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苏卡达象乌龟怎么样好养吗彬县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养真鳄龟买一只多少钱 More often than not, you encounter days where you just want someone in your life. This can be triggered by watching romantic comedies, ing an article on the internet or seeing your best friend happily settled with someone. Yes, they come, and they#39;re perfectly natural, but are you sure that#39;s what you really want?常常在某些瞬间,你莫名渴望生活中能出现另一半。或许只因刚刚看过几部浪漫喜剧、在网上读到某些文字,抑或因为看到好朋友都喜滋滋牵上了手。他们是如此自然而又完美地出现在一起。可是,你确定这当真就是自己想要的吗?1. You#39;re just in love with the concept of love.你只是喜欢爱情本身的美好。Cliché but this is most likely the situation if you think a relationship will save your life#39;s monotony. People always have a romanticized notion of what having a boyfriend or girlfriend would make them feel like. You toy with the idea of having someone constantly with you, the dates and the candlelit dinners, but the exhilaration of having one only lasts in its early stages. If you expect too much from it you might jump into the first potential relationship you find and end up disappointed.虽说陈词滥调,但也确实如此:如果你以为恋爱能救你摆脱无聊乏味,那必定只是喜欢“恋爱”字面的蕴意。人们对谈男女朋友总是充满过于浪漫的幻想,觉得身边会一直有人陪伴、能享受数不尽的约会和烛光晚餐。其实,这种情调只会短暂出现在恋爱初期。要是你怀着过高期望一头扎进去,最后只能失望收尾。 /201309/257538The odds are against us: Roughly 88 percent of New Year#39;s resolutions don#39;t make it through the year. These are big to-dos we’re slacking on: eat healthier, get a better job, lose weight, save money. How can we fall short on such important goals year after year? The problem may lie in the kinds of resolutions we make – not our willpower.形势不太有利:大约有88%人们的新年计划基本坚持不下去。这些要做的大事我们通通都懈怠了:吃得更健康,换一份更好的工作,减肥,存钱。年复一年我们怎么总会功亏一篑?问题可能在于我们所定下的新年目标,而不是我们的意志力。Drink One Glass of Water in the Morning在早晨喝一杯水Drink a glass of water when you wake up. Water hydrates your body to start the day off. It’s preparing your body to accept nutrition. People talk about wanting to lose weight, but what if instead of that, that goal was, ;I’m going to drink a full glass of water every morning.; Instead of focusing on the end goal, focus on the small changes you can make every day to get there. When you have something you can accomplish every day, you’re more likely to form habits which, over time, will help you achieve your weight loss goals.当你醒来时,喝一杯水。身体得到水分补给后,开始迎接新的一天,并准备对营养的吸收。人们总说想减肥,但如果不是那样的目标呢?如果目标是:“我打算每天早上喝满满一杯水” ,又会怎么样呢?与其关注最终结果,不如关注每一天你能做到的细微改变。当你每天都能完成一点,你更有可能养成一种习惯,这种习惯假以时日就会帮你达成减肥目标。Turn One Driving Trip into a Walking Trip把驾车出行换成徒步旅行Before promising yourself that you will get up early and exercise every day, ask yourself if you’re really the kind of person who loves getting up at the crack of dawn to go on a long run. If you are, good for you; if not, consider taking small steps in the right direction as a start. Maybe you’re the kind of person who can walk to go get coffee. That can be a doable, achievable thing. From there you start to think, ;I think I’m going to walk to yoga class, or walk to the grocery store.;在向自己承诺每天早起锻炼身体时,先问问自己:我真的喜欢拂晓时分就起床去晨跑吗?我是这种人吗?如果你是,恭喜你;如果不是,那么在开始时,请考虑在正确的方向上做些小小的努力。也许你是步行去拿咖啡的那种人,这事是可做而且可行的。然后你开始有这样的想法:“我认为我可以步行去参加瑜伽课,或者步行去杂货店。”Read One Page Before Bed Every Night每晚睡前读一页书If you one page every night before going to bed, you would be done with a 365-page book by the end of the year. That may not sound impressive, but it#39;s one book more than you got through last year. If you’re feeling inspired, gradually increase your page count.如果你每夜睡前读一页书,那么到了年底,你就读了一本365页的书。这个听起来也许没那么动心,但一年时间过去,你得到的远不止一本书。如果你觉得自己受到了启发,有进步,你可以逐渐增加你的阅读页数。Make One Networking Effort a Day每天为人际关系网做点努力“Make a new professional contact on LinkedIn, or any other social-networking site that has to do with your industry,” says Lisa Johnson Mandell, author of “Career Comeback – Repackage Yourself to Get the Job You Want.” In addition to networking, educate yourself. Keep your finger on the pulse of the industry you’re after. Read at least one online article about a cutting-edge development in your field, or at the company you#39;d like to work for.《复出职场--为获得心仪的工作,重新包装你自己》的作者丽莎·约翰逊·曼德尔说,“你可以在LinkedIn或其他社交网站建立一种与职业相关的新联系。” 除了人际关系网,还要接受自我教育,把握所在行业的发展脉搏。她还说,“至少在网上阅读一篇关于尖端领域的文章,不论是关于你自己所在的行业还是你想为之工作的公司。”Indulge Every Other Day改天再享用Enjoy your favorite foods and drinks – in moderation. “Limit, do not eliminate,” says nutrition expert Rania Batayneh. “Diets do not work. Eliminating your favorite foods will just make you want or crave them more.” Instead of cutting out your favorite indulgences entirely, Batayneh suggests finding ways to limit your intake. If you eat potato chips every afternoon, challenge yourself to cut back to every other afternoon, focusing on reframing them as an infrequent treat.好好享用你最爱的食物和饮料,但请适量。营养专家拉尼娅·巴特内说,“不是不吃,而是要限量。节食食谱没有效果,不吃只会让你更想和更渴求”。巴特内建议,与其不吃,还不如寻找办法来限制摄入量。如果你每天下午吃薯片,挑战自己:隔天下午再吃,调整认知,把它们作为偶尔的零食。Buy Lunch Every Other Day每隔一天买一次午餐We can make the most impact on our spending habits by monitoring our casual spending habits, according to Harlan Platt, professor of finance at Northeastern University. “These include coffee at Starbucks, restaurant lunches and driving your car.” Instead of drinking lattes every day, drink them on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. Think of them as luxuries, and aim to treat them as such.东北大学的金融学教授哈兰·普拉特表示,通过观察我们的休闲消费习惯,我们可以对自己的消费习惯做出改变。他说:“这些消费包括到星巴克喝咖啡、下馆子吃饭、和自己开车。” 不要每天喝拿铁,只周一、周三和周五喝咖啡就可以。把它们想成奢侈品,并这样对待它们。Say #39;I Love You#39;说“我爱你”Say ‘I love you’ more, more times than you imagine you could, or should.Think of how you feel when you#39;re on the receiving end, even via a text or Facebook message – it feels good, doesn’t it? Even if it’s a quick three words, it feels good to know that someone, somewhere thinks you’re great. Now, pay it forward. Make sure you appreciate the people in your life. Thank them for who they are and what they do, on a regular basis.多说“我爱你”,比你认为你可以或应该说的次数还要多。即使是通过文字或Facebook来传达,当你作为听到这句话的一方,想想你的感受,那感觉很好不是吗?即使是简单的三个字,知道有人在某地认为你很棒,那感觉就很好。现在去回应那些人。感谢你生活中的那些人,经常感谢他们,感谢他们的真性情,感谢他们为你做的事。Breathe Deeply for 10 Seconds深呼吸10秒Be intentional about your breathing. Some people can let life’s stresses roll right off their back, but for the rest of us, hearing “just don’t worry about it” is less than helpful. Instead of channeling your energy into ;not worrying,; try focusing on something positive, proactive and mindless, like breathing. Close your eyes for 10 seconds and focus on taking deep breaths. In addition to helping you slow down (deep breathing tells your brain to relax), you’re giving yourself a chance to push the reset button.关注你的呼吸。有些人不会让生活压着喘不过气来,但对我们其他人,听到一句“不用担心” 并没起到什么帮助。试着专注积极主动和不操心的事,比如呼吸,而不是把你的精力转去关注“不担心”。闭上眼睛10秒钟,专注深呼吸。深呼吸,除了帮助你淡定下来(深呼吸让你的大脑放松),还给了你自己一个按下“重启”按钮的机会。Hide Your Paper Towels把纸巾藏起来Trade your paper towels for cloth towels. Again, start small at first. Simply make your paper towels less convenient to use – place them in the cupboard under the sink and hang a hand towel in an accessible place. This quick switch will help you reduce your paper towel usage and encourage you to find reusable alternatives. Do you really need a fresh paper towel just to dry your hands? Save that disposable for kitchen accidents or pet surprises.把纸巾换成毛巾。同样的,刚开始时从小处着手。只要增加使用纸巾的难度就好,比如把纸巾放置在水槽下的橱柜里,把毛巾挂在方便取用的地方——这种简易的对换,可以帮你降低纸巾的使用量,鼓励你寻找可重复使用的替代品。你真的需要一张新纸巾来擦手吗?把一次性纸巾存下来用到应对厨房和宠物带来的意外上。List One Thing You#39;re Thankful for Every Day记录一件当天你要感谢的事At the end of the day, list one thing you’re thankful for. It can be something small like a good parking spot or perfectly steeped cup of tea, or it can be broad like the health of your family. Whatever that one thing is (and there is no need to stop at just one), take a few minutes out of your day to acknowledge how grateful you are for that one little thing.在一天结束的时候,记录一件当天你要感谢的事。这件事可以很小,比如说有一个好的停车位,或是泡了一杯好茶;这件事也可以很重要,如家人的健康。无论这件事是什么(也没必要说纠结是哪一件),花个几分钟来为这件微不足道的事情表达你的谢意。 /201302/224954凹甲陆龟品种介绍种类区别

红河县印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养A Man of Actions一个言出必行的人A crowd of student was gathered on the campus of Oxford University. “You can have no doubt,” shouted a young man excitedly, “that if the Dean does not take back what he said to me this morning, I’ll leave Oxford this very evening!”一群学生聚在牛津的校园里,一个年轻人情绪激动地叫道:“毋庸置疑,如果那个家伙不收回他今早  对我说的话,我今晚就离开牛津。”A buzzing noise followed. “What a man of actions!” one said in admiration. “How should we support him and learn from him!” said another.下面一片喧哗。“真是个言出必行的人。”一个人艳羡地说。另一个说:“我们要持他、学习他。”Suddenly, a girl asked, “What did the Dean say to you, Hob?”突然,一个女孩问道:“那家伙对你说什么了,霍波?”He bent and whispered to her, “Well,er#8226;#8226;#8226;er#8226;#8226;#8226;Miss Rose, er#8226;#8226;#8226;he told me to get clean away from Oxford this very evening!”他弯下腰小声说:“哦,呃…呃…,罗斯,呃…他说要我今晚从牛津滚出去。” /201302/225014佛州甜甜圈乌龟好养吗价格收藏推荐 Each one of us has some risk for becoming depressed. For some the chance might be remote, while for others it can be almost inevitable。我们每个人都有一定程度的抑郁风险。对于有些人来说,机会很小;对于另一些人来说几乎不可避免。We all have our own vulnerabilities for depression, based on our life experiences, health conditions, substance use, and genetic predisposition. A person#39;s risk for becoming depressed at some point in his or her life ranges from low to high, based upon the interaction of all of these factors。对于抑郁,我们都有各自的薄弱点,这些可能和人生经历、健康情况、物质滥用和遗传易感性有关。在这些因素的共同作用下,一个人一生中的抑郁风险有高有低。A good general way to think of the factors that lead to depression is with the two-hit hypothesis. This model suggests that people become depressed when the effects of their genetic composition—which itself puts them somewhere on a scale of low-to-high likelihood of eventually developing depression—combine with stressful life experiences。采取“两步假设法”可以从宏观上了解这些因素是怎样导致抑郁的。这个模式认为,在基因组成(其本身也对产生抑郁影响有高低之分)和充满压力的生活的共同作用下,人们就抑郁了。Even those individuals with a low genetic tendency for depression can become depressed when they experience extreme stress. On the other hand, people with strong genetic predispositions may become depressed without experiencing much stress. Naturally, the people with both high stress and strong genetic predispositions are the most likely to have a depressive disorder。即便一个人抑郁的遗传倾向程度低,但是处于极度压力下的时候,这人也会抑郁;同样,抑郁的遗传倾向程度高的那些人,即使没处于压力环境中,也可能抑郁。自然地,那些高压力、高(遗传)基因易感性的人患抑郁症的可能性最大。While the two-hit hypothesis is useful conceptually, making predictions for particular individuals is still a challenge. For example, because of their psychological characteristics, people respond to stress in different ways. Plus, the genetics of depression is not as simple as something like eye color。虽然这“两步假设法”理论上行得通,可是要预测特定个体,依然是一个挑战。例如,心理特征不同的人对压力的反应不同。另外,抑郁的基因可不像决定眼睛颜色的基因那么简单。What stressful conditions might contribute to someone developing depression?有哪些充满压力的环境能让人们抑郁呢?emotional or physical abuse, especially when it continues over long periods身心虐待,尤其是长期的sexual abuse性虐待emotional and physical neglect情绪或身体被忽视chaotic home environment混乱的家庭环境chronic illnesses, especially during childhood慢性疾病,尤其是在儿童时期substance abuse, including alcoholism物质滥用,包括酗酒chronic insomnia and sleep deprivation长期失眠和睡眠剥夺How can stress early in life affect mood and brain functioning later on? There are several theoretical possibilities. One is that stress hormones influence the development of key areas of the brain related to mood and emotions。人生早期的压力对随后的情绪、大脑运作有何影响?有一些理论对此进行了解释。其中一个理论认为压力荷尔蒙会影响和情绪、情感有关的关键大脑区域的发育。Is there a depression gene?有一种“抑郁基因;吗?The genetics of depression are complex and not yet fully understood. A single depression gene locus has not been found; rather, several sections of the genome have been identified that are associated with a higher probability of having depression。有关抑郁的基因研究很复杂,还没有被人们完全了解。尚未找到一个单一的抑郁基因位点;不过,已经发现一些基因组,它们和较易导致抑郁You are at higher risk for depression if ...下面的情况出现时,出现抑郁的风险更大....you have had significant difficulty due to depression in the past抑郁曾为你带来巨大的困扰depression runs in your family, especially in close blood relatives有抑郁家史,尤其是近亲中you have been exposed to chronic stressful circumstances长期处于压力大的环境中If you think that you are at high risk for depression, you should be alert for early signs of any symptoms of a mood disorder and you should then talk with your mental health specialist about possible treatments. Early treatment can have both short- and long-term benefits。如果你认为自己是以为高抑郁风险者,那么对任何情绪紊乱的早期症状都要警觉,和心理健康专家探讨如何治疗。及早治疗会带来短期和长期的好处。Of course, if you aly have severe depressive symptoms, then seek help right away. If you are feeling suicidal, talk with someone about it immediately and consult your doctor, or else get to an emergency room fast。当然,如果你已经有严重的抑郁症状,那么应寻求正确的帮助。如果你感到有自杀倾向,立刻和某个人说一说,咨询你的医生,或迅速前往急诊室。Consider, too, the risks of your family and friends. You might play an important role in helping them get early treatment to prevent worse symptoms in the future。同样,要考虑家人和朋友的抑郁风险。在帮助他们及早治疗、预防恶化的过程中,你可能会起到重要的作用。 /201304/235561登封市拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养

连城县靴脚陆龟咸水泥彩龟安哥洛卡象龟凹甲陆龟红腿象龟价格怎么养过个“绿色”情人节!Forget an extravagant bouquet of roses or an exquisitely packaged box of chocolates this Valentine's Day.If you want to be a good lover, start thinking about the impact your romance has on the environment.Campaigners say the traditional tokens of affection exchanged on February 14 should be ditched because they damage the planet.Instead, couples should be striving to "enjoy a greener romance" - at least according to a pressure group in Wales.Waste Awareness Wales is promoting e-cards to try to reduce the waste caused by the 13 million Valentine's cards bought in Britain each year.Couples are also being urged to make their own cards from left-over wrapping paper.Other advice includes buying flowers planted in a pot instead of a bunch of cut ones. Those who insist on buying chocolates are urged to buy ones with the least packaging.Better presents than those involving packaging are "waste-free" gifts such as theatre tickets.People wishing to cook a romantic meal are advised to check the quantities of food required for their recipe so they do not waste food by making too much. They are also urged to compost any peelings.Give organic chocolate is another environmental-friendly choice.Giving organic chocolate helps you to "go green" and stay healthy. Organic chocolates are free of pesticides and are farmed in a sustainable way. Also, scientists have proven that organic chocolate, especially dark chocolate, has many health benefits, including helping your heart and boosting serotonin levels. 今年情人节送什么?大束玫瑰和精美的盒装巧克力还是算了!如果想做个好情人,那就先想想你的浪漫会不会危及环境吧。环保活动人士称,传统的情人节礼物应该被抛弃,因为它们会危害环境。情侣们应尽量“享受绿色浪漫”——至少威尔士的一个压力集团这样认为。为了减少纸质贺卡造成的废弃物,“威尔士环保意识”组织目前正呼吁人们用电子贺卡传情。每年情人节,英国都要消耗1300万张纸质贺卡。该组织还号召情侣们用剩下的包装纸自制贺卡。其它建议还有:用盆栽植物取代花束;非要买巧克力的可以买外包装最简单的那种。“无废弃”礼物比带包装的礼物好,比如戏票。想做情人节浪漫大餐的人可以事先估计好所需要的食物量,以免造成浪费。果皮、蔬菜皮可以用作肥料。赠送有机巧克力也是一个环保的选择。送有机巧克力环保又健康。有机巧克力(指巧克力豆)在种植中不使用杀虫剂,采用的是可持续种植技术。此外,科学家已明,有机巧克力(尤其是黑巧克力)对健康有很多益处,它能够保护心脏和提高(血液中的)复合胺水平。 /200803/31797 曹县苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养安哥洛卡象龟怎么样好养吗



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