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unit 473取款(3) dialogue 英语情景对话A:Can I help you, Sir?A:先生,能帮你什么忙吗?B:Yes, Id like to withdraw some money.B:我要取点钱。A:Fill in the slip, stating the exact amount you wish to withdraw, please.A:请填好这张取款单,将要取款的数目写清楚。B:OK. Heres my bank book, is that all right?B:填好了,这是我的存折,对吗?A:OK, do you want large notes or small ones?A:可以,你要大票面的钱还是小票面的钱?B:In 50 Yuan or 100 Yuan would be fine.B:票面50元盛100元的都行。A:Heres the cash for you.A:请收下你的钱。B:Thanks.B:谢谢。 /201607/452291栏目简介:跟生活紧密相关,知识中蕴含趣味性。只用几分钟就能看完,每期都有关键词,你掌握了吗?对学习很有用的哦,给你一个越来越喜欢英语的理由——超级英语脱口秀! /201606/44755212. A Recommendation Letter (1)12.一封推荐信(1)A: Hey Professor Lopez, I need a favor.A:嘿,洛佩兹教授,我需要您帮我一个忙。B: What kind of favor?B:什么忙?A: Can you write a recommendation letter for me?A:您可以为我写一封推荐信吗?B: Im sorry, but I cant.B:很抱歉,但我不能。A: Why not? I was a good student.A:为什么不能?我是一个好学生。B: Yes, you were. The thing is, I dont know you that well.B:是的,你是。问题是,我不太了解你。A: Ill just give you my resume, and you can write about how great I am!A:我会给你我的简历,你可以写我有多么优秀!B: I cant. I dont think I can write you a good letter.B:我不能。我认为我不能为你写。A: But I dont know who else to ask.A:但我不知道还能问谁。B: Ask someone who knows you as more than just a student.B:让一位不是学生但很了解你的人写。A: I honestly never had a professor I felt close to.A:我真的从来没有一个我觉得特别亲密的教授。B: Then, you can only hope a professor writes a letter for you regardless of that fact. B:那么,你只能希望一个教授可以不顾事实的为你写推荐信了。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201512/416623小咖实用英语口语 第80期:素食者veggie /201507/360554

A: Lisa , who is your favorite football star?A: 丽莎,你最喜欢的足球明星是谁?B: Beckham! I love him very much. And I have watched every game of his.B: 贝克汉姆。我真的是爱死他,我看过他所有的比赛。A: You are really a big fan of him.A: 你的确是他的超级粉丝。B: Yes. He is good-looking and supreme talented.B: 是的。他英俊潇洒、才华横溢。A: Many girls like him because of his handsome appearance.A: 许多女孩子都是因为贝克汉姆帅气的外表而迷上他的。B: What do you mean? Dont you think his football skill is unmatchable in the world?B: 你这么说是什么意思?难道你不觉得他的球技在世界上无人可敌吗?A: Please do not be angry with me. I just made a joke with you.A: 别生气啊,我刚刚只不过是跟你开一个玩笑而已。B: Have you heard that thousands of people queued for over ten hours just to get his signature?B: 你听说过数千人排了十多个小时的队只为获得他的一个签名的事没有?A: Yes, I have.A: 是的,我听说了。B: If I were there at that time , I think I would do that, too.B: 如果我那时候在场,我想我也会像他们一样做的。 /201505/373067

Todd: So, Greg, you have a new book out, and youre book has lots of controversial topics, and one of the topics is organ donation. So first can you explain what organ donation is?托德:格雷格,你出了本新书,这本书涉及了很多争议话题,其中一个就是器官捐赠。首先,请你解释一下什么是器官捐赠?Greg: Sure. Organ donation is when a person living or dead allows his or her organs to be used in another person.格雷格:好的。器官捐赠是指活人或死人将器官捐赠给另一个人的行为。Todd: So for example like you donate a liver, or kidney or something like that.托德:举例来说,就是捐赠肝、肾等器官的行为。Greg: Thats right.格雷格:没错。Todd: And usually they have to get it... the person who dies, they have to get it soon.托德:实际上,他们要……人死了之后,他们要立即取出捐赠的器官。Greg: Yes, that 100% right.格雷格:对,完全正确。Todd: So is this something thats common in most countries?托德:这是大多数国家的通常做法吗?Greg: Well, actually some countries do not allow organ and tissue donation, or they allow only some organs, some tissues and not allow others.格雷格:实际上有些国家不允许器官捐赠和组织捐赠,或者只允许一些器官和组织的捐赠,其他的不允许。Todd: You know, your book is about controversial topics. What is controversial about organ donation?托德:你的书里涉及了很多争议话题。那器官捐赠有什么争议?Greg: Oh, theres a lot of controversial aspects to organ donation. Again, as I mentioned there are differences in every country. Some countries do not allow organ donation. Some allow some organs and wont others and there are also cases where say maybe a thousand people need a kidney but theres only fifty kidneys. Who is gonna get it? Should the kidney go to the sickest person but who might die? Should it go to the oldest person? Should it go to the youngest person? Should it go to the richest person? How do you decide? Whats a fair way to decide?格雷格:器官捐赠有很多争议。就像我刚才提到的,每个国家对器官捐赠有不同的规定。一些国家不允许器官捐赠。还有些国家只允许特定器官的捐赠,不允许其他器官的捐赠,也许需要肾移植的人有1000人,可是只有50个肾脏可以移植。那谁能进行手术?这些肾脏是要移植给那些生病最严重、可能会死亡的人?还是要移植给最年长的人?还是给最年轻的人?或是给最富有的人?要怎么决定?怎么公平地做决定?Todd: Now, also I think in your book you were talking about medical tourism. Can you explain what that is?托德:我想你的书中还提到了医疗旅游。你能解释一下吗?Greg: Medical tourism is when people go to a country for the purpose of medical treatment which they cant get in their country either cause the treatment is not allowed or its too expensive. You know, relating back to the question of controversy, there are lot of countries in the world which are very poor, and people are willing to sell their organs actually, so you have rich Arabs, rich Americans, rich Japanese, rich British people, people from any rich country, cant get an organ in their own country, and theyll go to a poor country to buy organs from poor people. Is that right? In some places its illegal. There are also laws in many countries that say someone must, before they die, give permission for the body parts to be used, but those body parts are sometimes taken from people after their death without permission.格雷格:医疗旅游是人们以医疗为目的前往另一个国家的行为,因为他们在本国无法接受治疗,或是治疗方法在本国不被允许,或是医疗费用太高。我们再回到刚才的争议问题上,世界上有许多国家非常贫穷,这些国家的人想卖器官挣钱,而有钱的阿拉伯人、美国人、日本人、英国人,那些有钱国家的人在自己的国家无法得到捐赠的器官,他们就会去贫穷的国家,从穷人那里买器官。这种做法对吗?在有些地方这种做法是非法的。许多国家的法律明确规定,活人捐赠器官必须得到许可,而有时死人捐赠身体器官是未经许可的。Todd: Yeah, thats pretty controversial stuff. Thats pretty deep.托德:对,这是备受争议的问题。是非常严肃的问题。Greg: Yeah.格雷格:对。 译文属 /201605/443675

unit 22 找剧院dialogue 英语情景对话A:Excuse me. I wonder if you could help me. lm looking for the Oriental Pearl Theater.A:对不起,打扰一下,不知您能否帮我,我在找东方之珠剧院。B:Boy, you are lost. lts across town.B:哦,你迷路了。它在城市的那头。A:Oh! What bad luck! How can I get to the Theater?A:哦!太糟糕了!那我怎么去剧院呢?B:You can take a No. 12 bus here and then transfer to a No. 23 bus to get there.B:您可以在此乘坐12路公共汽车,然后换乘23路公共汽车到那里。 /201504/368711

How do I address you? 我该怎么称呼您?例句:A:How do I address you?我该怎么称呼您?B:Please call me John.请叫我约翰。Nice to meet you.My name is Jack.How do I address you?很高兴见到你,我叫杰克,怎么称呼您?A:Most people call me Bob.How do I address you?大家都叫我Bob,我该怎么称呼您?B:Just call me Bill.I hate to be called Mr zhang or William.Its too formal.就叫我比尔,我不喜欢别人叫我张先生或者威廉,太正式了。背景音乐:Norah Jones-thinking about you关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201612/483080

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