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克拉玛依市瑞兰美白针多少钱新疆皮肤整形美容医院激光去痘多少钱It was a landslide victory.这是一次压倒性的胜利。Duke, the mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota, just won re-election to a third consecutive term.明尼苏达州科莫伦特市市长杜克刚刚在改选中获胜,赢得第三次连任。Duke may be the most popular politician in America, winning re-election for a landmark third time in a landslide.杜克也许是美国最受欢迎的政客了,他在改选中以压倒性的优势获得了具有里程碑意义的第三次连任。What#39;s his secret? Probably the fact that he#39;s a dog, and everyone loves dogs.他的秘诀是什么呢?可能因为他是一只,而所有的人都喜欢。In a vote held over the weekend, the 9-year-old Great Pyrenees won his third consecutive term as mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota. Voters paid each to cast ballots in the election.在为期一周的投票中,这只9岁的大白熊犬第三次当选明尼苏达州科莫伦特市市长。在选举的过程中,每个投票人在投票的时候都要付1美元。;Everybody voted for Duke, except for one vote for his girlfriend, Lassie,; David Rick, Duke#39;s owner.“除了投给他女朋友蕾西的那一票以外,每个人都把票投给了杜克,”杜克的主人大卫·里克说道。As mayor, Duke appears on three highway billboards promoting the community.作为市长,杜克会出现在3条公路的广告牌上来为社区做宣传。While Duke#39;s role is somewhat unusual, he#39;s not the first animal to be elected to office in the U.S. Roadtrippers has collected some of the nation#39;s non-human mayors, including two other dogs, a cat, a cow and a goat named Mayor Clay Henry III.虽然杜克的社会角色有点不寻常,但是他并不是美国第一只当选政客的动物了。Roadtrippers(地面交通计划网)搜集了一下这个国家的那些非人类市长,其中包括另外两只、一只猫咪、一头牛以及一只名叫克莱·亨利三世的山羊。 /201608/462601新疆医大第一附属医院切眼袋多少钱 Scientists in Spain on last Wednesday they had created human sperm from skin cells, a medical feat which could eventually lead to a treatment for infertility.上周三,来自西班牙的一队科学家宣布,他们成功地用皮肤细胞培育出了人类精子,并且这项医学成就最终能够用于治疗不育症。The researchers said they were working to find a solution for the roughly 15 percent of couples worldwide who are unable to have children and whose only option is to use donated sperm or eggs.研究人员表示,世界上大概有15%的夫妇无法生育,只能依靠捐赠精子或卵子来生育,而他们也一直为解决这些夫妇的问题而做出努力。;What to do when someone who wants to have a child lacks gametes (eggs or sperm)?; asked Carlos Simon, the scientific director of the Valencian Infertility Institute. ;This is the problem we want to address: to be able to create gametes in people who do not have them.;西班牙瓦伦西亚不不育中心的科学主管卡洛斯·西蒙发问道:“当无法产生配子(精子或卵子)的人们想生育后代时,他们该怎么办呢?这是我们想要解决的难题——我们希望能够帮助人们制造配子。”The result of their research, which was carried out with Stanford University in the ed States, was published last Tuesday in Scientific Reports, the online journal of Nature.他们和美国斯坦福大学就该研究进行了合作,而研究成果在上周二于《自然》的在线杂志《科学报告》出版。Simon and his team managed to reprogramme mature skin cells by introducing a cocktail of genes needed to create gametes. Within a month the skin cell was transformed to become a germ cell, which can develop into sperm or an egg, but it did not have the ability to fertilise, they found.通过加入一系列制造配子所需的基因,西蒙和他的同事们成功地对皮肤细胞进行了重新编码。他们发现,在不到一个月的时间后,皮肤细胞转换成了一个生殖细胞。该生殖细胞能够分化成精子或卵子。但是它无法受精。;This is a sperm but it needs a further maturation phase to become a gamete. This is just the beginning,; Simon said. ;With the human species we must do much more testing because we are talking about the birth of child.;西蒙说:“这个精子需要更多的成熟期来最终成为配子。这仅仅是个开始。鉴于我们在探讨一个孩子的诞生,我们应该做大量的测试工作。”The researchers also must take into account legal constraints since the technique involves the creation of artificial embryos which right now is only allowed in some countries.研究人员们还需要考虑法律上的限制,因为这种技术涉及到创造人工胚胎,而人工胚胎只在一些国家得到了许可。 /201605/442507If you#39;re ever ing a book or watching a movie and get the distinct feeling you#39;ve come across the story before – or even better, can predict exactly what#39;s going to happen next –there could be a good reason for that.如果你在读书或者看电影时清晰地感觉到这个故事似曾相识——或者更厉害的,你能准确预测出后面会发生些什么——嗯,这种感觉可不是毫无依据的。Computer scientists have sifted through the language of more than 1,700 works of fiction and discovered that English literature consists of just six kinds of emotional arcs that make up nearly all of the most well-known stories.计算机科学家们在测查了1700多部小说后,发现英语文学中只包含六种情感弧线,而几乎所有的名著都是由它们构成的。While literary theorists have for centuries characterised and counted the basic plots and structures that writers use in stories, it#39;s unlikely there#39;s ever been such a rigorous scientific analysis of English fiction like this before.尽管若干世纪以来,文学理论家们一直在研究作家写故事时应用的基本情节和结构,分析它们的特征,历数其种类,但好像此前从来没有针对英语小说做过如此严谨的科学分析。Researchers from the Computational Story Laboratory at the University of Vermont mined the complete text of some 1,737 fiction works available on Project Gutenberg, an online collection of more than 50,000 digital books in the public domain. By analysing the sentiment of language used in chunks of text 10,000 words long in each of these texts, the researchers were able to register the emotional ups and downs for the stories as a whole. Negative words like ;poverty;, ;dead;, and ;punishment; dragged the sentiment down, while positive terms like ;love;, ;peace;, and ;friend; brought it up.佛蒙特大学“计算机故事实验室”的研究员们从古登堡计划(Project Gutenberg是一个线上书库,内含5万多本公版电子书)上找到了大约1737部全文小说,他们将这些文本分成文本块,每个文本块包含1万个单词,然后分析其中的语言情感,最终得出故事整体的情感起伏。“贫穷”、“死亡”、“惩罚”等消极词汇会使情感变得低落,而“爱情”、“和平”、“友谊”之类积极词汇会使情感变得高昂。Doing this for over 1,700 books and charting the dynamics of each text, the team discovered that all stories basically boil down to one of a set number of emotional patterns. ;We find a set of six core trajectories which form the building blocks of complex narratives,; the authors write in their study.研究团队在按照这种方法将1700多本书逐本分析、并画出每本书的动态曲线图之后,他们发现所有的故事最后基本上都会归结到几种情感模式中的一种。研究报告中写道:“我们发现有6种核心的情感轨迹,它们是构成复杂叙事大厦的砖瓦。”According to the researchers, those six core emotional arcs are:根据研究人员的说法,这6种核心情感弧线包括:· ;Rags to riches; (An ongoing emotional rise, eg. Alice#39;s Adventures Under Ground)“白手起家型”(持续的情感上涨,如《爱丽丝地下奇遇记》)· ;Tragedy, or riches to rags; (An ongoing emotional fall, eg. Romeo and Juliet)“悲剧型”或者“家道中落型”(持续的情感下落,如《罗密欧与朱丽叶》)· ;Man in a hole; (A fall followed by a rise)“穴人型”(先下落后上涨)· ;Icarus; (A rise followed by a fall)“伊卡洛斯型”(先上涨后下落)· ;Cinderella; (Rise–fall–rise)“灰姑娘型”(上涨-下落-上涨)· ;Oedipus; (Fall–rise–fall)“俄狄浦斯型”(下落-上涨-下落)Interestingly, based on download statistics from Project Gutenberg, the researchers say the most popular stories are ones that use more complex emotional arcs, with the Cinderella and Oedipus arcs registering the most downloads. Also popular are works that combine these core arcs together in new ways within one story, such as two sequential ;Man in a hole; arcs stuck together, or the ;Cinderella; arc coupled with a tragic ending.有趣的是,研究人员说:根据从古登堡计划下载的数据来看,最受欢迎的故事往往应用了较为复杂的情感弧线,“灰姑娘型”和“俄狄浦斯型”囊括了大多数下载作品。另外,还有一些很受欢迎的作品是以一种新的方式将几种情感弧线结合在一个故事里,比如说连续出现两个“穴人型”,或者在“灰姑娘型”后面加上一个悲剧结尾。 /201607/454081乌鲁木齐烧烫伤

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乌鲁木齐铁路中心医院祛眼袋多少钱Here is an exclusive list of bad bathroom habits that finally answers the question: Am I showering wrong?这里有一份独家的关于浴室中的坏习惯清单,它能够彻底地回答这个为题:我淋浴做的不对吗?Bad Habit #1: Skipping The Foot Scrub坏习惯1:不擦洗足部If you want to avoid foot fungus or nasty foot bacteria, you may just want to give your feet a scrub while you are in the shower.如果你想避免足部真菌或讨厌的足部细菌滋生,在你淋浴的时候,你可能恰好需要为你的足部好好擦洗一番。Wash and thoroughly dry your feet every day. Use mild soap, and wash between the toes.每天彻底地清洗足部并彻底烘干。使用温和的肥皂并把脚趾之间也清洗干净。Bad Habit #2: Leaving Your Loofah In The Shower坏习惯2:把丝瓜络放在淋浴室中You might just hang up your loofah when you are done with it, but if your loofah isn#39;t completely dry, it can cause all sorts of nasty stuff to start growing.当你把丝瓜络挂起来的时候,你可能只是把它挂起来,但是如果它还没有完全干燥的话,就会滋生各种讨厌的东西。Make sure to wash the loofah thoroughly and ring it dry. Store it in a dry place.一定要彻底洗好丝瓜络并把它烘干,然后存放在干燥的地方。Bad Habit #3: Drying Yourself Too Roughly坏习惯3:粗略地擦干身体Rubbing yourself roughly with a towel further aggravates delicate skin, while air drying can lead to chapping.用毛巾粗略地擦干身体会进一步伤害你的娇嫩肌肤,而干燥的空气会使皮肤皴裂。Use a fluffy towel to lightly pat, not scrub or rub, your body.用松软的毛巾轻轻地拍打身体,而不是用力擦净。Bad Habit #4: Washing Your Hair Every Day坏习惯4:每天洗头You may have heard that washing your hair everyday is bad for you. But how often is too often?你可能听说过每天洗头不好。但是多长时间一次就是太频繁呢?No more than two times a week should help maintain the natural oil production, while achieving moisture balance.一周不超过两次有利于维持天然油脂的生成,同时保持水分均衡。Bad Habit #5: Delaying The Moisturizing Process坏习惯5:耽搁保湿After a shower, you might just want to watch some TV. But if you don#39;t moisturize right away, you can be doing your skin a great disservice.淋浴结束后,你可能只想看看电视。但是如果你不立刻保湿,就会给皮肤造成极大的伤害。It is important to moisturize your skin while it is still damp. It is recommended that pat-drying the skin with a towel and then applying moisturizer immediately after.在皮肤仍潮湿的时候为皮肤保湿很重要。建议用毛巾拍干皮肤,然后,立即进行保湿。Bad Habit #6: Skipping A Post-Workout Shower坏习惯6:锻炼后不冲澡After a workout, you might think that the only reason for a shower would be the smell. But that#39;s not all.一次锻炼之后,你可能以为要洗澡的唯一原因是气味。但那不是全部的原因。In fact, perspiration left behind on your skin allows bacteria to proliferate, and that can lead to rashes and breakouts.事实上,留在皮肤上的汗水会使细菌增殖,而这会引起皮疹。Bad Habit #7: Taking Long Showers坏习惯7:淋浴很长时间A long shower can remove much-needed moisture from the skin. This can leave your skin feeling dry and itchy.长时间的淋浴会带走皮肤需要的大量水分。这会使你的皮肤干燥、发痒。You shouldn#39;t shower for more than 5 to 10 minutes. Shorter is better.淋浴不应该超过5到10分钟。越短越好。Bad Habit #8: Conditioning Above The Crown Of Your Head坏习惯8:把护发素抹到头顶You might be in the habit of applying conditioner to all of your hair, but this can actually have a negative effect.你可能习惯把护发素抹满头发,但实际上,这会给你的头发带来负面影响。The worst thing you can do is place conditioner above your crown line. This will lead to grease and unnecessary oil production.你最不应该做的就是把护发素抹到头顶。这会产生不必要的油脂。Instead, focus on your roots first. This is the area that requires the most moisture and attention.作为替代,从发根抹起。这是最需要水分和保养的地方。Bad Habit #9: Skipping A Final Blast Of Cold Water坏习惯9:最后不冲一下冷水Right before you turn off the water, crank it to freezing cold for 30 seconds.在你关掉水阀之前,转到冷水处,冲30秒。Cold water immersion has been linked to increased tolerance to stress, a stronger immune system, increased fat burning, and anti-depressant effects.冲冷水能增加你对压力的耐受性,增强免疫能力,增加脂肪消耗并有抗抑郁的效果。Bad Habit #10: Wrapping Your Long Hair In A Towel坏习惯10:把长发裹在毛巾中Wrapping your hair tightly with a towel causes the most stress and damage to your hair. Instead, gently squeeze out excess moisture on a dry towel — and pat, don#39;t rub (rubbing causes knots).用毛巾紧紧地裹住头发会给头发带来太多压力,并会损伤头发。作为替代,用干毛巾轻轻地挤出过量的水分,并轻轻拍打,而不是用力擦干(用力擦干会使头发打结)。 /201605/444405 The government is to ban all Latin abbreviations on all its websites to avoid confusing non-English speakers, it has been announced.英国政府日前宣布,为了减少非英语国家读者的阅读困惑,政府部门的所有网站将不再使用拉丁文缩写。Phrases such as etc., i.e., and e.g. will be phased out from all GOV.UK sites because foreign speakers find them ;difficult to ;.像etc.(等等), i.e.(换句话说,也就是) e.g.(比如)等拉丁缩写将不会出现在英国官方政府的网站,因为很多外国读者觉得这些真的很难读。A spokesman added the phrases could even confuse English speakers who were ;under stress or in a hurry;. Campaigners said the decision was to give up Latin was ;short-sighted; because they have been part of common parlance for hundreds of years.一名政府发言人补充说道,就连以英语为母语的人在匆忙和压力环境下都会产生困惑。但是反对人士表示,政府的这一举动缺乏远见,因为拉丁缩略词在英语中已有数百年历史,属于常见用法。But the Government Digital Service (GDS) said the move was designed to promote ;plain English;.但是政府数字务委员会表示,该举动旨在推广简洁英语。Writing on the blog Inside GOV.UK, GDS content manager Persis Howe explained: ;We promote the use of plain English on GOV.UK. We advocate simple, clear language. Terms like eg, i.e. and etc., while common, make ing difficult for some. Anyone who didn#39;t grow up speaking English may not be familiar with them. Even those with high literacy levels can be thrown if they are ing under stress or are in a hurry - like a lot of people are on the web.;政府数字务委员会的内容经理珀西丝·豪在 GOV.UK的官网客中发文解释称:;我们旨在在GOV.UK网站上推广使用简洁英语。我们倡导使用更简单清晰的语言。像 e.g., i.e.和 etc.虽然很常见,但是确实给一些人造成了阅读障碍。对那些英语非母语的人来说,他们可能对这些缩略词并不熟悉。即使是那些文化水平不低的人,如果是在压力环境下或很匆忙的情况(很多在线阅读的人都是这样的)下,他们也会产生困惑。;She added that programs that the content for visually impaired people also mispronounced Latin abbreviations.她补充说道,针对视力受损人群而提供的朗读务中,其中有很多都不知道这些拉丁缩略词的正确发音。She said: ;We#39;ve found that several programs that webpages for those with visual impairment #39;e.g.#39; incorrectly, so we#39;re updating the style guide. There are better, clearer ways of introducing examples for all users.;她说:;我们发现一些有声朗读栏目把e.g.读错了,所以我们对网站的书写规范做了更新。这样对于所有读者来说表达更加清楚、简洁。;Roger Wemyss Brooks of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales, which teaches Latin language courses, condemned the move.英国及威尔士提供拉丁语课程的拉丁弥撒社团的罗杰·威姆斯·布鲁克斯对政府的这一举动提出严厉抨击。He said: ;Latin is part of our cultural heritage and it#39;s part of the basis of English. It unites us with other cultures throughout Europe and the world who have a connection with the Romance languages. It#39;s a very concise language which is used specifically for its precision and I think it#39;s short sighted to be giving it up.;他说道:;拉丁文是我们文化遗产的一部分,而且已经属于常用英语的范畴。正是拉丁文将我们和欧洲以及其它属于拉丁语系的地方联系起来。拉丁语是一门非常简练的语言,特别是它的精确性。我觉得禁用拉丁文的做法实在缺乏远见。; /201608/457962新疆伊犁哈萨克自治州友谊医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱乌市脸部抽脂价格



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