink of barbarians , the Romans generally preferred wine.In ancient times, people who made beer lacked the means to preserve and filter it properly, so the drink was cloudy and turned bad quickly. It was medieval European monks who introduced scientific brewing techniques in an effort to produce a nutritious beverage to supplement their meager diets. The monks were not restricted to only brewing the beer, and consumption of it within the monasteries reached astonishing levels. One report from Belgium said that monks were drinking as much as five liters a day. Monastery breweries in Europe also ran their own pubs and enjoyed a tax-free status that came to be resented by the growing merchant class. As the power and influence of the church declined, the art of brewing became an important commercial activity. Today, beer production is largely a high-tech process in the hands of huge corporations or government monopolies. However, recent years have seen a growth in the popularity of small-scale breweries, reflecting an increasing global demand for quality and variety. 《吉尔伽美什史诗》是世界上流传最久的故事之一,栩栩如生地讲述了古代苏美尔地区(古代幼发拉底河下游的一个地区)的英勇事迹及壮烈牺牲的场面。史诗也涉及有关啤酒的最早传说。在故事中英雄的一位女友用七杯啤酒将一头野性,原始的野兽变成了一位文雅的男子。 事实上,饮用太多啤酒更可能产生相反的效果。啤酒是时下血气方刚的年轻人在周六夜晚狂欢时必备的饮料,而啤酒也在为数不少的社群里激发了暴力和破坏行为。尽管如此,它仍是世界上公认为最古老的含酒精饮料,而且广受喜爱。这些由多种谷类制成的发酵饮料,古时候从非洲到中国的世界各国都各自单独生产。啤酒这个词源自拉丁文动词,意为“饮用”。古罗马人对啤酒肯定不陌生,不过,由于他们认为啤酒是野蛮人的饮料,因此古罗马人普遍偏好葡萄酒。古时的啤酒酿造者缺少良好的保存方法及过滤工具,所以啤酒混浊而且容易变质。正是中世纪欧洲的僧侣们引进科学的啤酒酿造技术,制造有营养的饮料, 从而补充了他们贫乏的饮食。僧侣们不只局限在酿造啤酒,而且还在修道院中大量饮用啤酒,消耗量实在惊人。一份来自比利时的报告指出,僧侣们每天喝五升多的啤酒。欧洲修道院的酿酒厂也经营自己的酒吧,并享有免税的优惠,此项优待引起正在兴起的商人阶级的不满。随着教会权力和影响的衰落,酿制艺术也就转变为一项重要的商业活动。今天,啤酒的制造在巨型企业或政府的垄断下俨然成为一个高科技流程。然而近年来,小规模啤酒厂的倍受青睐也反映了全球对啤酒质量及多样化日益增长的需求。 Article/200803/28211 At the age of 16, Edely decided to leave home and join a theater company. His father was appalled, "A son of mine on the stage? It's a disgrace!" he wailed. "What if the neighbors find out?" "I'll change my name," the comic-to-be volunteered. "Change your name!" His father screamed. "What if you're a success? How will the neighbors know it's my son?"埃迪十六岁了,他决定离开家去参加一个剧团。他的爸爸气坏了。 “让我的儿子上舞台演戏?真丢脸!”他大叫道,“邻居们知道了怎么想?” “我会改一个名字。”这位未来的滑稽演员主动提出。 “改名字!”他爸爸喊叫着,“那如果你出了名怎么办?怎么让邻居们知道你就是我的儿子呢?” Article/200805/40121成都/武侯玛莎美容医院修眉绣眉毛漂眉雕眉四川纹眉和绣眉的价格



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