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Kelly McGonigal is a convert. A health psychologist who teaches at Stanford University, for years she had held to the conventional view that stress is bad for you.凯莉#8226;麦戈尼格尔(Kelly McGonigal)改变了自己的观点。作为一名在斯坦福大学(Stanford University)任教的健康心理学家,她很多年里一直秉持传统的看法,即压力对人不好。But when a few years ago she came across research which suggested that stress is bad for you only when you believe it to be damaging, she had to reconsider. Indeed, the same research found that people who lived with stress but did not view it as harmful were the healthiest people of all.但几年前,她无意中看到了一项研究结果,认为压力只有在你相信它有害时才对你不好,之后她不得不重新思考自己的观点。事实上,同一项研究还发现,那些生活在压力之下但不把压力视为有害的人才是所有人中最健康的。McGonigal started digging deeper into the subject and the result is this book, which argues that by recognising and working with stress, rather than trying to ignore or suppress it, we can perform better and achieve more.麦戈尼格尔于是开始深入研究这一课题,成果就是这本书——《压力的好处》(The Upside of Stress)。书中认为,通过承认压力并在压力下工作——而非试图忽视或压制它——我们可以做得更好,取得更大成就。It is a bold and counter-intuitive thesis, and she makes quite a good case for it. In particular, she forces the er to take a more nuanced view. For example, there is more than one kind of response to stress. There are alternatives to “fight or flight”. We can also rise to the challenge.这是一个大胆且与直觉相反的论点,而且她为之提出了相当充分的理由。尤其是,她极力劝说读者接受一种更加微妙的观点。例如,对于压力有不止一种反应。除了“或战或逃”之外,还有其他选择。我们也可以接受挑战。What is more, some of our fundamental concepts could be misconceived. The Hungarian endocrinologist Hans Selye carried out significant research into the subject in the 1930s, studying the behaviour of rats in experiments. But, as McGonigal points out, some of these tests involved randomised electric shocks and near-death by drowning, hardly the common experience of many humans. The stress the rats endured was of the worst kind. What safe conclusions should we draw from that?更重要的是,我们的一些基本观念可能都是错误的。匈牙利内分泌学家汉斯#8226;谢耶(Hans Selye)上世纪30年代对这一课题开展了重要研究,观察了实验中小白鼠的行为。但是,正如麦戈尼格尔所指出的,其中一些测试涉及随机电击以及溺水造成的濒死体验,这些并非很多人共有的体验。那些小白鼠承受的是最极端类型的压力。我们能从中得出什么可靠结论呢?McGonigal says that stress is an important signifier, not something to be ignored. “You don’t stress out about things you don’t care about, and you can’t create a meaningful life without experiencing some stress,” she writes.麦戈尼格尔称,压力是重要的信号载体,是不应被忽视的。“你对不关心的事情不会感到有压力,不经历某种程度的压力,你无法创造出有意义的人生,”她写道。She suggests a three-step approach to change our “mindset”: acknowledge stress when you experience it, welcome the stress by recognising that it is a response to something you care about, then make use of the energy it gives you.她建议采取一种三步法来改变我们的“心态”:感受到压力时,你要承认它;欢迎压力,明白压力是你对所关心之事的反应;然后利用压力给你带来的能量。McGonigal has the zeal of a convert, which possibly leads her to believe she has cracked the problem. There are some big claims. Working better with stress “could even mean the difference between having a heart attack at 50 or living into your nineties,” she says.麦戈尼格尔拥有一名皈依者的热情,这可能使她相信自己攻克了这个难题。她说了一些大话。能否在压力下更好地工作“甚至可能意味着50岁心脏病发作与活到90岁的差别,”她说。She acknowledges that not all life events can be managed away: “Not every trauma has an upside#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;you shouldn’t force a positive interpretation on every instance of suffering.” But only a few pages on she writes: “Choosing to see the upside in our most painful experiences is part of how we can change our relationship with stress.”她承认,并非生活中的所有事都能被妥当处理:“不是所有心理创伤都有积极的一面……你不应对每一种痛苦经历都强迫作出积极解释。”但就在几页之后,她又写道:“选择从我们最痛苦的经历中看到积极的一面是改善我们与压力的关系的一种方式。”“Stress is harmful, except when it’s not,” she concludes. But something is missing: any reference to the large body of work carried out by Sir Michael Marmot over recent decades. He has shown that stress can be hard to avoid, or deal with, especially for those with lower status in an organisation.“压力是有害的,除非它不是压力,”她总结道。但本书有所欠缺的是没有参考迈克尔#8226;马莫爵士(Sir Michael Marmot)近几十年来所做的大量工作。他的研究表明了,压力很难避免或应对,尤其是对那些组织中地位较低的人来说。McGonigal does concede that stress can be harmful when three things are true: you feel inadequate to it, it isolates you and it feels meaningless and against your will. Unfortunately, for quite a lot of people at work, that unholy trinity can apply all too often.麦戈尼格尔的确承认,在三种情况下压力是有害的:你觉得无法应对它,它使你孤立,它的存在毫无意义而且违背你的意愿。不幸的是,对于职场中相当多的人来说,这种邪恶的三位一体往往都可以适用。 /201505/376128Ever wonder what would happen if you stopped working out? A new study on identical twins published in thlt; journal Medicine amp; Science in Sports amp; Exercise explores exactly that, and the results are dramatic.想知道停止锻炼后会发生什么吗?一项由《每日医学》,《体育科学》和《运动探秘》共同公布的研究表明,双胞胎们在测试后发生了戏剧性的变化。In the study, Finnish researchers looked at 10 pairs of identical twin men. Each set of twins was in the ir mid-30s, and each had been brought up in the same household. Since they were identical, they also shar ed the same DNA. The only difference was that though they had maintained the same level of physical act ity for most of their lives, one twin had cut way back on exercising in the past few years due to work or family pressure; on average, the active twin worked out at least twice a week, while the less active twi n exercised less than twice a week. The research team put each twin through a host of medical tests to ge t a sense of their overall health.茌研究中,芬兰研究人员选择了10对同卵双胞胎。每对双胞胎都是30多岁,每对双胞胎的日常起居都泪同。当然,因为是同卵,所以他们也拥有完全相同的DNA。仅有的不同是,虽然他们在大多数时候进行相同等级的锻炼 ,但其中一个双胞胎在过去几年里因工作和家庭压力削减了运动;平均来说,常运动的双胞胎每周至少运动两次.同时,少运动的双胞胎每周运动不到两次。研究团队对每名双胞胎都进行了多项药理检查,以获得他们全部的健康状况。The results revealed big differences between each twin. While the more active twins had lower body fat percentage (20.7 versus 24), better endurance levels, and normal insulin sensitivity, the sedentary twins had about seven more pounds of body fat, worse endurance, and insulin sensitivity that showed signs of early metabolic disease. Not only were their bodies different; their brains diverged as well. The athletic twins had more gray matter (the information processing part of the brain), particularly in areas that controlled balance and motor function.结果揭露了每对双胞胎之间巨大的差异。常运动的双胞胎拥有更低的体脂肪率(20.7:24),更好的耐力,和正常的胰岛素敏感度,少运动的双胞胎脂肪多出7磅多,耐力差,胰岛素敏感度更显示出早期代谢病的症状。不仅身体状况不同,他们的大脑也出现差异。运动双胞胎拥有更多脑灰质(大脑中负责信息处理的部分),尤其是负责平衡和运动功能的部分。The study was small, but the takeaway is clear: Quitting your fitness routine can trigger body and brain changes that mess with your cardio fitness and strength and set you up for chronic conditions such as di abetes, says Jordan Metzl, M.D., sports medicine physician and author of The Exercise Cure. (Metzl was no t part of the study.) And considering that the less active twins in the study had only recently become co uch potatoes, these changes can sneak up on you a lot sooner than you#39;d think. ;Muscles begin to atrophgt; after just a few days of being sedentary,; says Metzl. ;Organ damage and changes in overall functioning w ill follow.;运动医学专家和运动治疗机构负责人乔丹吉米麦特奏(他并没有参与这项研究)说,这个研究规模较小,但结论却很淸晰:退出健身计划会触发身体和大脑的改变,弱化心肺的功能,还会导致一些慢性病,比如糖尿病。考虑到少运动双胞胎只在最近才变得懒散,这些改变可能比你想象得更早已发生在你身上。” “缺乏运动只要几天就会导致肌肉萎缩,”吉米麦特奏说,“而器官总体功苜獅员伤与改变随后就会开始。” /201503/365848

TORONTO — YOU can’t even really see the shoes.多伦多——你其实很少能看到这些鞋子。In many of the photos of women on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, the elegant gowns fall all the way to the ground, obscuring a view of their special-occasion footwear.在戛纳电影节(Cannes Film Festival)女星走红毯的照片中,有很多优雅的及地长裙,遮挡了她们专为这个特殊场合穿着的鞋子。So why on earth would it matter if women entering the prestigious celebration of cinema chose not to confine themselves in difficult-to-walk-in heels, opting for something more manageable — or even fashion-forward, in a flat?那么,如果一名女性决定不穿着难以走路的高跟鞋,而是选择更加方便——甚至是时尚前沿的——平底鞋,步入这个知名的电影盛会,又有什么大不了的呢?It did seem to matter to someone, though. It was reported last week that some women were turned away from the festival for the sartorial sin of wearing flats. High heels, it turns out, appeared to be part of the unwritten red-carpet dress code. Wearing heels changes how you stand, how you walk and how you are perceived. Even if they are visible only in small flashes, when a hem moves to one side, they are, in essence, a foundation garment: shoes that keep women in their place.但是对于有些人,这似乎真的很重要。上周有报道称,一些女性穿着平底鞋前往这个电影节,却因违反着装规范而被拒之门外。实际上,高跟鞋似乎是不成文的红地毯着装规范之一。穿着高跟鞋,会改变你站立、走路的姿势,改变人们对你的感觉。即使鞋子被看到的时候很少,但当裙装的下摆摆到一边时,它们本质上就相当于紧身胸衣:鞋子让女性摆正自己的位置。The heel has come to be the icon of feminine allure and even female power. But what, exactly, is this power and why do only women have the privilege of using heels to convey it?高跟鞋已经变成女性魅力的标志,甚至是女性力量的标志。但是,这种力量究竟是什么,为什么只有女性才拥有用高跟鞋来表达它的特权呢?Heeled footwear that gave the wearer a bit of a lift, or an advantage while on horseback, were not the original domain of women. They were first introduced into Western fashion around the turn of the 17th century from Western Asia. Privileged men, followed by women, eagerly wore them for more than 130 years as expressions of power and prestige.高跟鞋会对穿着者产生一种“提升”效果,类似于骑在马上的优势,它最初并不是女性饰。在17世纪之交,高跟鞋被首次从西亚引入西方时装领域。在130多年的时间里,它是权力和威望的表达,特权阶层的男性热衷于穿着高跟鞋,该阶层女性也随之效仿。This changed, however, in the 18th century when the distinctions between male and female dress began to reflect larger cultural shifts. Regardless of class, men were deemed uniquely endowed with rational thought and thus worthy of political enfranchisement. Heels were not required on this new equal playing field. Men began to wear the nascent three-piece suit in somber hues and were discouraged from standing out from one another. Alexander Pope, writing early in the century, composed a satirical list of men’s club rules that included the warning that if a member “shall wear the Heels of his shoes exceeding one inch and half... the Criminal shall instantly be expell’d... Go from among us, and be tall if you can!”然而在18世纪时,情况发生了转变,男女饰之间的差异开始反映更广泛层面上的文化转变。无论属于哪个阶级,男性都被视为唯一具有理性思维的性别,因而应当拥有政治选举权。在这种新的平等中,男性不再需要高跟鞋。他们开始穿着新兴的三件套,色调暗沉,别具一格是不受提倡的。在那个世纪之初,亚历山大·蒲柏(Alexander Pope)列出了男性俱乐部的规则,其中警告说,如果一个成员“鞋跟超过一英寸半……此人应被立即驱逐……从我们这里离开,自己去变高!”Women, in contrast, were represented as being naturally deficient in reason and unfit for either education or citizenship. Fashion was redefined as frivolous and feminine, and the high heel became a potent accessory of ditsy desirability. The “lively” character Harriot “tottering on her French heels and with her head as unsteady as her feet” in a 1781 story “The Delineator,” represented the typical 18th-century feminine ideal. The high heel was then suspect for other reasons, too; it had supposed connections to female vanity and deceitfulness. Added to this was the increasing fear that women would use heels and other sexualized modes of dress to seduce men and usurp power. Marie Antoinette was the poster child for this, and this idea is the cornerstone of the contemporary conceit that high heels are accessories of female power.相反,女性则被视为天生缺乏理性,不适合接受教育和拥有公民身份。时尚被重新定义为轻浮和女人味,高跟鞋成为“傻白甜”形象的有力辅助。在1781年的短篇小说《描画者》(The Delineator)中,“活泼”的人物哈里奥特(Harriot)“穿着法式高跟鞋摇摇晃晃的,脑袋就像她的脚一样不稳定”,这代表了18世纪女性的理想典型。接着高跟鞋又有了其他一些让人不放心的理由;它与女性的虚荣心和不诚实联系到了一起。此外人们还越来越担心,女性会用高跟鞋等性感饰来迷惑男人并篡夺权力,玛丽·安托瓦内特(Marie Antoinette)就是一个典型例子。而这种观念也奠定了基础,让高跟鞋成为了一种代表女性权力的配饰。By the 19th century, the invention of photography, and its immediate adoption by pornographers, established the curious convention of depicting women stripped of their clothing with the exception of their shoes.到19世纪,摄影术的发明及其在色情作品中的迅速普及,催生了一种古怪的惯例:描绘除了鞋子之外不着其他衣物的女性。The heel also retained its associations with female irrationality. As one anti-suffrage agitator wrote in The New York Times in 1871, “Suffrage! Right to hold office! Show us first the woman who has ... sense and taste enough to dress attractively and yet to walk down Fifth-avenue wearing ... a shoe which does not destroy both her comfort and her gait.”高鞋鞋仍然保持着与女性非理性形象之间的联系。一个反对女性参政的煽动者,在1871年的《纽约时报》上写道:“选举权!担任公职的权利!先让我们看看,哪个女人有足够的理性和品味,穿着让她舒适,又不破坏步态的鞋子,风姿绰约地走过第五大道。”With all this baggage weighing down high heels, it’s no wonder they couldn’t gain a foothold in men’s fashion — even when men’s stature became a cultural focus in the early decades of the 20th century. Pseudoscientific ideas promoted Darwinian concepts of survival of the fittest and linked male height directly to sexual attractiveness. Heels could have been pressed back into service in men’s fashion, yet they were rejected. Heels on men detracted from their masculinity by highlighting a natural lack of height, rather than conferring any advantage gained from artificially increased stature.高跟鞋被这种种包袱所拖累,难怪无法在男士时装中拥有一席之地——即使在20世纪最初几十年,男人的身高成为一个文化焦点的时候。一些伪科学观念引入达尔文优胜劣汰概念,把男性身高和性吸引力直接联系起来。高跟鞋本有可能回到男士时装界,但遭到了他们的拒绝。男人穿着高跟减损了他们的阳刚之气,突出了天生的身高不足,人为增加的身高不会赋予他们任何优势。High heels on women, however, remained the cultural norm. Even when heels temporarily went out of fashion, they retained a prominent place in erotica. At the conclusion of World War II, this association led to the invention of the stiletto. The exceptionally thin heels depicted in wartime pinup art were made reality in the early 1950s and real-life women were encouraged to emulate those pinup ideals. Marilyn Monroe — alluring, playful and invariably stiletto shod — became one of the principal feminine archetypes of the period.然而,女性穿着高跟鞋仍然是一种文化规范。即使在时装领域,高跟鞋会暂时过气,在情色领域,它也始终屹立不倒。第二次世界大战结束后,这种联系催生了细高跟鞋的发明。战时美女招贴中细到极致的高跟鞋,在50年代初成了现实,社会鼓励现实生活中的女性去模仿那些画报女郎。诱人、顽皮,总是穿细高跟鞋的玛丽莲·梦露(Marilyn Monroe),成为了这一时期女性的典型形象。By the 1960s, the high heel fell somewhat from favor; too “mature” for the Youthquake style revolution and too problematic for emerging feminists. It returned to fashion in the 1970s, perfectly in tune with the disco era (when some men did allow heels back into their wardrobe, too).到了20世纪60年代,高鞋跟变得不那么受青睐了;对于“青年风暴”(Youthquake)的风格革命而言,它太“成熟”;而对新锐女权主义者来说,它又太容易惹麻烦。到70年代,高跟鞋重新流行起来,与那个迪斯科时代完美契合(高跟鞋当时也确实出现在了一些男性的衣柜中)。In the 1980s, as unprecedented numbers of women entered the white-collar workplace, climbing the corporate ladder was perceived as socially risky — it could strip a woman of her desirability. High fashion offered an antidote: Toweringly high “killer heels” that insinuated that business acumen alone was not the reason for women’s success. By the early 2000s, designer heels were perceived as “power tools” — as one Times story called them — to be used, like lingerie, by professional women to manipulate people through the “power” of sex appeal, an idea that continues to resonate to this day.上世纪80年代,前所未有的大批女性进入职场,事业心太强开始被认为是社交生活的不利因素——它可能会让女性不招人喜欢。高端时尚提供了一个对策:高耸入云的“致命高跟”。它可以旁敲侧击地告诉对方,女性的成功并非只是因为她的商业头脑。本世纪初,设计师版的高跟鞋被认为是“影响力工具”——时报的一篇报道也曾使用这种说法——职业女性利用高跟鞋,通过性感的“力量”来操纵他人,这个想法在今天仍然会得到认同。Linking sex appeal to power also clearly suggests that women have a very short window of opportunity for when they can be seen as powerful. The common comment about the Cannes debacle — that a handful of middle-aged women in flats were turned away — illustrates this issue. In an apologist manner, this observation seemed to suggest that perhaps if these women hadn’t been so aged they wouldn’t have worn sensible shoes. Never mind what accomplishments or connections brought them to the festival.性魅力与影响力之间的关联还可以清晰地表明,女性一生中只有很短暂的一段时间可以显得富有权力。对于今年戛纳电影节上的事故——少数穿着平底鞋的中年女性被拒绝入场——的普遍看法就突显了这个问题。虽然带有道歉的姿态,但这种观点似乎在暗示,或许如果这些女性不这么老,就根本不会去穿舒的平底鞋,无论她们是凭借什么成绩或关系来参加庆典的。This is the ultimate problem with sexual allure as a purported means to power: The power lies in the eye of the beholder, not the beheld.这就是把性诱惑力视作影响力工具要面对的终极问题:你是否有影响力取决于观察者的主观看法。If the argument for heels is that they are part of traditional attire for women, that is not wrong. The body-revealing gowns and barely there footwear worn by women on the red carpet have direct links to 18th-century ideas on gender, 19th-century pornographic images and midcentury concepts of a woman’s place in society.如果倡导穿高跟鞋的人声称它属于女性的传统饰,这也一点没错。暴露的礼和藏在裙子下的鞋子与18世纪的性别观、19世纪的色情图片,以及上世纪中叶的女性社会地位有着直接的关系。Perhaps it is a tradition we can upend in the 21st century, when it should be clear that a woman’s power has nothing to do with the height of her heel.或许我们可以在21世纪颠覆这个传统,因为我们现在都清楚,女性的影响力与鞋跟的高度无关。 /201505/377178

There are many ways yoga makes you a better person. Moreover, it makes you more beautiful. Believe it or not, but it’s really true. Yoga is a wonderful beauty practice anyone can take part in. It’s a great exercise that helps reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, and can make you look and feel younger and happier. Here are a few amazing ways yoga makes you a better person.瑜伽有很多方法使你一个更好的人。此外,它会让你更美丽。不管你相不相信,但这是真的。瑜伽是一个美妙的美丽练习,任何人都可以参加。这是一个很好的运动可以帮助减少压力、降低血压、缓解焦虑和抑郁的症状,可以让你看起来和感觉更年轻和更快乐。这里有一些令人惊异的方式瑜伽会让你变成一个更优秀的人。1. It makes you strong1、它会使你强大Yoga makes us strong, and, as you know, a strong woman is always beautiful. Yoga tones your whole body, especially your core, arms, butt and thighs. If your self-esteem needs a boost, yoga can really help. Numerous studies have shown that yoga helps understand yourself internally so you become aware of all those potential which lies within you. You may not notice it at first, but in time, you will understand that you know yourself better and you are much stronger than you seem.瑜伽让我们强大,如你所知,一个强大的女人总是美丽的。瑜伽调理你的全身,特别是你的核心,手臂、臀部和大腿。如果你的自尊需要提振,瑜伽就能真正帮助你。众多研究表明,瑜伽有助于了解自己内部所以你开始意识到所有这些你身上潜在的东西。你可能不会一开始就注意到它,但随着时间的推移,你会明白到你知道自己更多,你比你看起来更强大。2. It makes you calm and collected2、它让你平静和镇定When a woman is stressed, she doesn’t look confident and beautiful. Yoga is one of the best ways to keep stress away. Doing yoga daily will make you calm and collected, and will help you stay positive and handle problems better. When you are calm and collected, you are much prettier than when you are stressed, remember it.当一个女人感觉到有压力,她看起来不自信和美丽。瑜伽是消除压力的最好方法之一。每天做瑜伽会让你平静和镇定,并将帮助你保持乐观和更好地处理问题。当你平静和镇定,记住,你比有压力的时候更漂亮。3. It makes you humble3、它让你谦卑Another way yoga makes you a better person is by giving you a great sense of humility. In one word, it makes you humble. When you fail at a pose, you don’t give up, right? You keep practicing until you succeed. This way, you learn how to admit your mistakes and forgive yourself, along with other people. Yoga makes you feel more comfortable with your imperfections.另一种方法瑜伽会让你变成一个更优秀的人是通过给你巨大的谦卑。总的来说,它会让你谦卑。当你失败在一个姿,你不要放弃,,对吗?你继续练习直到你成功。这种方式,您将学习如何承认自己的错误,,原谅自己还有别人。瑜伽让你感觉更容易接受自己的不完美。4. It makes you happier4、它让你更开心Even if you are not good at yoga, it can still make you happier. The thing is, yoga stimulates brain-calming GABA, lowers stress, and keeps you positive. Moreover, yoga stimulates serotonin production in your brain. When you feel sad or stressed, find a few minutes to practice yoga and you will see the result. You will be much happier and more positive, and a positive woman is usually a beautiful one, so make sure you always have time for yoga.即使你不擅长瑜伽,它还能让你更开心。事情是这样的,瑜伽刺激伽码氨基丁酸镇静大脑,降低压力,让你保持乐观。此外,瑜伽会刺激你的大脑5 -羟色胺产生。当你感到悲伤或有压力,找几分钟来练习瑜伽,你就会看到结果。你会变得更快乐和更积极的,乐观的女人通常是美丽的,所以确保你总是有时间做瑜伽。5. It gives you a healthy body5、它给你一个健康的身体While yoga can help you lose weight, it can also give you a healthy body. Yoga improves flexibility, prevents joint pain, and helps the body stay fit, of course, with a healthy eating plan. A worn out body is not beautiful, but a healthy body is. Doing yoga is one of the best ways to make yourself healthy and more beautiful. After all, if you don’t have a healthy body, how can you cope with all life situations and become a better person?瑜伽可以帮助你减肥也能给你一个健康的身体。瑜伽可以提高灵活性,防止关节疼痛,并帮助身体保持健康,当然,要有一个健康的饮食计划。疲惫不堪的身体并不是美丽的,但一个健康的身体就是美丽。做瑜伽是一个最好的让自己健康、更漂亮的方法。毕竟,如果你没有一个健康的身体,你怎么能应付生活中的一切况和成为一个更好的人呢?6. Good posture6、好的姿势It’s always lovely to see a lady with a great posture. Good posture makes every woman feel confident and gorgeous and she looks much more beautiful and healthier than a woman slumped over. If you want to improve your posture, yoga is a must. Try some easy yet effective poses such as warrior one, chair, plank, crow, and some others, you will have a better posture in just a few weeks.看到一个女士和好的姿势是令人愉快的。好的姿势让每个女人感到自信和美丽,她看起来比、衰落的女人更美丽和更健康。如果你想改善你的姿势,瑜伽是必须的。尝试一些简单但有效的姿势,如战士、椅子、板材、鸡鸣,等等,你会在短短几周有一个更好的姿势。7. Perfect skin tone7、完美的肤色Yoga improves blood circulation in each area of the body, including your face. This gives you a naturally perfect skin tone and a rosy glow. The movements create a great blood circulation that helps move stagnant lymph fluid along in the body. Try to do a couple of poses and your cheeks will look much rosier, I promise!瑜伽可以改善身体的每一个领域的血液循环,包括你的脸。这给你一个自然的完美的肤色,光照人。这个动作创建良好的血液循环,帮助体内淋巴流体沿着身体流动。尝试做几个姿势,你的脸颊看起来会更红润,我保!If you’ve never done yoga, you should definitely try it today. You will notice so many benefits in your life. You don’t have to do difficult poses, if you are new to yoga. Opt for simpler poses to achieve more beauty and flexibility from head to toe. I try to do yoga every day, even if it’s just for several minutes. Ladies, do you practice yoga? Do you agree that yoga can make any woman look more beautiful?如果你从来没有做瑜伽,你今天应该试一试。你会在你的生活中注意到很多好处。你不必做困难的姿势,如果你是瑜伽新手。从头到脚选择简单的姿势来实现美丽和灵活性。我尽量每天都做瑜伽,哪怕只是几分钟。女士们,你练习瑜伽吗?你同意瑜伽能让任何一个女人看起来更漂亮吗? /201412/350917

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