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欧洲理事会首位常任主席范龙佩4日正式投入工作。这位欧盟新“总统”上班首日便提议在2010年2月召开一次欧盟特别峰会,讨论经济议题。 范龙佩当天发表声明说:“这是我开始工作的第一天。我已经准备在2月11日召开下一次欧盟首脑会议。我提议召开此次峰会重点 讨论经济议题。” New EU President begins workThe new President of the European Council has officially started work in Brussels.Herman Van Rompuy arrived Monday morning for his first official working day. He held a meeting with his head of cabinet, Frans van Daele, his spokesperson Dirk de Backer and his speechwriter Luuk van Middelaer. Van Rompuy, former Belgian prime minister, said he was preparing for the next meeting of the European Council in February. He said his first priority is to focus on Europe's economic growth. Van Rompuy also said meetings of EU leaders must help the European Union to "punch its weight" internationally. The revised role of president was created after the 27-member bloc finally ratified the Lisbon Treaty, streamlining the EU's procedures.201001/93820Great Gatsby Director: I Can Feel the HungerBaz Luhrmann discusses teaming up with Leonardo DiCaprio to bring classic story to big screen.《了不起的盖茨比》导演巴兹·鲁曼专访,这是巴兹·鲁曼与莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥继1996年版《罗密欧与朱丽叶》后的再度合作。巴兹·鲁曼谈与莱昂纳多联手,给观众呈现经典故事的感受。巴兹·鲁曼(Baz Luhrmann),1962年9月17日出生在澳洲新南威尔士的一个乡村里。鲁曼导演生涯中最著名的作品是《红幕三部曲》(Red Curtain Trilogy),他精心设计的促使观众参与制片的方式自成一派。“三部曲”中《红磨坊》(Moulin Rouge)被认为是他最成功的电影作品。We’ve met most of the stars of Gatsby right here at GMA, theyre basically taking over our studio, Leo is next, but right now, time for the man behind the vision, I had the pleasure to sit down with director Baz Luhrmann at the F. Scott Fitzgerald suite at the Plaza, recently renovated by his wife Catherine Martin, and we talked about turning the great American novel into a 3D wonderland.3 steps back.Australian director Baz Luhrmann in Gibba strictly ballroom, transformed last at Paris the Moulin Rouge and directed a young Leo Decaprio in his version of Romeo and Juliet. Now the two team up again to take on an American classic.I can feel the hunger, you know, sometimes it’s not there, it’s there.For the film?It’s the book, it wakes everybody up,Yeah, it does.The Fitzgerald thing wakes everybody up.Who is this Gatsby?Perhaps it’s the glamour of the era or the legend of J. Gatsby,It turns into an extremely dark psychological journey, I mean, Gatsby is the Hamlet of America, that’s what attracted Leonardo.I’m glad to see you as well.He has natural screen glamour, he can’t help it. And early on, that made him very successful very quickly, and he could have cashed that check very easily and lived comfortably, but he’s only interested in complex, challenging acting.It is a part tailor-made for the 38-year-old Oscar nominee. But the role of Daisy Buchanan was up for grabs.That was a gone with the wind search. And everyone wanted to play that role,Luhumann said he and Decaprio knew it at her first audition, the part belong to Carey Mulligan.I’m paralyzed with happiness.Her chemistry with Leo impossible to deny. With an Oscar cast, costumes and sets as always created by his wife Catherine Martin, Baz’s Gatsby is sumptuous and vibrant, and his attention to detail, legendary. Act for the epic 3D party scenes, Baz just let it roll.A little party never kill nobody.There was a moment where people started jumping in the pool, and it went crazier and crazier, and the music stops, and the cameras were rolling, everybody stopped and they were all dripping and all exhausted and all laughing and crying, going, wasn’t that crazy? Wasn’t that grape? I mean, turn the music on again, then we turned it on and they all did it again for another 15 minutes, and we did it until they drop, so, you know, a little party nearly did damn kill everyone.But Baz said they sure did have fun making it and he also says there’s a lot being made about the 3D decision. He loves it, he believes it brings movie-goers in the action, Leo Decaprio joins us tomorrow, and the Great Gatsby is in theater this Friday. /201305/238962Before this September the ground was like at this level今年九月以前 这里地面有这么高and this level used to be lined up over where,而这个平面过去在那上边um, Mike is standing.就是麦克站的地方So Im standing here on a surface所以我现在站的地方that now is occupied by Jing down below there.已和刘静所站的位置不在一个平面了The ground on my left was pushed up six metres我左手边这一块地面被抬高6米and moved to the right by six metres as well,并且还向右边移了6米so the mountains as a whole are shortening,因此整个山体正在缩小the crust is shortening and moving sideways地壳也在缩小 并且左右移动and that sideways motion is small,这种侧向运动很轻微but it is an expression of India colliding into Asia.但却是印度撞击亚洲板块的一个表征This landscape were in now我们现在看到的地貌has been formed by many, many earthquakes,是经过相当多次的地震所形成的hundreds and thousands of earthquakes.成百上千次地震Despite the damage from the storms,尽管暴雨破坏了据Mike is beginning to understand麦克仍着手去了解the history of earthquakes in this particular valley.这一特殊山谷的地震史But this evidence is fast disappearing.但这种据正在很快消失中201305/239233

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Your garbage disposal could be home to mold, bacteria and other food particles. Dumping cleaning chemicals down the disposal might be dangerous to the environment and your familys health. Borax is a natural mineral made of sodium, boron, oxygen and water and has been a natural cleaning agent for thousands of years. Follow these easy steps and find out how to keep your garbage disposal smelling and running clean with Borax.你的垃圾桶可能是霉菌,细菌和其他食物颗粒的栖息所。用化学品清洁垃圾桶可能会对环境和家人健康有害。硼砂是含有钠,硼,氧和水的天然矿物质,几千年来一直用作天然清洁剂。遵循以下简单步骤,学习一下怎样用硼砂清洁垃圾桶,消除异味。Step 1: You will need1.你需要1 spoon,3 tablespoons of Borax,water1个勺子,3汤匙硼砂,水Step 2: A Spoon In2.加入硼砂Its a good idea to clean your garbage disposal every couple of weeks to keep it fresh and running smoothly. Pour three tablespoons of borax down the garbage disposal and let it sit for one hour. The Borax will absorb any bacteria and odors and prevent build up on the moving parts.最好每几周清洁一次垃圾桶,让其保持整洁,使用灵活。向垃圾桶底部加入3汤匙硼砂,静置一个小时。硼砂可以吸收细菌和异味,防止活动部位生锈。Step 3: A Straight Flush3.冲洗Turn on your hot water and let it run through the garbage disposal. The hot water will rinse out the borax and any offending mold or bacteria. Your garbage disposal is clean, chemical free and running smoothly.打开热水,冲过垃圾桶。热水可以清洗掉硼砂和任何顽固霉菌或细菌。现在,你的垃圾桶又变成清洁,没有化学品,使用灵活的了。Thanks for watching How To Clean Your Garbage Disposal With Borax.感谢收看“怎样使用硼砂清洁垃圾桶”视频节目。201212/213589

Babies areborn withginger fur叶猴宝宝裹着姜黄色的毛发出生which gradually turns black from the tail end这些毛发随着生长逐渐从尾部开始变成黑色Young infants have a vise-like grip叶猴宝宝虎钳般的爪used forcling on to mom for dare life帮助他们附着在妈妈身上以保安全As they get older随着年龄的增长they get bolder andtake more risks他们越发胆大,并开始常识更多刺激Those have survive spend a lot of time travelling这些是经历诸多冒险后的幸存者Yet experienced adults know exactly where to find seasonal food尽管经验丰富的成年叶猴深知in different parts of their range到守备范围内不同区域的哪里去寻觅当季的食物In such steep terrain在如此陡峭的地带travel involves a high level of climbing skill旅途顺利包含了高超的攀爬技巧These monkeys are spectacularly good rock climbers from the time they learnt to walk这些猴子打会走路起就是卓越的攀岩专家In langur society叶猴族群femalesrule the roost是母系社会andtake the leadwhen the family is on the move并且是举家迁徙的领队人物 /201207/191410

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