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But, the lady had special powers to make them disappear.但是,这位女士有特异功能,能让它们都消失。Disappear? Where did they go? Nobody knows, son. Apparently neither did she.消失?那他们去哪了?儿子,没人知道。显然那位女士自己也不知道。And also there were scary creatures in that forest. There were trolls.森林里还有一些可怕的生物。那里有巨魔。Trolls? And a fox who delivered bad news.巨魔?还有一只传达坏消息的狐狸。The news fox. And, house selected committee on Benghazi. Benghazi!狐狸新闻。还有调差班加西事件的白宫选举委员会。班加西!Things got scary, very scary for the lady.事态变得越来越严峻,对那位女士越来越不利。She was nearly defeated by an old old man with hair of white and face like tragical wizard.她几乎要被一个满头白发,看起来像是悲剧巫师的老人打败。He said he could take from the rich and give to the poor.这位老人说他可以劫富济贫。No matter how impossible his plans were. He sounds cool!姑且不论他的计划听起来多么荒谬。他听起来很酷!But even when she got passed those creatures the lady still wasnt out of the forest.但是尽管那位女士打败了这些生物,她还是没有走出森林。For standing between her and the beautiful White House was the most terrifying creature of all.最可怕的怪物阻挡在了她前往美丽白宫的路上。The Big-Orange-Monster!大橘怪!Was his face orange or was his hair orange? Somehow son, Both.它的脸是橘色的还是他的头发是橘色的?都是橘色的,儿子。So this orange monster had aly swallowed 16 other monsters in the forest.这个大橘怪已经吞下了森林里其他16个怪物。A prince named Jeb who thought that the land should belong to him.一个认为这个国家应该属于他的王子,Jeb。A sleeping beauty named Ben, who only spoke with his eyes closed.一个连说话都闭着眼的睡美人,Ben。And a Texas senate named Ted, who came from the Tea party.一个茶党出身的德州参议员,Ted。Oh! A tea party! Could we have a tea party, daddy? James! Focus! Im telling you a story.哦,茶会!爸爸,我们能举办一场茶会吗?James,专心点,我在给你讲故事呢。Still, nobody expected the orange monster to rule the land because although his head was very very big.然而,没人希望大橘怪统治这个国家,因为尽管他的脑袋非常非常大。His wisdom was very very tiny, like his tiny tiny baby hands.他的智慧却很少,就像他小的像婴儿一样的手。And whenever he was told that he couldnt rule the land, the orange monster said Ill huff and Ill puff and put a ban on all Muslims.而且每当有人说他不能统治这个国家时,大橘怪就会说,我会用力吹气,不停地吹,知道穆斯林统统被我赶走。But if he could do that? Well, he wanted to do.但是他可以那么做吗?他想那么做。201701/481988I dont know what to say. I didnt know that there would be a podium with a microphone. I thought I would just be singing songs. Not to downplay that, but…oh, my goodness, what an honor! I am just so humbled and excited to be here, looking out at all of you. Being back here on campus is…I feel so proud to have studied here. And…thats 16 years ago, but…I used to come to Symphony Hall every weekend and get those rush tickets, the student packs, and watch the Boston Symphony Orchestra perform as often as possible, often by myself. And it was one of the highlights of my time here at Berklee, so being here on stage is really unreal. Walking around on campus today was a testament to how far Berklees come in the last 16 years. It is beautiful, the campus, the facilities. I was walking by the MPamp;E, the studios, the equipment, the fitness center. We didnt have any of this stuff. So I…I guess you guys have been doing a pretty good job. So thank you, and congratulations to that.What a time for the East and West in music, in pop culture! All of you, music lovers, future musicians, future professional musicians on the stage, and like Roger just said, its so important for us to be ambassadors, to be that bridge, to be ambassadors of peace, and breaking down walls, bringing people together. Last night – this is an issue thats so close to my heart – because last night in Los Angeles, my dear friend Jackie Chan was the first person…first Chinese actor ever to win an Oscar, last night! And…I just want to thank all of you for being here, thats why we make music – is to connect with people.And…you know, Ive never written a song without loving it myself. So, for all of you musicians, you know, always follow your heart and always do what you love. Ive definitely…you know…never, never convince yourself that what other people are telling you to do is right if you dont feel like its right in your heart. As a musician, it just doesnt work. So, yeah, work like a bull, I guess…and…and always have fun. And all the accolades dont mean anything without your friends and your family to share with. So, thank you to them as well for being here tonight, and always.201701/488681

英语会话800句 2 /200608/9052

3 The Working Environment 工 作 环 境Part One: Expressions1. I’d like to make an appointment to see Mr. Smith, please.我想预约和史密斯先生见面。2. Could you tell me where his office is?你可以告诉我他的办公室在哪儿吗?3. Ted stopped by to see you.特德顺道过来拜访你。4. Can I leave this for him?我可以把这个留给他吗?5. Could you give him this message?你可以把这个口信留给他吗?6. Where is the meeting room located?会议室在哪儿?7. How do I use this copy machine?复印机怎么用?8. Just a second.稍等一下。9. I’ll have it finished by tomorrow morning.我不迟于明早会将它完成。10. Hard work pays off, you know.你知道,辛苦工作总会有回报。Part Two: Dialogues1. On the job工作中A: Is Betty Sue in her office?B: I’m sorry. She’s in a meeting right now.A: I see.B: Can I give her a message for you?A: Yes, please tell her I stopped by.B: And your name, please?A: Ted. Oh, and could you give her this document for me?B: Certainly.A: 贝蒂·苏在她办公室吗?B: 抱歉,她现在在开会。A: 是这样。B: 要我代您留个口讯给她吗?A: 好的,请告诉她我顺道过来的。B: 请问你的名字是…A: 特德。还有,你可以把这个文件给她吗?B: 当然可以。2. Working Supplies 工作设施A: Do you have a free moment?B: Sure. What do you need?A: I’m having some trouble. How do you use this printer?B: Well, first you have to turn this switch on.A: Silly me.B: Now press this button.A: Oh, and it’s out of paper. Do you have any more?B: Just a second. I’ll go get some.A: 你有空吗?B: 有空。怎么了?A: 我碰到一些麻烦。这个打印机怎么用?B: 哦,首先你把这个开关打开。A: 我真蠢。B: 然后按这个按钮。A: 哦,没纸了。你还有吗?B: 稍等一下。我去拿一些过来。3. A Successful Story 成功故事A: You look tired. *B: Yeah, I’ve been working so much overtime lately.A: Really? How come?B: My boss gave me a big project. I had to have it finished it by this morning. It was so difficult!A: You shouldn’t work so hard.B: I know. But hard work pays off, you know.A: What do you mean?B: Maybe now I’ll get that promotion I was hoping for.A: 你看上去很累。B: 是啊,我近来一直加班工作。A: 真的吗?怎么回事?B: 我的老板给了我一个大的项目,我必须在今天早上完成。真是够难的。A: 你不要拼命工作。B: 我知道,但是你知道,辛苦工作总有回报的。A: 怎么讲?B: 可能目前我快得到提升了,这是我一直期待的。Part Three: Substitution Drills1. A: Can I help you? B: Yes, is (Mr. Smith/ the director/ the manager) in his office?能为您效劳吗?哦,(史密斯先生/主管/经理)在办公室吗?2. A: Could you tell me where (his office/ the meeting room/ the copy machine) is, please? B: Sure. It’s just down the hall, on the right.你能告诉我(他的办公室/会议室/复印机)在哪里吗?当然。沿着这个厅走过去,在右边。3. A: Could you give him this (message/ report/ document), please? B: No problem.你可以把这个(口讯/报告/文件)给他吗?没问题。4. A: What’s the matter? B: How do I use this (copy machine/ fax machine/ hole-puncher)?怎么了?这个(复印机/传真机/打孔机)怎么用?5. A: I’m out of (paper/ staples/ folders). Do you have any more? B: Here you are.没(纸/订书针/文件夹)了,你还有吗?给你吧。6. A: Can you meet this deadline? B: Yes, I’ll have it finished by (tomorrow morning/ this afternoon/ Friday at 5pm).你可以在规定期限完成吗?可以,我会在(明天早上/今天下午/星期五5点)之前完成。7. A: Is Mr. Smith in his office? B: I’m sorry. He’s (in a meeting/ not at his desk right now/ out).史密斯先生在办公室吗?抱歉。他(正在开会/不在位子上/出去了)。8. A: I’m having some (trouble/ difficulties/ problems). Can you help me? B: What do you need?我遇到一些(麻烦/困难/难题)。 你可以帮我吗?要我怎么帮?9. A: You look (tired/ exhausted/ busy). B: Yeah, I’ve been working so much overtime lately.你看上去很(累/疲倦/忙碌)。是呀,我近来一直加班工作。10. A: The project was so (difficult/ time-consuming/ tedious). B: You shouldn’t work so hard.这个项目很(难/花时间/枯燥乏味)。你不要这么拼命工作。 /200703/11510Now, have any of yall ever looked up this word?好,你们中有谁查过这个单词?You know, in a dictionary? Yeah, thats what I thought.用字典?是的,我想也就这个样子。How about this word? Here, Ill show it to you.这个单词呢?看看解释:Lexicography: the practice of compiling dictionaries.Lexicography(字典学):编纂字典的活动。Notice -- were very specific -- that word ;compile.;注意,这是专用的说法,定义里用“编纂”这个词。The dictionary is not carved out of a piece of granite, out of a lump of rock. Its made up of lots of little bits.字典并不是从一大块岩石里凿出的花岗岩,而是由很多的小块小块合起来的。Its little discrete -- thats spelled D-I-S-C-R-E-T-E -- bits. And those bits are words.分离的,英语里边的串法是D-I-S-C-R-E-T-E——小块。我们这里说的小块就是指单词了。Now one of the perks of being a lexicographer --作为字典编纂者的好处--besides getting to come to TED -- is that you get to say really fun words, like lexicographical.除了有机会来 TED演讲以外,就是可以说很有趣的单词,例如,lexicographical,字典编纂学。Lexicographical has this great pattern: its called a double dactyl.这个词有一种很棒的押韵,“扬抑抑格”。And just by saying double dactyl, Ive sent the geek needle all the way into the red.只要说到“扬抑抑格”,古怪指数就可以飙升到红色警戒。But ;lexicographical; is the same pattern as ;higgledy-piggledy.;其实,lexicographical与 ;higgledy-piggledy;(“杂乱无章”的意思)有一样的押韵。Right? Its a fun word to say, and I get to say it a lot.对吧?这个词单发音就很好玩,我常常说它。Now, one of the non-perks of being a lexicographer同时,作为字典编纂者,一个让人郁闷的地方is that people dont usually have a kind of warm, fuzzy, snuggly image of the dictionary.是字典从来没有给人留下一个温暖,舒适的印象。Right? Nobody hugs their dictionaries.对吧?没有人会拥抱他们的字典。But what people really often think about the dictionary is, they think more like this.但是,其实人们通常对字典的看法是这样的。Just to let you know, I do not have a lexicographical whistle.告诉你一件事情,我没有什么纂字哨子,But people think that my job is to let the good words尽管大家认为我的工作是让所谓的好词make that difficult left-hand turn into the dictionary, and keep the bad words out.做一个有难度的左转拐入字典,而把所谓的坏词挡于门外。But the thing is, I dont want to be a traffic cop.问题是,我不想当交通警察。201704/502571Gosh! Im so overwhelmed! Thank you to everyone that has shared their story tonight and has contributed to what has been the most heart-warming moment of my year. Good evening! Being a part of HeForShe for the last two years has been an incredible learning experience for me. There have been some really hard moments and a lot of amazing ones – ones I never could have imagined. The UN Secretary-General, the entire EU Commission, the NATO Secretary-General, the President of the International Olympic Committee, numerous heads of state and politicians from around the world, including those that youve heard from tonight, and everyone from Usain Bolt to Tom Hanks are now all HeForShe. Weve crashed the UN website on multiple occasions – sorry about that! We have lit up the Empire State Building, seen HeForShe in Times Square, and made it a term in the Urban Dictionary. After two million media impressions, 1.1 million pledged HeForShes have made practical commitments, as have some of the worlds leading universities and companies, to make gender equality a priority now in their work and within their communities. Surprisingly though, it was during the hard moments that I made the best discoveries about what it means to be part of this movement. There is genuinely a spectrum of amazing feminists out there who have not only given me invaluable advice, but also broadened my perspective and reinforced my belief that we are all linked; we all belong to a long history of people who have made sacrifices, some groups much more than others, in order to make indefinably large contributions to our modern lives. Weve seen seismic shifts in culture recently. I couldnt believe my eyes when I turned on the TV to see that Bud Light was pledging gender equality and equal pay as part of their current advertising campaign. We aly have some amazing things happening, some amazing female leaders, but I dont know if I would have believed you if you had told me two years ago, before I made my HeForShe speech, that we might have the first female President of the ed States – please dont let me down, America! – a female Prime Minister of the ed Kingdom, and possibly for the first time in history, a female UN Secretary-General. While women still only make up such a small percentage of political leadership, to e the awesome Michelle Obama, ;because of these women, girls and boys all over the world will have real-life examples that women are leaders.; In the last two years, if Ive learned anything, if they have shown me anything, it is that nothing – nothing – is impossible. And thats why tonight, as well as saying thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done, I ask you to recommit yourself to be a part of gender equality. I genuinely feel that we are closer to a gender-equal world, and certainly closer than we were two years ago, and I know that each and every HeForShe has played such a huge part in that. I am proud to have been part of lots of amazing things in my life, but there is nothing that I am prouder of than being part of this. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful night!201610/469380

68. It's a deal. 一言为定。 用法透视 这句话的含义和用法与汉语的"一言为定"相同。 持范例 1. It's a deal. I'll pick you up tomorrow morning. 一言为定。我明早来接你。 2. You can use my car this weekend. It's a deal. 你周末可以用我的车。一言为定。 3. I'll let you know as soon as she comes back. It's a deal. 她一回来我就告诉你。一言为定。 会话记忆 A: How about a game of tennis? 来比一场网球如何? B: Okay. Loser has to take out the trash for a month. 好哇!输的人罚倒垃圾一个月。 A: It's a deal. 一言为定。 B: See you in the court. 咱们球场上见 /200705/13459

Muslim Americans feel it when theyre.美国穆斯林也有这种感受.Stared at with suspicion because of their faith.总有人因为信仰问题用怀疑的眼光盯着他们.Any woman who knows the injustice of earning less pay for doing the same work.做同样工作 但收入不如男性多的女性.She knows what its like to be on the outside looking in.同样也知道局外人的感受.Your experiences give you special insight.你们的经历 为你们提供了特别的见地.That todays leaders need.这是今天的领袖所必需的.If you tap into that experience, it should endow you with empathy.深入挖掘这种经历 它会让你富有同情心.the understanding of what its like to walk in somebody elses shoes.让你能对别人的感受感同身受.To see through their eyes.通过人们的眼睛看见人们的内心.To know what its like when youre not born on 3rd base, thinking you hit a triple.让你知道出身贫贱却想成功会有多难.It should give you the ability to connect.它会赋予你换位思考的能力.It should give you a sense of compassion and what it means to overcome barriers.它会赋予同情之心 告诉你什么叫克障碍.And I will tell you, class of 2013, whatever success I have achieved.我要告诉你们 2013届毕业生 不管我取得了什么成就.Whatever positions of leadership I have held.不管我手中握有怎样的领导权.Have depended less on ivy league degrees or sat scores or gpas.最重要的 并不是因为常春藤盟校学位或高考和大学成绩.And have instead been due to that sense of connection and empathy.最重要的是这种换位思考和同理心.The special obligation I felt as a black man like you.是我和你们一样 作为一名黑人的特殊责任感.To help those who need it most.去帮助那些最需要帮助的人.People who didnt have the opportunities that I had.帮助那些没有我这样机会的人.Because there but for the grace of god go I.如果不是上帝恩典.I might have been in their shoes.我可能和他们一样.I might have been in prison.我可能被捕入狱.I might have been unemployed.我可能失业.I might not have been able to support a family.我可能无法撑一个家庭.201605/443091

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