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Soon everybody was kungfu fighting across the globe,and pop stars from Donnie Osmond to the king of rock and roll himself were showing off their kungfu kicks.很快 全球的人都在练习功夫,明星们从Donnie Osmond到猫王都开始展示功夫。Without Bruce Lee and ;Enter the Dragon;, it might have been years and years and years and maybe not at all that martial arts as a genre would have become available.没有李小龙和;龙争虎斗;的话 可能要经过很多很多很多年,或是武术根本不可能拍成电影。Bruce intellectualized the art form,and his persona in films brought it to the world.李小龙将这种艺术形式上升到理性层面,并通过电影中的角色把武术推向全世界。It brought... it brought martial arts to the world.It brought kungfu to the world.But it also brought Asian cinema to the world.把... 把武术推向了全世界,把功夫推向了全世界,同样也把亚洲电影推向了全世界。As well as introducing the world to kungfu,Bruce Lee also introduced another new word to the west:the name of a little-known Asian weapon called the nunchuck.除了把功夫推向全世界,李小龙还向西方引进了另一个新词:一种叫双节棍的不知名亚洲武器。His use of weaponry and his skill with the weaponry,I mean, you could see that the guy didn#39;t... it wasn#39;t... it wasn#39;t tricks.It wasn#39;t just, okay, camera tricks.他使用这种武器展示了精湛技艺,看得出来那家伙绝不是... 那绝不是... 那绝不是把戏,没有经过摄像处理。He would probably spend hundreds and thousands of hours practicing with the numchucks,you know, and... and he barely blinked.他恐怕得花上千个小时练习双节棍,而... 他舞双节棍时 眼都几乎不眨。I mean, he was a master over the medium and over his artistry.It looked like he was almost breakdancing with the nunchucks and rolled around on the floor,hitting everyone#39;s ankles with the nunchucks.我是说 他是个武器行家 也是武术大师,感觉就像他在跳霹雳舞 在地上翻滚,不断用双节棍攻击脚踝。 Article/201401/273954By an uncanny coincidence, Mount Kailash perfectly matches the legend of the mythical axis of the world.机缘巧合的是伽拉萨山同世界屋脊神话中的描述非常吻合。Its four faces are roughly aligned to the compass, and four major rivers flow from its foothills.它的四个面大体向罗盘的四个方向,还有四条主河从丘陵地带奔流。These are some of the most significant rivers in Asia. The Yarlung, which becomes India#39;s Brahmaputra, the Indus and Sutlej, which flow to Pakistan, and the Karnali, a major feeder for the Ganges.他们是亚洲最重要的四条河,雅鲁藏布江形成了印度的布拉马普特拉河、印度河和流经巴基斯坦的萨特累季河,以及恒河的主要流-----卡那丽河。Thanks to its connection with the mythical mountain, Kailash is so sacred that it#39;s never been climbed. It#39;s Tibet#39;s most important pilgrimage site.由于连接着神话般的高山,卡伊拉什山令人感到神圣而从未被攀登过。它是朝圣者在西藏最重要的朝圣点。For Tibetans, pilgrimage is a journey from ignorance to enlightenment. A pilgrimage around the sacred mountain is believed to wipe out the sins of a lifetime, increasing the chance of a better rebirth.对于西藏人来说,朝圣之旅是从无知到被教化的过程。环行圣山的朝圣者认为这样做可以消除一生的罪孽,获得一个更好的来生。Most pilgrims time their visit for the most important festival in the Tibetan calendar. For over 1,000 years they have gathered at the foot of Kailash for the Saga Dawa festival to celebrate Buddha#39;s enlightenment.大多数朝圣者把朝圣的时间安排在,最重要的藏历节日之时。一千多年以来,他们聚集在卡伊拉什山脚。来庆祝萨嘎达瓦节,感谢佛陀的教化。The festival climaxes with the raising of the newly dressed altar, a 25-metre flagpole. The full entourage of Tibetan monks make the most of the occasion, with music, prayers, and blessings.当新装饰的圣坛上升起25米高的番杆时,节日达到了高潮,藏族僧侣的音乐,祷文和祝福,贯穿了节日的始终。 /201403/282610

Guangzhou Evergrande#39;s win has broken China#39;s Asian title drought. It means the team will be Asia#39;s representative at the FIFA Club World Cup in Morocco next month. Coach Marcelo Lippi and player Zhao Xuri talked about the significance of the victory and anticipation for Club World Cup.广州恒大的胜利打破了中国足球走不出国门的传言。这意味着恒大足球队将作为亚洲代表队参加下月在洛哥举行的世俱杯比赛。教练马尔切洛·里皮和球员赵旭瑞向我们讲述了参加世俱杯并夺冠的重要性。;Obviously, winning this cup is very important for Chinese football. From our side, we grew a lot. What we have been trying to do is to increase our level so that we are able to compete on the international level with any other teams. We won this year, which is obviously good for Chinese football and the Guangzhou Evergrande. We were able to compete in the Asian Champions League two years in a row. So the thing we missed out last year, which we recreated this year, is the effort and will to win this Champions League, which we did tonight and we were able to do it.; said Lippi.里皮说,“显然,能够赢得这场比赛对中国足球来讲至关重要。从我们来讲,我们成长了很多。我们一直为之努力的就是:提高我们的足球运动水平,能够在国际赛场上和任何一球队竞相争锋。今年,我们赢了,无论是对中国足球或者广州恒大来讲,都显然是一件极好的事情。我们能够有资格连续两年参加亚洲冠军联赛。所以,去年我们所失去的,在今天我们得以再创,这正是我们付出的努力,我们能够赢得亚冠赛,我们今晚做到了,我们可以做得到。” Article/201311/264210

Purple grape juice has twice the natural antioxidant level.紫葡萄汁含有两倍的天然抗氧化剂Food companies competed over食品生产商为谁的产品whose product contained the most.含最多抗氧化剂而竞争Creams containing antioxidants含有抗氧化剂的面霜spawned a multi-billion pound beauty industry.兴起了几十亿元的美容产业Dramatic results around the eyes.眼周发生惊人改变Scientists no longer think it#39;s about heart beats,科学家不再认为心跳速率是其中关键but oxygen is still at the centre of this major theory.取而代之 氧气成了这个学说的核心One of the important components of all living organisms生物所具有的共同特点之一是is the need for oxygen,对氧气的需求and the reason we need oxygen is that we use oxygen我们需要氧气产生能量to essentially generate energy so that we can live.维持生命And so when we take that oxygen in and we burn it,当我们吸入氧气并消耗时we have one of the by products that comes from this,我们并不仅仅得到能量not only do we get the energy同时也获得了此过程的副产品but we also have radicals or oxidative stress.自由基或者氧化应激All of life actually is, you have these trade-offs所有生命体都通过这种交易to get this energy,来获得氧气you#39;ve essentially had to pay a price but...你最终要付出代价and the price from the oxidative stress theory of ageing,根据氧化应激致衰老学说the price would be that you#39;re eventually going to age.最终的代价是衰老 Article/201303/231198Now that the spring equinox is behind us, it#39;s time to start thinking about how you#39;re going to commemorate the start of summer.现在春季已经远去,夏天即将开始,应该思考一下如何庆祝这个热情似火的季节的来临了。You Will Need你需要Bonfire篝火Freshly picked flowers新摘的鲜花Stonehenge visit史前巨石柱游览Maypole五朔节花柱Naked run裸跑Steps步骤STEP 1 Understand the solstice1.了解夏至Understand what the summer solstice is -- in the Northern Hemisphere, it#39;s the day when the North Pole is tilted closest to the sun, making it the longest day of the year.了解什么是夏至,在北半球,夏至这一天是北极最靠近阳光照射的时候,是一年当中白昼最长的一天。STEP 2 Have a bonfire2.点燃篝火Make a bonfire. Ancient civilizations believed that the fire they created would ward off evil spirits. Many cultures carry on this tradition today.点燃篝火。古代文明相信,他们点燃的篝火可以抵御恶灵。许多文化直到今天还传承着这种传统。STEP 3 Pick some flowers3.摘花Pick some flowers. In medieval Europe, people believed that plants picked during the summer solstice had the ability to heal.摘一些鲜花。在中世纪的欧洲,人们相信夏至期间摘的鲜花有疗伤功效。STEP 4 Head to Stonehenge4.前往史前巨石柱Visit Stonehenge, Britain#39;s famous prehistoric stone monument. Because the structure aligns with the sunrise on the solstice, thousands of people gather there to celebrate the day by watching the sun come up.游览史前巨石柱,这是英国著名的景点。因为夏至这一天日出时,数千人会来到这里观看太阳升起。Other great destinations for celebrating the solstice include Sedona, Arizona, and Cairo, where an ancient sun temple was discovered in 2006.庆祝夏至到来的其他比较好的目的地包括塞多纳,亚利桑那和开罗。2006年,开罗发现了一座古老的太阳神庙。STEP 5 Dance around a maypole5.围绕五朔节花柱舞蹈Dance around a maypole -- a flower and ribbon-festooned vertical bar. That#39;s a cherished tradition in Sweden, where the summer solstice is a major holiday.围绕五朔节花柱舞蹈。这是瑞典珍视的一个传统,夏至在这里是一个非常重要的节日。STEP 6 Organize a naked run6.组织裸跑Organize a naked run -- if you can secure your town#39;s permission! It#39;s a new -- but increasingly popular -- ritual in Riga, the capital of Latvia, as part of their solstice festivities.组织裸跑——如果能够获得公众的许可!这是一项新活动,但是越来越受欢迎。这是拉脱维亚共和国首都里加的一项惯例,是他们夏至日活动的一部分。;Solstice; comes from the Latin words ;sol,; which means sun, and ;stare,; to stand.夏至一词来源于拉丁语,意思是太阳站立起来。视频听力译文由。 Article/201405/298474

安柏·凯斯说技术正在将我们进化成一种盯着荧屏,点击按钮的新新人类。我们现在依靠“外部大脑”(例如手机和计算机)来交流,记忆,甚至生活在第二人生。但是这些机器会最终把我们联系在一起还是征我们呢?凯斯对我们自身半机器人化提供了出人意料的见解。 Article/201407/309141You appreciate their friendship, and you want them to know it. Pick a gift for your best friend that conveys how much you cherish them.你重视你们之间的友情,希望对方知道这一点。为你最好的朋友选择一份礼物,表达对他们的珍惜。You Will Need你需要Knowledge of her taste了解她的品味Mementos纪念品Steps步骤Step 1 Make a basket1.制作礼物篮Put together a specialized basket of your best friend#39;s favorite items. An avid er might like a first-edition book by a favorite author, and maybe designer bookmarks along with treats that they can enjoy while ing.向一个别致的篮子中装满好友最喜欢的物品。求知心切的读者可能喜欢她最爱的作家撰写的初版书籍,阅读的同时手持设计独特的书签就更加完美了。Step 2 Buy a spa day2.温泉水疗If she needs to unwind, treat her to a day of pampering at a spa, with your heartfelt encouragement that she relax and enjoy herself.如果她需要放松,让她在温泉享受一天的闲暇时光,贴心地鼓励她放松,享乐。Step 3 Choose jewelry3.选择珠宝Choose her birthstone as a gift, or choose a piece of costume jewelry from a boutique you know she frequents.选择她的诞生石作为礼物,或者在她经常光顾的时装店购买一件人造珠宝。Step 4 Pick clothes4.选择装Pick out clothes only if you know her size and taste well, or else the gift may be taken as commentary on her fashion sense.Play it safe by choosing a plain black purse that#39;ll go with most outfits.只有在充分了解她的尺寸和品味的情况下才选择装,否则装作为礼物会被认为你质疑她的时尚感。选择能够与大部分外衣搭配的普通黑色钱包是最安全的。Step 5 Give a pot5.送陶罐Give a glazed earthenware pot filled with plants or flowers.送一个装有植物或鲜花的色陶罐。Step 6 Give an eco-friendly gift6.送一件环保的礼物If you know she#39;s eco-conscious, show you respect her commitment to the environment by putting together a gift basket of eco-friendly toiletries and cosmetics.如果你知道她非常具有环保意识,向她展示你尊重她对环境的爱护,送一个装有环保的化妆用具和化妆品的篮子。Step 7 Create a memento collage7.制作纪念拼图Create a friendship collage or shadowbox with photos and mementos that commemorate the fun times you#39;ve had together. Add her favorite tea or gourmet coffees. She#39;ll be sure to love it!制作一个友情纪念册,收集你们在一起的照片或纪念品。然后奉上她最喜欢的茶叶或美食家咖啡。她一定会喜欢的!The Chinese head of state gave President Nixon 2 giant pandas in 1972 as a token of friendship responding to Nixon#39;s historic goodwill trip.1972年,中国国家元首送给尼克松总统一对大熊猫,纪念尼克松历史性的访华的友谊之情。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201305/241311

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See, if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I#39;m a sport nicknamed the fastest game on Earth. 我是一种运动,我有一个昵称叫“世界上最快的运动”。I#39;m played out over three periods of 20 minutes each. 我一场打三节,每节20分钟。My championship cup was donated by Lord Frederick Arthur Stanley. 我的冠军奖杯是由弗雷德里克·阿瑟·斯坦利伯爵捐赠的。I#39;m ice hockey, and I#39;ve been played internationally since the 1800s. 我是冰球,从十九世纪开始全世界都有人打冰球。Ice hockey has also been called the most violent sport. 冰球也被称为是最暴力的运动。Sure, there is the routine fighting you know about in the NHL, but you don#39;t need a fight to take a hit in hockey. 是的,你知道在美国职业棒球联赛会有一些固有的冲击,但你在冰球中不用主动攻击。From checking the collisions to just hitting the boards, it#39;s no wonder why those who are concerned about concussions aren#39;t just thinking of football. 检查从碰撞到仅仅是碰板,难怪担心脑震荡的人不仅仅想到的是橄榄球。What can be done to help players keep their heads safely in the game?什么能帮助球员们的在比赛中头部的安全呢? /201404/289331Cologne is one of the most classic and stylish perfumes, and now you can make your own cologne. Just follow the simple recipe in this !古龙水是最经典而时髦的香水,而现在你可以自己动手制作了。遵循这段视频中简单的配方就可以了!Today, I#39;m going to show you how to make cologne. This is a traditional cologne recipe that we#39;ll be using today, and you#39;ll need the following things: you#39;ll need perfumer#39;s alcohol, we#39;re going to be using bergamot, lemon, petit grain, lavender and rosemary for your cologne fragrance. You#39;ll also need distilled water, a beaker, a glass stirring rod and a clean spray bottle, this is a 30 ml one, that we#39;ll be using today.今天,我来向大家展示如何制作古龙水。今天我们使用的是传统的古龙水配方。你需要以下材料:香料制造人的酒精,佛手柑,柠檬,小粒谷子,薰衣草和迷迭香,这些成分形成古龙水的香味。还需要蒸馏水,烧杯,玻璃搅拌棒和干净的喷瓶。我们今天使用的喷瓶容量为30毫升。So, we#39;re going to take 26 ml of perfumer#39;s alcohol and pour that into our beaker, we#39;re going to use this as the base of our cologne. Now, start by taking 20 drops of bergamot oil and adding that to our beaker. Next, we#39;re going to use 6 drops of lemon, 2 drops of petit grain, 1 drop of lavender and finally 1 drop rosemary essential oil.现在,我们量取26毫升酒精倒入烧杯中,这是我们的古龙水的基本成分。现在,取20滴佛手柑油,加入烧杯中。接下来,加入6滴柠檬,2滴谷物,1滴薰衣草和1滴迷迭香精油。Now, we#39;re going to give that a stir and then add 1 ml of distilled water, give that another stir, and your cologne is y to pour into your bottle. Now, place your cap and give it bit of a shake. And now, your cologne is y to use and that#39;s how you make cologne.现在用搅拌棒搅拌,加入1毫升蒸馏水,再搅拌一下,现在你的古龙水做好了,可以倒入瓶子里了。盖好盖子,轻轻摇晃一下。现在,你的古龙水就准备好了。Thanks for watching How To Make Your Own Cologne.感谢收看“如何自己制作古龙水”视频节目。视频听力节目由。 Article/201309/256687

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