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Time Warner has rejected an bn bid from Rupert Murdoch’s 1st Century Fox, setting up a stand-off between two of the biggest names in television and film at a time when content companies have become dwarfed by the cable and satellite groups that carry their programming.时代华纳(Time Warner)拒绝了来自鲁珀特#86;默多克(Rupert Murdoch)旗下1世纪福克斯(1st Century Fox)的800亿美元收购要约,影视界两大品牌就此搭起对峙的舞台目前内容商的风头日益被播放节目的有线和卫星电视公司盖过Mr Murdoch has pulled off many audacious deals over the last half century, but the media mogul saved his biggest bid until well into his ninth decade. The cash and stock offer, worth about a share based on Tuesday’s closing price, would add HBO, Turner and Warner Bros to his empire and e media brands from Batman to Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.过去半个世纪期间,默多克完成了许多大胆的交易,但这位媒体大亨将最大的一笔收购留到了自己80多岁高龄时这份现金加股权的收购要约(照周二的收盘价相当于每股出价86美元)如果成功,将把美国家庭电影频道(HBO)、特纳(Turner)以及华纳兄弟(Warner Bros)纳入他的帝国版图,并将从《蝙蝠侠(Batman)到福克斯新闻主播比尔#86;奥赖利(Bill O’Reilly)的媒体品牌整合到一起The offer was made in early June at a private lunch in Time Warner’s Manhattan headquarters attended by Chase Carey, Mr Murdoch’s top lieutenant, and Jeff Bewkes, Time Warner’s chairman and chief executive.这一并购方案是6月初在时代华纳曼哈顿总部一个私人午宴上提出的参加那次午宴的有默多克头号助手蔡斯#86;凯里(Chase Carey)和时代华纳董事长兼首席执行官杰夫#86;比克斯(Jeff Bewkes)When Mr Carey mentioned the offer, Mr Bewkes abruptly ended the lunch to consult with his board, said a person familiar with the situation.一位熟悉当时情况的人士表示,当凯里提到这一方案时,比克斯突然终止了午餐,以便与他的董事会商讨此事An bn bid is the second-largest media and entertainment deal, according to data from Thomson Reuters, after AOL’s ill-fated $bn takeover of Time Warner in 00.根据汤森路透(Thomson Reuters)的数据,800亿美元的开价在媒体和产业中是史上规模第二大交易,排在00年美国在线(AOL)斥资0亿美元收购时代华纳的交易之后——那场收购结局不佳 3890

BEIJING: Stars who have used drugs, visitedprostitutes or been involved in other law-breaking will not be allowed toappear on Chinese television, movie screens or other ms of broadcast, state mediasaid on Thursday, following a series of scandals.北京:继发生系列丑闻之后,国家媒体于周四报道,凡是有吸毒、嫖娼或涉嫌其他违法行为的艺人将不得出现在中国电视电影屏幕上,也不能以其他广播媒介出现The ban by the broadcast regulator, which includes radio and advertisements, ismeant to ;keep the industry healthy;, the official China Dailyreported.据官方媒体中国日报报道,广播监管机构下达的禁令涵盖广播和广告领域,目的是“保持该行业健康发展”;Celebrities who break the law should not be invited to appear inprogrammes, and transmission of their words should be suspended,; thenewspaper said, citing a statement from the regulator.该报纸援引一名监管者的话报道,“不得邀请违法的名人参与制作广播电视节目,媒体也不传播他们的言语”;Recent cases involving stars using drugs or visiting prostitutes haveharmed the image of the entertainment industry and set a bad example youngpeople,; the newspaper added.报纸还报道,“近来艺人吸毒嫖娼的案例已经损害了行业的形象,给年轻人立下了不良的榜样”Chinese prosecutors last month approved the arrest of Jaycee Chan, son of kungfu movie star Jackie Chan, after a suspected drugs offence, the latest in astring of celebrities to fall foul of the law.中国的检察官们于上月批准逮捕功夫电影明星成龙的儿子房祖名,原因是房祖名涉嫌毒品犯罪这是最近发生的一系列明星违法案例之一Chinahas detained several other mostly B-list celebrities in recent months ondrug-related charges, cases that have been publicized widely in both state andsocial media. They have included movie and television stars, film directors anda prominent screenwriter.近几个月来,中国已经拘留了另几名获吸毒指控的二线名人,国家和社会媒体都广泛报道了这些案例这些被拘留的人员包括电影电视明星、电影导演和杰出的编剧One director was detained on suspicion of hiring prostitutes.一名导演因涉嫌嫖娼获拘留The crackdown has come as the government seeks to push ward a wider campaignagainst extravagance and decadence.随着政府加大反对腐化堕落作风的力度,制裁活动随之而来Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed to go after corruption and excess amongthe elite, a prime source of public discontent as the gap between the poor andthe wealthy continues to grow.中国主席习已誓言要追击精英分子的腐化奢靡作风,由于贫富差距仍在拉大,这是引发公众不满的主要根源 1

辰亦儒在飞轮海这个偶像团体里充当阳光男孩这一角色,比帅他不及吴尊,比可爱他不及大东,比深沉有亚纶在也就没他的份,可是他凭借他天使般的阳光笑容,征了无数台弯少女,他的学历也是如同他笑容般灿烂,毕业于温哥华大学 主修经济、维多利亚 硕士主修经济Calvin:Simon Fraser University ;University of Victoria 897his new film, “Bridge of Spies,” the director Steven Spielberg returned to what him has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration: American history. His hero this time isn’t a totemic national figure, as in his film, “Lincoln,” but instead is someone whose name is barely known: James Donovan, played by Tom Hanks. A Bronx-born lawyer who defended a vilified Soviet spy, Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance), during the Cold War’s peak, Mr. Donovan later negotiated to swap Mr. Abel both the American U- spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers, who had been shot down over the Soviet Union, and an American graduate student who had been detained in East Berlin.导演史蒂夫·斯皮尔伯格(Steven Spielberg)在《间谍之桥(Bridge of Spies)中回归了对他来说永不枯竭的灵感源泉:美国历史这一次,他的主人公不再如年的《林肯(Lincoln)那样,是一位图腾般的国民英雄,而是一个名字几乎不为世人所知的小人物:詹姆斯·多诺万(James Donovan),由汤姆·汉克斯(Tom Hanks)饰演此人是出生于布朗克斯的律师,在冷战高潮期间,为被指控为苏联间谍的鲁道夫·阿贝尔(Rudolf Abel,马克·李朗斯[Mark Rylance] 饰演)担任辩护律师多诺万后来参与协商,用阿贝尔同苏联交换在苏联上空被击落的U-侦察机的飞行员弗朗西斯·加里·鲍尔斯( Francis Gary Powers),还有一名被东柏林羁押的美国大学生Mr. Spielberg — an engaged, thoughtful and kindly presence — sat down in TriBeCa recently to talk about how the post-9 world inms his new film, what Hollywood could be doing women and minorities and why he feels he was born decades too late. Here are excerpts from the conversation:斯皮尔伯格一直是个忙碌、有思想而友好的人,最近,他在翠贝卡电影节谈起后9-的世界是如何影响了他的新电影,好莱坞能为女性和少数族裔做些什么,以及他为什么觉得自己晚生了几十年下面是经过节选的对话Q. Did you see commonalities with “Bridge of Spies” and “Lincoln” in terms of the story lines?问:就情节而言,你觉得《间谍之桥和《林肯有什么相似之处?A. Both men are highly principled, and both men basically have a mission. Lincoln’s mission was going to change the way we look at each other, and Donovan’s mission was to basically bring somebody home. In a sense, Lincoln and Donovan are uncompromising figures in history, one completely obscure and the other almost ineffably famous.答:两个男主人公都非常有原则,基本上,都有一个使命林肯的使命是改变我们看待彼此的方式,多诺万的使命基本上是送某人回家在某种意义上,林肯和多诺万都是历史上毫不妥协的角色,不过一个默默无闻,另一个家喻户晓Donovan was especially resolute in the idea that this man deserves every defense. Is there nostalgia here to a kind of belief and principle? I was thinking of prisoners in Guantánamo. Was that in your mind when you were making the film?问:多诺万极度坚持这个男人值得全力为之辩护这是对信仰和原则的一种怀旧吗?我联想起关塔那的囚犯,拍电影的时候,你想到这个问题了吗?So many things were in my mind in the contemporary world. Drone missions. Guantánamo Bay. Cyberhacking, because cyberhacking is a m of spying. At the very beginning of technological spycraft in the late ’50s, with the U- overflights, our fear was that the Sputnik was a spy satellite, which it turned out of course not to be, and there was also great suspicion and fear of nuclear holocaust. I grew up in that era. The stakes were very, very high. And yet today, there is much more d and fear of who’s looking over our shoulders. There was a specific enemy, the Soviet Union, in the 1950s and ’60s. Today we don’t know our enemy. The enemy doesn’t have a specific face.答:关于当代世界,我想过太多问题无人机轰炸、关塔那湾、电脑黑客——因为电脑黑客也是一种间谍形式世纪50年代末,技术间谍手段刚刚兴起,U-飞机可以飞越领空,我们担心苏联人造卫星是间谍卫星,最后发现它根本不是,对核末日的猜疑和恐惧也是甚嚣尘上我成长在那个时代风险重重然而如今却有了愈来愈多的恐惧,担心别人会严密监视我们五六十年代,苏联是明明白白的敌人如今我们根本不知道自己的敌人是谁敌人根本就没有特定的面孔 you, is there solace looking at heroic people in history? Is it a comt compared with what’s happening in the world now?问:对你来说,历史上的英雄人物是一种安慰吗?把历史和如今的世界对照让你觉得安心吗?Here’s the thing. It’s a little harder today. Donovan could work in tremendous secrecy at a time when there was no social media. Today it’d be a lot harder to find a man that would stand up his principles and suffer the slings and arrows of the haters on social media. Donovan had it bad: They shot a bullet through the window of his apartment in the late ’50s. Imagine the amount of hurt that would have been brought to bear on Donovan’s family had this entire incident occurred in this day and age.答:是这样如今的岁月有一些艰难在没有社交媒体的年代,多诺万可以在高度保密的状态下工作如今的年代,要找到一个既坚持原则,同时又能抵御社交媒体上的喷子们暴风骤雨的怒骂,实在是难上加难多诺万遇到过坏事,50年代末,有人冲着他公寓的窗子开了一想想吧,如果这种事发生在今天,多诺万的家人要承受多少伤害How did you find out about this story?问:你是怎么找到这个故事的?A British playwright named Matt Charman presented me with this incredible story about the spy swap. I’m a big fan of the spy genre. Even though this film was more of an intellectual spy drama, a little more about the art of negotiation and conversation, there was still spycraft that really got me excited. I’m a huge fan of “The Quiller Memorandum,” “The Ipcress File,” The Spy Who Came In From the Cold.” Even “Our Man Flint,” “Dr. No,” and “FromRussia With Love.”答:一个名叫马特·查曼(Matt Charman)的英国编剧给我看了这个精的交换间谍的故事我非常迷恋间谍片虽然这部电影其实主要是部智力间谍情节剧,关于谈判与对话艺术的内容更多些,不过其中仍然有些间谍技巧让我非常兴奋我特别喜欢的间谍片有《谍海群英会(The Quiller Memorandum)、《伊普克雷斯档案(The Ipcress File)、《柏林谍影(The Spy Who Came In From the Cold)、就连《弗林特(Our Man Flint)、《0之诺士(Dr. No)、和《0之俄罗斯之恋(FromRussia With Love)也喜欢I’m going to jump out to some general queries. In terms of the film industry, do you feel it’s in a healthy state?问:我要抛出一些比较泛的问题了你觉得当今的电影工业处在一个健康状态吗?The film business has always been competitive with television, and in the early age of television, some of the greatest writers worked in television. Paddy Chayefsky, Stirling Silliphant, Rod Serling. Then television became very mulaic. But something has happened in the last seven or eight years. Some of the greatest writing today is television. Look at series like “Transparent,” “Bloodline,” “Wolf Hall” and “Downton Abbey.” A wonderful series I’m hooked on, “Homeland.”答:电影工业总在和电视业竞争在电视的早期岁月,有一些最好的作者为它务比如帕迪·查耶夫斯基(Paddy Chayefsky)、斯特林·西里芬特(Stirling Silliphant)、罗德·瑟林(Rod Serling)然后电视业开始变得非常俗套但在过去七八年间,有些事情发生了如今,有些最好的作者又开始为电视写作看看《透明家庭(Transparent)、《至亲血统(Bloodline)、《狼厅(Wolf Hall)、《唐顿庄园(Downton Abbey)这些电视剧吧我特别迷恋的一部剧就是《国土安全(Homeland)Television has allowed the audience to take bigger risks on where they’re spending money when they go to the movies. Because if they can get something like that in a movie theater, where that particular story is only playing in a movie theater, it might get more people out to the movies.电视让观众在花钱去电影院的时候承担更大的风险如果他们能在影院看到这样的东西,如果特定的故事只在影院放映,这样可能就会吸引愈来愈多的人去看电影了So the filmmakers can take more of a risk?问:所以电影人可以更冒险?Yes, the studios can take more of a risk and allow filmmakers to tell stories that are self-contained and don’t even promise a sequel. I think television has helped the independent cinema and that the independent cinema has inspired long-m television. This is the second golden age of television, absolutely.答:是的,电影公司可以更冒险,让电影人讲述更独立完整的故事,甚至不承诺做续集我觉得电视对独立电影有帮助,独立电影也在启发长篇电视这绝对是电视的第二个黄金时代Women’s point of view has been a huge topic lately. Do you feel someone in your position has a responsibility to cultivate young women filmmakers?问:女性视点是最近的重大议题你觉得处在你位置上的人有责任扶植年轻女性电影人吗?I’ve cultivated women in film ever since I decided to make my secretary my producer and m my company, Amblin. I’m much more comtable in the company of women. I’m talking about women in creative capacities, not administrative. The first movie I ever greenlit DreamWorks was a film called “The Peacemaker,” and Mimi Leder directed it. Women are very much in executive positions all over the film industry today — the head of Universal, head of Fox 00. The mer head of Sony. What I don’t understand is the lack of diversity and color in the executive ranks of motion-picture companies, and that is something I think we have to look carefully at and have to ask why.答:自从我成立安培林公司(Amblin),并且提拔我的秘书当制片人开始,就已经在扶植女性电影人了女性主持的公司让我感觉更舒我是从她们的创意能力角度,而不是管理能力角度谈的我批准梦工厂拍摄的第一部影片是《末日戒备(The Peacemaker),导演是咪咪·莱德(Mimi Leder)全世界的电影业中都有很多女人担任高管——环球影业、二十世纪福克斯的主管都是女人,还有索尼的前主管也是女人我不明白的是,电影公司的管理层里何以缺乏多样化,缺少不同人种,我们应该仔细研究,问问为什么And also director positions. Why do you think that is?问:还有导演的位置也是这样,你觉得这是为什么?I think there needs to be an infusion of more women directing and more men and women of color directing.答:我觉得我们需要让更多女人来当导演,让更多非白人男女来当导演How do we do that?问:我们该怎么做呢?We do that by continuing to look at movies that everybody is making whether they’re on YouTube or Vine. You have to just be open to it, and you have to search it. You have to go out to see where the talent is and basically cultivate the talent.答:我们要做的就是不断地看电影,不管是在YouTube上的还是Vine上的你需要非常开放,你要去寻找你要出去寻觅天才,然后培育天才You’ve clarified your comments about superhero movies, which you’ve said will have a finite life span compared with westerns. Are there superhero movies you like?问:你曾经澄清过自己关于超级英雄电影的观点,你说与西部片相比,它们的生命期有限你有喜欢的超级英雄电影吗?I wasn’t giving the thumbs down to the genre, ’cause I go to all the movies. My favorite of all the superhero movies are the “Iron Man” movies. I love Tim Burton’s Batman films and then — jump-cut way into the future — everything Chris Nolan has touched in Batman, because of the darkness, of what would motivate a character like that, a very rich character, to do the kind of public service work he does.答:我并没有贬低这种类型,因为我什么电影都看我最喜欢的超级英雄电影是《钢铁侠(Iron Man)系列我喜欢蒂姆·波顿(Tim Burton)的蝙蝠侠电影,还有——现在未来交叉剪辑的方式——还有克里斯·诺兰(Chris Nolan)在他的蝙蝠侠中体现、运用的,因为里面那种黑暗,是这种黑暗,驱动了富有的主角去做那种公共务工作And “Iron Man” because …问:你喜欢《钢铁侠又是因为……There’s a lot of Joseph Campbell in the “Iron Man” movies. We all want to fly. And we know we can’t fly without wings, except in our dreams. I used to dream about flying in a bodysuit, and when “Iron Man” came along, I went: “They wrote this me. This is my wish fulfillment.”答:《钢铁侠里有很多约瑟夫·坎贝尔(Joseph Campbell)式的东西我们都想飞翔,我们都知道我们没有翅膀,所以飞不起来,除非是在梦里我曾经梦见过穿连体衣就飞起来了,《钢铁侠出来的时候,我想“他们写的就是我,我的梦想成真了”With “E.T.” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” you looked out beyond the world. Now you’re mining history.问:你在《E.T.外星人(E.T.)和《第三类接触(Close Encounters of the Third Kind)这样的影片里拍过了外星世界,现在你又开始研究历史I always said to myself if I ever achieve a success where I can decide what to do independently, I wanted to tell stories that are meaningful to me about people that did great things.答: 我总是对自己说,如果我成功到可以独立决定该干什么,我最想做的就是讲述那些对我有意义的伟人故事I also have an imagination — if it sits around too long, I get afraid it’s going to become a little jaded, so I fluctuate between stories based on true events and movies that are much more a product of my overactive imagination. Or at least Roald Dahl’s, which is my next movie, “Big Friendly Giant.” With Mark Rylance playing the big friendly giant.我还有丰富的想象力——如果它被搁置太久,我担心它会变得有点厌倦,所以我有时拍真实事件改编的故事,有时根据我活跃的想象力拍摄影片至少我也要拍个罗尔德·达尔(Roald Dahl)的小说改编的电影吧,我的下一部影片是《友善的巨人(Big Friendly Giant),马克·里朗斯演那个友善的巨人I didn’t know it was Mark Rylance as Abel; he was so deep in the character.问:我都没看出阿贝尔是马克·里朗斯演的,他深深沉浸在角色里面了Thanks to “Twelfth Night” and “Richard III” [on Broadway], I was able to get a big dose of Mark Rylance a couple of years ago. He was my first choice. Tom [Hanks] has played American figureheads in the past, and he’s very representative of our core values of what we believe to be great American leadership. This was a special assignment Tom, because he’s badass in this story. He was dogged in his pursuit of justice.答:几年前,我在(百老汇的)《第十二夜(Twelfth Night)和《理查三世(Richard III)里看了很多马克·里朗斯的表演他是我的首选汤姆·汉克斯以前演过很多美国大人物,他非常能代表我们心目中伟大的美国领导力的核心价值这个角色对于汤姆来说很特别,因为他是这个故事里的坏家伙在追求正义的过程中,他很固执You seem to draw great permances out of people.问:你似乎很擅长激发演员的演技Working with Daniel Day-Lewis brought me up many, many notches. I just dogged Daniel Day-Lewis, and after years he finally said yes to play Abraham Lincoln. It really raised my game. I really believe I did some of my best work on “Lincoln,” principally because of this one actor.答:和丹尼尔·戴-刘易斯(Daniel Day-Lewis)合作让我提升了很多层次我一直追着丹尼尔·戴-刘易斯不放,十年后,他终于答应出演亚伯拉罕·林肯这真的让我更加努力我真的相信《林肯差不多是我最好的作品,主要都是因为这个演员What is it that he does that caused these new light bulbs to go off?问:他做了什么事,启发了你的新灵感?You can’t describe it. I try to go back in time to figure out how did Howard Hawks get that permance out of Montgomery Clift and John Wayne in “Red River”?答:你没法描述我试着回到过去,想象霍华德·霍克斯(Howard Hawks)在《红河(Red River)里是怎么激发蒙哥马利·克里夫特(Montgomery Clift)和约翰·韦恩(John Wayne)的演技的I really feel I was well suited to working 70 years ago. I would have been a good workhorse, under contract and assigned stories, and I would have thrived.我真的觉得,我更适合在70年前工作有合同,有指派给我的故事,我会兢兢业业地工作,我也会成功的I spend more of my time looking at movies from 70, 60 years ago than I do watching movies that are made now. Clint Eastwood and I are very close friends, and we talk about this all the time. He wishes he could go back and experience what it would have been like to have Darryl Zanuck or Harry Cohn or Louis B. Mayer go through a go-between and hand you your assignment, then you it and say: “You know something? I hate it, but I can fix it.”我花了大量时间去看六七十年前的电影,比看现在的电影还要多克林特·伊斯特伍德(Clint Eastwood)是我的好朋友,我们总是聊这个话题他希望回到过去,体验和达利尔·扎努克(Darryl Zanuck)、哈利·科恩(Harry Cohn)和路易·B·梅尔(Louis B. Mayer)一起工作的感觉,他们通过中介,把下一个任务分给你,然后你看了剧本就说,“你知道吗,我讨厌这个,不过我能拍好它” 189

Justin Bieber detained at LAX after jetting back to the US from Singapore and is being held econdary questioning.Justin Bieber在从新加坡回到美国后被扣留在洛杉矶国际机场,并且正在接受二次审问The Boyfriend singer arrived at the airport from Singapore around 1pm on Thursday, and a source close to Justin tells that he is currently going through econdary questioning at LAX.这位以《男朋友这首歌出名的歌手在星期四下午一点钟从新加坡回到洛杉矶国际机场,并且一个和Justin非常接近的消息来源称他现在正在机场接受二次审问Justin was held up upon arrival while his bodyguards and his luggage were waiting outside him. He is going through some routine secondary questioning and at this stage he has still not been released.“Justin一到机场就被关押起来了,并且他的保镖和行李都只能在外面等他他现在正在接受常规的二次审问,不过现在这个时间应该已经结束了”It comes a week after the White House responded to a petition that requested the U.S. government deport the Canadian native.白宫在一个星期之后才对要求美国政府将这位加拿大人驱逐出境的请愿书进行回复orry to disappoint, but we wont be commenting on this one, the White House said in a statement.“很遗憾,但是我们将对此不做评价,”白宫在一次声明中说道Well leave it to others to comment on Mr. Bieber’s case, but were glad you care about immigration issues. Because our current system is broken. Too many employers game the system by hiring undocumented workers, and million people are living in the shadows.“我们将会让别人来Justin Bieber先生的案件,但是我们很高兴看到你们对移民问题的关系因为现在我们的体系还不完善,有许多人都在钻体制的空子来雇佣没有注册的员工,这包括了一千一百万的人”Bieber won few new friends on a recent trip to Japan when he made a trip to Yasukuni Shrine war memorial, which honours Japanese war dead including convicted war criminals from World War II.Bieber在最近去日本的旅途中结交了一些新朋友他此行去了日本靖国神社,里面供奉着包括个二战战犯在内的在战争中死去的日本人He visited an orphanage a day later in what many saw as an attempt at damage control.之后的一天他又去了孤儿院,不过这被认为是危机公关的一种手段罢了 9388The morning after Angelina Jolie published an op-ed in The New York Times that revealed her decision to have a double mastectomy, the man in her life is showing his support.安吉丽娜#86;朱莉在《纽约时报发表文章透露她决定做双乳房切除手术之后的第二天早晨,她生命中的男人表示了他的持;Having witnessed this decision firsthand, I find Angie choice, as well as many others like her, absolutely heroic,; Brad Pitt said in a statement. ;I thank our medical team their care and focus.;“第一个目睹这个决定,我觉得安吉的选择,以及像她一样的许多其他人是绝对的英雄,”布拉德皮特在一份声明中说“我感谢我们的医疗团队付出的关心和关注”;All I want is her to have a long and healthy life, with myself and our children,; Pitt continued. ;This is a happy day our family.;“我只希望她健康长寿,与我和孩子在一起,”皮特继续道“这对我们的家庭来说是快乐的一天”In her op-ed piece, Jolie described her difficult choice to have surgery because genetic tests showed her to have a high risk of developing the disease. Her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, died of ovarian cancer at 56 in .在她的专栏文章中,朱莉描述她进行手术的艰难选择,因为基因测试显示她有罹患此病的高风险她的母亲Marcheline Bertrand在年死于卵巢癌,享年56岁She also expressed how much she leaned on Pitt, whom the 37-year-old actress described as ;loving and supportive,; and there her ; every minute of the surgeries.;她还表示她多么依靠皮特,这位37岁的女演员用“爱与持”来描述他,“手术每分钟”他都在 39753

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