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英语口语练习:舌尖上的英语绕口令 -- 3:7:30 来源: 1. Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.   麻烦没来找你,就别去自找麻烦   第一、四个trouble是动词,第二、三个trouble是名词   . I know. You know. I know that you know. I know that you know that I know.   我知道你知道我知道你知道我知道你知道我知道   3. I think that that that that that student wrote on the blackboard was wrong.   我认为那个学生写在黑板上的那个“that”是错误的   第一个that是连词,引起宾语从句;第二、五个that是指示代词“那个”;第三个that在这儿相当于名词;第四个that是关系代词,引起定语从句   . We must hang together, or we'll be hanged separately.   我们必须团结在一起,否则我们将被一个个绞死   这是一句双关语前面的hang together是“团结一致”的意思,后面的hanged是“绞死”的意思   5. The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.   那只敏捷的棕色狐狸跳过了一只懒惰的   这个句子包含了英语中的6个字母   6. Was it a bar or a bat I saw?   我看到的是酒吧还是蝙蝠?   这是一句回文句,顺着读和倒着读是一样的类似于“上海自来水来自海上”   7. 上联: To China china, China with china, dinner on china   去中国买瓷器,中国有瓷器,吃饭靠瓷器   下联:Go front door buy front door, front door no front door, behind doorwith front door.   到前门买前门,前门没前门,后门有前门   这是一副对仗工整、妙趣横生的英汉对联下联中的第二、四、五个“前门”指“大前门”香烟   8. He never saw a saw saw a saw.   他从来没见过一把锯子锯另一把锯子   第一个saw是动词see的过去时,第二和第四个saw带有不定冠词"a"在前,是名词"锯子",第三个saw是动词"锯" 绕口令 舌尖 英语口语英语口语句:和老外网上聊天必备的开场白 -- :9:5 来源: 1.How are you doing?(你好吗?). What's up?(出什么事了你在忙些什么怎么了?)3. Hi. Long time no see.(嗨,好久不见了). Today is a great day.(今天是个好日子)5. May I have your name, please?(请问尊姓大名?)6. I hope you're enjoying your staying here.(希望你在这里过得愉快)7. Nice talking to you.(很高兴与你聊天)8. Thank you everything.(谢谢你的多方关照你为我所做的一切)9. What do you do?(你做什么工作?). How do you like your new job?(你觉得你的新工作怎样?) 必备 聊天 网上 英语口语乐观和悲观都是强大的力量,我们每个人都必须在这两者之间做出选择,从而给我们对未来的展望和预期染上或明或暗的色Choose Optimism--By Rich De VosIf you expect something to turn out badly, it probably will.Pessimism is seldom disappointed. But the same principle also works in reverse. If you expect good things to happen, they usually do! There seems to be a natural cause-and-effect relationship between optimism and success.Optimism and pessimism are both powerful ces, and each of us must choose which we want to shape our outlook and our expectations. There is enough good and bad in everyone’s life — ample sorrow and happiness, sufficient joy and pain — to find a rational basis either optimism or pessimism. We can choose to laugh or cry, bless or curse. It’s our decision From which perspective do we want to view life? Will we look up in hope or down in despair?I believe in the upward look. I choose to highlight the positive and slip right over the negative. I am an optimist by choice as much as by nature. Sure, I know that sorrow exists. I am in my 70s now, and I’ve lived through more than one crisis. But when all is said and done, I find that the good in life far outweighs the bad.An optimistic attitude is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. The way you look at life will determine how you feel, how you perm, and how well you will get along with other people. Conversely, negative thoughts, attitudes, and expectations feed on themselves; they become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Pessimism creates a dismal place where no one wants to live.Years ago, I drove into a service station to get some gas. It was a beautiful day, and I was feeling great. As I walked into the station to pay the gas, the attendant said to me, “How do you feel?” That seemed like an odd question, but I felt fine and told him so. “You don’t look well,” he replied. This took me completely by surprise. A little less confidently, I told him that I had never felt better. Without hesitation, he continued to tell me how bad I looked and that my skin appeared yellow.By the time I left the service station, I was feeling a little uneasy. About a block away, I pulled over to the side of the road to look at my face in the mirror. How did I feel? Was I jaundiced? Was everything all right? By the time I got home, I was beginning to feel a little queasy. Did I have a bad liver? Had I picked up some rare disease?The next time I went into that gas station, feeling fine again, I figured out what had happened. The place had recently been painted a bright, bilious yellow, and the light reflecting off the walls made everyone inside look as though they had hepatitis! I wondered how many other folks had reacted the way I did. I had let one short conversation with a total stranger change my attitude an entire day. He told me I looked sick, and bee long, I was actually feeling sick. That single negative observation had a profound effect on the way I felt and acted.The only thing more powerful than negativism is a positive affirmation, a word of optimism and hope. One of the things I am most thankful is the fact that I have grown up in a nation with a grand tradition of optimism. When a whole culture adopts an upward look, incredible things can be accomplished. When the world is seen as a hopeful, positive place, people are empowered to attempt and to achieve. 9771

口语盘点第一季:老美嘴边500句之一 --19 ::5 来源: 1. I see. 我明白了. I quit! 我不干了!3. Let go! 放手!. Me too. 我也是5. My god! 天哪!6. No way! 不行!7. Come on. 来吧(赶快)8. Hold on. 等一等9. I agree 我同意. Not bad. 还不错. Not yet. 还没. See you. 再见. Shut up! 闭嘴!. So long. 再见. Why not? 好呀! (为什么不呢?). Allow me. 让我来. Be quiet! 安静点!18. Cheer up! 振作起来!19. Good job! 做得好!. Have fun! 玩得开心!1. How much? 多少钱?. I‘m full. 我饱了3. I’m home. 我回来了. I‘m lost. 我迷路了5. My treat. 我请客6. So do I. 我也一样7. This way 这边请. After you. 您先9. Bless you! 祝福你!30. Follow me. 跟我来31. get it! 休想! (算了!)3. Good luck! 祝好运!33. I decline! 我拒绝!. I promise. 我保35. Of course! 当然了!36. Slow down! 慢点!37. Take care! 保重!38. They hurt. (伤口)疼39. Try again. 再试试0. Watch out! 当心1. What’s up? 有什么事吗?. Be careful! 注意!3. Bottoms up! 干杯(见底)!. Don‘t move! 不许动!5. Guess what? 猜猜看?6. I doubt it 我怀疑7. I think so. 我也这么想8. I’m single. 我是单身贵族9. Keep it up! 坚持下去!50. Let me see让我想想51. Never mind不要紧5. No problem! 没问题!53. That‘s all! 就这样!5. Time is up. 时间快到了 口语 盘点 第一季

口语中最常用到的50个成语() -01-7 19:: 来源: . Every little helps.[字面意思] 每一小部分都有帮助[解释] 点点滴滴,有其助益一颗颗粮食堆成山,一块块铜板成千万偏远地区的孩子没学上,我们有义务帮助他们希望大家多持,捐钱、捐书、捐铅笔,什么都行多捐多感谢、少捐也不嫌,Every little helps.. Good wine needs no bush.[字面意思] 好酒不需要做广告[解释] 好的产品不需要做更多的广告酒好不怕巷子深或许这话在全球化经济竞争的年代不太适合. I am all ears.[字面意思] 我浑身上下都是耳朵[解释] 我在洗耳恭听我很感兴趣,我在集中精力,全神贯注地等你往下说比如:女朋友说"我今天下午去参加面试了你想知道结果吗?"女朋友没往下说,就等男朋友开口,希望他说:"Tell me! Tell me! I'm all ears!". If the cap fits, wear it.[字面意思] 如果帽子合适,就戴着吧[解释] 要是言之中肯,就接受吧你的作业没做好,老师认为你看电视太多,影响了你的学习老师说你是"电视迷"(TV addict),你不承认你我同住一个宿舍,我很清楚老师说的是对的,所以If the cap fits, wear it.. In a penny, in a pound![字面意思] 赌一便士是赌,赌一英镑也是赌[解释] 类似"一不做、二不休"的说法这是当你要准备参与某个项目,准备投入你的财力,时间或精力的时候可能说的一句话你买股票时,拿不定主意,是买进0 股,还是再多买一点我劝你:"我看能赚大钱,干脆多买点儿,In a penny, in a pound!. It gets my goat.[字面意思] 动了我的山羊[解释] 某事使你生气,你可以说It gets my goat(真让人生气!)比如我看到有人站在路中间说话,挡着道,我还得绕着过去,我就特别生气变体:It gets on my goat.. It slipped my mind .[字面意思] 从大脑里溜走了[解释] 忘记了没记住我本想告诉你,你的女朋友来电话了,但是我把这事给忘记了I meant to tell you your girl friend had called, but it slipped my mind.18. It takes two to tango.[字面意思] 跳探戈舞需要两个人[解释] 一个巴掌拍不响孤掌难鸣如果两个人在吵架,我认为错不在一方,两人都不对,那就可以说It takes two to tango.19. It's all my eye![字面意思] 都是的我的眼睛[解释] 表示不同意或惊讶大意相当于:我根本不相信;他说的都是骗人的鬼话;胡说八道也可以说:That's all my eye. 如果你听到了某人说的假话,你就可以说It's all my eye!劝别人也不要相信. It's my word against hishers.[字面意思] 我的话对他她的话[解释] 我跟他发生争执,我俩各执一词,没有人可以明谁对谁不对,公说公有理,婆说婆有理你该相信谁的话,真是个难题There were no witnesses to the accident, so it's my word against hers. 这是说不清的事情 常用 口语 意思 解释

世界杯口语:英德大战,球迷最期待的一场比赛 -- :5: 来源:   北京时间6月日凌晨,南非世界杯D组最后一轮,德国1-0战胜加纳,以小组第一的身份出线,他们18决赛的对手将是英格兰队这无疑将是第二轮比赛中非常令人期待的一场  1. England VS Germany - is a game worth getting out of bed   英格兰对阵德国,这是一场值得半夜爬起来看的比赛  . I can't wait to witness the game! Don't worry, the German team will win  我非常期待这场比赛!我一点都不担心,德国队会赢的  3. Hope England will have a better permance in the second round. Though they have a young team, Germany are going to be tough to beat  希望英格兰在第二轮的比赛中能发挥得更好些虽然德国队员都很年轻,但想战胜他们不是那么容易的  . England VS Germany, that should be interesting and really worth watching  英格兰对德国,比赛应该会很有意思,值得一看  5. Germany VS England is a very tough last game, but that is what the World Cup is about  德国对英格兰的比赛会是十六强中争夺非常激烈的一场比赛,不过,这也恰恰是世界杯的意义所在  6. I'm excited to see Engliand play Germany. It should be a great game!  英格兰要和德国对阵,我太激动了一定会很精  7. The game will raise the passion on both sides, it won't be dull!  这场比赛一定会将双方的都点燃,会大有看头 期待 比赛 球迷 大战

美语中常用的三个缩略词 -01-7 18:6: 来源: 美国人生活中会使用许多缩略词,他们彼此间沟通自如,但母语不是英语的我们却可能听不懂现在常用的一些缩略词包括:LOL (laugh out loud), skool (school), btw (by the way), idk (I don't know), idc (I don't care)等等接下来,我们就来具体讲述三个缩略词1 TMI"TMI" ("too much inmation"), a slang expression indicating that someone has divulged too much personal inmation and made the listener uncomtable. 说话的人说了太多别人并不想知道的事Generally, Americans don't like to talk about the specifics of personal matters like a doctor's visit, especially when the details are disgusting! 凡是像看医生这类的私事,美国人一般不会告诉别人,否则的话就是TMI如果你和别人讲述和男友交往的细节,比如你和他怎么亲吻,也会被人看作TMI例句:He began to talk about his last trip to the underwear store. I told him, "TMI!"下一次,如果有人跟你滔滔不绝地讲述你并不想知道的事情,你就可以说:Please, TMI! ASAPASAP means "as soon as possible",也就是“尽快”的意思那么为什么不说as soon as possible而说ASAP呢?If you are in a hurry, it's easier to just say ASAP. It also sounds more ceful. instance, if your boss tells you, "I need you to get this done ASAP!" you know that he is in a hurry! 匆忙的时候说ASAP,既能节省时间,听起来也比较干脆,比较有力例句:Write to me (or call me) ASAP!!I need to go to work ASAP, so I need to hand this in bee I go.Susan, check those figures ASAP!3 PDQPDQ stands "Pretty Darn Quick." 意思是very quickly, as quickly as possible, at once, immediately. 它用于非正式场合,意思和ASAP差不多,不过faster than ASAP如今的金融危机让许多职场人更加拼命得工作,他们的午餐eat PDQ,餐后get back to work PDQ例句:My boss assigned me a project this morning, and he really wants me to finish it PDQ.PDQ or you are late school. 三个 常用 美语 ASAP

Obtaining Fresh water from icebergs.Obtaining Fresh water from icebergs The concept of obtaining fresh water from icebergs that are towed to populated areas and arid regions of the world was once treated as a joke more appropriate to cartoons than real life. But now it is being considered quite seriously by many nations, especially since scientists have warned that the human race will outgrow its fresh water supply faster than it runs out of food. Glaciers are a possible source of fresh water that has been overlooked until recently. Three-quarters of the Earth’s fresh water supply is still tied up in glacial ice, a reservoir of untapped fresh water so immense that it could sustain all the rivers of the world 1,000 years. Floating on the oceans every year are 7,659 trillion metric tons of ice encased in 000 icebergs that break away from the polar ice caps, more than ninety percent of them from Antarctica. Huge glaciers that stretch over the shallow continental shelf give birth to icebergs throughout the year. Icebergs are not like sea ice, which is med when the sea itself freezes, rather, they are med entirely on land, breaking off when glaciers sp over the sea. As they drift away from the polar region, icebergs sometimes move mysteriously in a direction opposite to the wind, pulled by subsurface currents. Because they melt more slowly than smaller pieces of ice, icebergs have been known to drift as far north as 35 degrees south of the equator in the Atlantic Ocean. To corral them and steer them to parts of the world where they are needed would not be too difficult. The difficulty arises in other technical matters, such as the prevention of rapid melting in warmer climates and the funneling of fresh water to shore in great volume. But even if the icebergs lost half of their volume in towing, the water they could provide would be far cheaper than that produced by desalinization, or removing salt from water.从冰山中获取淡水把冰山拖到世界上人口稠密的地区和干旱地带,再从中获取淡水,这个想法曾一度被认为是一个笑话,更适合于卡通画,而非现实生活然而现在,许多国家正相当认真地考虑这件事情,特别是在科学家们发出警告之后科学家们认为人类将在耗尽粮食之前首先耗尽淡水资源冰川是一个直到最近以前一直被忽视的可能的淡水源全球四分之三的淡水还锁在冰川的冰块中冰川就是一个蓄水池,其中未开发的淡水量是如此巨大,足够持全世界的江河00年每年有7,659万亿公吨冰漂流在海洋中它们包含在,000座从极地冰帽中断裂出来的冰山中这些冰山的90%以上来自南极一年四季里,覆盖在浅层大陆架上的巨大冰川生成了众多冰山冰山和海水的冰不同,后者是海水自身结冰形成的,而冰山则完全是在陆地上形成的当冰川伸展到海水中时,冰山就断裂下来当漂离极地地区时,冰山有时会在底层洋流的推动下颇为神秘地逆风移动由于冰山比小块的冰融化要慢,有的冰山在大西洋中向北飘到了赤道以南35°的地方把冰山蓄拦起来并拖到世界上需要它们的地方将不会太困难有困难的是其它的技术事宜比如,如何防止冰山在较暖的气候中迅速融化以及如何把大量的淡水收集到岸上去但是,即便在拖的过程中冰山失去了一半体积,这样做也远比从海水中脱盐取得淡水便宜 677

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