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Love Really Does Hurt?爱很伤?In a recent study, scientists observed that when the participants felt rejected,在最新的科学研究里,科学家发现被测试者有以下现象:如果他们感觉到他们被人拒绝的话,the flow of blood increased to the area of their brain known as the anterior cingulated cortex.在人们熟知的大脑前环带皮层的血液流动量会增加。This same area has been associated with the emotional response to unpleasant physical pain.这个地方是人们感觉生理上的疼痛时情感的反应。The same part of the brain apparently responds to both physical bruises and bruised feelings.大脑的同一个部分可以对身体和心灵的创伤作出反应。This may signal that the need for social connections is as strong as the need to stay out of physical harm.这事可以反映出我们与社会的融合跟我们要免于受到身体伤害一样重要。For mammals, apparently, being excluded from a group can be dangerous, and even deadly.而对于哺乳动物来说,显然,被群体排斥在外是很危险的,甚至是致命的。I mean, evolutionarily speaking, living and working in a group is a key component of how well humans have managed to survive.我的意思是,从进化论的角度讲,在族群中工作和生活是人类生存优劣的关键因素。This means we have to stop dismissing emotional pain as something imaginary.这意味着我们必须停止漠视情感伤痛,不要把它作为想象的东西。And the next step might be to test whether the extent to which you feel comfortable socially helps lessen the pain of rejection.接下来可能就是要测验出哪些社交中让你觉得舒的事情可以帮助减轻被拒绝的痛苦。 /201212/213949

Einstein was waiting very anxiously.爱因斯坦非常焦急地等待。He was getting a lot of letters from friends and colleagues asking if any news was afoot.他收到了很多朋友和同事询问是否有消息确切的信件。But relations between England and Germany was very very frustrating,但英国和德国之间的关系非常非常令人沮丧,and Einstein didnt think it would be at all appropriate for him to presume to write to one of these astronomers and ask them what was going on. 而爱因斯坦认为冒昧地写信给其中一位天文学家和问他们到底发生了什么全都不适合自己。Eddington returns to Cambridge Observatory just as Campbell sails into London.爱丁顿回到剑桥天文台而坎贝尔来到伦敦。Campbell is here to address the Royal Astronomical Society,坎贝尔在这里拜访英国皇家天文学会,an organization dating back to the age of Issac Newton.这是一个可以追溯到伊萨克·牛顿时代的组织。He carries with him the secret results of the eclipse expedition of the year before. 他随身带着前一年的日食探险的秘密结果。Campbell is the first to speak.坎贝尔是第一个发言的。And he was nervous because there were a lot of emotions flying about this test,他很紧张,因为在测试中有很多情感因素,and a lot of reputation at stake.而且冒着名誉扫地的风险。The anxiety must have been enormous because it is in front of all of his colleagues. 肯定有很大的焦虑,因为是在他的同事们面前。There is that one moment, the one moment that you stand before your peers.有一种时刻,你站在你的同龄人面前。I dont think he ever really feels y.我不认为他真的感觉准备好了。注:听力文本来源于普特201205/183677

Cloning Pets克隆宠物Is animal cloning for real? I want to have my cat cloned.动物真的可以克隆吗?我想克隆家里的猫。Well, animal cloning technology exists, but pet cloning isnt quite there yet. And it may never be.动物克隆确实存在,但是,宠物克隆现在还没有。估计以后也不会有。Why not? I could think lots of people could want to have copies of their pets.为什么不呢?我觉得有不少人想克隆宠物吧?Thats just a problem. A clone isnt a copy. Its a separate, individual organism. The only thing clone of Mr. Wolfs and Mr. Wolfs of themselves have in common is their genetic sequence.因为你得考虑这样一个问题:克隆并非复制。克隆是独立的生物个体。沃夫先生的克隆产物(对话人中的宠物名字)和生物体本身唯一的共同点在于基因序列。The only thing? Isnt that everything?只是基因序列吗?不是所有的都相同?Apparently not! As cloning technology has improved, more and more evidence has come out of clones that dont look alike or act alike. For example, Ted Friend and Greg Archer, both at Texas A amp; M, have cloned piglets.当然不是!随着克隆科技的不断发展,越来越多的明显示克隆并非看起来一样或行为一样。比如,德州农工大学的Ted Friend 和Greg Archer教授克隆了一批小猪。They report that there is just as much variation in appearance among the clones as among the non-clones. Some have bristly coats, others not; some have more teeth, some fewer.报告显示在克隆猪和正常繁殖的猪并无二致,都存在生物变异。有的鬓毛较多,有的没有鬓毛。有的有的牙齿更多;有的牙齿更少。But wouldnt a clone of Mr. Wolf at least have its charming personality?克隆的宠物猫至少保留了讨人喜欢的个性吧?Maybe not. The worlds first cloned cat was made by Duane Kraemer, also at Texas A amp; M. He reports that the clone has a different personality altogether than its clone mother—its much more friendly, in fact.也许不会哦!同是德州农工大学的Duane Kraemer研究出了世界上第一只克隆猫。克隆猫的性情和原来那只猫的性情大不同——友善了不少。 /201210/203763

It was the Prussian Academy of Sciences.这将是普鲁士科学院院士。It was the entire world of physics that had said no, bearing down and saying we want you.整个世界的物理学都不同意,但他们仍然表示我们需要你的帮助。Einstein did not answer the offer.爱因斯坦没有答应这个提议。Einstein says why dont you just go and take a trip for the rest of the afternoon up the mountain.爱因斯坦说为什么下午你们不出去走走,去山里进行一次旅行。He said I will meet you at the train station when you come back.他说当你们回来的时候我会去火车站接你们。I will be carrying a bunch of flowers.我将带一束花。And if the flowers are red, Im coming to German;如果花是红色的,我就去德国;if the flowers are white, sorry though go, thanks for coming.如果花是白色的,对不起,谢谢你们的光临。Ive made the argument that Einstein delayed his answer to this question in part because he sort of wanted to leave with the pleasure of being so deeply sought after.我曾经议论过爱因斯坦会推迟对这个问题的回答,这在一定程度上是因为他想用快乐摆脱如此深的追求。But its certainly true that this was not simply a snapped decision.但这确实不是简单就可以下决定的。As he often does when he has a difficult problem to solve,他经常也有难以解决的问题,Einstein takes a long walk.爱因斯坦经常散步很久。Zurich was comfortable.苏黎世也很舒适。There was lots to love there, you know,这里也有他的许多牵挂,你知道,you dont just sort of walk away from there.你不想离开这里。His wife really wants to stay in Zurich.他的妻子很想呆在苏黎世。On the other hand, theyve offered him the greatest job imaginable.另一方面,他们已经给他安排了可以想象得到的伟大工作。注:听力文本来源于普特201204/178011

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