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YouTube has launched a -a-month TV subscription service that will rival US cable networks.YouTube已于日前推出了一项每月只需花费35美元的电视订阅务,从而和美国有线电视节目供应商进行竞争The live TV service will carry more than 0 channels, including some of the country biggest networks including A, CBS, Fox, N and ESPN.YouTube TV将提供包括A、CBS、福克斯、N及迪士尼旗下ESPN在内的超过0个网络电视频道The service will also include a ;cloud DVR; that will let users record and store programming.该务还包括一个DVR云务,帮助用户记录和储存节目内容One analyst told the B that YouTube posed a real threat to traditional cable companies.一位分析人士再接受B采访时表示,YouTube对传统的有线电视公司构成了很大的威胁YouTube is aly an extremely well established brand, and its apps are virtually everywhere, said Paul Verna of eMarketer.eMarketer的保罗·弗尔纳说道:“YouTube在视频品牌方面树立了良好的口碑,它的应用程序无处不在”It live TV designed the YouTube generation, those who want to watch what they want, when they want, how they want, without commitments, wrote Christian Oestlien, Product Management Director YouTube.“该务是为在线视频的年轻粉丝量身定制的” YouTube产品管理总监克里斯蒂安·奥斯特林写道One notable drawback, however, will be the absence of major channels such as HBO, CNN and AMC, home of the Walking Dead series.不过一个明显的缺点是,该订阅务还是没有囊括一些主要的电视台,例如HBO、美国有线电视新闻网以及《行尸走肉系列的主播电视台AMCThere were no plans a similar service outside the US.此外,YouTube目前并没有在美国以外的地区提供类似务的计划 6655导读:随着大量的日志、照片被上传到社交网站(social networking),在掌握他人动态同时,自己的个人信息也悄无声息地泄露出去,其中有不便透露的隐私,其中也有事关账号的密码提示,总之网络社交平台并不安全,我们又要如何去保护个人隐私呢?Facebook, Google, MySpace, Twitter, the proliferation of social networking means more personal inmation are accessible to strangers than ever bee.Facebook、谷歌、聚友网、Twitter,随着社交网站的盛行,越来越多的个人信息开始开放给陌生人As attitudes to privacy are starting to change, here is a short list of some ways to protect your privacy online: 在人们对待隐私的态度逐渐发生变化的情况下,我们列出几招教你保护自己的网上隐私:1) personalised search engine optimisation - strange as it may seem, people are willing to pay experts to alter position of their name in Google`s listings as it is typed. The method keeps the bad news private.搜索引擎的个性优化——看上去有点奇怪吧,但仍然有人愿意雇专家,帮助他们改变在谷歌搜索列表中自己名字显示的位置,以保负面信息的私密性 131. There are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanityM. Gustave (Ralph Fiennes), The Grand Budapest Hotel1.在这野蛮不复文明的世界里,尚有一丝人性的微光M·古斯塔夫(M. Gustave)《布达佩斯大饭店(The Grand Budapest Hotel) 377

While pandas are often the main attractionat zoos, the adorable animals do not usually attempt to entertain visitors byplaying a musical instrument.虽然在动物园中熊猫总是最吸引人的,但是这种可爱的动物通常不会通过玩弄乐器来人们But as this comical picture shows, thisbear appeared to be doing just that as she held a bamboo stick up to her faceas if she was playing the flute.但是正如图中所示,这只熊猫把一根竹子放在自己的脸上,看起来就像是在吹笛子Crowds gathered around the panda enclosureat Taihu LakeNational WetlandPark in Suzhou,in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu, as one of thefemale bears put on the adorable show.观众们围绕在苏州的太湖国家湿地公园的这个熊猫笼子周围Holding the bamboo in her paws in the same fashion a musician would do with aflute, she paused to lick the branch, apparently unaware of visitors to the zoocrowding around her pen.他拿竹子的姿势就好像一名音乐家拿笛子一样,它停了下来舔了舔这根竹子,显然没有意识到周围游客正聚集在它的笼子周围The black and white giant panda thenstarted gnawing on the bamboo branch - a staple in the bears diet.然后这种黑白熊猫开始啃咬这根竹子,竹子是熊猫的主食Giant pandas, which are native to centralChina but are often kept in captivity to encourage the endangered species tobreed, eat between one and five stone of bamboo branches, stems and shootsevery day.熊猫原产于中国中部,通常被圈养以保这种濒危动物得以繁衍,每天要吃1到5英石的竹枝,竹干和竹笋Female giant pandas can reach up to 19 stone, but those in the wild often weighless as deestation has led to bamboo being harder to find.雌性大熊猫体重最多可达到19英石,但是野生大熊猫通常没这么重,因为滥砍滥伐导致竹子更加的难以寻觅了There are thought to be slightly less than,000 pandas left in the wild, a number which has gradually increased since the1960s after international efts to save the species were increased.据说野生大熊猫不到00只,自1960年代国际社会开始增加对这种物种的拯救后,野生大熊猫的数量正在慢慢增加As well as this, there are about 0 giantpandas in captivity in China,while 9 live in zoos around the world, including two at Edinburgh Zoo.此外,中国还有0只圈养的大熊猫,9只生活在全世界的动物园里,包括爱丁堡动物园的只 33

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