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  • 英语专业四级 专四参考(完整版) -- :39:36 来源: 专四听写参考(周玉亮版)Nowadays, many of us try to live in a way that will damage the environment as little as possible. We recycle our newspapers and bottles, we take public transport to get to work, we try to buy locally produced fruit and vegetables,and we want to take these attitudes on holiday with us. This is why alternative ms of tourism are becoming popular in the world. There are a lot of names these new ms of tourism: responsible tourism, nature tourism, adventure tourism, educational tourism and more.Although everyone may have a different definition, most people agree that these new ms of tourism should do the following: first, they should conserve the wildlife and culture of the area; second, they should benefit the local people; third, they should make a profit without destroying natural resources; and finally they should provide an experience that tourists want to pay .专四听力参考(周玉亮版)说明:由于是一次性听力并作答,没有反复斟酌,不能保百分百正确,但是能保百分之九十以上正确另外对于有争议的下面会有备注1. C manufacturers. A ask othersrsquo; advice bee buying things3. D cautious. D she is not happy about her study pressure5. A it is useful6. C she has no chance to make friends7. B to try to change accommodation.8. B it is an anniversary of the internet9. D has varied opinions about the internet use.A the future of the internet.C a telephone bill.A rent.D applying loans.B plan your work properly.D learning how to do gardening.C work and have reasonable aims.A onersquo;s position18.D all the above19.A historical.D it tends to embrace new words1.C on a cliff along the coast (此题也可能选D).A it was incomplete3.B snow stricken.D 8(此题有可能不准确,当时听的时候一闪而过)5.A offices6.B hotel owners7.B a bank manager.C a day after the police launched investigation9.D problems and complaints about e-mails30.B box office revenue专四完形填空参考(周玉亮版)31.A massive3.D transmed33.B continuously.D cause35.A collided with36.C when37.B however38.D which39.A unpredictable0.C crust1.B bursts out.B and3.D that.B active5.C still6.B (on和across有点纠结,也可能选其他的)7.A (are to 和 might 仿佛都可以,只是语气不同)8.B even9.A accidents50.B save专四语法与词汇参考(周玉亮版)51. B. No one except his supporters agree with him或C. Neither Juila nor I were going to the party考点:主谓一致问题5. 限定词可以放在可数名词单复数之前:C. such53. 反身代词做同位语:B. The manager herself will interview Mary.5. :A. be sent虚拟语气55. 表达willingness的句子:C. My brother will help you with your luggage.56. 哪句语法有错?:A. How strange feelings they are!大家应该知道what 和 how 用于感叹句时的区别57. 下面哪个做主语 subject:D. It is clear that the crime was done deliberately主语从句58. 下面哪个做宾语 object:C. My parents strongly object to my going out alone at night.59. 下面哪一个不包含同位语appositive:A. She bought herself a pair of shoes.60. Shall we buy the tickets first?:C. He suggested that we buy the tickets first.61. 原因状语从句 an adverbial clause of cause: As there were no answer, I wrote again.6. 状语 adverbial:D. Despite the rain, everyone enjoyed the trip.63. :A. so I did.6. 让步状语从句 an adverbial of concession: all that he seems to dislike me, I still like him.65. :B. There machinery were introduced in the factory.集体名词如police, people, cattle, militia, poultry等,通常作复数,用复数动词foliage, machinery, equipment, furniture, merchandise,通常作不可数名词,随后的动词用单数例如:All the machinery in the factory is made in China.?66.:B, on of because of67. D. banquet (wedding banquet 婚宴)68. C. caught on (catch on 流行)69. A. That outburst was illustrative of her bad temper.70. D. be badly off 穷困, 缺少71. A. uncaring (indifferent) 误导项disinterested一般指公正无私7. C. within living memory73. B. putting across (express)7. D. service (饭菜不错,务很差)75. A. abolished (slavery)(废除奴隶制度)76. C. tunately (mercifully) (上帝仁慈所以幸运)77. B. tossed (a coin)(抛一枚硬币)78. A. distinct (from) (be distinct from 与;非常不同)79. C. oblong (长方形)80. B. quiet (have a quiet word with sb. 单独或私下和某人说说话)专四阅读理解参考(周玉亮版)81. C There is a variety of expressions of appreciation8. B Thanks83. D Sure8. A Gender85. C show their gratitude to others86. B had great impact on Americanrsquo;s work and life87. D couldnrsquo;t sell their home in Big Lake88. A Cindy had seen the benefits of gardening in a different way.89. C built up family ties and kidrsquo;s enthusiasm90. B It gave her confidence and optimism91. D emphasize the sharp contrast between now and then9. A pessimistic93. D mildly critical of9. B parents and children feel equally disappointed95. C graduate unemployment is both a political and social issue96. A awe97. C the mummy was found lying right inside the stone coffin98. B quiet99. A gigantic structure, great desert expanse0.B objective.专四写作First, you should tell what you know about the festival. Second, you should describe how you or other people usually observe the festival. 很多同学纠结于oberserve这个单词所是遵守的意思,其实在这里指的是celebrate庆祝的意思建议大家这样写:1. 端午节大概的来历故事;. 端午节怎么庆祝,3,可以发表下对端午节等传统节日现状的便条写作:要求写一个感谢便条,其实相当简单以上,仅供参考。
  • 3、He is slow at speech with women yet.。
  • 考研英语 考研英语:常见外交访问规格及英文表达 -- :: 来源: 根据国际上通行的做法,外国国家元首、政府首脑和其他领导人出访他国时,依其不同性质,主要分为以下几类——国事访问 State Visit指一国国家元首应另一国国家元首(head of state)的邀请,对该国进行的正式外交访问,是两个国家间最高规格的外交交流国事访问接待规格主要包括:鸣放礼炮1响A 1-gun salute is fired in honor of the visiting head of state.军乐队奏两国国歌,先奏到访元首国家国歌The playing of the two national anthems by a military band. The guest anthem is played first usually.检阅仪仗队A review of military honor guards.两国元首交换礼物An exchange of gifts between the two heads of state.东道主举行国宴,款待到访国元首,尊其为贵宾State dinners, hosted by the hosting head of state, with the visiting head of state being the guest of honor.到访国元首通常受邀对全体议员发表正式演讲Often the visiting head of state is invited to deliver a mal address to the assembled members of the legislature.正式访问 Official Visit指一国领导人应另一国领导人的正式邀请,对邀请国进行的访问,有时也可称为友好访问(goodwill visit)或正式友好访问(official goodwill visit)正式访问的礼宾规格与国事访问大体相同,主要的区别是在欢迎仪式上的礼炮鸣放为19响工作访问 Working Visit规格低于国事访问通常这类访问仅限于国家间内阁部长以下,无需正式邀请,其特点是时间短,不需要繁琐的仪式,领导人为磋商重大问题举行的会晤往往采用这种形式非正式访问 Unofficial Visit国家领导人以私人身份进行的访问称为私人访问(private visit),途经某国所进行的访问可称为“顺道访问”(stopover visit),不便公开报道的访问则称为秘密访问(highly confidential visit)过境访问(transit visit),一般发生在飞行时间较长的访问途中此外,国家之间还会进行礼节性访问(courtesyceremonial visit),并会对他国的访问进行回访(return visit),如果时间紧促则会开展短暂访问、闪电式访问(brief visitflying visit)此次习大大访美,就是最高规格的国事访问习大大此前访美6次,而只有这一次是国事访问他最近一次访美,年6月与总统奥巴马的“庄园会晤”,只是一场非正式会谈:没有欢迎仪式,没有1响礼炮,不打领带;两场会晤,一次晚宴,一起散步相比起来,此次国事访问无疑将隆重许多请看相关报道:US President Barack Obama will offer his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping a full state welcome at the White House on September 5. These include a 1-gun salute on the White House lawn and a state dinner.9月5日,美国总统奥巴马将在白宫以全套国宾待遇接待中国国家主席习近平,包括在白宫草坪上鸣1响礼炮,并在白宫举行国宴那么具体来说,美国的“国宾待遇”都有哪些内容呢?欢迎仪式每当外国元首(eign head)或政府首脑(head of government)访问美国时,总统都要在白宫南草坪(South Lawn)举行一个庄严隆重的欢迎仪式(welcome ceremony)仪式开始前30分钟,仪仗队(honor guards)便在南草坪的汽车道上整队准备受阅仪仗队由乐队做先导,受阅时在隆隆鼓声中成纵队行进,走进南草坪内指定的地点总统通常在贵宾到达前三四分钟到来总统来临,仪仗队全体立正,举致敬当总统走向检阅台(inspection stage)时,国务院代表陪同前来访问的外国元首乘汽车经西南门进入白宫,汽车停在红地毯(red carpet)上,此时仪仗队肃然立正,军乐齐奏美国总统和外国贵宾亲切问候并合影后,一同走上检阅台仪仗队向他们举致敬(present arms)随着乐曲的第一个音符响起,第一发礼炮(gun salute)也轰然响起,然后以每三秒钟一发的速度连续鸣放1响(1-gun salute)礼毕,总统便陪同贵宾(guests of honor)走下检阅台,检阅仪仗队指挥官(commander)在贵宾右侧随行在检阅过程中,乐队奏进行曲当总统陪同贵宾走回检阅台,仪仗队再次举致敬,贵宾还礼后,指挥官敬礼报告:“仪式完毕”随后把仪仗队带开总统便走到话筒前,正式致欢迎辞(welcoming remarks)贵宾则致答辞此后总统陪同贵宾进入白宫接见官员当总统与贵宾走下检阅台时,乐队鸣号奏乐,直到总统一行走进白宫国宴国宴(state dinnerbanquet)是白宫中规格最高的大型宴会参加人数一般限制在6人其中必须到席的有总统夫妇(president and first lady of the US)、来访的外国首脑夫妇、来访团的贵宾、美国国务院和白宫官员以及少数议员和记者余人白宫的国宴通常由四到五道主菜的正宴(four or five-course meal)、文艺演出(entertainment permances)和舞会(ball)三个部分组成开始时间为晚上8、9点钟地点一般设在白宫国宴厅(State Dining Room),天气晴朗时也可在白宫的玫瑰园中举行饭毕,由总统提议干杯,然后全体客人走进客厅喝咖啡(coffee)或其他饮料之后,再去东厅(East Room)参加招待会如果安排有舞会,通常在上香槟时开始据了解,5日晚举行的国宴上,奥巴马和第一夫人米歇尔还将请来中国民歌巨星(Chinese folk singing superstar),款待习近平及夫人彭丽媛。
  • 年四级作文范文:阐述城市公共交通的重要性 -- ::8 来源: 【题目】Should governments spend more money on improving roads and highways, or should governments spend more money on improving public transportation (buses, trains, subways)? Why? Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.  【范文】  Good transportation is very important to the success of both individuals and a city. Without efficient means of transportation, people will waste a great deal of time going to and from work. This will make them tired and less productive in their jobs. People may rely on either private or public transportation to get them to and from work. If a choice has to be made between spending money on improving the roads private vehicles or improving public transportation, I would choose the latter the following reasons.  First of all, better public transportation systems, including buses, trains and subways, will encourage more people to use them rather than drive their own cars. This will reduce the total amount of traffic on the roads and make travel quicker everyone. Second, using public transportation saves energy.。
  • 笑死人 片名 英文翻译。
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