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青岛/诺德整形美容医院除皱纹在青岛纺织医院去痣多少钱青岛丰胸要多少钱 听力参考文本:We often hear about the economic costs of environmental regulation on the energy industry.But theres a flip side to that equation—the price society pays for pollution. One scientist has added up those costs. And she found theyre going down.Modeling the hidden costs of pollutionFor years, scientists have known that pollution from burning fossil fuels is bad for us.But can we place a dollar amount on the hidden costs of burning coal and other fossil fuels for electricity?One person who wanted to know was Paulina Jaramillo, a Carnegie Mellon scientist. She studies how energy systems impact the environment.Jaramillo called up a colleague. They designed a model to figure out those hidden costs.The researchers plugged in pollution reports from the EPA, weather models and population data. They took into account the effects of pollution on crops, forests, and infrastructure. They also took into account how pollution affects human health.Much of that cost hinges on one basic number. And its kind of creepy number.;Value of a statistical life—which is a number widely used in policy analyses to estimate mortality costs,; she says.The value of a statistical life is basically the amount of money we as a society are willing to spend to save someones life. And according to the federal government, its around million these days.How the cost of pollution has decreasedSince the early 2000s, emissions from sources like coal-fired power plants have been going down. And because of this, Jaramillo found that the annual cost of pollution declined from 2002 to 2011 by about 25 percent, to 0 billion.;Because we started reducing those emissions, we reduced health impacts,; she says. ;These models cannot pinpoint who has specifically benefited, but on a population basis there are benefits.;Those benefits include fewer heart attacks and fewer ER visits for asthma that can be triggered by air pollution. So, what happened?Jaramillo says the big change is that new regulations forced many coal-fired power plants to clean up.The Great Recession lowered demand for a few years, and cleaner sources, like natural gas, have cut into coals share of the electricity market. These costs of air pollution may be going down, but the price tag the researchers calculated is still around 0 per year for every person in the U.S.This research was published in the journal Energy Policy.201602/428140And you do have a good work ethic. - I do.You really do.And if you havent seen the documentary.而且你很有职业道德 -是的 你的确是这样的 如果你们还没看过她的纪录片Is it ;Dance Again; as what I was told? - Dance again.听说是叫;再度起舞;对吗 -是的 ;再度起舞;If you havent seen the documentary,I think its on demand. - HBO.如果你们还没看过她的纪录片 我听说已经有电视台要播放了 -在HBOIts so good.Its...its...I got another glimpse of you,which I-Id love to see it.Thank you.真的很精 感觉是 看到了你的另一面 我很期待看这部纪录片 谢谢You know we got such a nice response to that, you know,that was such a difficult time in my life.我们收到了很多很正面的反馈 那是我生命中很艰难的一段时间Right-right after I got divorced,I decided to go on my first world tour ever.我离婚后不久 我就决定要举行我第一次世界巡回演唱会And I have the two kids.I was the single mom for the first time.我要照顾我的两个孩子 而且这是我第一次面对单亲妈妈这个角色And it was just such a journey for me.such a transformative time.所以这真是一段难忘的经历 一个自我蜕变的过程I really had to hold the mirror up to myself to figure out why this had fallen apart.我真的会对镜检视自己 想知道为什么我的婚姻会就此土崩瓦解And it was just one of those searching moments.所以那就是一段思考自身的历程And Ive got to put together the show and listen to all my music from over the years.同时我又要筹备我的演唱会 重新去听我多年来做过的音乐And over the years,it was like, it was autobiographical.这么多年的 就好像是我的自传一样All the songs I was choosing and writing and all that stuff that happened.所有我选过和写过的歌 还有所有发生过的事I dont know...it just I round up writing a book about that time,我也说不清 反正我写了一本书来记叙那段日子I round up doing this documentary about that time,and putting it all together.还做了一部叙述那段日子的记录片 把所有想法整理在一起The message just being youre gonna survive,我要传达的信息就是 你最终会走出失意youre gonna live,youre gonna love,and youre gonna dance again.Thats all. -Hmm. So, thats good.你会重新面对生活 你会再去爱 你会再度起舞 这就是我要说的 -真的很棒 /201512/413038青岛妇幼医院能用社保

山东省青岛莱西市激光祛痘The Nazi propaganda campaign was focused on Hitler,and Austrians were taught the three united values of their new state one people, one reich, one leader.纳粹将宣传集中于希特勒身上,向奥地利人灌输新国家3个统一价值观,一个民族,一个德意志帝国,一个元首。In a demonstration of how central he was personally to this whole system,希特勒为明自己的中心地位,Hitler travelled across Austria on a campaign tour.他走遍奥地利,进行巡回拉票造势。 译文属201601/421701山东省青岛平度市双眼皮手术哪家医院好 青岛市去疤痕

青岛市诺德整形是三甲医院吗British politics英国政治Farage against the machine法拉奇反抗主流政坛Mainstream politicians seeking to rival the populism of Nigel Farages party are on a hiding to nothing主流政客寻找机会对抗奈吉尔·法拉奇的民粹主义政党,但这是毫无胜算的INSURGENT populist parties are now a familiar feature of the European political landscape, yet their rise is so recent and so sharp that it still has the power to shock the mainstream. In by-elections on October 9th the right-wing UK Independence Party (UKIP), which wants to stop immigration and pull Britain out of the European Union, not only won its first parliamentary seat, which it took from the Conservative Party, but also nearly grabbed one from the Labour Party, which hitherto regarded UKIP as the Tories problem. Polls since the by-election have put the party anywhere from 13% to 25% of the vote nationally. Next month another by-election offers UKIP the chance to grab another Tory seat.离经叛道的民粹政党现在已经是欧洲政坛的常客了,他们的崛起是如此的迅速而突然,震惊了主流政党。在10月9日的递补选举中,右翼的英国独立党(UKIP)主张反对移民和脱离欧盟,他们不仅从保守党手里第一次赢得了国会议席,还差一点赢了一直将其视为托利派的“眼中钉”的劳工党。自从递补选举之后的民意调查显示,英国独立党的全国得票率已经从13%上升到25%了。下个月的另一场递补选举让该党有机会进一步从保守党派手中夺得更多议席。Neither David Cameron, the Tory prime minister, nor Ed Miliband, Labours leader, has much sympathy for UKIPs positions. But both are trimming their policies in an effort to emulate the insurgents success. To placate his partys perennially disaffected right—from which two MPs have so far defected to UKIP—Mr Cameron has promised to renegotiate freedom of movement within the European Union ahead of a referendum on Britains membership. He is now being urged to say that if he fails in that renegotiation, he would advocate leaving the EU. Mr Miliband, under pressure to produce a rival populist offer as Labours vote crumbles to UKIP in the partys northern redoubts, has come up with an incoherent promise to crack down on immigrant welfare-claimants.不管是保守派的首相大卫·卡梅伦还是劳工党的党魁艾德·米利班德,都不完全认同英国独立党的定位,但这两个政党也正在参照独立党的主张调整各自的政策,以求获得和独立党类似的成功。为了安抚党内一直存在的右翼成员的不满情绪——很多国会已经倒戈到了独立党——卡梅伦已经承诺会在举行英国加入会员公投之前,重新协商欧盟之间人员出入自由的问题。他现在已经不得不表示如果在重新协商中失败,他可能会持英国脱离欧盟。米利班德迫于压力提出了和竞争对手民粹党派类似的提案,许诺会向移民福利索赔人施压,以此来防止更多在北部阵地的劳工党投票人倒向英国独立党。There are three problems with this approach. First, Britains EU membership and high level of immigration bring it huge benefits in terms of economic growth, cultural vibrancy and clout. Abandoning either would, in this papers view, weaken the country in a multitude of ways. Indeed, the two other parties should spend far more time pointing out the contradictions in UKIPs back-of-a-beer-mat economics.有三个问题。首先,英国的欧盟成员国资格和大量的移民非常有利于英国的经济增长以及文化的活力和影响力。本刊认为,缺少任何一个条件都会在各个方面削弱国家实力。确实,这两个政党应该花更多时间指出英国独立党经济政策的矛盾之处。Second, pandering to UKIP will not work, because it miss the nature of the partys appeal to a core of disgruntled, down-at-heel, poorly skilled voters, in bad jobs or no jobs. Having been most damaged by the downturn, then by austerity, they will be the last to feel the benefits of the recovery. Their main complaint, echoed across the Western world, is against powerful and irreversible economic trends—globalisation and automation—from which they are the losers. Their antipathy towards the EU and immigration is part of a wider deep-seated insecurity that is hard for any politician to assuage. UKIPs solutions would make the disaffected worse, not better, off, as business and jobs migrated elsewhere. Besides, many such voters trust establishment politicians like Mr Cameron and Mr Miliband so little that they would not believe them even if they did promise the same sort of things as Nigel Farage, UKIPs engagingly blokeish leader.第二,取悦英国独立党是没用的,因为这是在误解该政党核心诉求的本质,认为它的投票者是一群心怀不满、穷困潦倒、缺乏技能、干着一份不满意的工作或者根本就没有工作的人。在经历过经济衰退之后节衣缩食,他们是社会中最晚感受到经济复苏的好处的人。他们的抱怨声在西方世界中回响,他们不满的是强大而不可避免的经济趋势——全球化和机械化,只因为他们在其中是失败者。他们对于欧盟华为移民的厌恶是处于一种更为广泛且根深蒂固不安全感,这是任何一个政客都很难缓和的。英国独立党的解决方案会令这种不满加剧而不是缓解,因为商业和工作岗位会搬到其他地方。另外,即使像卡梅伦和米利班德这样的当权者做出和独立党党魁奈吉尔·法拉奇一样吸引人的承诺,很多投票者也不会信任他们。The third problem is that, in trying to placate these irreconcilables, the mainstream parties risk alienating a larger, milder group of voters, who fear the consequences of leaving Europe and dislike their leaders bashing immigrants. The lesson of every election for three decades is that the path to power lies on the centre ground.第三个问题是,为了安抚这些不合群的人,主流政党所冒的风险是疏远了更多、更温和的投票群体,他们担忧英国脱离欧盟的后果,也不喜欢他们的领袖打击移民。过去三十年所有的选举经验表明,中庸之道者得天下。That lesson is especially relevant to Mr Cameron, who came to power as a result of his efforts to detoxify the Conservative brand. Pandering further to UKIP might well restore the Tories old reputation for nastiness. Mr Farage is not going to go away; but the election is still going to be fought mainly over the question of who will manage the economy best.卡梅伦尤其应该从中吸取教训,他自己就是以清除败类、为保守党形象正名而掌权的。继续讨好英国独立党可能会重新玷污托利派人的形象。法拉奇不会离开,但选举最后还是要看谁能把经济管理的更好。译者: 邓小雪 译文属译生译世 /201501/356457 青岛第三人民医院图片莱阳眼部整形好吗费用



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