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山东青岛新阳光妇科打胎证明青岛市第五人民医院是公立医院么North Korean Nuclear Negotiations to Resume This Week北韩核项目六方会谈周四北京复会 Talks on ending North Korea's nuclear programs are to resume this week in Beijing, after being on hold since last year. Negotiations are expected to focus on efforts to verify the dismantling of North Korea's declared nuclear facilities and Pyongyang's demands for aid. 目的在于去除北韩核项目的六方会谈本周将在北京复会,自从去年以来会谈一直陷于停顿。预计这次会谈将集中讨论如何核实北韩所宣称的拆除核设施的行动,以及平壤要求获得的援助。China's Foreign Ministry says negotiators from six nations will meet Thursday to discuss North Korea's nuclear weapons programs. 中国外交部说,六方会谈的谈判代表将于星期四会面,讨论北韩的核武器项目。Negotiations have been on hold for the past nine months, while North Korea was preparing a declaration of its nuclear facilities. It submitted the declaration last month. 在过去9个月里谈判一直中断,北韩与此同时为提交一份核项目清单作准备。上个月北韩提交了这份清单。In return, the ed States is removing North Korea from a list of states that sponsor terrorism and is lifting some sanctions against the reclusive nation. 作为回报,美国正把北韩从持恐怖主义国家的名单上拿掉,并解除针对与世隔绝的北韩的一部分制裁。A spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry, Qin Gang, said Tuesday the talks have been scheduled for three days, but could go longer if more progress is made. 中国外交部发言人秦刚星期二说,会谈的日程是三天,不过如果会谈取得进展,将会延长。He says they hope the delegations achieve progress and the talks will be beneficial to pushing forward to the next stage of negotiations. 他说:“我们期待此次团长会取得积极成果,以利于推动会谈步入新的阶段。”North Korea agreed to give up its nuclear ambitions, in return for aid, security guarantees and diplomatic incentives. 北韩同意放弃核野心,以换取援助、安全保障以及外交好处。In a dramatic gesture, Pyongyang invited the international media to cover its June destruction of a cooling tower at its Yongbyon nuclear complex. 平壤今年6月以一种戏剧性的方式邀请国际媒体现场报道炸毁宁边核反应堆冷却塔的行动。This week's talks, however, are likely to face problems. Washington says Pyongyang has several nuclear bombs and a secret uranium enrichment program, but North Korea did not include either in its declaration.  摆在本周六方会谈谈判桌上的很可能是一些难题。华盛顿说,平壤拥有好几枚原子弹,还有一个秘密的浓缩铀项目,但是这两样都不在北韩的核项目清单上。Pyongyang is demanding it receive promised aid and diplomatic incentives before it dismantles any more facilities. 平壤要求,在它销毁任何更多的核设施之前,北韩必须先得到承诺给它的援助以及外交好处。The other parties to the six-nation talks are China, South Korea, Russia, and Japan. 参加六方会谈的其他各方有中国、韩国、俄罗斯和日本。200807/43681山东省青岛市第六医院有无痛人流术吗 My father had been poisoned by a rival tribe. My mother told me my father's enemies were forever the enemies of my own heart. From that day, I would never be a child again. As the eldest son, Temujin(铁木真) grew up to lead what was little more than an extended family. And on the steppes, a small tribe was weak and vulnerable. To survive, Temujin knew he must forge links with other tribes and there was only one way he could do that. Her name was Borte(孛儿帖). There were only two things to know about the marriage. She was a woman of beauty, and the sable fur (黑貂裘) they gave us was worth a thousand of the swiftest horses. The great tribes of Mongolia were locked in a spiral of murderous vendettas. There was only one law on the steppes. If a man wanted something, he took it. Now Temujin had something another man wanted. The Merkit(蔑儿乞惕) tribe had feuded with Temujin's father. Now Temujin himself was in danger. And especially vulnerable was his new wife. The Secret History (蒙古秘史) recalls what Temujin, the man who would one day be Genghis Khan, did next.They're taking my wife. I knew what I had to do. What Temujin had to do was to escape. Only a fool fights a battle he knows he cannot win. Wife stealing was common on the steppes. Borte knew she had no choice but to submit. I had just one friend that I could trust, Jamuqa(扎木合). As children, we have sworn a vow of anda(安答,意为义兄弟). It was the most sacred vow of all. We were blood brothers, a bond that joined our lives as one. With my sworn brother, Jamuqa, my power had been increased by Heaven and Earth.extended family: social unit consisting of parents and their children along with other relatives sable: small carnivorous mammal native to northern Europe and Asia (hunted for its dark brown valuable soft fur)vendetta: an often prolonged series of retaliatory, vengeful, or hostile acts or exchange of such acts200809/49234Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 7 And when this rock was quarried, it also revealed traces of real monsters, the bones of huge dinosaurs. 117 million years ago, Oxford was a real-life Jurassic Park. Dinosaur fossils have been found throughout Europe. In La Rioja in Spain, the traces they've left are not only the bones. Hundreds of dinosaur tracks have been discovered in this mountainous region, some revealing an ancient struggle between predator and prey, a deadly drama from the Age of the Dinosaurs frozen forever in a layer of rock. As reptiles conquered the skies above ancient Europe, dramatic changes were affecting the western shores. Pangea continued to disintegrate, Europe was tearing itself away from what is now North America. This separation gave birth to one of the world's great oceans, the Atlantic. As this ocean grew, pterosaurs were not the only creatures exploring the air. And the most famous evidence for that is found here, in Solnhofen in Bavaria. This tiny community is famous for the unique qualities of the local rock. The limestone quarried here is extremely fine-grained and can be worked into thin and very light slabs.words and expressionsquarry: (v.) To obtain (stone) from a quarry, as by cutting, digging, or blasting. 采石grain : (v.) To cause to form into grains; granulate 使...成为粒状slab: (n.) A broad, flat, thick piece, as of cake, stone, or cheese.200809/47510青岛市大学附属医院有药流吗

山东省七院门诊医生Living underground, mole rats are sheltered from the Kalahari's worst extremes of temperature. We think of deserts as hot places. But nightly temperatures can fall well below zero. At dawn, meerkats need to soak up the warmth of the rising sun to get fully active. The temperature in the Kalahari steadily climbs as high as 70 Celsius on the ground. Meerkats can only tolerate short bursts of activity in the morning and evening. This means they need to be very efficient at gathering food. So they quarter their territory, traveling several kilometers a day. Tasty beetles and scorpions are common in this grassy desert. But finding them means spending a lot of time with your head in the sand. So meerkats are very vulnerable to predators. To protect the group, young males take turns keeping watch. This frees the others up to keep hunting. Scorpions have a lethal sting, but meerkats are fast as lightning. The Kalahari's high levels of rainfall mean food is plentiful year round, one reason why this desert can support more large mammals than any other in the world. Springbok are the most successful desert antelopes in Africa. With short, thin fur, they can easily offload heat by sweating. The white patterns on their coats help to reflect solar radiation. And they never need to drink. They can extract all the moisture they need from the most meagre desert plants. But in southern Africa's deserts, there is a lurking challenge. Cheetahs shadow the springbuck herds. They ,too, evolve in the desert. Thinly-furred and lightly-built, everything about them is designed to deal with heat and speed. words:1.meerkat: 猫鼬2.offload:to get rid of and pass on to another卸下,排掉(eg.): He does come to offload the blame for launching the transmitting tools to market.200807/44762山东省青岛第七医院是医保定点医院吗 Harry: Let's see what the White House has in store for the holiday this year. CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante is inside with a very special tour guide, First Lady Laura Bush, good morning. Bill: Harry, good morning to you, good morning to all, and First Lady Laura Bush, welcome as always. Laura: Thank you for having me. Bill: Christmas decorations at the White House? Laura: That's right. It's the most favorite time of the year and we've just, last night, all the decorators who've come from around the country to decorate left and I will set up today to show it off. Bill: I have to, I have to tell ya, I'm used to seeing something much more elaborate in this East Room. Laura: That's right. This is a simpler...ur...year, really is, we, ur, you have the theme: all things bright and beautiful and what I really wanted to use were fresh, all fresh things, so we have real roses on the tree, aren't they beautiful? Bill: Real flowers on the tree in. . . Laura: Some pieces're, that are (with those) up high, with those so we don't have to change those as so often. Bill: In water, in little vials of water. Laura: In water, that's right, in little vials of water. And then we are using a lot of fruit, we have the beautiful color of pears on the center pieces for the East Room, this is the, a table that will be set up during receptions here in the East Room, there will be one here and then one in the dinning room, of course. Bill: Wait a minute, where's the food? Laura: The food will be here. You are gonna get it this afternoon oh~ this morning. Um, in fact that will be our new chef that would, this would be her debut to the press. Cris Comerford, our new White House chef, the first woman chef. Bill: First woman chef, right. Laura: Chef and she will, about 10:30, will be serving all of the press, ur /, the big buffet that we will be having at our parties. Bill: Well, now you got the White House Christmas card of course right here. Laura: The White House Christmas card is in the mail, and it's done by Jamie Wyeth this year, the, um, very renowned American artist Jamie Wyeth, the son of Andrew Wyeth, grandson of NC Wyeth. And it's the beautiful south portico of the White House. And we have Barney and Beazley and Kitty down there in the snow. Of course, we had to put them in the card. And then, if you come to visit the White House during the Christmas, you get the~um~Christmas brochure, all the guests that come, / including all the tours, so we should, we expect about 45, 000 people and, on White House tours over the Christmas holidays and every year we've asked a children's book illustrator to illustrate the decorations of the White House. And this year the illustrator is Donna Green. And I think she did a really beautiful job of showing how pretty the White House is when it's decorated for Christmas. Bill: It's always pretty, but it's very different this year. What're these different things to see? Laura: It's very different. It's much simpler and everything is fresh and real, I think it's really, really pretty and, especially, I think this sort of decoration shows off how elegant the White House is. Bill: Let me ask you this. Your husband today is giving a major speech (That's right. ) about Iraq (Uh uhm), to prove that he has a plan(uhm) because he has been so criticized(uhm) by many people, (uh-em) because the war keeps dragging on,(uhm) because that means that there are troops (Sure. Can harm somewhat. ) away from Christmas.(yeah) Does it, first of all, does it bother you when he is criticized the way he has been? Laura: Well, sure, absolutely, you know, no one likes to see anyone they love criticized, but on the other hand when you look at what really has happened. It's only been three years. Iraq has come a very, very long way. They've ratified a constitution. This month, they will elect their leaders for the next four years. More and more Iraqi troops have been trained. As more Iraqi troops are trained, more of our troops will be able to stand down. It's really a quite amazing transformation in the heart of the Middle East, and all of the other things that happened as well, Lebanon, with Syria leaving Lebanon. Bill: This is quite a year. Laura: Libya. You know, what really is amazing and I know we're impatient and I know it's difficult, it's very, very difficult to watch those images from Iraq, to see and to be so fearful for our American troops that are there all the time, which I know all Americans are - not just the families that have been deployed, but all Americans have a very difficult time watching our troops over there and worrying about our troops over there. But at the same time. . . Bill: Especially I think at the holiday season. Laura: Sure. At the holiday season it's always the hardest when you think about the families who have an empty place at the table, either because they lost their loved one in Iraq or Afghanistan, or because their loved one is deployed. Um, it's the most difficult time, a holiday season. And so it's especially a time for Americans to reach out to our military families around the world. Bill: One quick question on another topic. Are you disappointed your husband didn't pick a woman for the Supreme Court? Laura: Well, he did pick one (Well, yeah), but now I mean I think Samuel Alito will be terrific, I'm very very excited about him and his highly qualified so. . . Bill: We are so happy you could be with us (Thank you very much Bill. ), thank you so much First Lady Laura Bush. Harry. Harry: Hi, Bill, Mrs. Bush, thank you so much show. Love the tour, love the scenes at the White House this time of year. You can check out even more decorations by heading to the website at the White House, that's whitehouse.gov. All right. 200808/46323青岛网上妇科医院

青岛医院在哪里Agreement Announced to Reinstate Deposed Pakistani Judges巴基斯坦被解职法官将复职 The leader of the second largest political party in Pakistan's ruling coalition announced Friday that all the judges President Pervez Musharraf sacked last year will be reinstated on May 12. 巴基斯坦执政联盟的第二大政党领导人星期五宣布,去年被穆沙拉夫总统解职的所有法官将于5月12日复职。Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told a news conference in his hometown of Lahore that the deposed judges will be restored by passing a resolution in the National Assembly or lower house of parliament.  巴基斯坦前总理谢里夫在他的家乡拉合尔举行新闻发布会。他说,被解职的法官将根据巴基斯坦议会通过的决议恢复职位。Mr. Sharif said that the resolution will be introduced in the parliament on May 12 and the judges will be reinstated the same day.  谢里夫说,该决议将在5月12日提交议会,所有法官将在当天复职。The former Prime Minister made the announcement a day after his Pakistan Muslim League-N concluded crucial talks in Dubai with leaders of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), which is the biggest political force in the coalition government.  在巴基斯坦前总理宣布上述消息一天之前,他所属的巴基斯坦穆斯林联盟-谢里夫派在迪拜结束了和巴基斯坦人民党领导人的会谈。人民党是联合政府中最大的政治力量。 Sharif says the two parties could not meet an earlier deadline set for the judges' return, because of differences on how to do it. Those disputes, he says, have now been settled. There were fears that Pakistan's ruling coalition could split over the judges' issue. 谢里夫说,两党无法在早先设定的法官复职的最后期限之前达成协议,主要是对具体做法有分歧。他说,这些争议已经得到解决。有人曾经担心,巴基斯坦的执政联盟可能会因为法官复职问题而分裂。 President Pervez Musharraf dismissed some 60 senior judges, including the country's chief justice, Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry, on November 3 when he declared a six-week emergency rule in the country. 巴基斯坦总统穆沙拉夫去年11月3日宣布全国进入六个星期的紧急状态时,解除了大约60位高级法官的职务,包括巴基斯坦首席大法官乔杜里。Musharraf's action stemmed from fears the Supreme Court was on the verge of challenging his re-election as president of Pakistan in October, while still being the chief of the country's military. 穆沙拉夫采取这个措施主要是担心巴基斯坦最高法院可能将质疑他在去年10月在担任巴基斯坦军队最高指挥官的同时连任巴基斯坦总统的合法性。His decision received countrywide opposition led by the lawyers' community, paving the way for anti-Musharraf political parities to win February parliamentary elections.  穆沙拉夫的决定在全国受到以律师协会为首的广泛反对,从而为反穆沙拉夫的政治力量赢得今年2月的选举铺平了道路。Analysts say that restoration of the judges will be a major setback for an increasingly unpopular Musharraf and his ability to cling to the presidency. 分析人士指出,法官复职会成为越来越不得人心的穆沙拉夫以及他行使总统职责的重大挫折。200805/37338 平度市第一人民妇保中医院有药流吗青岛治疗白带异常到哪家医院好



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