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Caroline Kennedy Discovers Funny Poem Enjoyed by BrotherDaughter of President John F. Kennedy discusses sping her love of poetry to NYC schools.前美国总统约翰·肯尼迪女儿卡洛琳·肯尼迪专访,她与大家分享她的美好“诗歌”童年,并打算让更多孩子受益。The indelible images of Caroline Kennedy childhood,the little girl in the white house,hiding under her fathers death,sitting beside her mother in bed.And if you look closely,there is often something else,books,many things,feel good poetry.;My mother taught me short poem but added same things to more else when I was about three and I do remember reciting it from my father;;What did your dad say,its up to you? ;;I like everyone to clap before;It wasnt until years later she discovered the poem selected by her brother,a young Jone,did have a twist.Because Caros Wellim was his first score,nailed his sister to the door,mother said with human claim;careful Wellim,dodnt grow the pain;.So unlike I saw,I just,I couldnt believe it.I was so,you know,I just pictured us.At that age,it really meaning laugh.;That laughter those memories,capter lives by the poems,and shes looking to do the same now for other young people,with new book,poems to learn by heart.;Hi,how are you; Quietly Caroline has been volunteer in New York public school and innovated a programme called Dream Yard in the Browns.Using the arts to give students there a voice.;Thats really change like who I am as a person;;You wanna sing anything in front of this camera;;Not at all;;So when you hear that,that is giving them a voice;;Yes;;What do you think?;;I hope that other people in their ages will look at them and see how words ideas have apparently changed their life;For Good morning America,A News,New York. /201304/233889Hello, Im Charles Goldman, a qualified chiropodist podiatrist. I run The Foot Pad chiropody and physical therapy clinic in Holborn, Central London. Today, Im going to talk to you about various foot problems and their treatment.大家好,我是Charles Goldman,是一名资深脚病医生,在伦敦中部的Holborn经营一家脚病和物理治疗诊所。我来向大家讲述一下脚部的各种问题和治疗方法。In this short film, we are going to discuss cutting toenails. The first point we have to point out is that toenails grow at a different rate to fingernails, therefore, even though you can manicure your fingernails and cut the fingernails round because they grow quickly and they are exposed and do well and they dont cause problems, with the toenails, you have to be aware that you must only cut them straight across. Otherwise, because they grow at a slower rate they could grow into the toe and give you an ingrown toenail, which is far more serious.在这段短片中,我们来讨论一下怎样修剪脚趾甲。我们要指出的第一点是,脚趾甲和手指甲的生长速度不同,因此,尽管你可以修剪你的手指甲,因为它们生长得非常快,而且暴露在外面,也不会造成什么问题。而对于脚趾甲,你必须意识到,你必须不断修剪。否则,由于脚趾甲的生长速度较慢,可能会长入脚趾中,向肉里面生长,这种情况严重的多。The nail grows in a groove called a sulcus at the side of the nail. This is a fleshy channel, which supports the nail. If you cut the nail down the side, it can then grow into the spongy nail groove and cause an ingrown toenail, which is best avoided,so remember to cut your toenails just straight across and file them if necessary if they are a bit rough, but do not cut down the sides, this is critical.脚趾甲在脚趾旁边的胼胝体沟里生长。这是一条血肉的渠道,撑着脚趾甲。如果旁边剪的比较低,脚趾甲会长到海绵脚趾沟里,造成脚趾甲向内生长。这种情况一定要避免。所以,一定要记得平直地修剪脚趾甲,如果表面比较粗糙,可以锉一下,但是不要把旁边剪的太低,这非常关键。A lot of pedicurists do cut down the sides and that causes problems for us chiropodists. So, this is the way we would treat toenails, so remember, cut them across.许多修脚人员把指甲的旁边剪低了,这对我们脚病医生带来了问题。所以,解决这种问题的方法就是,平直地修剪脚趾甲。Thanks for watching How To Cut Toenails.感谢收看“怎样修剪脚趾甲”视频节目。 /201212/215461Step : You Will Need 1. food and drinks 2. music 3. a designated room or two 4. clothes Step 1: The Invitees(邀请)You'll want to send invitations out a couple of weeks in advance to let your guests have plenty of time to think about what clothes they will donate to the party. It's best to invite ten people or fewer. Any more and you'll be playing referee on a living room floor scuffle over the blue sheath dress that everyone was eyeing. Make sure each invitee has at least one other person that is her size so that everyone has a great selection to choose from. Finally, try to invite friends with similar fashion sense. Avoid inviting the girl who only shops at second hand thrift stores. It's unfair for your other guests who are bringing a lot more value to the table.Step 2: The Rules(规则)Friends share a lot of things...but underwear isn't something that should be swapped. So tell your friends to leave the lingerie at home. All clothing brought to the party should be clean and in good condition. Each guest should bring a minimum of 5 articles of clothing so there is plenty to choose from. Implement a numbering system or something similar to determine who gets to choose an item first. If you believe your guests can get along with no structure, at least think about what to do if two people want the same item. Rock-paper-scissors works well. If you want to add some spice to the party, have the two guests strut their stuff in the item of clothing and hold a vote. The girl with the most votes gets the prize. Just make sure everyone knows it's all in good fun.Step 3: Set Up Shop(场地)On the day of the party, make sure you have designated areas for tops, bottoms and dresses. If you don't have a wardrobe rack, get creative with the space and furniture you do have. Get the food and drinks out and crank up the music. It is a party, so have fun!201002/96247

Whether its a small dish towel or a mammoth beach towel, the principles for folding it remain the same—think of it as the three-by-three method.无论是擦碗碟用的小毛巾还是巨大的沙滩浴巾,折叠毛巾的准则是一样的,就是“三乘三”的方法。Step 1 Lay towel lengthwise1.纵向铺平Lay the towel so it is lengthwise in front of you.在面前将毛巾纵向铺平。It can be faster to fold large towels holding them in front of you, folding them against your chest.如果是大毛巾,在自己的面前,在胸前折叠速度更快。Step 2 Fold left edge2.折叠左边Fold the left edge of the towel just past the center of the towel, lining up the top edges.将毛巾的左边缘折叠到刚好过毛巾的中心,上下对齐。Step 3 Fold right edge3.折叠右边Fold the right edge of the towel to the left side. Youve created a long narrow rectangle one-third the width of the original.将毛巾的右边缘折叠到左边。这样,整条毛巾就被折叠成宽度为原来的三分之一的矩形。Step 4 Fold top edge4.折叠上边缘Fold the top edge of the long narrow rectangle down just past the halfway point at the center of the rectangle.将长方形的上部向下折叠过刚好过中心的位置。Step 5 Fold bottom edge5.折叠下边缘Fold the bottom edge up to the top. From the side, the folded towel should have three layers resembling a G-shape.将下边缘向上折叠。从旁边看,折叠好的毛巾应该有三层,就像G的形状。If the towel is too thick to fold into thirds, simply fold it in half.如果毛巾太厚,不好折成三层,对半折叠就可以了。Step 6 Hang towel6.悬挂Either way, your towel is neatly folded and can be easily hung on a towel rack with its vertical folds intact.无论使用哪种方法,你的毛巾都整洁地折叠起来了,可以轻松地按照折叠好的样子原封不动地悬挂起来了。Every May 25th, fans of the author Douglas Adams carry around towels to commemorate the authors strange obsession with them.每年的5月25日,作家道格拉斯·亚当斯的追随者都会携带毛巾来纪念这位作家对毛巾的痴迷。201302/225644

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