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第一句:After January 1st, our partnership will be dissolved.元月1日后,我公司解散。A: Whats the meeting about?会议上说了什么?B: Bad news.坏消息。A: What happened?怎么了?B: After January 1st, our partnership will be dissolved.元月1日后,我公司解散。第二句:The business will be carried on at the same address, by H.O. and J.S.公司将在原址继续营业。H. O.和J. S.二人主持业务。A: The business will be carried on at the same address, by H.O. and J.S.公司将在原址继续营业。H. O.和J. S.二人主持业务。B: Will the firm change its name?公司会改名吗?A: Yes. Under the firm—name of O. amp; S.是的,改为O.amp;S.商社。 公司改组时须先集中股权、债券。信托公司改组完毕时代为办理凭原收据换发新股票或新债券的手续。信托公司办理的此种代保管券业能推进公司改组的进程。其他表达法:The business was most successfully converted into a Limited Company in October last year, almost the whole of the shares offered being taken by customers, only a few remaining allotted.去年10月,我们非常成功地改为股份有限公司,大多数股份有顾客认购,我公司仅保留少部分。 /201207/189377


  A job-seeking appointment A: Then, I’ll see you next week, Ms. O’Brian?B: Yes. Let’s say Tuesday at noon. Bring your portfolio with you.A: Certainly. Is there anything else you would like me to bring, Ms. O’Brian?B: No, that’s all. I aly have your resume. 约定面试时间 A:那么,我下星期来见您,奥布莱恩女士。B:好。就定在星期二中午。带上您的作品。A:当然。还有其他什么东西您想让我带来的吗?B:没有了,就这些。我已经有你的简历表了。 /200812/58538。


  协商(2):运输Catherine: Our shipping arrangements are very detailed .We wrap each doll in seven layers of bubble-wrap and then pack them in separate boxes. We have never had any problem with breakage.我们的运输安排的很细致.每个娃娃用泡沫抱了七层,放进独立的包装盒.我们的产品从未损坏过.Jerry: Well ,that’s a relief .We’ll still need to insure them though.太好了,那样我就放心了.不过我们仍然需要上保险.Catherine: You are in luck ,Jerry, the insurance is covered in the purchasing price.Jerry,您很幸运,保险已经算在购买价里了.Jerry: So…if I do not get insurance ,I can get an even better discount?那……如果我不需要保险,是不是我可以有更多的折扣?Catherine: Nice try Jerry, but it is a fixed cost and non-negotiable.您倒是挺努力的,Jerry,但这是固定价格,没有商量的余地.Jerry: Well ,I had to try. How do you normally ship them ?我当然得努力了.你们通常怎么运送产品的?Catherine: We have a contract with UPS. If you want to use any other shipping method ,the costs are going to go up .我们和UPS签订了合约.如果您想采用其他的运输方法,价格就要提高了. /05/70886The mini charge only applies for the first three minutes. 最低费用适用于前三分钟。 Do we have special rates?我们有优惠价吗?Yes, but the mini charge only applies for the first three minutes.有的,但是只有前三分钟有最低价。I have your call on the line. 电话已经给您接通了。 I have your call on the line. Go ahead, please.电话已经给您接通了。Thank you.请讲吧。内容来自: /201406/304591Mary is in a good temper today.玛丽今天心情不错。 Mary is in a good temper today.玛丽今天心情不错。Yes. She smiles all day.是啊,她一整天都面带笑容呢。 Sally was in good spirits.萨莉看起来心情不饼。A merry heart goes all the way!快乐相随!He seems to be having a ball today.他今天心情很好。in a good temper心情好in good spirits情绪高涨have a ball狂欢Mr. Geller delights himself with the big project. 盖勒先生正为这个大项目欣軎不已呢。 Mr. Geller delights himself with the big project.盖勒先生正为这个大项目欣喜不已呢。Of course. He has become a big wheel in the company.当然了,他现在可是公司的大人物了。They rejoiced at the news.听到消息,他们欣喜不已。He thrilled with delight.他欣喜得浑身发抖。 /201502/358792

  73.假日的休闲时光常用应急场景范例一:A special holidayHave you got any plans for the coming holiday?Yes, I have a very special one. I will be doing volunteer work in a zoo for two weeks. A friend of mine working there told me the other day that they were in need of some volunteer keepers. I was very interested. So I asked him to get me the application form. Lucky, my application was approved by the manager very soon. Volunteer in a zoo? What specific things will you do?I will help to prepare food, feed animals and clean up. I’m very excited about it now.It must be a unique experience. I’m looking forward to share your story when you come back. Ok, I will bring you photos as many as possible.范例二:Which to chooseI am not sure what to do during the holidays, any suggestions?Well, going to a cinema, visiting the galleries, exhibitions and museums, finding and meeting old friends, exercising in the health club or mountain biking. There are so many good choices.The problem is that I find all of them are full of fun. I just don’t know what to do first.Why not start with the most interesting one?Actually, I’m interested in all of them. The more choices we have, the harder to make a decision.Toss a coin to decide then. /201003/99365Dont sweat it 别太担心英文释义Informal expression meaning ;Dont worry too much about what you did or did not do; its OK.;例句My colleague forgot to bring something he promised me, but I said to him ;Relax! Dont sweat it.;because he looked so worried.我的同事忘记带他答应我要带的东西,但由于他看起来太郁闷了,我对他说:“放松!别太担心了。” /201306/244404



  This is the first in a two-part Business English Podcast series on clarifying. To clarify means to make clear.这是两节商务播客中的第一节,会涉及“阐明所说的话”。阐明也就是将所说的解释清楚。Today we’ll look at phrases and skills for clarifying what was said. For example, “I didn’t quite catch that. Could you say that again?” This is useful when you don’t hear clearly or when someone speaks too fast.今天我们要看下对已说过的话进行阐明的短语和技巧。当你听不清或当对方说得太快时,使用“我跟不上你。你能再说遍吗?”这是很有帮助,The listening today is from a shipping company. You’ll hear Wim Zeldenhuis and Andre De Vries in Rotterdam call their American colleague Benny McClenahan in Boston.今天的对话来自航运公司。将听到鹿特丹港口的Wim Zeldenhuis和Andre De Vries给在波士顿的美国同事Benny McClenahan打电话。 /201101/123153


  China has extracted about 210,000 cu m of natural gas from combustible ice in the South China Sea, the Guangzhou Marine Geological Bureau said last Saturday.广州海洋地质调查局上周六表示,我国已在南海从可燃冰中开采出1万立方米的天然气。A month has passed since tests on extracting combustible ice began in waters near the Pearl River estuary, according to the bureau.该局介绍称,珠江口附近海域的可燃冰试开采工作已“满月”;The process of gas production is smooth, and we are laying the foundation for the next step,; a statement issued by the bureau said.该局发布的的通报表示:“目前产气过程平稳,为下一步工作奠定了基础。”Ye Jianliang, head of the bureau, said strict measures have been taken to protect the environment.广州海洋地质调查局局长叶建良表示,试开采采取了严格的环境保护措斀?;We are monitoring the air, sea water, seabed and the exploration equipment. We also closely follow the amount of methane and carbon dioxide,; he said, adding that no pollution to the environment or geological hazards had happened so far.他表示:“我们对大气、海水、海底和勘探设备进行监测,还密切关注甲烷量和二氧化碳量。”他补充说道,截至目前没有造成环境污染、未发生地质灾害。One cubic meter of combustible ice, a kind of natural gas hydrate, is equal to 164 cu m of regular natural gas.可燃冰是一种天然气水合物,1立方米的可燃冰相当于164立方米的常规天然气。International scientists have predicted that natural gas hydrate is the best replacement for oil and natural gas.据国际科学家预测,天然气水合物是石油、天然气的最佳替代品。来 /201706/514891

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