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Guangdong Province, south China, overtook Beijing to be crowned the Chinese mainland region with the largest super-rich population, a report showed.近日,一份报告显示,中国男方的广东省,取代北京成为内地超级富豪最多的地区。The Chinese mainland was home to about 1.34 million high net worth individuals (HNWIs) with assets over 10 million yuan as of May this year, up 10.7 percent year on year, according to a report from Hurun Research Institute and Chinese insurance giant Taikang Life Insurance Co. Ltd.根据胡润研究院与国内保险业巨头泰康人寿发布的这份报告,截至今年5月,中国内地资产在1000万元以上的高净值人群数量约为134万,同比增加10.7%。Among provinces and municipal cities, Guangdong has the largest number of HNWIs, with about 240,000 HNWIs.在所有省份和直辖市当中,广东省是高净值人士最多的,大约为24万人。Beijing was in second place with 238,000 in total, followed by Shanghai and Zhejiang Province, the report showed.该报告显示,北京市排名第二,共有23.8万高净值人士,上海和浙江排名紧随其后。Business owners, senior corporate employees, property speculators and professional investors are the four key occupational groups making up China#39;s super-rich population, the report pointed out.报告指出,中国的超级富豪主要由4个群体组成,分别是企业主、金领、炒房者和职业股民。Meanwhile, bank deposits, property and insurance remain the three main avenues for financial investment.同时,存款、不动产、保险依然是三大主要的投资理财方式。The proportion who invest in insurance increased while that for property investment fell, according to the report.报告指出,高净值人群对保险的投资上涨而对地产的投资呈下降趋势。 /201608/462890It is unfortunate that Chinese wine drinkers seem to be deserting the produce of their own vineyards for imported alternatives. In my experience, the quality of the best Chinese wine has recently turned a corner — in the right direction.不幸的是,中国的葡萄酒消费者似乎正抛弃国产葡萄酒,转向进口酒。根据我的经验,中国最佳葡萄酒的质量最近出现了变化——向着好的方向变化。For years, it looked as though Chinese producers put more effort into the packaging than the liquid. After all, until fairly recently the great majority of Chinese consumers had no experience of what wine should taste like. So the many fraudsters, the sort who labelled questionable concoctions as “chateau Lafeet” or “Bordeaux Port”, could get away with murder.在多年期间,中国葡萄酒酿造商好像把更多的努力放在包装上,而非葡萄酒本身。毕竟,直到不久以前,绝大多数中国消费者没有品尝过真正的葡萄酒,不知道它们应该是什么滋味。因此,很多骗子在品质可疑的酒的瓶子上贴上“Chateau Lateet”或“Bordeaux Port”之类的山寨标签,竟然也能蒙混过关。The rampant fakery of old, as well as food safety scandals, presumably played a part in encouraging the country’s wine consumers to see imported wine as a more reliable product. It also tends to be priced much more sensibly. China’s wine producers are apparently still influenced by old gifting habits, with too many overpriced bottles aimed at providing a patriotic official with a domestically produced status symbol rather than a good-value drink.肆无忌惮地假冒陈年佳酿,以及多起食品安全丑闻,想必在一定程度上促使中国的葡萄酒消费者把进口葡萄酒视为更可靠的商品。进口酒的定价也往往理智得多。中国的葡萄酒酿造商显然仍受到过去送礼风气的影响,太多定价过高的葡萄酒旨在为“爱国”官员提供一种国产的身份象征,而非一款物有所值的饮品。The great majority of the imported wine is fairly ordinary stuff. France in general and Bordeaux in particular used to be the model for all wine to aspire to in China, but imports from Chile and Australia have surged in the past year or two, thanks to friendly trade agreements. Spain, too, offloads vast quantities of incredibly cheap wine to China.绝大部分进口葡萄酒的品质都相当普通。法国,尤其是波尔多地区,曾经是所有葡萄酒希望在中国效仿的模板,但过去一两年,在友好的贸易协定推动下,来自智利和澳大利亚的进口葡萄酒飙升。西班牙也向中国出口了大量葡萄酒,价格低廉得令人难以置信。Meanwhile, at the top end of the market, Chinese consumers used to be seen as ignorant stooges by the many exporters who cast China as their potential saviour in a sluggish European wine market. But they are becoming increasingly sophisticated and knowledgeable. The global leader in wine education, the London-based Wine amp; Spirit Education Trust, has almost as many Chinese students as British — and the University of Bordeaux is teeming with them.与此同时,在市场高端,中国消费者曾经被很多出口商视为不识货的小卒(这些出口商现在把中国列为低迷的欧洲葡萄酒市场潜在的救星)。但他们正变得愈发精明和学。葡萄酒教育领域的全球领导者、总部位于伦敦的Wine amp; Spirit Education Trust的中国学生与英国学生几乎一样多,而波尔多大学(Université de Bordeaux)也有大批中国留学生。Chinese producers are nothing if not determined and efficient. Last year, the country’s total vineyard area overtook France’s to become the second biggest in the world, after Spain’s. Often with local government help, producers have invested heavily in new vineyards and built wine “chateaux” more fantastic, quite literally, than any in the Loire or Hollywood, all aimed squarely at Chinese wine tourists.中国葡萄酒酿造商的特点是坚定和高效率。去年,中国葡萄园总面积超过法国,位居世界第二,仅次于西班牙。葡萄酒酿造商往往获得地方政府的帮助,他们大举投资于新的葡萄酒园,还建造了“酒庄”,比卢瓦尔河谷或好莱坞的任何酒庄都更加风景如画,吸引着中国的葡萄酒游客。If wine imports continue their dramatic growth, then Chinese exports will have to increase considerably. So far they have been modest, but UK consumers have apparently shown more interest than expected in such Chinese bottles as have so far been presented to the customers of Sainsbury’s supermarket and the off-licence chain Wine Rack.如果葡萄酒进口的戏剧性增长趋势延续下去,那么中国的葡萄酒出口将不得不显著增长。迄今为止,中国的葡萄酒出口增速温和,但英国消费者显然对中国葡萄酒显示出了超出预期的兴趣,中国葡萄酒已在英国塞恩斯伯里超市(Sainsbury’s)以及连锁酒类商店Wine Rack上架。There is one potential handicap, however. The countries that have had the most success in establishing export markets in the modern era have had a USP. New Zealand has carved a niche for the world’s most valuable per-bottle prices by offering uniquely, refreshingly fruity Sauvignon Blanc. Australia saw massive success with its friendly Chardonnay and rich Shiraz. Argentina has blitzed North America with its bold Malbec.不过,还存在一个潜在的阻碍。那些在现代开拓出口市场最成功的的国家都有一个独特卖点。新西兰通过提供独特的果香沁人心脾的长相思(Sauvignon Blanc)白葡萄酒,打造出了世界单瓶价格最贵的葡萄酒细分市场。澳大利亚受人喜爱的霞多丽(Chardonnay)和气味馥郁的西拉(Shiraz)获得了巨大成功。阿根廷大胆的马尔贝克葡萄酒(Malbec)在北美市场风靡一时。But Chinese vineyards are dominated by the red Cabernet and Merlot grapes that grow in abundance all over the wine world — not least in Bordeaux, which produces massive quantities of inexpensive examples every year, typically made by co-ops that do not have the debt that recent investors may be saddled with.但中国的葡萄园主要种植红色赤霞珠(Cabernet)和梅洛(Merlot)葡萄,这些葡萄在所有葡萄酒产地大量种植,特别是波尔多地区,每年生产大量不贵的葡萄,一般由合作社生产,它们没有近期投资者可能背负的债务。The reaction of many Chinese producers to market trends has been to acquire foreign vineyards and wineries. Chinese investment in Australian wine production, in particular, has recently gathered pace, and current estimates are that almost 200 (relatively minor) Bordeaux chateaux are in Chinese hands.很多中国葡萄酒酿造商对市场趋势的反应是收购外国葡萄园和酒庄。特别是,中国在澳大利亚葡萄酒酿造领域的投资最近加速,同时据目前估计,近200个(规模相对较小)波尔多酒庄由中国投资者所有。Chinese buyers were out in force once more at the primeurs tastings in Bordeaux at the beginning of this month. One thing seems sure: Chinese influence in the world of wine will only increase.4月初,中国买家再次在波尔多期酒品鉴会上大举出动。有一点似乎是肯定的:中国在葡萄酒世界的影响力只会上升。 /201705/507698

Culture in my question ways of thinking ways of interacting with other human beings values internal worldview attitude about life.我对于我所说的文化指的是思维方式,与他人的互动方式,价值观,内心世界观以及生活态度。Will you notice that your ways of thinking and ways of interacting with people and value system changes and becomes more Chinese after living in China for a long time?你会注意到你的思维方式和与他人的互动方式以及价值体系的变化,在中国长期居住后会变得更加中式吗?I have heard that unlike in immigrant countries foreigners in China are usually or never fully accepted as Chinese. My impression is also that typically foreigners will not think of their cultural identity as Chinese even after living in China for a long time. Please correct me if I#39;m wrong.我曾听说,与移民国家不同的是,中国的外国人通常或从未被完全接受为中国人。我还觉得典型的外国人在中国生活很长一段时间后依然不会有身为中国人的文化认同。 如果我错了请纠正我。But have you noticed that your worldview changes the way the worldviews of immigrants to immigrant countries change after living in their new country for a long time as they assimilate?移民国家的移民居住了很长一段时间后由于同化而导致世界观发生改变,你作为在中国的移民在居住了很长一段时间后有过这样的世界观转变吗?The question is asking about your internal worldview. It is a slightly different question from whether Chinese people will ever think of you as Chinese which I think of as a question of externally imposed labels.这个问题问的是你的内在世界观,相对于”是否中国人把你当作一个中国人“有些微不同,我认为后者是一个强加的外部标签问题.Is it different for foreigners who only socialize with foreigners and foreigners who socialize mostly with Chinese people? Are there foreigners who socialize mostly with Chinese people? Just curious. I haven#39;t been to China in a long time and am no longer familiar with the expat scene in China.那些只和外国人交往的外国人,和与大部分中国人交往的外国人是不是感受不一样?有没有大部分交往的是中国人的外国人?有点好奇。我已经很长时间没有去中国了,不太熟悉在中国的外国人情况。 /201704/504510

  Amnesty International says that a vast majority of incarcerated Mexican women face sexual torture during arrest and in the hours following.国际特赦组织说,绝大多数被监禁的墨西哥妇女在被逮捕后的几小时内都会面临性虐待。In a report released Tuesday, Amnesty detailed interviews and testimonies of 100 jailed Mexican women. Seventy-two of them said they were sexually abused during or soon after their arrest, and 33 reported being raped.国际特赦星期二发表报告,公布了采访100名墨西哥女囚的详细记录。其中72人表示,她们在被捕过程中和被捕后不久遭到性虐待,33人声称被强奸。The report found that most of the women in Mexican prisons were first-time offenders, low-income, and perhaps victim of an upswing in arrests related to the war on drugs. Many of them reported being forced to sign confessions immediately following hours of torture.报告说,大多数墨西哥女囚犯都是初次犯罪,而且是低收入者,她们或许是当局加紧打击贩毒,大批抓人时被捕的。很多女囚说,她们遭受数小时折磨后,被迫在认罪书上签字。The majority of the women surveyed reported the abuse to a judge or other authorities, but only 22 investigations were opened. Amnesty says no charges have yet been filed, and the army reports that no soldiers were suspended from service for sexual abuse between 2010 and 2015.大多数受访女囚都曾向法官或其他官员报告自己受到虐待,但墨西哥当局只对22个案例展开了调查。国际特赦说,迄今没有任何人被起诉,军方报告显示,2010年到2015年间,没有任何士兵因性虐行为被暂停役。 /201606/451705



  It won’t be easy to get rid of coal.要摆脱煤炭没有那么容易。Worried the nation might miss its 2020 target to drastically cut emissions of carbon dioxide, the German government proposed a steep levy last year on the most heavily polluting generators. 因为担心德国达不到2020年大幅削减二氧化碳排放的目标,该国政府曾在去年提议对污染最严重的发电厂征收高额税费。The tax was intended to deliver a decisive blow against lignite or brown coal, the dirtiest fuel around and Germany’s main source of electricity.此举意在给褐煤决定性的一击。褐煤是这里最不清洁的燃料,也是德国电力的主要来源。Germany views itself as a leader in the push against climate change. 德国自认为是推动气候变化方面的领导者。It is probably the world’s most enthusiastic investor in renewable energy, mainly wind and sun. 它可能是世界上最热心于投资可再生能源的国家,主要发展风能和太阳能。But even the powerful Chancellor Angela Merkel couldn’t quite pull it off.但就连强悍的德国总理安格拉#8226;默克尔(Angela Merkel)也没能完全实现上述提议。Facing blowback from labor unions and governments in coal country, Berlin backed off, replacing the levy with a subsidy of 1.6 billion euros to gradually mothball eight coal-fired plants and shut them down permanently by 2023.面对来自工会和煤炭产区地方政府的阻力,柏林退缩了。它放弃征收那项税费,代之以16亿欧元(约合120亿人民币)的补贴,帮助逐渐淘汰八座燃煤发电厂,并在2023年结束前将它们永久关闭。Environmentalists hated it. 环境保护主义者非常不喜欢这种结果。Instead of being fined for polluting by the proposed new climate levy, utilities will instead get paid for keeping their oldest and most inefficient lignite plants on standby, noted a report for Oxfam on Germany’s energy policies by the environmental nonprofit E3G. 这些造成污染的事业公司非但不会被处以罚金,缴纳新提议的气候税费,反倒可以因为保留自己那些极其老旧和低效的褐煤电站,并暂停其运转而得到补贴,非营利环保组织E3G就德国能源政策为乐施会(Oxfam)制作的一份报告指出。It amounts to a golden handshake for utilities at the expense of taxpayers and consumers.这相当于用纳税人和消费者的钱给这些事业单位一大笔退职金。And that wasn’t all. The chancellery also rejected a push by Barbara Hendricks, the environment minister, to establish a road map to the total phaseout of coal, hoping to postpone timing decisions until after national elections next year.不仅如此,总理办公室还否决了环境部长芭芭拉#8226;亨德里克斯(Barbara Hendricks)确立彻底废除煤炭燃料的线路图的努力,希望将决策时间推迟到明年的大选之后。Berlin’s hesitance may seem like little more than a snag in Germany’s vaunted Energiewende. 柏林的犹豫看起来似乎不过是德国大肆宣扬的能源转型(Energiewende)遇到的一个障碍。At least the coal generators are scheduled to shut down eventually.至少依计划这些燃煤发电厂最终都会被关闭。But the resistance in the greenest of green countries underscores a more substantial challenge to the international effort to drastically reduce fossil fuels in the world’s energy supply: workers and retirees, local economies and communities still depend on the fuels the rest of us hope to let go of to preserve the planet for our children and our children’s children.但这个堪称绿中最绿的国家所遭遇的阻力,突显出在全球能源供应中大幅减少化石燃料的国际努力面临一个更实质性的挑战:工人和退休人员、仍然依赖这些燃料的地方经济和社区,尽管我们其他人希望放弃它们,以便保护这个星球,让我们的孩子及其后代拥有更好的环境。I’m old enough to remember President Jimmy Carter going on TV on April 18, 1977, declaring a moral equivalent of war against dependence on foreign oil, and telling Americans that we need to shift to plentiful coal. 我年龄够大,还能记得吉米#8226;卡特1977年4月18日在电视上宣布向美国对外国石油的依赖发起道义战争的情形,他告诉美国人我们需要转向储量丰富的煤炭。It seems unfair to simply tell the communities that worked on this shift: We’re sorry, but it didn’t work out.单单告诉这些社群,对不起,这场战争出了大问题,似乎不太公平。But making those who will suffer from this transformation whole is not just a matter of fairness. 但对那些会因这种转变受损的人做出补偿,不只是一个公平问题。A successful transition to a low-carbon future requires their support. 成功地迈向低碳的未来需要他们的持。And yet they remain pretty much an afterthought in the public debate over climate change.而在针对气候变化的公开辩论中,他们基本上始终是事后才被想起的群体。Employment in U.S. coal mines has been falling for decades, pushed more by market forces than environmental policy. 几十年来,美国煤矿的雇佣人数一直在下降,这更多是由市场力量推动,而非环境政策。The steep downturn of late is mainly because of a glut in the global steel market and extra-cheap natural gas. 近来这一数字大幅降低,主要是因为全球钢铁市场供过于求,加上天然气价格格外低廉。President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan has not yet kicked in, placed on ice by the Supreme Court. 美国总统贝拉克#8226;奥巴马还没有开始实施他的清洁电力计划(Clean Power Plan),因为最高法院做出裁决,要求暂停执行。Still, Hillary Clinton singled out coal country for government assistance, offering billion over 10 years.此外,希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)单独将煤炭区列出来,提议在10年里为它们提供300亿美元的政府援助。The stakes are even larger in China. 中国牵涉其中的利益甚至更大。It is the world’s largest consumer of coal — burning as much as every other country combined. 它是世界上最大的燃煤国,煤炭消耗量相当于其他国家的总和。After years adding coal-fired generators at breakneck speed, the government in Beijing finally acknowledged the public health costs and ordered limits on new construction.在多年以非常危险的高速度增加燃煤发电厂之后,北京的政府终于承认这么做的公共卫生代价太大,下令对新建项目进行限制。Yet even as environmentalists welcome the decision as a watershed in the transition out of the world’s most polluting fuel, striking coal miners have taken to the streets, protesting unpaid wages and government plans to cut 1.3 million coal jobs out of a total of nearly 6 million to reduce overcapacity as the country’s growth slows.然而,就在环保人士对此表示欢迎,将它看作摆脱世界上污染最严重的燃料的努力出现转折之时,罢工的煤矿工人却走上了街头,抗议企业拖欠工资,抗议政府计划削减130万个煤炭业工作岗位。当下,中国煤炭业有将近600万个工作岗位。随着中国经济增长放缓,政府需要削减过剩的生产力。There are several reasons to be skeptical about the world’s transition out of coal. 我们有好几个理由对世界摆脱煤炭资源的可能性持怀疑态度。Sure, official data suggest that the world’s production peaked in 2013. 当然,官方数据显示全球产煤量在2013年达到了高峰。China’s coal consumption appears to have declined 3.3 percent last year. 中国去年的煤炭消耗量似乎减少了3.3%。But experts note that despite the new limits, there are still lots of new coal-fired generators being built.不过专家也指出,尽管政府实施了新的限制,但仍有不少新的燃煤发电站在建设之中。To protect jobs and tax revenue from small coal mines, Chinese local governments have been known to fib when Beijing has demanded they stop producing coal. 据悉,为了保住工作机会和来自小煤矿的税收,中国地方政府会在北京要求停止产煤的时候撒谎。They stop reporting production numbers but don’t shut them down.他们不再上报生产数据,但却不会关掉煤矿。Finally, even the most renewable-friendly nations have not figured out how to draw more than a modest share of their power from wind and sun — which can’t be counted on to deliver energy continuously. 最终,就连最持可再生能源的国家也搞不清楚,如何才能将本国风能与太阳能极低的总发电量占比有所提高。At the same time, coal remains the easiest and often cheapest source of base power. 目前还不能指望这两种能源可以实现持续稳定的供应。So from Germany to India, strategies to increase the share of renewable energy in the power mix have relied on a coal base.与此同时,煤炭依然是最容易获得、往往也是最便宜的电力来源。所以不管是在德国还是印度,其增加可再生能源发电比例的策略都要以煤炭电力为基础。The way many jurisdictions are going is to follow the German model, said Mark C. Thurber, associate director for research at Stanford University’s Program on Energy and Sustainable Development. 很多国家的发展方向就是采用德国的模式,斯坦福大学能源与可持续发展项目(Stanford University’s Program on Energy and Sustainable Development)研究部副主任马克#8226;C#8226;瑟伯(Mark C. Thurber)说。It seems totally nuts, but it follows from the fact that renewables have a lot of support, and other than that, people do what they know, which is coal.这看似完全疯了,但它出自这样一个事实:很多人对可再生能源表示持,但除此之外,人们还是会使用自己了解的东西,那就是煤。India draws 62 percent of its power from coal and is aly the second-largest consumer after China and ahead of the ed States. 印度62%的电力来自煤,它已经是排在中国之后、美国之前的世界第二大燃煤国。Still, coal consumption is growing about 7 percent a year to power the country’s economic catch-up.但印度的燃煤量依然在以每年约7%的比率增长,这样才能为该国在经济上的奋起直追提供动力。There is not much research into backing out coal with something else, Thurber said. 目前没有太多有关用别的能源取代煤炭的研究,瑟伯说。They are just throwing renewables at a coal base. 他们只是在煤炭资源基础上增加可再生能源。While environmentalists welcomed India’s announcement last year that it would increase investment in solar energy, they were less pleased by its plans to triple coal production from 2013 to 2020.尽管环保人士对印度去年宣布的一项举措表示欢迎,即它将增加在太阳能方面的投资,但对于印度提出的在2013年至2020年间将煤炭产量增加两倍的计划,他们就没那么满意了。This means the world’s climate change strategy cannot rely on the quick replacement of the dirtiest fuel around. 这意味着这个世界应对气候变化的策略,不能依靠快速替换目前污染最严重的燃料实现。Increasing investment in technologies like carbon capture and storage may prove indispensable to meet the limits on carbon dioxide emissions needed to prevent a catastrophic warming over coming decades.对于达到在接下来的几十年里阻止灾难性的气候变暖状况发生所需的碳排放限制,增加在碳捕集与存储等技术上的投资,或许会被明是不可或缺的。Even after all this is dealt with and the obstacles are overcome, the human dimension will remain.即便所有这些问题得到解决,障碍被跨越,依然会有人的问题。It will require a lot of attention, and more than a few billion dollars. 它将需要很多关注,不只是投入几十亿美元那么简单。Simply assuming that displaced coal miners will make a smooth transition into jobs in newfangled energy industries, which have a different geographical footprint and require a different skill set, is a cop-out.仅仅想到让被取代的煤矿工人顺利实现转型,在新能源行业里找到工作,那简直就是逃避问题,因为能源分布情况不同,也需要不一样的技能。 /201609/464704

  An estimated 90% of buses in Beijing offer free Wi-Fi by the end of 2016, according to the Beijing News.据《新京报》报道,北京约90%的公交车预计在2016年年底之前覆盖免费WiFi。Free Wi-Fi is also offered on 12,000 buses within the 5th Ring Road that encircles urban Beijing.截至目前,北京市五环路内1.2万辆公交车也已正式开通免费WiFi。;Beijing has become the top provider of free Wi-Fi on buses in China,; said Qiu Zhaomin, representative of the Wi-Fi supplier.公交WiFi供应商负责人邱朝敏表示:“北京将会成为中国公交车免费WiFi覆盖最广的城市。”;95% of the buses within the 5th Ring Road offer free Wi-Fi, and the remaining 5% will be discarded,; said Qiu.邱朝敏还提到:“五环内的公交车辆的WiFi覆盖率已经达到了95%,没有安装的那5%也基本是即将报废的车辆。”Qiu said the Wi-Fi on buses in suburban areas is now being tested, and will be implemented by the end of this year.邱朝敏表示,京郊地区的设备安装工作将在年底进行,目前正处于测试阶段。To use free Wi-Fi service, passengers will need to simply download the application called ;16WiFi; and register with real names.为了享受免费WiFi务,乘客需要下载名为“16WiFi”的手机客户端,并用真实姓名注册认。Apart from offering internet connectivity, the application also provides real-time information of the buses including how many passengers are commuting.除提供网络连接务之外,该应用还会提供公交车相关的实时信息,如每天有多少乘客乘公交车等等。In 2013, a Wi-Fi service was first attempted on Beijing#39;s buses, but the service failed due to technology limits.事实上早在2013年,公交WiFi务就曾在北京公交上试行部署,但最终因技术不够成熟等问题不了了之。This time, the service is reported to provide daily for 500,000 people. ;We use a 4G network, and the speed guarantee for 50 people in a bus to watch s at the same time,; said Qiu.此次公交WiFi务重新上线之后,每日的用户近五十万人次。邱朝敏表示:“现在我们使用的是4G网络,其网络速度可以保公交上五十位乘客同时在线看视频。” /201611/477648





  Britain’s severance from the European unx is “not an amicable divorce” and the government should begin negotiating exit terms “immediately” rather than waiting for David Cameron to leave office EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker has said.英国从欧盟退出不是‘一次平和的离异’,政府应‘立即’开始协商退出条款,而不是等到大卫.卡梅伦离任, 欧盟主席让·克洛德·容克表示。The Prime Minister will stand down in October after offering his resignation yesterday hours after Britain voted 52 to 48 in favour of leaving the European unx against his urging. 英国不顾卡梅伦的说,昨天公投以52对48的结果持退出欧盟。几小时后,这位首相递交了辞职书,将在十月份离任。His most likely successor Boris Johnson said yesterday that there need not be any “haste” in negotiating the terms of Britain’s departure but Brussels has issued a distinctly different message warning that Brexit should be instigated as soon as possible to avoid prolonged uncertainty that could be damaging to markets and economic growth.胜算最大的继任者鲍里斯·约翰逊昨天说没有必要‘匆忙’协商英国退出条款,但是布鲁塞尔发出明显不同的声明,警告说英国的退出应尽快着手以避免延长这种不确定局面, 该局面会给市场和经济发展带来伤害。 /201606/451762

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