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桐乡市瑞兰美白针多少钱秀洲区隆鼻多少钱At some point in your life, you will inevitably get caught up with a bad boy. Some are worse than others, but the one thing they all have in common, is they’re not forever guys. They’ll come in and out of your life, make you cry, make you stress, and make you feel amazing when it’s just the two of you.在你人生的某个时刻,你不可避免地会被一个坏男孩牢牢吸引住。一些男孩子会比其他男孩坏,但他们有一个共同点,那就是不长情。他们会走进你的生活,又离开你,让你哭,让你有压力,让你觉得只有你们俩在一起的时候很神奇。We know we shouldn’t fall so hard, but when it happens, these are all the excuses we allow ourselves to believe that dating these emotionally dangerous bad boys is a good idea.我们知道不应该深陷其中,但是当这一切发生的时候,我们会让自己相信跟这些在情感上有危险的坏男孩约会是个好主意,这些就是我们全部的理由。1. One look from him makes your heart start pounding.1、看着他心脏就开始砰砰跳。2. You love that your parents wouldn’t approve of him.2、你父母不会同意(你们在一起),但你就爱这个。3. The chemistry between you two is intoxicating.3、你们两人之间的化学反应十分醉人。4. His DGAF attitude is so confident and cool.4、他毫不在乎的态度自信又潇洒。5. Heads turn when he enters a room.5、他进屋的时候你就晕头转向了。6. You get chills when he puts his arm around you.6、当他搂着你的时候,你高兴地发抖。7. Even though everyone says to stay away, they don’t know what it’s like when it’s just the two of you.7、虽然每个人都说不打扰你们,但他们不知道只有你们两个人在一起的时候是什么样子的。8. It’s exciting to have a little controversy in your life.在你的人生中有点争议让你很兴奋。9. They smell good…and when you get to wear one of his shirts all day, its permanently in your face.9、他们很好闻……当你一整天穿着他的一件T恤衫的时候,(你的窃喜)都表现在脸上了。10. Bad boys live how they want, which is exciting and just scary enough to keep you on your toes.10、坏男孩按自己想要的方式生活,那种生活刺激又足够让你提心吊胆到保持警惕。 /201608/460559嘉兴市新塍人民医院打瘦腿针多少钱 Times Insider delivers behind-the-scenesinsights into how news, features and opinion come together at The New YorkTimes. In this piece, Didi Kirsten Tatlow, a Beijing-based Times correspondent,recounts a funny thing that happened on the way to her upcoming Sinospherecolumn on high heels.“时报内情”专栏(Times Insider)为读者呈现《纽约时报》新闻、专题报道及的幕后故事。在本篇文章中,时报驻京记者狄雨霏(Didi Kirsten Tatlow)讲述了她在为“时报看中国”专栏(Sinosphere)撰写一篇有关高跟鞋的文章期间,发生的一件趣事。BEIJING —The name of thewebsite selling high heels was perhaps a little odd, in retrospect:www.sharpheel.com.北京——事后看来,那个卖高跟鞋的网站名字可能有些奇怪:中国高跟鞋俱乐部,网址www.sharpheel.com。Then again, not really. English-languagetranslations can be colorful in China. A banner ing “Welcome, foreignfiends!” greeted visitors at Kunming airport in the 1990s. I’ve often seen“fried crap,” instead of carp, on restaurant s. Of course, the mistakes cutboth ways —what’s a Chinese person to make of the characters for “pease”tattooed onforeign flesh?再一想,也不尽然。在中国,英文翻译可能会五缤纷。在90年代,昆明机场一条欢迎游客的横幅上写着“欢迎,外国鬼子!”(friends误写作fiends[魔鬼]——编注)。在餐厅的菜单上,我经常看到“fried crap”(红烧大粪),而不是“carp”(鲤鱼)。当然,这种错误双方都会出现——中国人怎么看外国人身上文的“pease”(豆)对应的汉字呢?More important, I was facing a tight filingdeadline for the Sinosphere column I have written from China for six years now,and had no time to waste. I decided to do a piece about high heels.更重要的是,我在中国写了六年的“时报看中国”专栏的交稿期限马上就要到了,我不能浪费时间。我决定写一篇有关高跟鞋的文章。For about three years, I had watched asheel height rose in the trendy Sanlitun district where the Times office issituated. Thin women with — usually — long hair tottered on heels about thelength and width of chopsticks on often uneven sidewalks, calf muscles clenchedin an effort to remain upright. Even a teacher at my daughter’skindergarten had worn them to work. Extreme heels —about eightinches high —were in.在大约三年的时间里,我看着时报办公室所在的潮流地带三里屯的鞋跟高度不断增加。身材苗条的女士——通常——留着长发,穿着鞋跟的高度和粗细都与筷子相当的高跟鞋,别扭地走在常常不甚平整的人行道上。为了保持姿态挺直,她们紧绷着小腿的肌肉。就连我女儿就读的幼儿园里,也有一位老师穿着这种鞋上班。恨天高——高约八英寸(约合20厘米)——正在流行。There had also been a series of incidentsin Cannes, London and Tokyo over the last year in which women had been publiclyrebuked for wearing flats. Sure, wear high heels if you want, I thought — butwhy tell women we look ugly if we don’t?过去一年里,戛纳、伦敦和东京出现过一系列公开指责女性穿平跟鞋的事件。我想,当然,想穿就穿吧——但为什么要对女性说,如果不穿高跟鞋,我们看上去就会很丑呢?I rang the mobile number on the website;1,200 miles away in Guangzhou, in the south of China, a stranger called ChenYan answered. I explained what I wanted.我拨打了网站上的那个手机号。在2000公里外的华南城市广州,一个名叫陈研的陌生人接起了电话。我解释了自己想了解的情况。“I’m just the webmaster,”he said, cagily.“我只是网站管理员,”他出言谨慎。No problem, I said breezily. In truth, Ihad never been in the position of needing to conceptualize, report and write acolumn in so little time. China is rich pickings, journalistically, but acolumn of any kind needs solid reporting, a strong concept and reflective,writerly depth. In a too-busy week, I had mistimed things. Mild panic had setin.没事,我轻快地说。但实际上,我以前从未发生过需要在这么短的时间内构思、报道并撰写一篇专栏文章的事情。从记者的角度来说,中国素材丰富,但任何一篇专栏文章都需要可靠的报道、有说力的概念和引人深思的写作深度。在太过繁忙的一周里,我没能在正确的时间做该做的事。我感到轻微的恐慌袭来。Did Mr. Chen have a number for the manageror anyone else who worked there? I asked. Or maybe he had some thoughtshimself? I want to write about extreme heels, I said.陈研有经理或其他任何工作人员的电话吗?我问。或者他自己有没有什么想法?我想写写恨天高,我说。Mr. Chen took that, well, in stride.好在陈研对此表现得颇为从容。“Actually, I also run the site. What exactly do you want to know?”he asked.“其实我也负责网站运营。你到底想知道什么?”他问道。It sounded promising. Was sharpheel.compurely an online business or also a store? What were the trends in high heelsin China? Was there discussion about whether they were healthy or safe to wear?When did women start wearing high heels again after the puritanical Mao Zedongera?听上去有希望。sharpheel.com只是一家网店,还是说也有实体店?中国高跟鞋的流行趋势是什么?是否有过关于穿高跟鞋的健康或安全问题的讨论?省吃俭用的毛泽东时代结束后,中国的女性是从什么时候又开始穿高跟鞋的?“I remember my mother —I must have been about 6 —when she started towear heels,”he said. “I was born in 1980.”“我记得我母亲——大概是在我6岁的时候——开始穿高跟鞋,”他说。“我是1980年出生的。”He was helpful but seemed distracted. I hadto ask some questions twice.他想帮忙,但似乎不太专心。有些问题我不得不说两遍。Suddenly he said, “Actually,your questions are a bit stupid.”突然他说,“其实你的问题有点傻。”That was startling, but journalists areoften obliged to ask seemingly na#239;ve questions to elicit explanations or pointsof view, so I, too, took the conversation in stride. Why, I asked?这话令我吃惊,但记者通常不得不问一些看上去很幼稚的问题,以便引出相关解释或观点。于是,我对这场交谈的态度也变得从容起来。为什么,我问他。“Don’t worry!” he continued. “That doesn’tmean you won’t do a good job with your story. We have a saying in Chinese:‘Stupid birds fly high.’ It means that people who know they are stupid often dobetter than clever people because they try harder,”heexplained.“不要担心!”他接着说。“这不代表你做不好这篇报道。中国有句老话叫‘笨鸟先飞’,意思是说知道自己不够聪明的人往往比聪明人做得更好,因为他们更努力,”他解释说。He was getting a bit ... personal, somehow.Still, always keen to learn a new phrase, I asked him how it was written andmade a note of it. (In Chinese: 笨鸟飞高, benniao feigao.)不知为何,他的话有点……针对个人。不过,总是热衷学习新词汇的我继续问他这个词怎么写,并记了下来。I asked for facts. Did he have any figuresfor how much high heels sold on his website, and what proportion of that waskitten, high and extreme high heels?我还问了一些事实性的东西。比如,他是否有关于网站高跟鞋销量的数据,其中低跟、高跟和超高跟的比例是怎样?“Look,” he said, “I feel I ought to tellyou, we’re actually a fetish club. We set up in 2002 and we’re the first one inChina. Because of Chinese law we can’t openly advocate fetishism. We depend onselling high heels to fund our activities.”“哎呀,”他说。“我得跟你说,这其实是一家恋物癖俱乐部。它成立于2002年,是中国第一家。因为中国的法规限制,我们不能公开倡导恋物癖。我们靠卖高跟鞋为活动提供资金。”“Actually our members are mostly male,”he added. “We have veryfew female members, but we do sell high heels as well. You’re, ah,welcome to stay in touch.”“实际上我们的会员大多是男性,”他还说。“女性会员非常少,不过我们的确卖高跟鞋。啊,欢迎你跟我们保持联系。”We parted on the best of terms. I wroteabout something else that week: a smart idea to give subsidies for outdoor workin hot weather, as the world warms up. Not so much #highheelgate as#globalwarming. But I persisted with the heels topic, and that column is due torun on Aug. 11.我们在友好的气氛下告别。那一周我写了别的内容:在全球气温升高的情况下,有一个给在炎热天气里做户外工作的人提供补贴的聪明点子。离#高跟鞋门#有点远,更接近#全球变暖#之类的话题。不过,我还在继续做高跟鞋这个选题,相应的专栏文章会在8月11日发表。As for Mr. Chen, he says he thinks heelsare a reflection of materialism, first and foremost, and wasn’t much interestedin the semiotics of it all, delightfully explored by Elizabeth Semmelhack, thesenior curator at the Bata Shoe Museum (and, interestingly, the author of abook about the history of men wearing high heels), in a piece published in TheTimes in May 2015 titled “Shoes That Put Women in Their Place.”陈研表示,他认为高跟鞋首先是物质主义的一种表现,不过他对其中的符号学意义没有太大兴趣。那是巴塔鞋履物馆(Bata Shoe Museum)资深策展人伊丽莎白·塞梅尔哈克(Elizabeth Semmelhack)感兴趣的话题,曾在她于2015年5月发表在《纽约时报》上的一篇名为《高跟鞋为何成了女性专属?》(Shoes That Put Women in Their Place)的文章中兴致勃勃地进行了探讨(有意思的是,她还写了一本有关男性穿高跟鞋历史的书)。“Chinese people’s incomes are rising, and their requirements for heels are risingalong with a materialistic spirit,”Mr. Chen said.“中国人收入在增加,对高跟鞋的需求也随物质精神的增强在增长,”陈研说。“When you wear high heels, you can’t go for a stroll,”hecontinued, using the Chinese term “sanbu,”consideredan essential part of healthy living here. “You need a car. Whenyou don’t have a car, you can’t wear high heels.”“穿着高跟鞋,你是没法散步的,”他继续说。这种活动在中国被认为是健康生活的一个重要部分。“你需要有辆车。如果没有车,就没法穿高跟鞋。”That doesn’t stop the womentottering on Sanlitun’s sidewalks, but I’m not going to judge them for that.#thethingsyougetintoasajournalist.这并不妨碍三里屯人行道上的女人们穿着高跟鞋别扭地走路,不过我不会以此指摘别人。#当记者会陷入的事#。 /201607/456952平湖市做鼻尖整形多少钱

海宁市激光全身脱毛价格A Chinese tourist spent nearly two weeks in a German migrant hostel after mistakenly applying for asylum when he actually wanted to report a theft.遭遇盗窃本想去报警却误打误撞申请了避难,一位中国游客因此体验了近两周的德国难民营生活。German media say the 31-year-old backpacker, who spoke neither German nor English, underwent a medical check and his fingerprints were taken.德国媒体称,这位31岁的背包客此前已经接受了体检并提取了指纹,他不会讲德语,也不会讲英语。A Red Cross worker later found out that the man#39;s wallet had been stolen in Stuttgart. But instead of going to the police the man registered as a migrant.后来,一位红十字会的工作人员发现这名男子是钱包在斯图加特被偷了。但他没去找警察报案,却登记成为了移民。A Mandarin speaker solved the puzzle.一个会中文的人解开了谜团。The translator was found at a Chinese restaurant near the migrant hostel where the tourist was staying, in Duelmen, near the west German city of Dortmund.该游客所在的杜尔门移民收容中心靠近德国西部的多特蒙德,在附近的中餐馆里,终于找到一名翻译。 In early July the tourist arrived at the hostel on a bus with migrants, from Dortmund.这位游客在七月初和其他移民一起,从多特蒙德坐大巴来到收容中心。;He was so different from the others. Very, very helpless,; said Red Cross worker Christoph Schluetermann.在红十字会工作的克里斯托夫#8226;施吕特曼说:“他和其他人很不一样。非常,非常无助。”A translation app confirmed Mr Schluetermann#39;s suspicions that the tourist had got entangled in the asylum system by mistake.施吕特曼怀疑这位游客是误入避难系统的,而翻译软件实了这一点。;It came up with phrases like #39;I want to go on a trip abroad#39;,; he said. It emerged that the tourist had plans to visit Italy and France.他说:“翻译软件中出现了类似‘我想去国外旅行’这样的词句。”该游客原本计划造访意大利和法国。The man, from northern China, had calmly allowed the authorities to take away his passport and visa, and take his fingerprints.这名男子来自中国北方,他平静地让有关部门收走了他的护照和签,并采集了他的指纹。He then had a medical check and was given the standard papers that migrants get on arrival in Germany. He had meals at the migrant hostel and received some spending money.然后他做了体检,拿到了移民到达德国后都有的标准文件。他在移民收容中心吃饭还领了些零花钱。Mr Schluetermann said hostel staff made futile calls to various consulates, hoping to identify the tourist. An error over the man#39;s visa caused further delay.施吕特曼称收容中心的工作人员给许多领事馆打了电话,希望确认游客的身份,但一无所获。男子签上的一个错误使得事情进一步拖延。Finally his asylum application was stopped and he was able to continue his European tour.最终,他的避难申请得以终止,他也能继续自己的欧洲之旅。According to German broadcaster WDR, the man did not get angry but left Germany saying simply that he had imagined Europe to be quite different.据德国广播电台WDR称,该男子并没有生气,只是在离开德国时表示,欧洲和他想象中的很不一样。 /201608/459828嘉兴曙光医院祛痣怎么样 浙江嘉兴隆胸医院哪家比较好

桐乡市治疗粉刺多少钱Two large review studies have reached the same conclusion: Eating whole grains is associated with significant reductions in the risk for premature death.两项大型回顾研究得出了相同的结论:食用全谷物能显著降低早逝风险。One report, in BMJ, found that whole grain consumption was associated with a reduction in the risk for death from cancer, coronary heart disease, respiratory disease, infectious disease and diabetes. Using data from 45 studies, researchers calculated that compared with eating none, eating 90 grams of whole grains a day reduced the risk for all-cause mortality by 17 percent.《英国医学杂志》(BMJ)上的一篇报道发现,食用全谷物能降低因患癌症、冠心病、呼吸疾病、传染病和糖尿病死亡的风险。研究者们使用45项研究的数据计算出,每天食用90克全谷物的人比完全不食用全谷物的人的全因死亡率(all-cause morality)低17%。The other analysis, in Circulation, used data from 14 prospective studies with 786,076 participants and found that compared with those who ate the least whole grain foods, those who ate the most had a 16 percent reduced risk for all-cause mortality and an 18 percent reduced risk for cardiovascular mortality.《循环》杂志(Circulation)上的另一篇文章使用14项预期性研究(这些研究共有786076人参与)的数据发现,食用全谷物最多的人的全因死亡率比食用最少的人低16%,心血管疾病死亡率低18%。A slice of 100 percent whole grain b contains about 16 grams of whole grains, and current dietary guidelines recommend 48 grams or more of whole grains daily.一片100%全麦面包约含16克全谷物,目前的膳食指南建议每天至少摄入48克全谷物。The senior author of the Circulation study, Dr. Qi Sun, an assistant professor of nutrition at Harvard, cautions: “You shouldn’t hope that you will cure diseases with whole grain foods.”《循环》上那项研究的高级作者孙琦士(音译)是哈佛大学(Harvard)的营养学助理教授。他警告说:“但不要指望通过食用全谷物治疗疾病。” /201606/449934 浙江嘉兴去红色胎记的价格嘉兴医院除胎记大概价位



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