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遵义治疗黑脸娃娃多少钱遵义做吸脂多少钱But she knows about it and his buddies are really into it.Yeah,its pretty cool.她知道 他的小伙伴都很喜欢 挺好的Theyve never seen a movie that Ive done.Theyve never seen me do anything.Thats interesting.他们从没看过我演的电影 他们没见过我的任何作品 真很有意思啊I mean,Ive never...most of the time its not really suitable for children我的大部分作品不太适合孩子看But Ive never...you know, Ive made it a very specific kind of thing to separate my life and then my job但我很注重 把我的生活和工作分开 occasionally Ill flip around on TV and something will be on like Anger Management or something,well watch it and then theyll you know click it off.偶尔我打开电视 看到《愤怒管理》这样的节目 我会看 然后关掉Lets turn that off,I think thats wise.I think thats good.关掉电视 我觉得这挺好I like my kids to think Im a Realtor.我希望我的孩子以为我是地产商Ill say sold another house in the Valley.Good job,dad.我又在圣费尔南多谷卖出了一套房子 他们说 好样的 爸爸They really...they really dont seem that interested in this...in like any other movies Ive done alreay他们似乎的确对我演的其他电影不怎么感兴趣But this one,you know,theres something I think about the shrinking element and the ants that the kids are...但这部 我觉得是因为有缩小的桥段 还有蚂蚁 孩子们很The special effects are great and there are a lot of fun visuals特效十分精 很多视效十分有趣you becoming really small in the world that youre in and some of the problems you encounter being...its...比如你会在你所处的世界变小 还有你遇到的问题都……Right.Well,theres a whole new technology that theyve used to kind of film this.嗯 他们在这部电影中用了新科技It wasnt like in maybe some other movies theyve done previous to this they have a practical thing.不像此前的其他电影那样 他们有实物Like a big giant pencil or thumbtack and Im running around.像大铅笔或者图钉 我在跑This was all macrophotography.They are all separate units filming everything so colse up,这都是宏观摄影做到的 近距离拍所有场景So its all real and then the technology they use,they can put me in it.所以都是真的 然后他们用技术把我放进去well lets take a look at it,we have a chip here from Ant-man.我们看一段《蚁人》的片花吧Do you want to set this up?你要介绍一下吗?201607/452806遵义祛额头纹多少钱 Starbucks in the news.Starbucks have introduced a new coffee from Australia called the flak white.星巴克上新闻了 星巴克引入了一种澳大利亚的新咖啡 叫做平白The first coffee drink ever to be named after my ass.这是第一款以我屁股命名的咖啡Theres absolutely nothing back there.You can iron shirts on this thing.我后面什么都没有 在上面熨衬衫都没问题And I have.Thats not funny.Its my tragedy.我试过 这才不好笑呢 是我的悲剧啊A man in San Francisco apparently visited a plastic surgeon for botox and laser treatments,旧金山一男子去整容医生那里注射肉毒素和激光手术And then he skipped out on a 6,000 dollars bill.Hes being called the botox bandit.This is a real story.然后没付6千块医疗费就跑了 他被称为肉毒素强盗 这可是真事They havent found him yet but they have good security footage of him leaving the building.此人尚未被找到 但只是拍下了他离开大楼的清晰录像Check it out in case you see this guy.There he is.This is the security footage,there he goes.大家请看 以防你们遇上他 就在那儿呢 这是监控录像 看啊Lets get a closer look.If you see this guy,let us konw because he owes a lot of money.看看能不能拉近一点 如果大家看到了他 一定告诉我们 他可欠了一笔大债Andy,this is what I will look like in eight years.安迪 我8年之后也会是这个样子For the last couple of weeks,Andy has been working on a new comedy bit and he says he wants to try it out tonight.过去几周里 安迪一直在准备一个喜剧节目 他说他今晚想试播一下I think we owe it to andy to do it.Thank you.All right,Im y.Are you y in the Booth,Allen?You bet,y.All right andy,Go ahead with you comedy bit.我觉得我们该让安迪试试 谢谢 我准备好了 艾伦 你那边准备好了吗 当然 准备好了 好了 安迪 开始你的节目吧201609/468526遵义洗纹身

遵义韩美整形美容医院全身美白好吗遵义隆鼻 Child-free businesses店内无童Nippers not wanted孩子禁入The rights and wrongs of banning babies禁止孩子入内的是与非IT IS a familiar sound. You are enjoying a quiet beer in your local watering-hole when someone starts crying. Unlike (most) adults, babies cannot seem to order a refreshing bottle without howling.这个场景似曾相识:你在当地的酒吧里安静的喝着啤酒,突然有人开始大哭。与(多数的)成年人不同,好像孩子们不使劲儿哭就点不到酒一样。Those who visit bars to seek refuge from rugrats are fighting back. Last month Hot Bird, a craft-beer bar in Brooklyn, barred children. Its owner was fed up with parents who thought their brats were entitled to VIP service despite drinking only milk. One pair of parents asked for the music to be turned down because their five-month-old was trying to sleep. Unattended sprogs have fallen after climbing on bar-stools. A dog bit one little girl after she petted it. The dog-owner and the dog fled. The parents blamed the bartender.那些为了躲避孩子而光顾酒吧的人开始回击。上个月,位于布鲁克林的一家名为热鸟的工艺酒吧禁止孩子进入。热鸟酒吧的老板受够了那些父母,他们的孩子在酒吧只喝牛奶却认为孩子有权力享受VIP的务。一对父母曾因为他们五个月大的孩子要睡觉,而要求酒吧把音乐声音调小。无人看管的孩子爬上吧椅后跌落下来。一个小女孩摸了摸之后被咬伤,而主人带着逃跑了,父母则责备酒保。Hot Bird is not alone. Other pubs plagued by prams have taken to excluding children. Double Windsor bans tots after 5pm. Union Hall, a hipster hot-spot, put a “No Strollers, Please” sign on its door in 2008 (though it does allow kiddies in a few afternoons a week). Greenwood Park, which has a lovely beer garden and pitches itself as “family friendly”, closes its doors on kids under 21 after 7pm.热鸟并不是个例。其他受孩子困扰的酒吧也已经禁止孩子进入。双温莎在17点后禁止孩子进入。一家名为公会大厅的时尚人气酒吧,2008年再他们门口挂了一张写着“禁止手推车,谢谢合作”的牌子(尽管他们在一周中的某几天下午也是允许孩子进入的)。绿木公园拥有啤酒花园和场地,并标榜自己是“关注家庭”型酒吧,他们也在19点后禁止21岁以下的孩子进入。Bratophobia is not confined to New York. In January Grant Achatz, a Michelin-rated chef, complained about a crying baby in his Chicago restaurant. He could hear it crying even in the noisy kitchen. Via Twitter, he wondered if he should ban children. Last year a Virginia sushi bar banned all diners under 18. Olde Salty, a restaurant in North Carolina, allows kiddies, but has a no-tolerance policy for screamers.孩子恐惧症并不只在纽约。一月,一名为Grant Achatz的米其林星级厨师,抱怨一个孩子在他芝加哥的饭店里大哭。他在嘈杂的厨房里都能听到哭声。他在推特上发声,说他是否可以禁止孩子进入。去年,弗吉尼亚州的寿司店禁止18岁以下客人进入。一家位于北卡罗来纳名为Olde Salty的饭店允许孩子进入,但是不允许孩子哭闹。Businesses that shut out children argue that parents have plenty of other places to go. In New York Parkslopeparents.com lists lots of kid-friendly bars and restaurants. Cinemas are usually accommodating. The “cry baby matinee” at the East 86th Street Cinema, for instance, shows grown-up movies but welcomes babies. The lights are dimmed just a little bit and the volume is not very loud. There is even a nappy-changing table near the back.将孩子拒之门外的商家认为,父母们有很多地方可以去。在New York Parkslopeparents.com的网站上列出了很多允许孩子进入的酒吧和餐馆。电影院通常也都是可以的。例如,在东86街电影院的“哭泣的宝贝专场”上播放给大人们看的电影,但也欢迎宝贝们去看。Balancing the interests of parents and non-parents is hard. Families like to travel, but others on long-haul flights want to sleep in peace. The Economist once published a wry leader advocating child-free zones on planes and trains. Malaysian Airlines has taken our advice: it bans infants from its first-class cabins and offers child-free zones in economy in some planes. No American airline has followed suit.为人父母和非父母之间的利益很难平衡。家庭喜欢出行,但其他长途航班上的旅客想要安静的睡眠。《经济学人》曾刊登过一位提出在飞机和火车上设立无孩子区的激进的领导者。马来西亚航空已经接受了本刊的建议:头等舱禁止孩子进入,并且在某些航班的经济舱设立无孩子区。但美国没有航空公司效仿。Parents, by and large, think non-parents should grin and bear it when a wailing infant briefly disturbs their tranquil, responsibility-free existence. It is not as if non-parents had to get up and feed the little horror four times last night. A cramped Brooklyn outlet of Barnes amp; Noble, a book chain, requires strollers to be left in a designated parking space on the second floor. Many mums are furious. Have you ever tried to hold a baby, sip a latte and “The Gruffalo”, all at once? Its not easy.总体而言,父母们认为非父母应当在孩子的哭闹扰乱他们安宁的时候逆来顺受,认为自己不应当承担责任。这又不是让没孩子的人晚上爬起来四次,给小坏蛋喂奶。一家位于布鲁克林狭窄道路上名为Barnes amp; Noble的连锁书店要求手推车需要放在二楼指定的停放区域内。许多母亲为此大发雷霆到:你们有没有试过同时抱着孩子,喝口拿铁,还要读《咕噜牛》?这太难了。译者:萧毛毛译文属译生译世 /201601/420542遵义哪里绣眉好

遵义市赤水市人民医院开双眼皮多少钱And youre such a good person too and you have such a sweet little girl你也是个很好的人 还有你可爱的女儿Who you said just changed your life,she just joy right,yes absolutely她改变了你的生活 她就是开心果 绝对是So now youre a single mom,you work 50 hours a week as a dental assistant现在你是单身母亲 你做牙医助理 一周工作50个小时you starting school and how do you do that你又进修 你是怎么做到的Keep positive,you know if you look at all the bad things that happened保持乐观 你知道 如果你只想着发生过的坏事情You cant,because its like ok,yes they happened你就不能 因为 好吧你就是发生了But you gonna learn from them or you gonna take a step back但你是要吸取教训呢 还是退缩呢Ive been thankful to my auntie uncle and Ive been thankful to have my sister Robbin我很感激我的叔叔和阿姨 还有RobbinAnd them to help me and Becky and Charles,Everybody just been really sweet been helping me他们帮助我 还有Becky和Charles 所有人都那么好 那么帮助我This office I work at they just so amazing.Dr Herman is just,Its like home and it just.我工作的办公室也很好 Herman医生 就像家一样 You know you have to think about the positive things你要想积极的事情Cause if you think about the negative things that happened,its just youll gonna don on it因为如果你想不好的事情 你就会自暴自弃Can I just say that people that you work with knew youre coming to the show and they put together我想说 你的同事知道你要来参加节目 他们凑钱They got me an outfit,they put together and bought her an outfit so,thank you guys他们给我买了外套 他们凑钱给你买了件外套 谢谢你们Im really,I watch everybody dance before the show真的 我在节目前看每个人跳舞And Im looking at you and I see how happy you are,and the smile on your face我看着你 觉得你那么开心 你笑的很开心Thats incredible why do you write into the show真佩 你为什么给节目写信 /201607/456104 Bello贝洛A political FUTbol政治足球 智利税改Michelle Bachelets struggle to combine equity and growth in ChileMichelle Bachelet致力于在智利经济增长的同时促进公平“CHILE has only one great enemy and its called inequality,” declared Michelle Bachelet on March 11th as she returned to La Moneda, the presidential palace, just four years after leaving it. Following an interlude of rule by the centre-right, Ms Bachelet won by a landslide in last years presidential election on the most left-wing programme the country has seen since the ill-fated Marxist government of Salvador Allende more than 40 years ago. She argued that for all Chiles economic success of the past three decades, unless the state intervenes to foster a fairer and better-educated society, the country will moulder in what economists call “the middle-income trap”, never making the leap to developed status.3月11日,时隔四年重返拉莫内达总统府的Michelle Bachelet表示“智利仅有的强劲对手叫不平等。”在经历了中右翼的统治之后,去年在这个被大多数左翼控制的国家,Bachelet以压倒性的优势赢得总统选举。该国的总统选举从40多年前命途多舛的Salvador Allende马克思主义政府统治结束之后开始。她认为尽管智利在过去三十年间在经济上取得了成功,但除非建立一个更公平教育普及率更高的社会,否则国家将会陷入经济学家所说的“中等收入陷阱”,再也不会有飞跃性的发展。Her campaign platform contained three big proposals. The first was an education reform inspired by the notion that the state should offer free and equal education to all. Second was a new constitution to replace the existing one, which, though much amended, dates back to the dictatorship of General Pinochet. And the third proposal was a tax reform aimed both at raising revenue to pay for the education reform and at making the tax system fairer.她的竞选纲领包括三大目标。首先是以国家为所有人平等提供免费教育为理念的教育改革。其二,出台新宪法以取代自Pinochet将军独裁统治时期时推出的旧宪法(虽然该宪法已经过多次修订)。第三大目标就是进行以增加税收持教育改革并促进税收公平为目的的税务改革。Ms Bachelet is no mad populist. Chile is not Venezuela, nor even Argentina. In the humdrum reality of a Latin American liberal democracy, achieving the magical combination of greater fairness and greater prosperity means marrying political imperatives with complex technicalities.Bachelet并不是狂热的平民主义论者。智利不是委内瑞拉,甚至不是阿根廷。基于拉美自由民主程度不高的事实,要在增长的同时促进公平意味着将政治命令与复杂的技术相结合。The first test will be the tax-reform bill, which the president sent to Congress this week. It aims to raise an extra .2 billion (or almost 3% of GDP). It contains some sensible measures, including fuel taxes and one on sugary drinks. It proposes a gradual rise in corporate-income tax from 20% to 25% and a corresponding reduction in the top rate of personal-income tax from 40% to 35%. Chile has an integrated tax system in which shareholders receive a credit for corporate-tax payments; aligning the two rates more closely is intended to discourage individuals from setting up shell companies.首先试水的是税务改革,相关提案已经在本周由总统提交至国会。该局旨在额外增加82亿美元的税收收入(约为GDP的3%)提案中含有包括收燃料税、含糖饮料税在内的敏感措施。它旨在将企业所得税由20%逐步增至25%与之相对的是将个人所得税的最高税率由40%降至35%。智利有着一体化的税收系统。股东在缴纳企业所得税之后可免交个人所得税,拉近企业所得税与个人所得税税率是为了阻止皮包公司的建立。The bill also abolishes a mechanism known as the Taxable Profits Fund (FUT), under which shareholders do not pay tax on reinvested company profits. The FUTs detractors complain, correctly, that the system has been abused, via corporate credit cards and shell companies in tax havens, to allow the rich to evade taxes on profits that have actually been used for personal consumption—the skiing holidays and Ferraris of urban legend in Santiago. But the FUTs defenders point out, equally correctly, that the system has been a key factor behind Chiles investment-led economic growth.改提案同时废除了应税利润基金机制(FUT)。在该机制下股东无需为公司利润再投资纳税。FUT的反对者抱怨着公司行用卡和皮包公司的漏洞让富人可以用利润再投资的名义逃税,而实际上这些钱都用在了滑雪度假圣地亚哥的法拉利都市传奇等私人消费上。这的确是事实。但FUT的持者指出该体制是智利投资带动经济增长的关键因素,这也是事实。As compensation for abolishing the FUT, the bill allows instant depreciation of machinery and equipment. That may help miners and manufacturers, but not service businesses. Unless it is amended, the bill is likely to have two bad outcomes. Retained earnings are a big source of financing for corporate investment in Chile: companies may now have to rely on more borrowing, which for small firms costs up to 15% a year. Second, shareholders will now be taxed on profits they do not receive as dividends.作为对废除FUT的修正,提案允许机器设备的即时折旧。这可能有利于矿产主与工厂主,但对务业却没什么意义。除非它被再次修改。该提案可能会带来两种坏影响。留存盈余是智利公司经行投资的主要资金来源:但现在公司可能更多依靠借贷,这对小公司来说每年成本会增加15%。第二,股东分红之外的收益可能会被征税。It would be remarkable if the tax changes did not prompt some reduction in investment and share prices. The fact that the bill envisages ending the FUT only in 2018 suggests Ms Bachelets economic team realises this. To make matters worse, Chiles economy is now slowing sharply in tandem with a falling copper price (this weeks offshore earthquake, which killed at least six people, seems to have spared local mines). More government spending could give the economy a boost, but not if it comes at the expense of private investment.如果税收改革并没有使投资减少或股价降低,这将会意义重大。该提案仅设想了FUT在2008年被废除,Bachelet的经济团队需要意识到这一事实。更糟的是,智利经济增速在铜价下跌的影响下迅速放缓(本周发生在海岸附近的地震造成了至少6人死亡,当地矿产似乎得以幸免)。更多的政府投资能够促进经济繁荣,但缺少了私人投资繁荣很难真正到来。The new government could have chosen to close the loopholes in the FUT, rather than abolish it. That it didnt says much about the way politics is now conducted in Ms Bachelets coalition, whose main parties governed Chile from 1990 to 2010. Abolishing the FUT was proposed by a rival of Ms Bachelets in last years coalition primary election, and the policy was instantly adopted by all the parties in the grouping. In the past party leaders would have heeded their technical experts on such matters. In Chiles more populist political climate, that is no longer so.新政府本应弥补FUT的漏洞而不是废除该体制。这与Bachelet(其主要政党在1990年到2010年间执掌该国)的联合政府的施政方式并没有多大关系。废除FUT由Bachelet去年联盟初选时的竞争对手提议,然后该政策被联盟中的所有政党迅速接受。过去,政党首领需要在此类问题上参考技术性专家的意见。但现在,智利平民主义论盛行,这显然不可能了。The tax reform is simple compared with the governments plans for education. As for the task of replacing the constitution, no wonder the president has kicked this issue forward until later in the year. Ms Bachelet is right that Chile is in many ways an unfair country that needs to change. But she will need all her considerable political skills if she is not to sacrifice sound public policy on the altar of populism.税改被简单地与政府的教育计划对比。至于重新制定宪法,在今年的早些时候显然是不大会有进展了。智利在很多方面存在不公,这需要被改变。就这一点Bachelet是正确的,但是如果她不就关于名粹主义公共政策作出牺牲,那她就需要发挥巨大的政治才能 译者:严晓晴 译文属译生译世 /201601/423619遵义绥阳县人民医院去痣多少钱道真自治县人民医院祛痣多少钱



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