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嘉兴曙光中西医整形美容医院去眼角好吗嘉兴面部祛皱哪家医院好5. Your throat is inflamed.你的喉咙发炎了。还能这样说:You have swollen tonsils.Your throat was raw.谚语:Like a fish bone getting stuck in the throat.如鲠在喉。6. The doctor diagnosed the illness as pneumonia.医生诊断这病为肺炎。还能这样说:The diagnosis was pneumonia.The illness was diagnosed as pneumonia.7. There was no question about the diagnosis: he had brain cancer.他被确诊患了脑癌。还能这样说:He was diagnosed with brain cancer.We had formed a correct diagnosis on his brain cancer.谚语:Ask no questions and you will be told no lies.少打听就听不到假话。8. The doctor gave me a prescription for pain-killers.医生给我开了个止痛药方。还能这样说:The doctor wrote me a prescription to relieve pain.The doctor was writting pain medications for me.谚语:Kill two birds with one stone.一箭双雕。 /201305/241155嘉兴隆鼻 Todd: Hey, Akane, I was ing in the paper that China is doing research on genetically modified foods and is considering it. The ed States is for using genetically modified foods, (I see) but Europe is against it. (Oh, right) So youre from Canada, what do you think?托德:嘿,茜,我看到报纸上的新闻说中国将进行转基因食物的研究,而且目前正在考虑。美国是持使用转基因食物的,(我知道)可是欧洲是禁止的。(没错)你来自加拿大,你怎么看这个问题?Akane: Well, I think its a great idea to have genetically modified foods.茜:我认为转基因食物是个很棒的主意。Todd: Why?托德:为什么?Akane: Well, I think that especially for countries like China research shows that the people in China, the quality of their life is going to be of the level of the people in America within the next thirty years, and if this world is going to support that kind of population, we definitely need more resources in order to make food to support the population.茜:我认为尤其是对像中国这样的国家来说,研究表明中国人的生活质量在未来三十年内达到美国人的生活水平,如果世界要持那种规模的人口,我们肯定需要更多的资源来生产食物去持那些人口。Todd: Do you worry more that maybe there havent been enough tests on genetically modified foods, that there might be side effects that could lead to cancer, or could maybe ruin the naturally life cycle of the plants?托德:你不担心如果转基本食物没有进行足够的试验,可能会产生副作用吗,可能会导致癌症,或者破坏植物的自然生命周期?Akane: Uh, definitely, I think there is lots of reasons to be concerned and thats why the research has to be taken carefully and slowly and there has to be laws and procedures in place so that the research is controlled and that foods are tested before people can use them.茜:当然了,我认为要考虑很多原因,这就是为什么要仔细、缓慢进行研究的原因,而且还要出台的相应的法律和程序,这样研究就能得到控制,而且可以对那些食物进行测试,之后再供人们食用。Todd: So, youre saying that they should do research but its OK to go ahead and try to use it now?托德:你是说他们应该做研究,然后可以继续并试着应用?Akane: Well, if there is reason to think that it is safe after many tests then, then I think we should start using it for the future.茜:如果在进行了多次试验后有理由明是安全的,那我认为为了未来我们应该开始使用这些食物。Todd: Mm, I mean, I can understand why people would want to use genetically modified foods because in terms of drought or insects eating the plants or feeding really impoverished areas like Africa and parts of Asia (Right) its useful but we really dont know, I mean, arent you a little bit worried that if you rush it you dont give enough time for the tests, you know, if its really harmful to the environment or the people.托德:我是说,我可以理解人们为什么希望食用转基因食物,因为考虑到干旱、虫灾或是像非洲和亚洲部分地区那些贫瘠的土地,(对)这些食物用处很大,可是我们不知道,我是说,如果没有进行足够的试验就仓促食用,你不担心吗,那对环境和人类的害处非常大。Akane: For sure, so I dont think we should rush it, but at the same time I dont think we should completely stop the research, either because the fact is the population is growing and these people are going to have to eat food so if genetically modified foods can help people to eat and survive and for the human population to survive then were going to have to continue with the research.茜:那是肯定的,所以我认为我们不应该仓促食用,同时我也认为我们不应该完全停止研究,因为事实是人口在不断增长,而这些人都要吃东西,所以如果转基因食物可以帮助人们生存,可是帮助人类生存,那我们就应该继续这项研究。Todd: Thats a pretty solid argument. I pretty much agree with you on that.托德:这是个非常有说力的观点。在这点上我非常同意你的观点。Akane: Thanks.茜:谢谢。Todd: OK, thanks, Akane.托德:好,谢谢你,茜。 译文属 /201410/338589嘉兴腹部溶脂哪家医院好

平湖市中医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱嘉兴丰胸医院排名 5. The employment interview is on Monday.求职面试时间定在星期一。还能这样说:The interview time is on Monday.The interview time is set on Monday.应用:blue Monday 烦闷的星期一,精神沮丧的时间6. How long will the interview take?面试将持续多久?还能这样说:How long will the interview last?How long will the interview cost?应用:take away 拿走,夺走,拆去;take down 拿下,取下;take a new view of an affiar 对某事有新的看法7. Where will the interview be?面试在哪里进行?还能这样说:Can you tell me the place of the interview?Where is right place of the interview?应用:interview sb. about sth. 就某事采访某人;interview sb. for the job 对谋求该职务的人进行面试8. Please come back for a second interview tomorrow morning.请明天上午来参加复试。还能这样说:Please have the second interview tomorrow morning.Please attend the second interview tomorrow morning.应用:second interview 面试复试;the first round of intervies 面试的初试 /201409/331281嘉兴市中医院开双眼皮手术多少钱

秀洲区额头除皱多少钱 经典句型:I want to open an account. 我想要开个账户。A:I want to open an account.甲:我想要开个账户。B:What kind of account do you want to open?乙:您想开什么样的账户?A:Id like to open a current account.甲:我想开个活期存款账户。经典句型:Id like to open a savings account. 我想要开个储蓄账户。A:What would you like to do?甲:您要做什么?B:Id like to open a savings account.乙:我想要开个储蓄账户。A:Would you please go to counter 6?甲:请到第六号窗口好吗?句型讲解:你可以根据自己的情况选择不同的账户。如credit card (信用卡),current account (活期存款账户);saving account (储蓄账户)等等。开账户,可以用 “open”。如:Would you please open a credit card for me?请给我开一张信用卡好吗? /201408/319556嘉兴市去除胎记要多少钱嘉兴如何消除眼袋黑眼圈的方法




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