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We might like to think we#39;re not influenced by other people, but a new study into the group;buying mechanisms ; like those used on coupon sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial ; reveals that telling buyers who come later to the offer how many have aly signed up increases the number of purchasers.我们也许认为我们不会受到他人的影响,但一项针对团购机制(正如Groupon和LivingSocial等团购网站的机制一样)的研究表明,告诉后来的买家已经有多少人报名参加能够增加购买者的人数。Researchers at the University of Toronto#39;s Rotman School of Management wanted to understand why group buying sites that have entered the market recently have enjoyed greater success than those operating a decade ago, such as Mercata and MobShop.多伦多大学罗特曼管理学院的研究人员想要知道为什么近期进入市场的团购网站比十年前的Mercata和MobShop等团购网站经营更成功。Earlier attempts typically left potential buyers waiting for days before confirming whether or not they had got the offer they had signed up for.团购网站过去总是让潜在的买家在报名后等上好多天,才能确认是否能享受到折扣品。;We think one of the reasons group;buying has been successful recently is because of the short time horizon,; says Rotman Professor Ming Hu, who co;wrote the study with Professor Mengze Shi and PhD student Jiahua Wu. ;It allows for a herding effect.;罗特曼商学院的教授胡明(音)说:;我们认为近期团购网站成功的原因之一是较短的时限。这就出现了羊群效应。;他和石梦泽(音)教授以及士生吴嘉华(音)共同撰写了该研究报告。Another reason is the use of an information structure that discloses to later arrivals how many have aly signed onto the deal.另一个原因是使用了一种信息结构,让后来者看到已经有多少人下单购买。Researchers looked at two ways of designing the purchasing mechanism for a group buy: a simultaneous mechanism, where no one knows how many buyers have come before them, and a sequential mechanism, where a second group of buyers has the advantage of knowing the size of the first group.研究人员研究了设计团购机制的两种方式,一种是同步机制,没人知道之前有多少人来过;另一种是顺序机制,第二拨买主能够知晓第一拨买主的规模。The researchers#39; analytical model shows the most successful mechanism is the sequential one because it eliminates uncertainty for those coming later to the deal, and improves the confidence of those who sign on early, as they#39;re able to track the numbers of those who come after them.研究人员的分析模型显示,第二种机制最成功,因为这为后来的买家消除了不确定性,并增进了先前买家的信心,因为他们也可以看到随后买家的数量。;That boosts confidence,; says Professor Hu, who teaches operations management. Deals for ;luxury; services, versus everyday items, work better in a group buy scenario because they offer consumers a greater benefit.胡教授说:;这增进了自信。;他教授运营管理课程。与日常商品相比,;奢华;务类商品团购效果更好,因为消费者能得到更大实惠。 /201202/172436Wherever you are, and whoever you maybe, there is one thing in which you and I are just alike at this moment, and in all the moments of our existence. We are not at rest; we are on a journey, our life is a movement, a tendency, a steady, ceaseless progress towards an unseen goal. We are gaining something, or losing something, everyday. Even when our position and our character seem to remain precisely the same, they are changing. For the mere advance of time is a change. It is not the same thing to have a bare field in January and in July, the season makes the difference. The limitations that are childlike in the child are childish in the man.无论你在何处,无论你是何人,此刻,而且在我们生命的每时每刻,你与我有一点是类似的。我们不是在休息,我们在旅途中。生命是一种运动,一种趋势,一个稳步、持续的通往一个未知目标的过程。每天,我们都在获得,或失去。尽管我们的地位和性格看起来好像一点都没变,但是它们在变化。因为时光的流逝本身是一种变化。在一月和七月拥有一片贫瘠的土地是不同的,是季节本身带来了变化。孩童时可爱的缺点到了成人时便成了幼稚。Everything that we do is a step in one direction or another, even the failure to do something is in itself a deed. It sets us forward or backward. The action of the negative pole of a magnetic needle is just as real as the action of the positive pole. To decline is to accept – the other alternative.我们做的每件事都是迈向一个或另外一个方向,甚至“什么都没做”本身也是一种行为,它让我们前进或倒退。一棵磁针的阴极的作用与阳极是一样的。拒绝即接受接受反面。Are you nearer to your port today than you were yesterday? Yes, -- you must be a little nearer to some port or other; for since your ship was first lunched upon the sea of life, you have never been still for a single moment; the sea is too deep, you could not find an anchorage if you would. There can be no pause until you come into port.你今天比昨天更加接近你的目标了吗?是的,你肯定是离一个或另一个码头或更近一些了。因为自从你的小船从生命的海洋上启航时,你没有哪一刻是停止的。大海是这样深,你想抛锚时找不到地方。在你驶入码头之前,你不可能停留。 /201012/119875

Today's fashions, such as slinky stilettos,skin-tighthipster jeans and cute hand-held purses, may look sharp but may not be all that great for your body . These tips will help you stay fashionable and comfortable:如今的时尚单品,诸如细高跟鞋、紧身牛仔裤和可爱型的手包,看起来时髦,但穿起来对你的身体未必有益。下面的这些小贴士可以让你的穿着既时髦且舒适。 1. Wear high heels, but bring along a pair of flats to change into should your feet start screaming in pain.穿高跟鞋的时候另备一双平跟鞋,当你感到脚痛的时候正好可以换上。 2. If shoes are uncomfortable when you stand, they're likely to feel even worse when you walk. The wrong shoes can affect the body's centre of gravity.如果穿鞋站着都不舒,那么走起路来会更难受。不舒适的鞋子会影响身体的重心。 3. While sitting for any length of time, take frequent standing breaks to alleviate atrophy of the hamstring muscles.坐了一段时间之后,时不时地站起来活动一下,可以避免腿部肌肉的萎缩。 4. If you like tight clothes, choose items that allow you to perform daily tasks with ease. These days, body-hugging clothes are mostly made of stretch fabric--hooray!如果你喜欢穿紧身衣的话,也要挑选穿上能够轻松进行日常活动的衣。不过叫人欢呼的是,如今的紧身衣大多是由弹性面料制成的。 5. When carrying a bag or briefcase, switch sides frequently to avoid placing the bulk of weight on only one side of your body.拎手提包或公文包时,应该不时地两边轮换着拎,避免让身体的一侧负担过重。 6. Empty junk and other unnecessary items--old receipts, business cards, gum wrappers, etc--from your bag to make it lighter.为背包减负,把包里的旧收据、商务名片、口香糖包装纸等垃圾和其他一些不需要的东西清理掉。 7. If you're driving or sitting for long periods, remove your wallet or card holder from your back pocket.如果你长时间开车或者久坐,记得把钱包和名片夹从裤子后面的口袋里拿出来。 /200903/64287

Find the shape of your body to change or try to belly fat, without losing a gym, with high prices? If so, try this workout, high energy cardiovascular, which was developed by Kelli Roberts.  想不用去昂贵的健身房就能减去腹部脂肪,成功塑身吗?那么试试Kelli Roberts发明的心血管高强度运动法吧。  Burn with 10 minutes of exercise routine can have up to 150 calories per day.  每天用此法锻炼10分钟能消耗150卡路里热量。  The first two minutes of the routine is the burning of fat: Jump Rope--Begin by selecting two jumps for each turn of the rope. Safety: Use the correct size jump rope and always land softly on the toes (the beginning of the foot). Continue to think I'm losing weight.  前2分钟是燃烧脂肪:跳绳——双脚跳。安全注意事项:使用长度合适的跳绳,用前脚趾着地(不要太用力)。心里一直想:我在减肥。  Two to three minutes: the squat thrust in a push-up the proper technique for this exercise is to the feet shoulder width apart and your arms are crossed the Straits on the sides. Slowly squat with your head forward and put his hand on the edge of the soles. The hands should be pointing forward. Then in one motion, press back and legs behind them board position. Ask a bare plate and then jump back into a crouch and standing up. Keep thinking, the fat disappears.  第2-3分钟:下蹲后促腿俯卧撑动作。这个动作的正确技巧是:双脚打开与肩同宽,两手放在身体两侧。慢慢蹲下,两眼直视前方,把手朝前放在两脚内侧,双腿同时向后蹬,直到腿伸直,做一个俯卧撑,然后膝盖立即收回至胸前,站立。心里一直想:脂肪消失了。 /200910/86959

关于学习:In college you can get a B.A., M.D., or Ph.D. but that doesn't mean you're going to get a J.O.B.大学里你能拿到B.A.(学士学位), M.D.(医学士), or Ph.D.(士学位),但这不意味着你能拿到J.O.B.(工作)。That "F" You Got In English Does Not Mean Fantastic, So You Should Worry.英语课上拿了F,不是说你Fantastic(棒极了),你得上点心。Don't Schedule 8am classes! 早晨8点的课不能选!!If you plan on not attending class, make sure you have a buddy that will sign u in.要是你打算逃课,先保有个家伙能帮你签到。Do your homework amp; study. And by study I mean STUDY A LOT! 好好学习,完成作业,我说好好学习是真的要努力!内容来自: /201105/135412

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