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吐鲁番市激光祛胎记多少钱吐鲁番割双眼皮多少钱可克达拉市祛痣多少钱 Begging on the streets is a competitive business, it seems. But this homeless man is leading the way in innovation with a specially made sign that switches between messages appealing for change.   街头乞讨不是个轻松的行当,竞争还很激烈,但这位流浪汉很有创意,拿废纸板做了一套有意思的牌子。   At least you looked at me and we shared a smile.   没给钱不要紧,至少你看到了我,微笑了,就足够了。   On his board is a message intended to evoke a warm response in passers-by who will, with any luck, throw him some coins.   纸牌上写的字旨在唤起路人的同情心,给他一点零钱。   Can I borrow the car next weekend?   下周末我能借你的车嘛? /201105/138100新疆整形医学美容医院光子嫩肤多少钱

石河子大学医学院第一附属医院做双眼皮手术多少钱Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is facing embarrassment over an internet film featuring explicit comments she made about sex and love as a young model.法国第一夫人卡拉·布吕尼-萨科奇早年当模特时的一段大胆谈性和爱情的露骨视频日前惊现网络,令其身陷尴尬。The 27-minute film, which has been posted on the -sharing website YouTube, contains excerpts from interviews of the young Miss Bruni that juxtapose her risqué past with her demure present as the wife of the French president.这段被传至YouTube视频分享网站的视频时长27分钟,主要内容是布吕尼早年接受采访的片断,当年的布吕尼轻佻放荡,与如今身为第一夫人端庄贤淑的风格有着天壤之别。In one section, the Italian-born Miss Bruni produces from her handbag a book called Hot International Love and Sex Guides, which translates key phrases on all things erotic into seven languages.在其中一个部分,出生于意大利的布吕尼从手提包里掏出一本名为《国际热辣性爱指南》的小册子,这本书将所有常用的性爱用语翻译成了七种语言。“We need these kinds of books because we’re travelling all around the world, we’re meeting new people and we want to know what to tell them in case we get into bed with them,” she tells interviewers on the Channel 4 show Eurotrash.布吕尼在接受英国第四频道《欧洲杂谈》节目采访时说:“我们需要这类的书,因为我们到世界各地旅游,会结识新的朋友,万一要和他们上床,我们得知道应该和他们说些什么。”The then Miss Bruni, who was 28 when the show was broadcast in 1996, proceeds to offer four translations of “You get me very hot”, ending in the Italian “Mi eccite tanto”.随后,布吕尼用四种语言说了“你让我欲火焚身”这句话,最后一句是用意大利语说的。这一电视访谈节目录制于1996年,当时布吕尼年仅28岁。She then moves on to more explicit phrases sparking an “oh no!” from one of the interviewers.接着布吕尼又说了些更为露骨的用语,连其中的一位主持人都惊呼“天啊,不要!”。Thomas Cazals, the producer who compiled the portrait called In the Tube with Carla Bruni, said he did it “starting with the naive idea of better getting to know this character”. The Elysée apparently took swift action against the film as by Sunday evening it had been removed from Mr Cazals’ blog.这段名为《相约卡拉·布吕尼》的人物访谈节目的制作人托马斯#8226;卡扎尔斯表示,他做这个访谈的初衷很简单,“只是想更好地去了解这个人。”这段视频曝光后,爱丽舍宫立即采取了行动,因为上周日晚间,这段视频已从卡扎尔斯的客中删除。Although the film also carries tributes from couturiers who admire Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy’s intelligence, beauty and wit, it will be unwelcome. She has been trying to play down her colorful past since marrying Nicolas Sarkozy two years ago.尽管这段视频可能会受到仰慕布吕尼智慧、美貌和灵气的时装设计师们的追捧,但仍是不受欢迎的。在嫁给法国总统尼古拉#8226;萨科奇两年来,布吕尼一直努力和她“丰富多”的过去说再见。While continuing her singing career, she has been forging an image as a first lady dedicated to her husband and charity.尽管她仍在继续自己的歌手梦想,但一直在努力塑造一个忠诚于丈夫、热衷于慈善事业的第一夫人形象 /201005/104820新疆石油管理局乌鲁木齐医院做丰胸手术多少钱 Bill Clinton will tell struggling Americans nostalgic for his presidency that Barack Obama is still the man to rebuild the middle class, while Mitt Romney would hand ruinous tax cuts to the rich.比尔#8226;克林顿将告诉那些怀念他执政时期的困顿中的美国人,贝拉克#8226;奥巴马仍将是重建中产阶级的那个人,而米特#8226;罗姆尼将会对富人而非穷人实行大规模减税。In a speech closing the second night of the Democratic convention, the former president will warn voters that Mr Romney would repeat the economic policies that ;got us in trouble in the first place;.在民主党大会第二天晚上的闭幕词中,这位前总统将警告选民,罗姆尼会重复“最初让我们陷入麻烦”的经济政策。;President Obama has a plan to rebuild America from the ground up,; he said in a campaign billed by Obama aides as a preview of his remarks. ;It only works if there is a strong middle class. That#39;s what happened when I was president. We need to keep going with his plan.; Mr Clinton is expected to contrast Mr Obama#39;s priorities of education and training with Mr Romney#39;s pledge to cut income taxes and reverse the regulation of the financial sector since the 2008 crisis.克林顿在一段奥巴马竞选视频中说:“奥巴马总统有一个彻底改造美国的计划。只有在美国中产阶级势力壮大时,这一计划才会奏效。我当总统时也是这一情况。我们需要继续按他的计划前进。”奥巴马的助手将在克林顿致辞前发布这一视频。人们期待克林顿会将奥巴马注重教育和培训的政策倾向与罗姆尼减少个税、彻底改变2008年危机以来的经济法规的承诺作比较。Mr Obama has worked to repair the damage to their relationship caused by his defeat of the former president#39;s wife, Hillary, in 2008#39;s bitter party primary, by seeking his counsel over rounds of golf.奥巴马自从在2008年党内候选人初选激战中打败前总统克林顿的妻子希拉里之后,一直努力修补由此造成的和克林顿之间的感情嫌隙,比如他们在一起打高尔夫时奥巴马会征求克林顿的意见。In June, Mr Clinton appeared to say that income tax cuts introduced by President George W. Bush, which are due to expire at the end of the year, should be extended for all to prevent an economic slump. Mr Obama opposes extending the tax cuts for high earners. Mr Clinton later insisted they were in agreement.六月份时,克林顿现身说,年底就要到期的小布什总统的降低个税政策应该对所有人延期,以防经济陷入衰退。但奥巴马反对减税政策对高收入者延期。后来克林顿也坚称他们在这方面达成一致。Jeffrey Lord, a historian and former aide to Ronald Reagan, said the only precedent for Mr Clinton#39;s role in recent memory was the speech given by Mr Reagan as a ;private citizen; to the 1992 Republican convention, as his successor, George H.W. Bush, struggled to defend his presidency against Mr Clinton.曾做过里根总统助手的历史学家杰弗里#8226;罗德说,克林顿所扮演的角色在近些年的唯一先例是里根作为“普通公民”在1992年共和党大会上发表的演讲,当时他的继任者老布什总统正和克林顿抗争,努力争取连任。;It was for exactly the same reason,; Mr Lord told the reporters.罗德告诉记者说:“克林顿力挺奥巴马完全是出自同一个原因。”;Obama needs Clinton just as Bush needed Reagan. But even Reagan couldn#39;t save Bush – and I#39;m not sure Clinton can save Obama.;“奥巴马需要克林顿,就像老布什需要里根一样。但即使是里根也救不了布什,所以我不确定克林顿能否救得了奥巴马。” /201209/199020新疆小腿抽脂手术费用

阿拉尔激光脱毛多少钱 There is one law for the rich and another for the poor. What else can one conclude from the decision by the City of London police not to investigate the former UK chief executive of JC Flowers for fraud? This week Britain#39;s Financial Services Authority hit Ravi Shankar Sinha with a pound;2.8m financial penalty, the biggest ever imposed on an individual for an infringement not related to market abuse. In its findings, the FSA said Mr Sinha had acted ;without honesty or integrity; in fraudulently obtaining pound;1.3m in fees from one of the private equity group#39;s portfolio companies and abusing his position of trust with his employer. In the legal lexicon, this translates as grounds for fraud investigation.这个世上适用于富人的法律是一套,适用于穷人的则是另一套。当伦敦金融城警方决定不对JC Flowers前英国首席执行官拉维bull;尚卡尔bull;辛哈(Ravi Shankar Sinha)进行相关欺诈调查时,你还能得出什么别的结论呢?上周,英国金融务(Financial Services Authority)对辛哈处以280万英镑的罚款,这是其有史以来就不涉及市场舞弊的违规行为对个人开出的最大罚单。该局在调查结果中表示,辛哈以欺诈手段从一家公司(该公司是私人股本集团JC Flowers投资组合中的公司之一)获得了130万英镑的费用,滥用了雇主对他的信任,其行为;缺乏诚信;。用法律语言来说,这就等于是为展开相关欺诈调查提供了理由。Dishonesty against an employer is taken particularly seriously in the UK. A gross breach of trust is rarely dealt with in the magistrates#39; courts, but goes immediately to the crown court, where a prison sentence is a near certainty on conviction. That is how Joyti De-Laurey, a secretary who stole pound;4.4m from Goldman Sachs in 2004, was sent down for seven years. But heavy jail terms are normal even for far smaller breaches. Which is why the decision not to push ahead with a full criminal inquiry into Mr Sinha#39;s conduct smacks of double standards. 在英国,失信于雇主是一件特别严重的事。性质严重的失信案件很少会交由地方法院审理,而是直接移交刑事法庭,一旦定罪,则难逃牢狱之灾。曾在高盛(Goldman Sachs)担任秘书的乔伊蒂bull;德-劳雷(Joyti De-Laurey)就是这样被判入狱7年的;;2004年时,她从高盛偷走了440万英镑。即便涉案金额比这小很多,量刑力度通常还是会很大。这就是为什么当警方决定不对辛哈的行为展开全面刑事调查时,人们仿佛嗅到了双重标准的味道。The City of London Police were clearly in a difficult position, given JC Flowers#39; reported lack of enthusiasm to pursue charges. It is regrettable that the UK has historically been more reluctant to convict and impose long sentences in cases of white-collar crime than in Hong Kong or the US. Without the determined support of the putative victim, the chances of securing a conviction quickly dwindle.伦敦金融城警方显然处在一个尴尬的境地,因为据说JC Flowers对提出指控的兴趣不大。从历史上看,英国在涉及白领犯罪的案件时,对罪犯判以长期徒刑的意愿不如香港或美国那么强烈,这一点令人遗憾。没有公认受害者的坚定持,明不法之徒有罪的可能性便迅速降低。 But there is good reason why an investigation ; no matter how difficult ; would still be in the public interest. Apart from the fact that a crime appears to have been committed, it is important that those engaged in relationships of trust ; such as JC Flowers, which manages millions for investors ; co-operate with authorities and that such episodes are not swept under the carpet. Mr Sinha#39;s defence that he would have been given permission by head office to charge what were, in effect, fees for nothing had he asked beforehand may be self-serving nonsense. But equally, it raises questions about private equity#39;s arbitrary fee structure that many in the industry might be uncomfortable answering. Britain#39;s financial sector should employ practices that stand up to scrutiny. By opting to abandon an inquiry, neither justice nor transparency has been served. 但我们有充分理由认为,推进相关调查;;无论调查过程会多么艰难;;仍是符合公众利益的。除了犯罪似乎已经发生这一点之外,涉及信任关系的相关方;;例如为投资者管理着海量资金的JC Flowers;;应与有关部门合作,让这类事情无处隐藏,这一点很重要。辛哈辩解说,如果他事先请示,总部应该也会同意他收取这笔实际上可谓是无缘由的费用。这话或许是他为自身开脱的无稽之谈,但它另一方面也引发了人们对于私人股本公司这种随意式收费结构的疑问。面对此疑问,该行业的许多从业者或许都难以坦然地给出。英国金融业的各种做法要经得起外界的审视。若选择放弃调查,沦为牺牲品的便是公正与透明。译者:薛磊 /201202/170591新疆医科大学附属医院打美白针多少钱乌鲁木齐下巴吸脂哪家医院好



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