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  • Saudi Arabia’s oil minister has rejected claims that the kingdom is intent on pushing prices lower, saying the sharp falls were a “temporaryproblem and not driven by political will.沙特阿拉伯石油部长拒绝接受关于该国有意压低油价的说法,称油价大幅下跌是一个“暂时性”问题、并无政治意志推动。The comments from Ali al-Naimi yesterday initially provided support for the oil price, which has fallen 45 per cent since mid-June to five and a half year lows. Brent crude, the international oil benchmark, rose to .22 a barrel, but fell in afternoon trading in the US to .40, down 78 cents.月中旬以来,油价累计下跌45%,至五年半低位。阿#8226;纳伊Ali al-Naimi)昨日发表的言论最初对油价构成了撑,国际油价基准布伦特原Brent crude)一度升至每4.22美元,但在美国午盘交易中又跌0.40美元,当日下跌了78美分。“I am optimistic about the future,Mr Naimi said. “What we are facing now and what the world is facing is a temporary situation and will pass.Mr Naimi blamed the falls on a rise in non-Opec supply at a time when demand was slowing down amid weaker global economic growth. But he said the market “must not forget the negative role of speculatorsin causing volatility.“我对未来很乐观。”纳伊米表示,“我们现在面临的和世界现在面临的,是一个暂时性情况,它会过去的。”纳伊米将油价下跌归咎于非欧佩克供应上升,而需求却因全球经济增长疲弱而放缓。但他表示,市场“绝不能忘记投机者(在引发波动中)的负面作用”。Mr Naimi countered claims of a link between the kingdom’s oil policy and wider political motives, saying it was difficult for the Gulf nation and other members of Opec to reduce output and sacrifice market share in the current environment. Opec, led by its largest producer Saudi Arabia, stuck to its 30m barrels a day output target at its November meeting, despite calls from poorer members of the cartel for production cuts to shore up prices.纳伊米反驳了这样一种说法,即沙特的石油政策与全局性政治动机之间存在联系。他表示,在当前环境下,很难安排海湾国家和欧佩克(OPEC)其他成员国减产和牺牲市场份额。在11月举行的会议上,欧佩克在产油量最大的成员国沙特的带动下,决定坚持3000万桶的日产量目标,尽管这个产油国卡特尔的一些较贫穷成员国呼吁减产以撑油价。Mr Naimi has been criticised domestically for not clearly communicating the thinking behind Saudi oil policy that has contributed to further dramatic falls in the oil price and has also roiled the country’s stock market.纳伊米最近在国内受到批评,批评者称他未能清楚地传达沙特石油政策背后的思路,从而加剧了油价的进一步戏剧性下滑,还搅乱了该国的股市。Saudi Arabia’s Tadawul All Share index hit its lowest level since June 2013 this week, having dropped 15 per cent in the past 18 months. It rallied 9 per cent yesterday after Mr Naimi’s comments.沙特的Tadawul全股指数(Tadawul All Share index)本周曾跌013月以来的低位,在过去18个月期间累计下跌5%。纳伊米昨日表态后,该股指反弹9%。Striking an optimistic tone, Mr Naimi said he expected demand for crude to grow when the rebound in the global economy gathered pace. Saudi Arabia exported 10 per cent less oil overseas in October than it did a year earlier on weaker demand, according to the Joint Organisations Data Initiative.纳伊米语气乐观,表示他预计随着全球经济的复苏步伐加快,原油需求将会增长。“联合组织数据倡议Joint Organisations Data Initiative)的数据显示,需求疲弱导致沙0月份石油出口同比减少10%。来 /201412/350060。
  • Liu Yuejin has been appointed as the first commissioner of counterterrorism, it was announced on the website of the Ministry of Public Security on Sunday. The 56-year-old, previously an assistant minister of public security, will coordinate the nations efforts to prevent terrorist attacks.公安部网0日发布消息称,公安部原部长助理、现6岁的刘跃进出任首位反恐专员。刘跃进将负责协调全国的反恐行动。A spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security declined to give further details on Lius appointment. However, Mei Jianming at the Peoples Public Security University of China welcomed the move.公安部发言人拒绝透露有关刘跃进任命的更多细节。不过中国人民公安大学的梅建明对此举表示欢迎;After Lius appointment, its urgent we set up a national intelligence-sharing platform, which will help the authorities to obtain and analyze terrorist-related intelligence, then effectively direct forces such as the police, armed police and soldiers to stop terrorist plots and target criminal groups,; said Mei, director of the colleges counterterrorism research center.中国人民公安大学反恐怖研究中心主任梅建明表示:“在刘跃进任命后,我们迫切需要建立一个国家情报共享平台,它将有助于相关部门获取和分析与恐怖主义有关的情报,然后如警察,武警和士兵这种直接力量就能有效的阻止恐怖阴谋和定位犯罪集团。”Lius appointment follows a series of terror attacks in recent years across the country that have claimed many lives, including in March last year when an armed gang killed 29 people and injured 143 others in Kunming, capital of Yunnan province.中国近几年发生了一系列的恐怖袭击事件,并有许多民众因此丧生,包括去月在云南省省会昆明,一个武装团伙杀害了29人,造成143人受伤。所以公安部任命刘跃进出任反恐专员。Liu, who is from Hunan province and in earlier interviews has called himself a ;grassroots police officer;, has been involved in efforts to halt the illegal drug trade since the 1980s.刘跃进系湖南人,此前曾在采访中自称为;草根警官;,自上世0年代起就开始从事禁止非法毒品贸易的工作。After the recent attacks in Paris, which left 129 dead and hundreds injured, China has ;strengthened patrols and preventive measures across the country to stop similar cases occurring here;, the ministry said.公安部称,最近发生在巴黎的袭击事件造成129人死亡,数百人受伤,此后,中国“加强了全国各地的巡逻和预防措施,以防止类似案件发生”。来 /201512/417352。
  • FREETOWN: Sierra Leone declared a healthemergency and called in troops to quarantine Ebola victims on Thursday, joiningneighbouring Liberia in imposing tough controls as the death toll from theworst-ever outbreak of the virus hit 729 in West Africa.弗里敦:周四,塞拉利昂宣布一起卫生紧急情况并召集军队将埃拉病毒感染者隔离。随着埃拉病毒爆发致使西29人死亡,塞拉利昂同邻国利比里亚施行了强硬的控制措斀?The World Health Organization said it was in talks with donors andinternational agencies to deploy more medical staff and resources to one of theworlds poorest regions. The WHO reported 57 new deaths between July 24-27 in Guinea, Liberia,Sierra Leone and Nigeria.世界卫生组织表示,为了向世界上最贫困的地区部署更多的医务人员和资源,该组织正在与捐献者和国际机构开展对话。据世界卫生组织报道4号至27号期间,几内亚、利比里亚、塞拉利昂和尼日利亚新增57个死亡案例。Authorities in Nigeria,which recorded its first Ebola case last week when a UScitizen died after arriving on a flight from Liberia, said all passengerstravelling from areas at risk would be temperature-screened for the virus. In ameasure of rising international concern, Britain on Wednesday held a governmentmeeting on Ebola and called it a threat requiring a response. The White Housealso said President Obama was being briefed on the situation.利比里亚有关当局于上周记录了首例感染埃拉病毒案例,当时一名美国公民从利比里亚搭乘航班,在抵达后死去。有关当局称,所有经过危险区域的乘客都要接受是否感染病毒的体温检查。一部分出于国际担忧的升级,周三,英国就埃拉病毒举行会议并称需要对此威胁作出回应。美国也表示,奥巴马已经对情况作了简要汇报。But international airlines association IATA said the WHO was not recommendingany travel restrictions or border closures, and there would be a low risk toother passengers if an Ebola patient flew. The outbreak of the haemorrhagicfever, for which there is no known cure, began in the forests of remote easternGuinea in February, but Sierra Leone now has the highest number of cases.但国际航空运输协会IATA称,世界卫生组织并不建议进行任何旅行限制或边界封锁,如果埃拉病毒感染者搭乘飞机对其他乘客造成的威胁也很小。出血热于二月份在几内亚偏远的东部森林爆发,目前还未找到治愈方法。但目前最多的病例出现在塞拉利昂。Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma said he would meet leaders of Liberia and Guineain Conakry onFriday to discuss ways to combat the epidemic.塞拉利昂总统科罗马表示,他将于周五同利比里亚和几内亚两国领导人在科纳克里会面,就对抗传染病的方法展开讨论。来 /201408/317523。
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