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佛州甜甜圈龟喂养养殖指南贡觉县印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养It is more accurate to call it panic than plotting. This week I spent time in the company of members of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat party. Startlingly for an outsider, the conversations turned on whether the German chancellor would survive the refugee crisis. Some thought she had just weeks to turn things around. Never mind that only yesterday she had towered above any other European leader. Overnight, the unthinkable has become the plausible for some in her party, the probable.这事与其说是阴谋,不如说是恐慌。上周我与安格拉默克Angela Merkel)所在的基民Christian Democrat)的一些党员作了一番交谈。对局外人来说令人震惊的是,话题转向了德国总理是否撑得过难民危机。一些人认为她只有数周时间来扭转局面。且不谈她的威望直到最近还远远高于欧洲其他领导人。一夜之间,难以置信的事似乎变得合情合理——对于其党内某些人来说,甚至是很可能发生的事。Other voices say the fever will subside, but Ms Merkel’s vulnerability speaks to the convulsions across Europe caused by the tide of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Maghreb and Sahel countries of Africa. In the eastern, post-communist part of the continent, the influx has strengthened the hands of the ethnic nationalists who never quite signed up to the idea of liberal democracy. To the west it has bolstered the fortunes of nativists such as Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France. Rallies of the far-right Pegida party in Germany now feature speakers who lament the loss of concentration camps. If Britain’s David Cameron loses his referendum to keep Britain in the EU it will be because emotions over migration trump economic self-interest.其他人表示这波热度会消退,但是默克尔的脆弱地位反映了席卷整个欧洲的动荡,其起因是来自叙利亚、伊拉克、阿富汗以及非洲马格里布(Maghreb,马格里布是历史上对北非地区阿尔及利亚、洛哥和突尼斯的统称,大马格里布除上述三国外还包括毛里塔尼亚和利比亚——译者注)和萨赫勒(Sahel,非洲撒哈拉沙漠和苏丹草原地区之间一条横跨多个国家的地带——译者注)等国的难民潮。在东欧的前共产党统治国家,难民的涌入加强了族群民族主义者的气势,这些人本来就从未接受自由民主的观念。在西欧,难民潮助长了诸如法国马琳勒Marine Le Pen)领导的国民阵National Front)等本土主义者的人气。德国极右翼党派“爱国欧洲人反对西方伊斯兰化Pegida)如今竟然有演讲者在集会上哀叹集中营不复存在。如果英国的戴维愠蕓David Cameron)输掉了让英国继续留在欧盟(EU)的公投,那将是因为人们对移民的情绪压倒了经济利益考量。Ms Merkel has rarely been called a conviction politician. Her longevity in office has resided in her skill in finding the natural point of balance in the German national mood; and, it should be said, her ruthlessness in despatching potential rivals. The adjectives most often applied to her leadership style, sometimes with more than a note of frustration, have been cautious, deliberative and consensual.默克尔很少被称为是具有坚定信念的政治人物。她在位之所以长久,在于她有本事把握德国国民情绪的自然平衡点;同时也应该说,在于她打发潜在竞争对手的冷酷无情。在描述其领导风格时最常用的几个形容词是谨慎、深思熟虑和重视共识——有时人们会带着相当受挫的语气这么形容她的风格。“Mutti(mum) Merkel, as she is often called, has succeeded by assuring her compatriots that she will shelter Germany from the fires raging beyond its borders. They need not worry about the detail of policy. Germans can be sure she will be firm but calm in standing up to Russia’s Vladimir Putin and, though committed to the future of the euro, will be a careful guardian of the nation’s finances. For a decade, Germans have taken her on trust.常被称为“妈妈”的默克尔,以向其国民保她将使德国不受境外种种危机的影响而取得成功。人们不需要担心政策细节。德国人可以确信,默克尔将坚定而沉着地面对俄罗斯的弗拉基米尔渠京(Vladimir Putin),同时,尽管她心系欧元的未来,但她也会谨慎守护德国的财政0年来,德国人已经不加深究地信任于她。She has displayed the same skills in Europe. Those who have watched her operate at summits of EU leaders have marvelled at her informal consensus-building. A conversation over the shoulder with this prime minister, a deal sealed over a snatched cup of coffee with that president, a friendly pat on the shoulder for officials seeking common ground. Ms Merkel has always pressed the German interest, but in a manner of compromise over confrontation.她在欧洲施展了同样的技巧。那些曾目睹她在欧盟领导人峰会上展露风采的人,惊叹于她以非正式方式凝聚共识的能力。与这位总理悄悄交谈,与那位总统在喝咖啡的功夫敲定一份协议,友好地拍一下正在寻找共同点的官员们的肩膀。默克尔总是在推进德国的利益,但她采用的是妥协(而非对抗)风格。来 /201511/407462马来西亚巨龟喂养养殖指南 Floating fortresses, straight from the pages of George Orwell and favoured by evil geniuses with a penchant for white Angora cats, may soon exist outside the world of post-apocalyptic fiction and James Bond films.源自乔治攠威George Orwell)的小说,被酷爱白色安哥拉猫的邪恶天才所青睐的“浮动堡垒”,或将很快存在于末日后科幻小说和詹姆斯邦德(James Bond)电影之外。Two Chinese companies say they are to build platforms as long as 3.2km that could host airstrips, docks, helipads, barracks or even “comprehensive security bases in the words of one company executive.有两家中国公司表示,它们将修建长.2公里的平台,上面可容纳飞机跑道、码头、直升机停机坪、兵营甚或“综合保障基地”——这是其中一家公司的高管的用词。For now, the structures remain within the realm of computer graphics, plastic dioramas and PowerPoint presentations. The companies emphasise their more peaceful potential as duty-free shopping centres and exotic tourist destinations.目前,这种浮动平台仍仅存在于计算机图形、塑料模型和幻灯片演示中。两家公司都强调它们在和平用途方面的潜力,比如作为免税购物中心和具有异国情调的旅游目的地等。But executives are open about the fact that there are also military applications for their projects, known as very large floating structures, which could one day become part of China’s naval armada.但两家公司的高管并不讳言这些项目也具有军事用途,所谓的“超大型海上浮动平台”可能终有一天能成为中国海军“无敌舰队”的一部分。The structures are dual-use, said Feng Jun, chairman of Hainan Offshore Industry, a company developing the technology. “So far these are only in the design and research phase.The technology, still being developed worldwide, has been used mainly in the area of oil and gas, by companies such as Shell.开发这一技术的海南远海实业(Hainan Offshore Industry)董事长冯军(音)称,这种平台体具有双重用途,“到目前为止,还都只是在设计和研究阶段。”这种技术在世界上尚属于发展之中,主要被壳牌(Shell)等公司用于石油和天然气领域。Structures akin to the floating fortresses of Nineteen Eighty-Four could be a fearsome complement to half a dozen newly created islands that Beijing has dredged out of the floor in the South China Sea. With airstrips, harbours and other facilities, these are aimed at buttressing China’s claim to 90 per cent of the sea, which is disputed by its neighbours as well as the US.与《一九八四Nineteen Eighty-Four)中的“浮动堡垒”类似的平台,将对中国政府在南中国海通过吹沙填海新造的六个岛屿起到强大的补充作用。拥有飞机跑道、港口和其他设施,这些浮动平台的建造目的是增强中国对南中国0%海域的主权主张,周边的邻国以及美国均对中国这种主张持异议。While floating islands would be granted none of the sovereignty of real islands by international law, they could nonetheless be used to station aircraft or buttress the defences of the artificial islands.按照国际法,“浮动岛屿”并不能获得真正岛屿所享有的主权,但它们可以用于停放飞机或加强人工岛屿的防御。Hainan Offshore’s website refers to the potentially strategic use of its wares. “Under the increasingly complicated South China Sea situation,it says in a company introduction, “Hainan Offshore Industry adheres to the principle ‘when the sovereignty of the state is challenged, time and tide wait for no man”海南远海实业的网站介绍了其平台的潜在战略用途。公司简介中写道:“面对日趋复杂的南海局势,海南远海实业股份有限公司秉承‘国家主权受到严峻挑战,战略需求时不我’宗旨。”Deployment of a VLFS could test aly tense relations in the region. “Planting one of these in the middle of the South China Sea would be a terribly provocative act,said Richard Bitzinger, an authority on maritime security.部署此类超大型海上浮动平台或对本已紧张的地区关系造成考验。海洋安全问题专家理查德毕辛Richard Bitzinger)说:“在南中国海的中间位置放置这样一座超大型浮动平台将是一种极具挑衅性的行为。”China’s military appears to have shown interest in VFLS projects. Hainan Offshore showed plastic models of a VLFS oil-drilling rig at a closed-door conference for military industry in July, hosted in Beijing by China’s State Administration of Science Technology and Industry for National Defence. In April, a photo of a closed-door forum sponsored by the China National Defence University and Peking University showed a People’s Liberation Army officer speaking at a podium in front of a large poster of a VLFS featuring an airstrip, though no information could be found on who he was or what he said. A spokesman for China’s defence ministry this week said he had never heard of any plans for procuring or using such structures.中国军方似乎已经对超大型海上浮动平台项目表现出兴趣。在中国国家国防科技工业局(SASTIND)今年7月举行的一次军工业闭门会议上,海南远海实业展示了一款大型海上浮动石油钻井平台的塑料模型。今月,一张中国国防大China National Defence University)与北京大Peking University)联合主办的闭门论坛的照片显示,一名人民解放军(PLA)军官在讲台上发言,身后的巨型展板上是一座拥有飞机跑道的大型海上浮动平台,尽管我们不知道这位军官是谁,说了什么。但中国国防部发言人日前表示,他从未听说过任何有关中国军方获取或使用此类平台的计划。Jidong Development, a state-owned company listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange, confirmed it was contributing most of the Rmb3.7bn in research funding to the joint project.在深圳交所上市的国有企业冀东发Jidong Development)已实,该公司将为这一联合项目所需7亿元人民币研发经费提供大部分资金。The first VFLS is being built at dry dock in Caofeidian near Beijing, Wang Shuyong, manager of a Jidong subsidiary, told local media. This VFLS would be used as a “deep sea comprehensive security base Mr Wang declined to comment when contacted by the FT.冀东发展下属一家子公司总经理王术永对当地媒体说,首座大型海上浮动平台正在离北京不远的曹妃甸的干船坞中建造。这座浮动平台将被用作“深海综合保障基地”。英囀?金融时报》记者联系到了王术永,但他拒绝置评。The Caofeidian Industrial Zone mentions in its 2014 annual report that it is “helping the companies engaged in the VLFS project to file paperwork for factory planning and construction and use of the industrial coast, and promptly taking action to prepare for construction曹妃甸工业区在其2014年年度报告中提到,该区正在帮助参与超大型海上浮动平台项目的企业提交有关厂区规划和建设以及工业海岸使用的申请文件,并将快速采取行动为工程建设做好准备。Still, experts say the structures if built are more likely to be large oil drilling rigs. But even then, they could change the maritime power dynamic. Last year China parked an oil-drilling platform in a section of the sea claimed by Vietnam, sparking a heated confrontation at sea between Chinese and Vietnamese fishing boats. The rig was later withdrawn.尽管如此,专家称这种平台(如果建成的话)更可能像是大型石油钻井平台。但即使是这样,它们也能够改变海上力量对比。去年,中国在南中国海一处与越南存在争议的海域部署了一座石油钻井平台,引发中越渔船间的一场激烈对峙。该平台后来被撤回。In any case, Mr Bitzinger doubts they would have much military value in a conflict. They would be “expensive and hard to move around he said, adding that China would be better off with more aircraft carriers.不管怎样,毕辛格怀疑这种浮动平台在冲突中能发挥多少军事价值。他说,它们“造价昂贵、移动困难”。他认为,拥有更多航空母舰对中国来说可能更好。来 /201508/393772海南省印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养

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滑花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养Pakistan is hoping to be one of the early beneficiaries of the nuclear deal Iran has struck with six world powers. A long stalled gas pipeline project is expected to finally be completed. And Chinese money will go a long way towards reaching that goal.巴基斯坦希望成为伊核协议最早的受益国之一。预计一个长期停顿的天然气管道工程最终将得以完成。中国资金将为实现这个目标提供巨大帮助。Pakistan has been planning to build a pipeline to import gas from Iran for years—to help with its crippling energy shortage.巴基斯坦多年来一直计划修建一条管道,从伊朗进口天然气,以缓解严重的能源短缺。But work on the pipeline was stalled due to sanctions on Iran. So Pakistan planned a parallel project with the help of China - a liquid natural gas or LNG terminal on its southern port city Gwadar, with a 700 kilometer long pipeline to other areas of the country.但对伊朗的制裁使管道工程陷于停顿。因此巴基斯坦计划在中国的帮助下开始一个并行的项目,在南部港口城市瓜达尔修建一个液化天然气终端,用一00公里长的管道连接巴基斯坦其他地区。The project is expected to start in October and take 30 months to build. And Pakistan’s petroleum minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi says the same pipeline will turn into the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline when the time comes.这个项目预计10月开工,两年半完成。巴基斯坦石油部长阿巴西说,这条管道在适当时候将与伊巴基斯坦天然气管道连接。“So as soon as we see that the sanctions are lifted or being lifted, there’s only 80 kilometer stretch of pipeline that we have to build. And that can be built in about six months.”他说:“制裁取消之后,我们需要修建的管道就只剩下80公里了,大约个月的时间就可以建成。”The petroleum minister explained that funding for this project will be provided by both Pakistan and China, but mostly China.阿巴西说,项目资金将来自巴基斯坦和中国,但主要来自中囀?“It’s a billion project and 85 percent of it is being financed by the Chinese EPC company and 15 percent will be provided by the Ministry of Petroleum.”他说:“这是个20亿美元的项目5%来自中国承包商,其余15%由巴基斯坦石油部提供。”The same Pakistani port will be at the heart of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor which plans to join western China to the sea, and drastically reduce shipping times and costs from China to the Middle East and Europe.瓜达尔港也是中巴经济走廊的核心。中巴经济走廊将开辟连接中国西部地区和海洋的通道,大大降低中国向中东和欧洲出口商品的运输时间和成本。来 /201507/386315 There is never a perfect time to announce you are virtually bankrupt. For Puerto Rico, however, this week was a better moment than most. On Sunday, the island’s government released a long-planned economic report written by Anne Krueger, a former World Bank chief economist, which declared that the territory was in fiscal crisis. As governor Alejandro García Padilla put it, the island’s bn debts are now “not payable无论什么时间宣布你事实上已破产都不合适。然而,对波多黎各而言,早宣布或许更好。不久前,该岛政府公布了由世界银World Bank)前首席经济学家安#8226;克鲁Anne Krueger)撰写的一份准备已久的经济报告,报告宣布这块美国领地陷入了财政危机。正如波多黎各总督亚历杭德#8226;加西#8226;帕迪利亚(Alejandro García Padilla)所言,该岛目前有720亿美元债务“无法偿还”。But instead of sowing widesp fear, debt prices only wobbled. For with Greece in full-blown financial crisis, and the Chinese markets tumbling, Puerto Rico’s revelation seems almost a sideshow. Nevertheless, it would be a mistake to ignore what is happening in Puerto Rico. For Professor Krueger’s report highlights two important points. First, Greece is not the only place grappling with excess debt, poor governance and opaque finances. Second, America, like Europe, badly needs to become more imaginative and practical in dealing with excess public sector debt.然而,结果只是债务价格出现了波动,而没有激起广泛的恐慌。因为希腊爆发全面金融危机、中国股市大跌,波多黎各的境况似乎成了小事一桩。然而,忽略波多黎各事态将犯下错误。克鲁格教授的报告强调了两个重要问题。第一,希腊不是唯一正在努力应对债务过高、治理不善和财政不透明等问题的地方。第二,像欧洲一样,美国在应对公共部门债务过高方面,也急需变得更有想象力、更务实。For the problem bedevilling Puerto Rico is not simply its bn debt pile, but the fact that it lacks any obvious mechanism to restructure it. The island could be in for a choppy time in the municipal debt markets. Other debt-laden entities, such as the state of Illinois, might soon be caught in the storm.困扰波多黎各的问题不仅仅在于20亿美元债务,还在于它缺乏显而易见的债务重组机制。该岛的市政债市场可能开始进入一个动荡阶段。其他债务缠身的实体,比如伊利诺伊州,可能不久后也将卷入风暴。To understand this, look at Puerto Rico’s numbers. A couple of decades ago, this US territory of 3.5m people enjoyed a healthy rate of growth, driven by a large American military presence and tax breaks that attracted mainland businesses. But since then, tax breaks have ended and military budgets have been cut. Output has shrunk by around 10 per cent in real terms since 2005.要理解这一点,不妨看一下波多黎各的数据。二三十年前,这块拥50万人口的美国领地的经济增长率相当可观,这是因为大规模的美国军事存在,加上税收优惠吸引来了美洲大陆的企业。但后来,税收优惠终止了,军事预算削减了。自2005年以来,按实际值计算,经济产出减少了约10%。Normally, this might cause creditors to panic. But since global markets have been flush with liquidity, and municipal bonds offer tax breaks for American investors, money has instead flooded in. That has enabled the government to maintain a generous welfare state, and a governance culture that is (at best) inefficient and (at worst) rife with cronyism. Meanwhile, the debt-to-output ratio has surged above 100 per cent or 150 per cent if unfunded liabilities, such as pensions, are included.通常情况下,这或许会令债权人感到惊慌。但由于全球市场流动性充裕,市政债对美国投资者提供税收优惠,资金反而大规模涌入。这让波多黎各政府得以维持高福利政策,以及一种低效(往好里说)和裙带关系盛行(往坏里说)的治理文化。同时,债务与产出之比猛增至00%——如果计入养老金等无资金准备的债务,则50%。This pattern is unsustainable. So Prof Krueger entirely sensibly proposes two initiatives: Puerto Rico must implement structural reforms, such as cutting welfare payments and labour costs; but it also needs to restructure the debt to a more sustainable level.这一模式不可持续。所以克鲁格教授非常合情合理地提出了两条建议:波多黎各必须推行结构性改革,比如削减福利出和劳动力成本;同时也需要重组债务,使之回到更可持续的水平上。But, as in Greece, it is unclear whether Puerto Rico’s government has the stomach for austerity. Worse still, the island’s debt structure is staggeringly complex, since the bonds have been issued by numerous different entities, with varying types of guarantees. These creditors show no desire to co-ordinate; instead, they are threatening to sue each other and the island. Thus the nightmare scenario that now haunts Puerto Rico is not so much that of Greece but Argentina: years of legal limbo, shut out of the capital markets.但是,正如在希腊一样,波多黎各政府是否有魄力实行紧缩政策尚不可知。更糟糕的是,该岛的债务结构极其复杂,因为债券是由数不清的不同实体发行的,担保的类型也各不相同。这些债权人没有表现出丝毫相互协调的意愿;相反,他们威胁着要相互起诉,并起诉波多黎各政府。这样一来,目前困扰着波多黎各的噩梦般的场景不是希腊式,而是阿根廷式的:多年的法律空白;被资本市场关在门外。Is there a solution? In theory, as Lawrence Summers, a former Treasury secretary says, one resolution would be for the International Monetary Fund to intervene. But it will not, since Puerto Rico is not a sovereign state. Washington could play an IMF-style role if it chose, since Puerto Rico, as a territory, is part of the federal system. But the Obama administration has made it clear it does not wish to intervene.是否有解决办法?理论上,正如美国前财长劳伦斯#8226;萨默Lawrence Summers)所说的,一个解决方案是由国际货币基金组IMF)介入。但IMF不会介入,因为波多黎各并非主权国家。华盛顿方面如果愿意的话,可以扮演类似IMF的角色。因为波多黎各作为一块领地,是美国联邦系统的一部分。但奥巴马政府已明确表示无意介入。That suggests that the least bad remaining option is to find a third party legal referee to oversee an economic plan that forces the creditors into a compromise. America does have one existing model for this: a 9 framework that offers bankruptcy protection for public entities.这表明,剩下的不那么糟糕的选择唯有找到一个第三方法律仲裁人来执行一项强令债权人达成妥协的经济计划。美国在这方面的确有一个现成的模式:为公共实体提供破产保护的美囀?破产法》第9章。This was used to restructure Detroit’s bn debt pile. That worked because it focused on restoring city services, says Kenneth Buckfire, a restructuring expert. Creditor haircuts were the result of this analysis; they were not imposed to support a failed system.该章已用于重组底特律80亿美元债务。重组专家肯尼#8226;巴克菲尔(Kenneth Buckfire)说,这么做管用,是因为它聚焦于恢复城市务。这一分析的结果是债权人接受债务减记;他们没有被强制持一个失败的体系。But since Puerto Rico is a territory, not a city, it is not allowed to use 9 without a change in US law. This seems unlikely to occur soon, since parts of the Republican party fear that letting Puerto Rico use 9 would prompt other American entities, such as Illinois, to default too.但是,既然波多黎各是领地而不是城市,如果不修订美国法律,《破产法》第9章对波多黎各是不适用的。看来美国不太可能很快修订相关法律,因为部分共和党人担心,允许波多黎各适用《破产法》第9章将促使伊利诺伊州等其他美国实体也会违约。The result, then, is stalemate. Thankfully, the situation is not (yet) bad enough to spark a full-blown crisis; but piles of “unpayabledebt have a nasty way of sapping confidence and growth. Or to put it another way, the next time that US officials lecture eurozone leaders on their failure to sort out Greece, they should glance at their own backyard first; or better still, take resolute action say, by reforming that 9 code.那么,结果就是僵局。幸运的是,局势(还)没有糟糕到引发全面危机的地步;但大量“无法偿还”的债务会严重地打击信心、削弱增长。或换言之,下一次美国官员们数落欧元区领导人无力解决希腊危机时,他们应该首先看一下自己的后院;更好的结果是他们采取果断的措施,比如说修改《破产法》第9章。来 /201507/385266政和县拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养思南县马来食螺龟云南闭壳龟马来西亚巨龟豹斑象龟黄额盒龟价格怎么养



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