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雅安市美甲纹绣培训课程报名地址官网在哪里乐山加盟培训美甲用品工具批发The experiment is drawing to an end.实验即将接近尾声The scientists are starting to see the ways科学家们着手研究猫的行为in which cats#39; behaviour is shaped by us,在哪些方面被人类所影响and by all the other cats living so close by...或被附近的其他猫所影响...How they#39;ve created tightly packed territories...他们是如何严格划分领地的Todd came up here, really close to where Thomas has been.托德走到这里 离托马斯刚刚呆的地方很近..How they may be time-sharing to avoid fighting...他们如何在不同时间活动来避免打斗..And how they may be hunting less and eating each other#39;s food.他们如何不再捕猎 转而吃其他猫的食物But there#39;s one surprise left in the village.但小镇里还藏有一个惊喜This is the Edwards#39; house.这里是爱德华一家And they have not one but six unrelated cats living together.六只无血缘关系的猫住在这里Meet Duffy,来见见达菲Patch,帕奇Daisy,黛西Coco,蔻蔻Pumpkin南瓜and Ralph.拉尔夫重点解释:1.draw to an end 结束;终止例句:The 20th century is drawing to an end. 20世纪即将结束。2.close to 接近于例句:David#39;s house is quite close to the Global Theater.大卫的家离环球剧院很近。3.close by 在旁边; 附近例句:He lives close by.他住在附近。 Article/201609/465622自贡市皮肤管理纹绣半永久加盟培训学校排行榜 To deprive them of the satisfaction,Walpole walked, a broken man,为了不让他们得逞 落败的沃波尔back to his wine and his dogs at Houghton.只能持酒牵回归霍顿乡里It was the end of an era.一个时代画上了句号Now the gung-ho patriots could have their get-rich war,如今雄心勃勃的爱国者们 终于可以大发战争财了and they must have thought it would be a breeze.他们肯定以为那是小菜一碟Britain could fight abroad because it was so united at home.因为国内大一统了 当然可以外出作战But in 1745,that unity would prove a bitter illusion.但是1745年 统一王国将面临悲惨命运The Jacobite cause had refused to die,詹姆斯党人运动不甘偃旗息鼓especially amongst the clans of north-west Scotland,尤其是苏格兰西北部的部族where it fed off continued opposition to the Union.联合王国一日不倒 反抗一日不停What the Jacobites needed was a figurehead and, in 1745, they got one,詹姆斯二世党人需要的是一个傀儡 1745年 他们终于得手a leader many saw as a model of virile fearlessness.得到一位被很多人视为 刚强而无畏的领导者The son of James Edward Stuart,詹姆斯·爱德华·斯图亚特之子the man known to us and to posterity as Bonnie Prince Charlie.青史中以;美王子查理;著称The fact the Prince#39;s full name was Charles Edward Louis Casimir Silvester Severino Maria Stuart事实上王子的全名是 查尔斯·爱德华·路易斯·卡西米尔· 西尔维斯特·塞韦里诺·玛利亚·斯图亚特should tell us that the Prince was less the incarnation of the old Scotland of the clans由此可以得知 与其说王子是旧苏格兰氏族的血传and much more a fully-fledged graduate of the pan-European Italo-Polish-Franco-Irish Catholic international community.不如说是泛欧洲的 意大利-波兰-法国-爱尔兰 天主教国际联合体的全面继承人 /201705/512003广元美甲职业技能技术加盟批发市场培训

华蓥日式法式美甲美睫美发业彩妆培训From the freezing wastes of the Arctic Circle to the burning heat of the sahara desert,从北极圈冰冷的水中 到撒哈拉大沙漠的滚滚热流in making Man VS Wild,we film all over the world.在拍摄《荒野求生》的过程中 我们跑遍了全世界Ecuador, Montana,Panama, Patagonia,Sumatra, Turkey,Scotland, Mexico twice Norway, Siberia,Guatemala, Namibia and Zambia,Belize, Alabama, Louisiana,China.厄瓜多尔 蒙大纳州 巴拿马 巴塔哥尼亚 苏门答腊 土耳其 苏格兰 两次墨西哥 挪威 西伯利亚 危地马拉 纳米比亚和赞比亚 伯利兹 阿拉巴马州 路易斯安那州 中国Yeah, and there#39;s probably a few others which we can#39;t quite remember.是啊 还有一些 我们都记不清了Wherever we are,Simon the cameraman#39;s always just behind me.不管我们在哪 摄像师西蒙总跟在我后面Bear, in all these environments, he will move fast.Bang, bang, bang, bang.贝尔在这些地方动作都很快 嘭嘭嘭嘭Whatever Bear does,you have to be there.Lots of cuts, lots of bruises.You have to just steam in.You have to commit to it and go for it.不管贝尔在做什么 你都得跟着他 各种伤口 各种淤肿 你必须全力以赴 全身心投入 并不断努力I guess it is dangerous,but a lot of the time,我想这很危险 但许多时候you know, you just don#39;t get a chance to think about that,because you#39;re you#39;re just doing the shot.You#39;re just doing what you need to do.你都来不及去思考 因为你在 你在进行拍摄 你只是在尽本职而已I suppose I#39;ve got to just keep the shot as steady as I can.我尽量让镜头保持稳定But that vision of Bear in my viewfinder now it#39;s just something permanently extra of my mind,取景器中贝尔的身影 是我脑海中永远不变的风景he#39;s always there,it#39;s justthe background changes.他一直在里面 只是背景一直在变You all right?Fire,ice,water,desert,forest.we#39;ve been through it all.你没事吧 烈火 寒冰 激流 荒漠 雨林 我们全都经历过keeping up with me takes the crew a long way out of their comfort zone.为了赶上我 摄制人员吃尽苦头 Article/201610/473160资阳美甲美睫睫毛嫁接半永久培训课程报名地址官网在哪里 吴大维洋腔洋调英语口语视频第二册第2集,今天大维带我们来到棒球场,解说打棒球时所用到的各种词汇,出局、安打、暴投等等,快来了解下吧。 打棒球相关词汇和短语:1.baseball 棒球2.ball 坏球3.strike 好球4.out 出局5.walk 四坏球保送6.foul ball 界外球7.wild pitch 暴投8.base hit 安打9.single 一垒安打10.double 二垒安打11.triple 三垒安打12.home run 全垒打13.whole shabang 全部14.score 得分15.ground rule double 二垒安打16.bean ball 触身球17.hit by pitch 触身球18.tagged 被k的很厉害相关专题推荐:色拉英语乐园视频新英语900句视频从零开始学口语 /200809/50269什邡美甲2016款式时尚结婚美甲图片培训班

达州市美甲美睫睫毛嫁接半永久学校机构疯狂英语900句 03-1相关专题: /200704/12514 达州学习化妆造型个人生活妆造型培训简阳半永久化妆术课程班培训班



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