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Date约会When the young waitress in the cafe in Tom building started waving hello everyday. Tom was flattered, she was at least years younger than he. One day she waved and beckoned to Tom again. When Tom strolled over, she asked, ;Are you single?;汤姆住的大楼的咖啡馆女务员最近每天跟他扬手打招呼,这让汤姆有点受宠若惊,因为这位女孩看上去至少比他年轻岁这天,女务员又跟汤姆招手示意于是,汤姆从容不迫地走了过去她问道:“你是单身吗?”;Why, yes,; Tom replied, smiling at her broadly.“哎,是单身”汤姆回答,冲她咧嘴直乐;So is my mom,; she said. ;Would you like to meet her?;“我妈也是啊,”她说,“你愿不愿意见见她?” 39536来自爱尔兰组合“男孩地带”它取代了My Heart Will Go On,成为1999年全英全年总冠军——“无论他们说什么,无论他们做什么,无论他们教我们什么”,“我不能放弃我所相信的”,“我只能作我自己”“我知道我们的爱永恒”——轻松爱情电影《诺丁山(Notting Hill)主题曲英文歌词:chica cha ha ha (Repeat)no matter what they tell us, no matter what they dono matter what they teach us, what we believe it's trueno matter what they call us, however they attackno matter where they take us, we'll find our own way backI can't deny what I believe, I can't be what I'm notI know our love ever, I know no matter whatif only tears were laughter, if only night was dayif only prayers were answered (hear my prayers)then we could hear god say:no matter what they tell you, no matter what they dono matter what they teach you, what you believe it's trueAnd I will keep you safe and strong and shelter from the stormno matter where it's barren, a dream is being bornno matter who they follow, no matter where they leaveno matter how they judge us, I'll be everyone you needno matter if the sun don't shine ( the sun don't shine)or if the skies are blue (skies are blue)no matter what the end is, my life began with youI can't deny what I believe ( what I believe)I can't be what I'm not (I know I know )I know this love's ever that's all that matters now no matter whatno no matter what (no,no matter what) (Repeat)that's all that matters to me中文歌词:无论他们跟我们说什么,无论他们做什么无论他们教我们什么,我们所相信的是真的无论他们叫我们什么,无论他们怎样抨击无论他们领我们到哪里,我们都将找到回来的路我无法抗拒我所相信的,我不能成为别人我知道我们的爱会永恒,我知道,无论发生什么一旦眼泪化作微笑,一旦黑夜变成白昼 一旦祈祷得到回答(听我的祈祷),我们就能听到上帝在说:无论他们如何告诉你们,无论他们对你们作什么 无论他们教给你们什么,你们坚信的才是真理我将保佑你们平安和强壮,也为你们挡风遮雨 无论那里如何荒芜,一个梦想正在诞生无论他们追随着谁,无论他们去向哪里 无论他们如何判决我们,我将永远和你在一起无论太阳是否明亮(阳光不再闪耀)或者天空是否蔚蓝(天空是蓝色的) 无论结局如何,我的生命从你开始我不能背叛我的信念(我的信念)我不能虚伪地活着(我知道,我知道我知道这爱将永恒,现在这就是一切,无论如何无论如何,对我来说,这就是一切 3939

听力原文:Business in America美国商业The problem with profits利润问题Big firms in the ed States have never had it so good. Time more competition美国大公司的利润从来没有如此好看过是时候开始真正的竞争了AMERICA used to be the land of opporty and optimism. Now opporty is seen as the preserve of the elite: two-thirds of Americans believe the economy is rigged in favour of vested interests. And optimism has turned to anger. Voters’ fury fuels the insurgencies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders and weakens insiders like Hillary Clinton.重点词汇:1 preserve (某人或群体活动、工作等的)专门领域 elite n. lt;法gt;精华; 精锐,精英; 上层集团; (统称)掌权人物;3 rig(以不正当的手段)操纵,控制 vest(合法地)属于,归属5 vested interest 既得利益;既定权利;好处6 fury 狂怒;暴怒7 insurgency 起义;叛乱;造反听力原文:The campaigns have found plenty of things to blame, from free-trade deals to the recklessness of Wall Street. But one problem with American capitalism has been overlooked: a corrosive lack of competition. The naughty secret of American firms is that life at home is much easier: their returns on equity are 0% higher in the ed States than they are abroad. Aggregate domestic profits are at near-record levels relative to GDP. America is meant to be a temple of free enterprise. It isn’t.重点词汇:1 reckless 鲁莽的;不计后果的;无所顾忌的 overlook 忽略;未注意到3 corrosive 腐蚀性的;侵蚀性的;损害性的;逐渐起破坏作用的 naughty adj. 顽皮的; 不听话的; 淘气的; 粗俗的,下流的;5 returns on equity 资本投资回报6 equity (公司的)股本;资产净值, 公平;公正7 Aggregate总数的;总计的 例如:aggregate demandinvestmentturnover 总需求 投资 成交量an aggregate win over their rivals 以总分战胜他们的对手听力原文:High profits might be a sign of brilliant innovations or wise long-term investments, were it not the fact that they are also suspiciously persistent. A very profitable American firm has an 80% chance of being that way ten years later. In the 1990s the odds were only about 50%. Some companies are capable of sustained excellence, but most would expect to see their profits competed away. Today, incumbents find it easier to make hay longer重点词汇:1 odds 可能性,概率,几率,机会 incumbent 在职者;现任者 the present incumbent of the White House3 hay 干草,草料, a small amount of money 少量的钱 make hay 把握时机;听力原文:You might think that voters would be happy that their employers are thriving. But if they are not reinvested, or spent by shareholders, high profits can dampen demand. The excess cash generated domestically by American firms beyond their investment budgets is running at 0 billion a year, or % of GDP. The tax system encourages them to park eign profits abroad. Abnormally high profits can worsen inequality if they are the result of persistently high prices or depressed wages. Were America’s firms to cut prices so that their profits were at historically normal levels, consumers’ bills might be % lower. If steep earnings are not luring in new entrants, that may mean that firms are abusing monopoly positions, or using lobbying to stifle competition. The game may indeed be rigged.重点词汇:1 dampen 抑制,控制 inequality 不公平3 steep 突然的;急剧的;大起大落的 lure 劝诱;引诱;诱惑5 entrant 新职员;新生;新会员;新成员6 abuse 滥用,妄用,虐待7 monopoly 垄断;专营务;被垄断的商品(或务)8 lobby 游说(从政者或政府)stifle 压制;扼杀;阻止;抑制听力原文:One response to the age of hyper-profitability would be simply to wait. Creative destruction takes time: previous episodes of peak profits— example, in the late 1960s—ended abruptly. Silicon Valley’s evangelicals believe that a new era of big data, blockchains and robots is about to munch away the fat margins of corporate America. In the past six months the earnings of listed firms have dipped a little, as cheap oil has hit energy firms and a strong dollar has hurt multinationals.重点词汇:1 episode 插曲; 片段; 一集; 一段经历; evangelical 基督教福音派教徒,adj 衷于传播自己观点的3 blockchain 区块链 munch 大声咀嚼,用力咀嚼(脆的食物)5 dip下降,下沉欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 5

“看见世界,面对危险,跨越籓篱,贴近彼此,感受生活,这就是生活的目的”------《白日梦想家Space OddityGround Control to Major Tom,Ground Control to Major Tom,Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.TenGround Control to Major Tom Nine,Eight,SevenCommencing countdown, engines on Six,Five FourCheck igition and may God love be with you Three,Two,OneLiftoffThis is Ground Control to Major Tom,Youve really made the gradeAnd the papers want to know who shot you whereNow it time to leave the capsule if you dare.;This is Major Tom to Ground Control;Im stepping through the doorAnd Im floating in a most peculiar wayAnd the stars look very different today. hereAm I sitting in a tin canFar above the world,Planet Earth is blueAnd there nothing I can do.Though Im past one hundred thousand miles,Im feeling very still,And I think my spaceship knows which way to go.Tell my wife I love her very much she knows.;Ground Control to Major TomYour circuits dead, there something wrong.Can you hear me, Major Tom?Can you hear me, Major Tom?Can you hear me, Major Tom?Can you... 18576 Umgwalagwala第六节 安瓜拉瓜拉A politician was out on the Indian reservation displaying his sympathy the oppressed Native Americans. He addressed a gathering of the people.一位政客抵达一处印第安人居留地向居住在该区被压迫的原住民表达他的关切之情他向一群民众发表演说The plight of your tribe has always been close to my heart,; said the politician.“我一直切身体会到你们的穷苦困境,”政客说;Umgwalagwala , ;responded the audience enthusiastically.“安瓜拉瓜拉!”群众热烈欢呼I shan t rest until greater efts are made on your behalf.“不为你们争取更多的福利,我个人绝不会松懈”;Umgwalagwala,; they responded more loudly.“安瓜拉瓜拉!”群众反应更为热烈;And I personally guarantee that you will all be accorded full and equal civil rights.;“此外我愿个人保你们将被赋予完全及公平的公民权利”;Umgwalagwala,; shouted the tribe.“安瓜拉瓜拉!”整个部落的人都叫喊起来The politician was pleased with his reception and asked a tour of the reservation. Soon, he and his guide were standing next to a fenced enclosure.对这样的接待,政客感到非常高兴,他要求游览该居留地,不久他和向导就走到一处封闭的篱笆围墙;And what is this used ?; asked the orator.“这是做什么用的?,’政客问道;oh, this empty now, but bee we keep bulls in here. ;“喔,现在空无一物,但以前我们在这里养牛”;I see,; said the visitor, and was planning to enter the enclosure.“原来如此,”政客说着准备进入篱笆内;Hey,you better not go in there,You likely step in a lot of umgwalagwala.;“嘿,你还是不要进去的好,否则你可能踩到很多的安瓜拉瓜拉” 391889Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻 I Didnt Know That I Was So Far Back Aly!真没想到我已经往回跑了这么远! A big battle was going on during the First World War.第一次世界大战期间,一场大战役正在进行Guns were firing, and shells and bullets were flying about everywhere.炮轰鸣,子弹横飞After an hour of this, one of the soldier decided that the fighting was getting too dangerous him,这样持续了一小时后,有个士兵认为战斗太危险了,so he left the front line and began to go away from the battle.所以他离开前线,开始逃离战场After he had walked an hour, he saw an officer coming towards him.走了一个小时后,他看见一个军官朝他走过来The officer stopped him and said, ;Where are you going?;军官拦住他,问道:“你到哪儿去?”;Im trying to get as far away as possible from the battle that going on behind us, sir.; the soldier answered.“长官,我正尽力躲开身后正在进行的战斗”士兵回答说;Do you know who I am?; the officer said to him angerly. ;Im your commanding officer.;“你知道我是谁吗?”军官生气地说:“我是你们的指挥官”The soldier was very surprised when he heard this and said, ;My God, I didnt know that I was so far back aly!;士兵听了十分惊讶地说:“天哪,真没想到我已经往回跑了这么远!”Notes:1.battlevt.amp; vi.与…作战;争斗n.战争,战役;比赛,较量;长期论战或长期作战;激烈的竞争eg.battle zone战区a drawn battle不分胜负的战斗a championship battle锦标赛They died in battle.他们在战斗中牺牲.front linen.前线,第一线本节目可可原创节目, 57868

Watch TV看电视Mike:Mum,Iwant towatch TV.迈克:妈妈,我想看电视Mum:There is noelectricitytonight.妈妈:今晚停电了Mike:Then let watch TV with a candle on.迈克:那我们就点着蜡烛看吧1.英语中妈妈的叫法a.mommyb.mumc.ma(老友记中joey管他老妈叫ma)d.mama(歌舞青春中有出现).want to wach TVwant to do sthwould like to do sth. 想要做某事eg:I want to play basketball.我想要打篮球3.electricityelectricity是电流,电力的意思eg:We moved into a cabin with electricity.我们搬到了一间有电的小木屋在作名词的时候它也可以表示极度的兴奋,eg:You can feel the electricity in the crowd. 你可感到群众的 19976Xiaohua: Hello and welcome to Roundtable Word of the Week. John: And so this week were going to be looking at how to talk about hitting people. We dont suggest you do hit people, but if you want to talk about hitting people in English, well, well give you some words and phrases. So there is bang, to hit or to punch. So if he keeps saying that, watch me walk over and bang him. Then there is beam, to hit in the head, so Tony just beamed me in the head with a pencil. That usually when youre throwing something, and you get beamed. And then there is to brain, and that to hit someone in the head quite hard. Xiaohua: 英语中描述怎样打人的词汇还真的不少我们就一个一个看过来Bang, beam, 和brain都差不多,但有细微的区别Bang是撞,beam是打头,而beam是狠狠揍某人的头 John: Then there is to bust, to punch or hit. So if you dont shut up, Im going to bust you in the mouth. And then a variation on that is bust on. The bouncers busted on some drunk guy last night. And then clock. Clock is usually to punch someone in the face. Xiaohua: Bust本身就有打破的意思To bust somebody就是揍某一个人的意思,bust on 也有同样的意思而clock就是揍脸 John: And then crack, so hit or punch. Cream means to beat up or to hit extremely hard. Xiaohua really made me angry the other day so I just really had to cream her. Xiaohua: I dont think youd have the guts, though. Anyway, cream听上去像是个好词,但也可以用作狠狠打的意思 John: Then fist of fives. So if you dont shut up, Ill give you a fist of fives. Get banked on. He really pissed those guys off and so he got banked on. Give a thumper, a thumper is a hit, a very strong hit, and so to give a thumper is to strike someone very hard. Xiaohua: Fist of fives就不用解释了Get banked on挺有意思的因为Bank on somebody不是有trust someone的意思吗,但是when you get banked on, youre basically punched. John: And then jack. He got jacked in the face. Then knock out, you see this a lot in boxing. So you hit someone so hard, usually in the face or in the head, that they lose consciousness. We were just playing around and I accidentally knocked him out. Xiaohua: Knock out someone就是把某个人击昏 John: And then knuckle sandwich, very similar to fist of fives, but it usually to the face or to the mouth area, because you give them a sandwich and you usually eat sandwiches. Xiaohua: OK. 请别人吃拳头做成的三明治吗?Anyway,就是对脸一拳 John: And then to nail is to hit cefully with a blunt object. He got nailed in the face with the football. Or I nailed him with the basketball. Xiaohua: Be nailed是被重物砸到 John: And then to pop, to hit someone on the back of the head with the flat of one hand. It kind of like a slap, but to the back of the head, usually used to get a person attention or to assert one authority rather than to inflict harm. So it really not meant to hurt someone, but you pop someone in the back of their head in order to get their attention, right? Xiaohua: Pop是扇后脑勺,学生时代的你们如果不认真听讲的话经常会被老师pop John: Right? And then to smack, that basically a type of slap. Sock is another type of hit, and last but not least, sucker punch, it basically to attack sneakily. So a sucker punch is when someone is totally not expecting it, the fight hasnt started yet, youre not necessarily in an argument, but you just punch them in the face, without giving any kind of warning, that what we call a sucker punch. Xiaohua: Smack是扇,sock就是hit someone的意思,那sucker punch则是突袭 OK, I have to admit therere far more words describing hitting someone in English than in Chinese. John: Therere quite a few. And a lot of them have definitely specific history in our culture. I will also advice our listeners that some of these words arent only about hitting. A lot of it is slang usage. And so you may go up to someone and try to use this word, and they may not completely understand you given the context. example, to nail, it can also be used to describe, in slang terms, sexual intercourse, or something like that. So on the one hand, these can be used depending on the context to talk about hitting or to be hit or something like that, but there also many other uses some of these words. Xiaohua: 很多这些关于揍别人的词都是有上下文,在一定的场合中才可以用的,而很多词有多重的意思所以如果用错了还是挺麻烦的 John: So just be prepared. There may be an instance where you dont use it correctly. Xiaohua: And got smacked in the face. John: Yeah, dont get popped. Xiaohua: Alright. That all we have RoundTable Word of the Week. 386390

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