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绵阳纹眉培训学校哪家好重庆纹眉培训学校哪家好广安玲珑纹绣 Business商业E-ers电子书Turning the page翻开新篇章Microsoft and Barnes amp; Noble write their own love story微软公司与巴诺公司握手言和,共谱传奇LAST July Barnes amp; Noble gave a presentation to the antitrust division of Americas Department of Justice. In slide after slide, the bookseller laid into Microsoft. The software giant, it thundered, was guilty of ;anti-competitive behaviour; in demanding royalties from makers of mobile devices (such as the Nook, Barnes amp; Nobles e-er) that used Android, Googles open-source mobile operating system. The bookseller sniffed that Microsoft owned only ;trivial; patents and reminded the department of the software companys past trespasses against competition.去年七月,美国图书零售商巴诺公司为联邦司法部的反垄断局做过一次演讲。随着幻灯片逐张翻过,巴诺公司指责微软公司的意图也显露了出来。在指责中,软件巨头微软公司被认为通过;垄断性;战略强迫向移动设备制造收取版权税。使用了谷歌开源系统——安卓系统的产品都在受影响之列,其中就包括巴诺公司的电子阅读器Nook。不过这个图书零售公司也敏锐的发现微软公司持有的都是些;无足轻重的;专利,他们通过演讲让司法部门想起了微软公司过去竞争中表现出的侵略性行为。Nine months later, the bookworms and the geeks are the best of friends. On April 30th Barnes amp; Noble said it was creating a subsidiary, called NewCo for now, into which it would put Nook and its ;college; business, which has 641 bookshops on American campuses. Microsoft is putting up 0m for 17.6% of NewCo. People will be able to buy and e-books through a Nook application for Windows 8, a new incarnation of Microsofts operating system that is due to appear in a few months. Microsoft will pay NewCo an advance of 0m over three years for such purchases, plus 5m over five years to buy content and develop technology. The squabbles over patents have been settled: Microsoft is giving Barnes amp; Noble a licence for the Nook and will get royalties in return. For now at least, the Nook will remain an Android, not Windows, device.九个月之后,书虫和技术宅成为了最好的朋友。4月30号,巴诺公司声明正在创建一家子公司,并由其代行Nook销售业务以及校园业务。现在名为NewCo的这家子公司已经在美国大学中有641家书店。微软花3亿美元购买了NewCo公司17.6%的股权。不久的将来,人们将可以通过Nook应用程序在windows 8操作系统上购买并阅读电子书。Nook的windows版本即将于几月后推出。微软将向NewCo付1.8亿美元作为三年的购买费用,同时还付了1.25亿美元购买五年的内容和技术升级。关于知识产权的争端也得以解决:微软为巴诺的Nook阅读器提供授权,而巴诺则向微软付版权税。不过至少目前,Nook仍是在安卓设备上运行,而非windows。The agreement values NewCo at .7 billion, more than twice Barnes amp; Nobles market capitalisation before it was announced. The booksellers share price rose by 50% on the day of the deal—which tells you what investors think of the dead-tree end of the trade. The alliance should bring Barnes amp; Noble not only cash but also new ers of digital books and magazines, especially outside the ed States. In the fourth quarter of 2011, according to Tom Mainelli of IDC, a research firm, Barnes amp; Noble accounted for one-fifth of the 7m e-ers shipped in America—against a mighty three-quarters for Amazon, maker of the Kindle (see chart). But Barnes amp; Noble shipped no Nooks elsewhere, which helps explain why it had only 14% of the global market. Via the Nook app, non-Americans will also be able to leaf through Barnes amp; Nobles digital catalogue.NewCo的最终协议价格是17亿美元,比这个项目被宣布之前,巴诺的市值高出两倍还多。完成交易的当天,图书零售商的股价上升了50%,这足以说明投资者是如何看待这项老树开新花的交易的。联合的战略不仅将为巴诺公司带来现金,更将增加电子书与电子杂志的读者数量,在美国之外更是如此。根据市场研究机构IDC的Tom Mainelli所述,美国本土销售的7百万电子阅读器中,巴诺公司的产品占了1/5——与之相对的是亚马逊公司生产的Kindle阅读器:该产品的销售占了美国本土交易的3/4(见图表)。不过巴诺公司没有在其他地方销售Nook产品,这也解释了为什么该产品只占全球14%的市场。通过Nook应用程序,美国之外的用户也能够翻阅巴诺公司的电子目录。Microsoft is in effect buying a second bash at a market where it made an early but unsuccessful start. It launched its own e-er software all of 12 years ago. The deal with Barnes amp; Noble, bringing lots of content with it, may give people an extra reason to buy Windows 8 tablets (a likelier choice for e-ing than smartphones, laptops or desktops) when they appear.微软公司已是第二次涉足电子书市场,而它首次进入时并不成功。12年前,它曾经推广过自家的电子阅读软件。现在与巴诺公司达成的协议也充实了微软自家阅读器软件中的内容,用户们因此有更多的理由在windows 8平板面世后选购它们。与智能手机、笔记本和台式机相比,运行着Window 8操作系统的平板产品与电子阅读器的相似度更高。The bundling of Barnes amp; Nobles college business into NewCo indicates a hope that a fair few of these customers will be students. Allen Weiner of Gartner, another research firm, suggests that through campus bookshops Barnes amp; Noble could sell Windows devices pre-loaded with course material. Of course, others are after students dollars too. Apple recently started selling interactive digital textbooks for the iPad, far and away the biggest-selling tablet (among its publishing partners is Pearson, part-owner of The Economist). But Mr Weiner points out that Microsoft and Barnes amp; Noble have some advantages. Lots of students write notes and essays with Microsofts Office software, which is not available on the iPad. And although Amazon sells and rents a lot of paper textbooks, it has not done much with digital ones. The tie-up with Barnes amp; Noble makes three of a kind for Microsoft: cheap deals with struggling but established partners in markets where it is weak and sees a chance to do much better. In it struck an agreement with Yahoo! in online search. Last year Nokia became the prime conduit for Windows in smartphones. With Barnes amp; Noble it is having another stab at e-ing. Unlike the books on the Nook, this tale is still being written.巴诺公司在NewCo中大量捆绑自家业务的做法暗示了学生将占用户群中的很大一部分。另一家调研公司Gartner的Allen Weiner建议道,巴诺公司可以在校园内销售一些预装了教材的windows产品。当然,其他的阅读材料还是需要学生花钱购买的。苹果公司近期开始销售ipad上使用的数字互动教材,ipad是最畅销的平板产品。经济学人的持股人皮尔逊公司也是这些数字互动教材的发布方之一。但是Weiner先生指出微软公司与巴诺公司也有自己的优势。大量的学生利用微软的office软件书写笔记与,但是ipad却不能运行office软件。而尽管亚马逊借出并销售大量的纸质版教材,但是在数字产品上,他还远远落后于竞争对手。与巴诺公司的联合把微软公司拉到了与ipad,亚马逊同一起跑线的位置:在自身影响力不足但是未来前景广阔的市场上与一家比较成熟,但还有些小问题的公司廉价建立了联系。在年,微软公司成功与雅虎签订在线搜索业务方面的协议。去年诺基亚成为了让windows系统进驻智能手机的主要途径。而与巴诺公司的合作一定可以让微软公司在电子阅读器市场扎稳脚步。与Nook的故事不同,这段新传奇正被续写。 /201210/202877Do Violent Video Games Change Our Brains?Video games are a huge industry kids and young adults spend more time playing them than watching movies or TV. And some of the most popular games are ultra realistic war and fighting games featuring massive amounts of hi-res violence.So if you’re a parent, or a pundit, or maybe even a dedicated gamer, you’ve gotta wonder: does spending countless hours doing virtual violence to pixelated monsters and warriors have any effect on our sensitive and malleable brains?To find out, researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine studied the effects of violent games on twenty-eight non gaming guys. Half of them played a violent game for a week and then took a week off. The other half didn’t play any games, acting as the control group. After one week the subjects underwent fMRI analysis and then again after two weeks. During the fMRI sessions both groups did tasks meant to test their cognitive abilities.Now, twenty-eight subjects is a pretty small sample size, but the results were interesting. After only one week of gaming, the guys that played the violent game showed decreased activity in parts of the brain associated with cognitive function and emotional control. After a cool down week of no gaming, the subjects’ brain functioning was closer to normal.So does this prove that violent games warp young men’s minds? Not exactly. That would take a much larger study. But the study at the very least suggests that doing pretend violence may have a real effect on how we think and act. /201206/184976资阳pcd纹绣师

成都赫拉美半永久培训学纹绣价目表多少钱This dive gonna be a lot of thing. Warm, is not on that list. Insulated suit will keep them alive under the ice for only sixty minutes. Once a helicopter departs, theres no marching for aero. The dive team begin to explore the lowest slopes of Alps, discovering a hidden world rarely seen by humans. Patrolling the icy shores of the volcano are killer whales, the most thuddingly in the world.这次下潜意味着很多的事情。温暖,不在这个名单中。绝缘装备保全他们在冰层之下只有60分钟的生命。一架直升飞机离开,在空中没有进行盘旋。潜水队开始探索阿尔卑斯山脉最低的斜坡,发现一个人类世界罕见的秘密世界。在冰冻星球火山附近巡逻的是杀人鲸,世界上最凶猛的动物。Tracking them from above is the orca team . They need the helicopter to get ahead of the whales into land them on the fragile sea ice. Cameraman Jenion Mafirse must pick his foot carefully. His aim is to get the cameras as close to the killer whales as possible without disturbing them. Year, clear almost. He uses a film camera to capture the action in slow motion. And the orcas come right by. Even in extreme cold, a film camera proves to be rugged and reliable, provided as it does in a film as a camera.从上面跟踪它们的是虎鲸队伍。他们需要直升机在鲸鱼前面引导驾驭它们进入这脆弱的冰海。摄影师吉农bull;马菲斯必须小心前进。他的目的是让摄像机尽可能靠近虎鲸而确保没有打扰它们。好的,几乎够清晰了。他使用一种胶片相机捕捉慢镜头动作,这时候虎鲸恰巧赶来。即使在极端寒冷的天气,胶片相机也是稳定,安全可靠的帮手,就像电影中的摄像机一样。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/172173成都/韩国大长今顶级纹绣机构纹绣培训怎么样好吗 books and arts文艺book review书评New fiction新小说Tudor prose都铎王朝那些事儿Bring Up the Bodies.By Hilary Mantel.《死尸示众》拉里·曼特尔著。HILARY MANTELS Man Booker prize-winning novel, “Wolf Hall”, was a momentous work about the court of Henry VIII, as seen through the lens of Thomas Cromwell. A blacksmiths boy, Cromwell claws his way up to become Henrys ruthless fixer and one of historys great villains. The book captured the upheavals of the Tudor period and was a critical and popular hit that rescued historical fiction from its bodice-ripper reputation.希拉里·曼特尔布克奖获奖小说《狼厅》讲述了亨利八世王朝的故事,其重要意义可通过主人公汤马斯·克伦威尔体现。克伦威尔是打铁匠的儿子,他一步步地攀到了亨利八世的身边,成为其冷酷无情的爪牙,也因此遗臭万年。该书描写了都铎王朝的种种动乱,摘下了历史小说总被冠以哥特风格爱情小说的帽子[注1],因此,《狼厅》也是一本重要的风行读物。“Bring Up the Bodies”, Ms Mantels sequel, takes up where “Wolf Hall” left off, and it is an outstandingly good . The year is 1535 and Henry is in middle age, “a massive man, bull-necked, his hair receding, face fleshing out”. His “carriage, his person, are magnificent; his rages are terrifying”. In the first book Henry casts off Catherine of Aragon for Anne Boleyn. Here he tires of Boleyn—who has failed to produce a male heir—and sets to luring Jane Seymour, “modest as a drift of green-white hellebore”.作为《狼厅》的姊篇,《死尸示众》绝对不容错过。1535年,正值亨利八世壮年,“他身材魁梧,体格健壮,虽说开始脱发,但依然容光焕发”。他的“人马声势浩大;他的性格也可谓雷霆万钧。在《狼厅》中,亨利为了安妮·休掉了来自亚拉冈(西班牙一个城市)的凯瑟琳皇后;而在《死尸示众》中,亨利厌倦了未能给他诞下王储的林皇后,转而追求“保守得像一簇绿白色藜芦”的简·西。Fans of “Wolf Hall” will relish this book, but “Bring Up the Bodies” also stands alone. Covering a shorter period and with fewer characters, it demands less of the er than the earlier instalment, in which significant historical figures walked on with little introduction. And the story of Boleyn, a glittering queen tamed to a “small voice, empty of everything except politeness”, provides a better narrative arc than Cromwells clamber to the top, and a more grimly dramatic conclusion.《狼厅》的粉丝们会喜欢《死尸示众》,这本书虽是《狼厅》的后续,但它仍有自己的特色。《死尸示众》的跨时更短,人物更少,因此,对读者历史背景知识的要求也就相应更少。不像在上本书中,重大历史人物出场时,作者只有只言片语的介绍。林皇后曾经光芒万丈,但最后却沦落到“说话轻声细语,除了礼节一无所有”的田地。比起克伦威尔攀龙附凤的经历,林皇后的故事被叙述得更加跌宕起伏,其戏剧性的结尾也更加悲凉。Like much historical fiction, the pages of this novel are full of lust and splendid outfits. But Ms Mantel achieves much more than that. Her characters are real and vivid people who bring to life the clash of ideals that gripped England at the time. She makes the past present and vital. Boleyns dful end is known before the book is even cracked opened, yet her contemplation of her last moments—“I have only a little neck”—is lonely, sad and shocking.虽然《死尸示众》和大多历史小说一样,未能免去淫欲横流,华遍地的俗套,但曼特尔所呈现的,远不止这些。她笔下的历史人物取材真实,活灵活现,其思想的碰撞对当时的英国有着深远的影响。曼特尔让历史重现,恍如眼前。尽管翻开书之前,人们就已知林皇后不堪的下场,但她在被斩首前最后一刻的思考/念头——“我有的只是一个细小的脖子”——却落寞悲伤,震慑人心。Cromwells thirst for power, meanwhile, has continuing resonance. He finds the product of his scheming less satisfying than the work that went into its contrivance; his whole career, he reflects, “has been an education in hypocrisy”. “Those who are made can be unmade,” Boleyn notes, an idea that echoes through the book. His hard-won power and riches earn him neither love nor succour—he is a man whose only friend is the king of England. As in “Wolf Hall”, Cromwell draws the ers admiration, but never envy.不过,克伦威尔对权力的渴求一直都能引起共鸣。他发现,人算不如天算。他的整个谋权生涯,他反思道,“都是一场关于虚伪的教育。”林皇后写道,“造就的也可以被摧毁”,这一观点贯穿全书。克伦威尔获得了来之不易的权力与财富,但他孤苦伶仃,无人相助——唯一的朋友只有英国国王。正如在《狼厅》中,克伦威尔让读者羡慕,但不忌妒。201206/186295重庆/半永久培训多少钱

内江姚氏彩妆美容培训学校学习纹眉绣眼线多少钱FOR four years New York was adrift. When Eliot Spitzer, a crusading lawyer, became governor in 2007, his uncompromising ways caused political gridlock in Albany, the state capital. Just over a year later, he was caught frolicking with a prostitute and resigned. His successor, David Paterson, was affable enough, but too weak to push the state legislature to balance the books. When Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat like his predecessors, handily won the 2010 governorrsquo;s race on a promise to ;rebuild the government, restore competence, restore trust, [and] get the people of this state believing once again;, New Yorkers gave a cynical snort.近四年来,纽约的政局并不稳定。2007年,时任州长艾略特?斯皮策,他律师出身,作风凌厉,毫不妥协。这种做法曾让纽约州首府奥尔巴尼一度陷入政治僵局。且任职仅一年多,斯皮策就陷入招妓门事件,辞去了州长职务。民主党人大卫?帕特森继任,他亲和有余,力度不足,无力推动纽约州立法机构平衡财政收。同为民主党人的安德鲁?科莫,于2010年参加州长竞选,并轻松取胜。他承诺要;重建政府,重塑能力,重拾信任,让州民能够再次相信政府;。纽约民众曾对此不以为然。But Mr Cuomo has had an extraordinary year. In the first six months of his term he could point to three historic achievements. First, he balanced the budget: not only bringing spending under control;filling a billion hole and nudging the public-sector unions to make concessions worth 0m;but putting mechanisms in place to control spending in future. He even got the cantankerous legislature to agree. In June Mr Cuomo brought in a cap on property taxes, in a state which the Tax Foundation ranks as the sixth-most-taxed in the country. Robert Ward of the Rockefeller Institute called it ;the biggest change in New Yorkrsquo;s fiscal policy since the creation of Medicaid;, almost 50 years ago.但科莫继任一年来,政绩斐然,任期前半年便取得三大有历史意义的成就。首先,他平衡了纽约的财政收,填补了100亿美元的财政漏洞,并促使公共机构的工会做出了4.5亿美元的让步。此举不仅使当前的财政花销得到控制,而且使相关部门机构各司其职,以控制今后的花销。更为难得的是,他甚至征得了一向刁钻苛刻的立法机构的同意。六月,科莫引入财产税上限政策,此前按税务基金会的统计,纽约州的税收排名全国第六。洛克菲勒政府研究所副所长罗伯特?沃德称此项政策为继50年前;创立lsquo;医疗补助计划rsquo;后,纽约财政政策的巨变;。Then, also in June, Mr Cuomo signed a bill legalising same-sex marriage, having worked hard to drive the bill through the Republican-controlled state Senate. In December he got bipartisan backing to change the income-tax code, which he says will generate .9 billion in additional revenue for the state. It sets in place the lowest tax rate for the middle class in 58 years, while;according to Mr Cuomorsquo;s opponents and the Manhattan Institute;leaving the tax burden on the richest at its highest level since 1986.其次,科莫还于六月签署法案,将同性婚姻合法化,并全力推动该法案通过由共和党掌控的州参议院。十二月份,他获得两党持,修改个税法条款。科莫称此举将会为纽约州带来19亿美元的附加收入。新条款将中产阶级的税率降至58年以来的最低点。曼哈顿研究所和科莫的竞争对手们称,如此一来,课税负担便落在了富人肩上,富人的纳税金额将升至自1986年以来的最高水平。Still, most New Yorkers are not upset with him. Indeed, they rate him very highly. He learnt much about Albany politics at the knee of his father, Mario, a former governor. He is clever and determined. His most noticeable flaw is his arrogance, which he has tried to keep in check, but which slipped out in November when he remarked: ;I am the government.;但是大多数的纽约民众并没有因此对科莫不满,反而对他给予很高的评价。科莫的父亲马里奥?科莫是前纽约州长,科莫从小受父亲熏陶,谙熟奥尔巴尼政事。因此他更加机敏,更加坚定。他最明显的缺点是其傲慢的态度,虽然他竭力控制但还是在十一月的一次演讲中说漏了嘴,一句;我就是政府;令众人哗然。In that case, his cockiness was accurate. There is not much transparency in how he is getting the results, notes Gerald Benjamin of the State University of New York at New Paltz. Disappointingly, it is still three men (Mr Cuomo, the assembly Speaker and the Senate president) in a room making all the decisions.科莫的傲慢由此可见一斑。新帕尔茨纽约州立大学院长杰拉尔德?本杰明指出,科莫制定政策的透明度并不高。令人失望的是,做决定的仍然是州长、州众议员院长和州参议院议长三个人。 201202/170233 IT WAS tempting fate to call an ambitious new aircraft the ;Dreamliner;. A combination of radical technology and a novel outsourced system of manufacture has turned the Boeing 787 into a nightmare.把一架充满雄心的新型飞机称为;梦幻客机;,这一举动是种不必要的冒险。高端前沿技术和新型外包制造流程结合在一起,把波音787客机拖入进了梦魇。Since its launch in December 2003, delay has piled on delay. The 787s seal of approval from the American and European aviation authorities on August 26th and its first delivery—to All Nippon Airways in late September—come more than three years behind schedule.从2003年十二月研发开始以来,延期就一再发生。波音787客机在8月26日才通过美国和欧洲航空当局的审批。第一批787客机将在9月下旬才能交付给全日空航空公司,这比预计日期晚了三年多。Nor do the companys woes end there: it now faces the difficult task of ramping up production and delivering 787s to impatient customers. Three dozen part-finished 787s are lying around airfields by Boeings Everett factory north of Seattle, with ten more inside. The original plan was to have delivered over 100 787s by the end of . Instead the company will be lucky to dispatch seven by the end of this year, and it will be late 2013 before production reaches the ten planes a month needed to break into profit.波音公司的灾难还远未结束。当前的难题是如何提高产量并及时把成品787客机交付给早等得不耐烦的客户手上。在位于西雅图的埃弗雷特波音组装厂内,停机坪上爬着三十六架部分完成的787客机,厂房内还停着十多架。原计划在年底交付一百多架787客机,现在看,能在今年年底交付七架,波音就算是走运了。波音想要盈利必须月产十架飞机,而要达到这一产量至少要等到2013年底才行。The delays were caused by suppliers. Vought in America and Alenia in Italy delivered defective chunks of the new composite plastic fuselage. Vought struggled so much that Boeing had to buy it. There were also hitches in the supply of smaller parts such as fasteners. Delays, reworking and compensation to customers all burned cash. Inventory costs at Boeing Commercial Airplanes swelled from about billion in December to more than billion by December 2010.供应商导致了客机交付的延迟。美国的沃特公司和意大利的阿列尼亚公司所提供的新型合成塑料机身部件存有缺陷。沃特公司对此反应激烈,据理力争,最后波音不得不买下了这些部件。就连安全带这样的小配件,在供应上也出过小差池。供件延期,重新制造,客户赔款,件件都要花钱。波音商业飞机的库存费用从年12月约170亿美元增长到了2010年12月的240多亿美元。Bernstein, a research firm, estimates that Boeing will not start making money until it delivers its 45th aircraft, and the overall programme will not earn a profit until 1,000 aircraft have been delivered. Boeing officials suggest that this is too pessimistic. More details should emerge in October, with Boeings third-quarter results.研究机构伯恩斯坦估计:在第45架787客机交付使用后,波音公司才能开始盈利。交付使用一千架787客机后,整个项目计划才有利润可言。波音官员给出的回应是此种预测太过悲观,更多的细节应该会随着10月份波音第三季度财务报告的公布而浮出水面。The Dreamliners delays are especially painful because its launch was Boeings most successful ever. Attracted by the new planes promise of fuel economy—20% better than competitors—customers flocked to order more than 950. The strong plastic fuselage also allows for a nicer cabin with bigger windows and fresher, less pressurised air. The current order book is still 821 after cancellations. But early orders were all booked either at discounted launch prices or at levels set before the planes production costs soared, and Boeing has little hope of putting up the price.;梦幻客机;曾被看成是波音公司有史以来最成功的客机,因此这架客机的种种延迟显得尤为让人痛心。比其它同类客机多省20%的燃油,这一经济耗能的承诺,吸引来众多客户,他们一窝蜂地订购了950多架787客机。得益于坚固的塑料机身,波音787客机拥有更为舒适的客舱,更大的舷窗,过滤出更新鲜的空气,同时机舱内空气压缩的比重会更低。现在787客机的订单刨去已取消的,还有821架。但是,早期订单所定价格无一例外地要么就是研发时期的折扣价,要么就是在客机制造成本飚升前制定的各种价格。而且,波音想要提价的希望,能实现的可能性微乎其微。Hopes were high in 2003 that the Dreamliners revolutionary plastic airframe would make for easier assembly than conventional aluminium ones. This may yet prove to be true, as even Airbus has opted to follow Boeing, switching to plastic in its new aircraft. Privately, Boeing officials admit that an all-new plane, a new technology and a new way of working with manufacturers (which involved risk-sharing), was too much novelty all at once.2003年,人们对;梦幻客机;的期望值很高。这在于其革命性的塑料骨干比传统铝质骨干更容易装配。就连老对手空客也效仿波音,在其新型飞机上采用塑料机身,这也许能明这种在技术上的转变是正确的。私下里,波音官员们承认,一架全新的飞机,一项新型的技术,再加上一种同厂商合作的新型制作模式(合作厂商也要承担风险),一次性叠加上的新型元素实在太多了。The nightmare is having knock-on effects. On August 29th Boeings board approved the launch of an upgraded version of its best-selling 737 single-aisle model, to be called the 737 MAX. This is a sign that Boeing is playing catch-up with Airbus, which has won over 1,200 orders for its re-engined single-aisle A320. Boeing had been hoping to hold off until it could offer an all-new single-aisle aircraft, based on the 787s plastic technology. But in July American Airlines—one of Boeings core customers—decided to give Airbus the lions share of its order (the worlds biggest) to renew its single-aisle fleet. Boeing had to scale back its ambitions. ;We have the technology,; says an insider. ;But the lesson of the 787 is that we could not get the production up to scratch in time.;这场噩梦的连锁效应正在逐渐显现。8月29日,波音董事会批准以旗下最畅销的737单行通道飞机为蓝本,推出其升级版,并命名为737 MAX。这是波音就要追赶空客的信号。空客公司旗下重新改装引擎的A320单行通道飞机赢得了超过1200张订单。波音之前曾希望在787客机所采用的塑料技术应用成熟后,推出一款以此技术为基础的新型单行通道客机。但在今年七月,波音核心客户之一的美国航空公司为了更新其单行通道飞机,决定给空客提供最大份额的订单(也是全世界最大的)。波音不得不面对现实,把自己的雄心壮志压了下来。一位波音公司的内部人士表示:;我们有技术,但787客机的教训在于我们不能及时生产出令人满意的产品。 /201301/222614广汉市唇部纹绣培训学校哪家好眉山纹绣眉型培训学校哪家好



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