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本文选自OC《橘子郡男孩,Marissa因为父母离婚而自杀,幸好及时被Ryan发现并送去了医院Marissa的父亲Jimmy打电话通知Sandy一家Marissa醒了,Seth父母以及Ryan来医院看望MarissaSandy询问了Marissa的状况但Marissa的母亲Julie并不希望他们来看望MarissaSandy: Hey.Jimmy: Hey. She uhh she just fell back to sleep but she was awake and uhh aware. Jimmy: Thanks calling the hospital and finding her. If they hadn't airlifted her out she uhh...Sandy: When can she go home?Jimmy: Uhh they said in a-in a day or so, they wanna keep her under observation. Kirsten: That's hospital policy.Julie: So I guess there's no need to worry right... I mean a teenage girl palms a dozen pain killers and washes it down with tequila...its perfectly normal, right? What are you doing here?Jimmy: I called them.Julie: What Marissa needs right now is to be with her family... no visitors.Sandy: Well, let's go...we should go.Kirsten: If you need anything.Jimmy: Thanks.重点讲解:1. palm vt. 把……藏于手中例句:The magician palmed the coin and suddenly produced it from the boy’s ear. 魔术师把硬币藏在手心,突然又从那个男孩的耳朵里拿了出来. under observation 在观察中,在监视下例句:the doctor decided to keep him under observation another week. 医生决定让他留在医院里再观察一周3. If you need anything. 如果有需要的话这句话省略了主句,全句应该是If you need anything, please tell me. 如果有需要的话请告诉我,我会帮忙汉语译文:Sandy: 嘿Jimmy: 嘿她,呃,她刚刚睡着了不过她已经清醒过来了,有意识了Jimmy: 多谢你打了电话给医院,还有找到她如果不是及时抢救,她可能……Sandy: 她什么时候可以出院?Jimmy: 医院说大概一两天,他们要观察一段时间Kirsten: 那是医院的规定Julie: 我想不会有事了……我是说,一个十几岁的女孩吃了一把止痛药,喝了一些龙舌兰酒,这很正常,对吧?你们来这里干什么?Jimmy: 我叫他们来的Julie: 现在Marissa需要的是她的家人……不是来访者Sandy: 嗯,我们走吧……我们该走了Kirsten: 如果有什么需要就说Jimmy: 谢谢了 379




  A: May I exchange this DVD player?我能换台DVD播放机?B: Certainly. Do you have your receipt?当然可以,你有收据吗?A: Here you are.给你B: Now, why do you want to exchange it?现在能解释些为什么想换机器吗?A: It wont play a DVD.它无法播放DVDB: Im sorry. Ill get you a new player.很抱歉,我会给您换台新的A: At first, I thought it was me.一开始,我以为是我B: Okay, here a new one you.好的,给您新机器 5380

  点击此处查看以往文章能言善辩#9655;What do you think of the investment environment in China? 你觉得现在中国的投资环境如何?#965;The environment investment in China is becoming better and better. 中国的投资环境正在逐步改善#965;The improving environment provides good opporties eign companies. 中国投资环境的改善为外企提供了良好的机会 #9665;In what aspects concerning investment environment in China? 中国的投资环境在哪些方面有了明显的改善?#966;Chinese government issued a lot of new policies to strengthen the international cooperation. 中国政府制定了一系列新的政策来加强国际合作#966;Chinese government has poured a lot into transportation, communication and production. 中国政府大力投资交通,通信和生产 1801A: Could I speak with the manager about some problems in the pool area?我能和经理说下水池附近的问题吗?B: Sure, what seems to be the problem?当然可以,什么问题?A: My apartment is next to the pool, and there seems to be some really late-night partying going on out there.我的公寓紧挨着水池,有些聚会很晚还在那里举行B: The hours the pool are eight in the morning to ten at night. Is the noise that you are hearing later than that?水池开放的时间是早8点到晚点你听到的噪音是晚上十点之后的吗?A: Yes, sometimes people are in the Jacuzzi at midnight!是的有时候午夜了人们还在那里B: Did you call the night manager?你给值班经理打电话了吗?A: No, I didnrsquo;t really know if anyone was around that late.没有,我不知道那么晚了周围是否有人B: I am going to give you my number to call if it happens again.我把电话号码给你,如果再碰到那样的状况,你就打电话A: Thank you your help.谢谢你的帮忙B: You are welcome. I will be sending letters to tenants to remind them of the rules.不客气我也会给住户发信件提醒他们遵守相关规定



  You could be given thinking weve actually made contact with Pandora and returned with more than just bundles of unobtainium.如果你曾想象我们在现实中已经和潘多拉星球取得联系,并且带回来的不仅仅是一些矿物元素unobtainium,这并非无稽之谈Because these frighteningly realistic living dolls inspired by James Cameron Avatar can now be yours.受詹姆斯·卡梅隆执导的电影《阿凡达的启发,你现在可以拥有这些令人惊悚的的、十分逼真的阿凡达玩偶Sillicone baby doll manufacture Babyclon has, reasons not entirely clear, created a range of Navi babies, all painted in the distinctive blue hue of the humanoid species.出于尚未完全清楚的原因,硅胶婴儿玩偶制造商Babyclon已经制作出了一系列纳美人“宝宝”,每个“宝宝”都被涂上了这一类人种族所独特的蓝色花纹A posted on the company Instagram shows a bundle of three snoozing blue babies cuddled up together in a blanket.公司的Instagram账户上发布了一段视频,视频中三个蓝色的“小宝宝”互相依偎着在毯子上A woman strokes one of the babies ears and gently tweaks its tail, demonstrating how extraordinarily lifelike they are.一位女性拨了拨其中一个“宝宝”的耳朵,轻柔的触了触它的尾巴,展示了它们非比寻常的逼真程度The baby Navis come in a range of poses, from sleeping peacefully, crawling and laughing. They also appear to come just the way Eywa intended - completely naked, with uncomtably realistic genitals.纳美人的“宝宝们”有各种各样的样子,有安静地睡觉的姿势,也有爬着的、还有笑着的他们的样子就像伊娃想要的那样--全身,有逼真的令人不适的生殖器官While undoubtedly an impressive feat of craftmanship, some viewers were slightly weirded out.毫无疑问,这段视频展示了“宝宝们”精美绝伦的制作工艺,然而一些网友对此还是感到些许怪异One Instagram user summed up the mood, by saying: ;Im both scared yet feeling the need to buy .;一位Instagram用户总结了自己的心情:“我感到害怕,但又有想买个的冲动” 8783

  A: How is everything with you today?B: I’m fine. Thank you asking.A: Can I help you with something?B: I actually have a few questions about the apartment.A: What questions do you have?B: Is this apartment in a nice location?A: It is in a great location.B: Are there any stores near the apartment?A: You will find many stores and restaurants near the apartment.B: Really?A: I guarantee that the apartment is in a beautiful location.B: That sounds wonderful.


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