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Afrightfully large beast slithers through the Edge of Hell – which is, funnilyenough, located in Kansas City, Mo. – but she getting her moment in the sun.一个可怕的巨型猛兽滑过“地狱”的边缘——有趣的是,“地狱”位于密苏里州堪萨斯城——但巨蟒她此刻正待在阳光下Medusa, an 8-year-old giant of a python, measures 5 feet and inches inlength, and has just been named the longest snake ever in captivity by theGuinness World Records, landing with a 350-lb. thud in the edition of therecord books.美杜莎,一条8岁的巨蟒,测量为5英尺英寸长,刚被评为吉尼斯世界纪录有史以来人工饲养的最长的蛇,以350磅的重量轰的一声出现在年版的记录册上The snake lives in the Edge of Hell, a haunted house attraction located withina brick warehouse, and prefers to stay coiled up in a nook, according to apress release.根据发布的新闻稿:这条蛇生活在“地狱”的边缘,位于一个砖砌的仓库内的鬼屋,喜欢盘绕着待在一个角落里 On top of being huge, she has a reputation being ;the sloppiesteater; when having her meals of rabbits, hogs and deer, and has actuallybitten herself instead of her dinner.除了体型巨大,在她以兔、猪和鹿为食时她还有一个“散漫吃货”的名声,而且她真的会咬自己而不是她的正餐;We try to keep Medusa well fed and slightly out of reach as there havebeen instances with reticulated pythons where theyve had to cut people out ofthem!; handler Larry Edgar said in a statement. ;We neverunderestimate that she does always have the upper hand.;“我们尽量把美杜莎喂好并稍微避免接触,因为已有实例将网蛇与人隔离!”处理员拉里·埃德加在一份声明中说, “我们从未低估她总是占得上风”People might not even notice Medusa, despite her gargantuan size. When thehaunted house has visitors, she goes into permance mode, staying very stillas people pass by.人们可能甚至还没注意到美杜莎,尽管她体型庞大当鬼屋有访客时,她就进入表演模式,在有人走过时保持一动不动 5

They're only three days old, but it's not hard to spot who's going to be the troublemaker. As these seven fluffy ducklings lined up on a log to get a good look at the big world facing them, it seemed like an ideal opporty a family photo. Except that one member of the brood took it as a moment to express his individuality – and turned his back to the camera. He then stood up and accidentally caused the whole brood to fall off their perch.它们出生才3天,却并不妨碍其中某“小鸭”成为淘气包原来,正当7只毛茸茸的小鸭子在一根圆木上排排坐看世界——似乎也是拍全家福的绝好机会——时,其中一只借机显摆个性,背对着摄像机然后他竟然站起来并搞得所有小鸭都跌下了圆木 3871

导读:随着大量的日志、照片被上传到社交网站(social networking),在掌握他人动态同时,自己的个人信息也悄无声息地泄露出去,其中有不便透露的隐私,其中也有事关账号的密码提示,总之网络社交平台并不安全,我们又要如何去保护个人隐私呢?Facebook, Google, MySpace, Twitter, the proliferation of social networking means more personal inmation are accessible to strangers than ever bee.Facebook、谷歌、聚友网、Twitter,随着社交网站的盛行,越来越多的个人信息开始开放给陌生人As attitudes to privacy are starting to change, here is a short list of some ways to protect your privacy online: 在人们对待隐私的态度逐渐发生变化的情况下,我们列出几招教你保护自己的网上隐私:1) personalised search engine optimisation - strange as it may seem, people are willing to pay experts to alter position of their name in Google`s listings as it is typed. The method keeps the bad news private.搜索引擎的个性优化——看上去有点奇怪吧,但仍然有人愿意雇专家,帮助他们改变在谷歌搜索列表中自己名字显示的位置,以保负面信息的私密性 13

Body language is an important aspect of permance. An actor's body language plays a crucial part in telling the audience about the character they are playing. 肢体语言是表演的一个重要部分一个演员的肢体语言在告诉观众他们表演的角色起到了重要的作用 Body language is the way in which our bodies communicate our own or a character's attitudes. An audience or viewer can watch it to pick up on someone's age, emotions, status, or health. 肢体语言是表达我们自己或者角色态度的一种方式观众通过观察就能注意到某人的年龄、情感、地位或者健康了 example, a student being told off by a teacher in a drama can easily tell the audience that she's not feeling sorry what she's done by: curling her lip showing a bored look in her eyes having her head slightly lowered putting a hand on her hip having her hip stuck out, with her weight on one leg. An example of body language 98

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and Lord of the Ring Elijah Wood have been battling public confusion over their identities years — but fans struck by their striking similarities arent quieting down any time soon.“哈利波特”丹尼尔#86;拉德克利夫和“魔戒使者”伊利亚#86;伍德神撞脸,多年来一直令公众分辨不清——但面对如此惊人的相似度,粉丝们不淡定了In fact, a GIF that gone viral on social media has only reignited the fascination over their lookalike status, leaving millions of people freaking out.事实上,这张在社交媒体上疯传的GIF动图重新引爆了人们对这两人容貌相像的兴趣,使得数百万民众兴奋不已Viewed over eight million times on Imgur and even more on Twitter, the moving image shows 6-year-old Daniel slowly morphing into Elijah, 35, bee turning back into Daniel — with very little change to his face.这张GIF动图在Imgur上的点击量已超过800万次,Twitter甚至更多这个动图展示了6岁的丹尼尔慢慢变成35岁的伊利亚,然后又变回丹尼尔本人的过程——那张脸几乎没什么变化The GIF has sparked more than a bit of confusion, as people have voiced that they arent quite sure who they are looking at at each moment.两人在动图中实在令人分不清,人们都说不知道哪个时间看到的究竟是哪个人了After watching it switch back and th about 3 times.... Im no longer sure I even know which one is which, wrote one, as another fan chimed in: Does this mean Frodo Baggins and Harry Potter are the same person?“反复看上三遍,我已经分不清谁是谁了”一个粉丝写道另一个插话说:“难道这是说弗罗多#86;巴金斯和哈利#86;波特其实是同一个人?”This is slightly unsettling, wrote another, while a third added: Plot twist: theyre the same actor and he has a great make-up artist.“这真是有点混乱”另一个粉丝写道,有人补充说:“剧情大逆转:他们是同一个演员,只是有个顶尖的化妆师”Of course, this is hardly the first time that the two actors have drawn comparisons, and both have spoken out about being each other doppelg#;nger.当然这并非两个演员第一次被指撞脸,而且两人都曾公开说他们是彼此的分身It because the idea of us is the same, Daniel explained on Marc Maron WTF podcast in November. Were both kind of short guys with big blue eyes and brown hair. And we did fantasy movies that came out at the same time.“这是因为人们对我们的印象是一样的”丹尼尔在月参与的马克#86;马龙《WTF播客上说道“我们个子都不高,蓝眼棕发,我们都演魔幻电影,还在同一时期上映了”Previously, he revealed that a fan presented him with a photo of Elijah to sign, which he did with the message: I am not Elijah Wood.此前,他透露曾有个粉丝拿着伊利亚的照片让他签名,他便在上面写道:“我不是伊利亚#86;伍德”If you just come up and say, ;Are you Elijah Wood?; I will say no, and I wont tell you who I am, he added.“如果你走来问我,‘你是伊利亚#86;伍德吗?我会说不是,也不告诉你我是谁”他补充说道When asked about this story, Elijah admitted that the false recognition goes both ways.当被问及这件事,伊利亚承认这样认错人的事同样发生在他身上I get recognized as Daniel a lot, he told Seth Meyers. I was in an elevator and, you know that thing when you get in an elevator and it just you and another person?“我经常被人错认成丹尼尔,”他对塞斯#86;梅耶斯说道,“有一次在电梯里,你可以想象,走进电梯里,发现除了你就只有另一个人”But then I could feel his eyes boring into my skull and I thought, oh he may have recognized me, ok that cool, so Im waiting him to get the courage [to say something], Im not gonna pre-empt him.“但是随后我发现对方的眼睛一直盯着我的脑壳看,我就想,他可能是认出我了,这也挺好,于是我就等他鼓起勇气来问我点什么,打算等他先开口”Elevator stops at the lobby, doors open, [he] finally gets out the courage, blurts out, ;Daniel Radcliffe;, he says, pointing, And I said, ;No!;“电梯停在一楼大厅,门开了,最后他才鼓起勇气,脱口而出说,‘丹尼尔#86;拉德克利夫’,他指着我问道,然后我说‘不是!’”Daniel, though, may have found a way of having some fun with their similar faces: Im thinking of trying to write some sort of mistaken identity thing where one of us kills the other.不过,对于他们相似的脸,丹尼尔可能找到了些乐子:“我想可以试着写个错认身份的剧本,在故事中我们其中一个人干掉了另一个” 77

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