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This one always draws in the comments.这段总是引发热评and then when you think he#39;s probably done,当你认为他可能已经喝完了he goes, ;oh, hang on, there#39;s still a bit left.;他却说 ;等下 还剩一点呢;there#39;s a little bit left.还剩一点呢I mean, no one can see that. I can#39;t see that.He didn#39;t need to do that.其实 没人看得见 我就看不见 他没必要那么做Hopefully, that will help,help me go a bit further.希望这帮得上忙 能帮我走得更远And that#39;s a taste that I can still taste when I close my eyes and wince,bad.每当我闭上眼睛 想起那种味道都会战栗不已 太恶心了Definitely the most difficult,definitely the most painful,下面这个 绝对是最艰难 最痛苦and definitely, for me,the most memorable moment.并且对我来说 绝对是最值得纪念的时刻At number one,on a raft in the Pacific,giving myself an enema.我的最佳时刻 是在太平洋的一个竹筏上 给我自己灌肠Physical discomfort is definitely a part of ;Man vs. Wild; for me,对身体的挑战 绝对是《荒野求生》的一部分but this next clip was eye-watering in its discomfort.但是接下来的这段让我痛到流泪Panama was quite a historic moment,I think, in the program我 认为巴拿马那段经历不论是对于节目 对于贝尔 还是对于and for Bear and for all of us who were involved.所有制作人员来说 都是历史性的一刻This is my number one.这是我的最佳时刻 Article/201612/485267People like Chef Li. He escaped to Hong Kong when he was 18,人们非常喜欢李师傅 他十八岁逃往香港but returned to Chengdu ten years ago,但随着这里生活水平的提高as life began to improve.十年前他又回到了成都Oh, he swam! He swam to Hong Kong!噢 他是游到香港的Wow, that is amazing.哇 这简直太不可思议了It feels good that Chef Li has returned to China.李师傅的归乡是一件值得庆贺的事The influence of chefs like him has done so much像他这样的厨师为此地饮食文化的重焕生机to re-invigorate the food culture here.做出了太多贡献He agrees to give me a hand to make one of my favourite dishes,他同意协助我烹制一道我最喜欢的菜肴crispy aromatic duck.香酥鸭What we do in the UK is, we take the duck我们在英国的做法是 取出鸭子and we put things like five-spice and Sichuan peppercorn on it撒上五香粉 花椒and salt, but here is sort of the real thing.还有盐 但这里的做法更正宗For the dry marinade, it#39;s OK to improvise the ingredients,在干腌过程中 可以用多种方法配制调料but the base usually starts with salt and chicken stock powder.但必备的底料通常有盐和鸡精And, of course, we#39;re in Sichuan,当然 因为我们在四川so you add chillies, lots of it,所以理所当然要加辣椒 加很多and then the most important thing are these最重要的东西还属lovely Sichuan peppercorns. Really quite powerful.这些可爱的四川花椒 它们的调味效果厉害着呢He said, ;Put it all in!;他说 要全放进去The rest of the marinade - including cardamom, ginger,其余的腌渍用料 包括小豆蔻 姜fennel seeds and bay leaves - are rubbed in,茴香和香叶 将它们撒在鸭子上then the duck is left for three hours to absorb the flavours.静置三个小时 以让这些材料充分入味The trick to this dish is to steam the duck first这道菜的秘诀是for about 45 minutes, then to let it dry,先将鸭子蒸45分钟 再沥干and finally, to deep-fry it until the skin is crisp and golden.#39;最后油炸至鸭皮金黄酥脆Chinese like to gnaw on the bone中国人喜欢啃骨头because we feel that that#39;s where all the flavour is.因为我们觉得那里才是精华所在The marinade permeates the duck meat,腌料浸入鸭肉and that#39;s what makes it red.将其染红Absolutely beautiful.实在是太美妙了Out of this world.美味至极It#39;s much more complex than the aromatic crispy duck这比我们在英国买到的香酥鸭that we get in the UK.复杂多了It#39;s funny, you don#39;t even很有意思 你甚至taste the chillies, and things like that,尝不出辣椒和其他佐料的味道but it#39;s a very sophisticated mixture of flavours here.却能吃出精妙的混合口感Outstanding!非常好 Article/201509/396544

The nay-sayers had not gone away, and they had not shut up.反对者们并没有销声匿迹 也没有封住嘴The men who had declared taxes without parliamentary consent to be illegal in 1625,still thought this in 1635.那些在1625年认为 未经议会批准征税为非法的人 在1635年仍然如此认为Yes, they reluctantly forked up,but it didn#39;t stop them smouldering with rage.诚然 他们不得已退让了 但是武力却不能浇灭他们满腔的怒火Typical was a Buckinghamshire landowner called John Hampden.其中的代表人物便是白金汉郡的地主 一个叫约翰·汉顿的人John Hampden was not some abrasive, unworldly hothead.他并不是一个粗鄙且行事鲁莽的人He was a very well respected and important member of the county community.他受到周围人的敬重 并且是县社区非常重要的成员Hampden had been deeply moved by the plight of Sir John Eliot in prison.汉顿对于约翰·艾略特爵士 在监狱中的悲惨处境非常同情He#39;d visited him and looked after his teenage boys.他探望过他 并照顾他的孩子们Now he would inherit the mantle of tax resister,this time against ship money,现在他将继承反税收者的衣钵 这次是反对航运税the tax that paid for the upkeep of the navy.这项税收用于海军的各项出Why should counties with no coastlines pay this?It was iniquitous.为何没有海岸线的县郡要为此缴税呢 这是不公正的It may only have been a few shillings,and in the end Hampden lost his case,虽然只有几先令小钱 而最终汉顿失败了but he won the argument. The embers were hot again.但他赢得了人心 反抗之火又熊熊燃烧了And alongside the lawyers in parliament,这边查理要面对议会中的律师们Charles now faced another group of intransigent critics而另一方面他还要面对各方的批评who had something even more unanswerable than Magna Carta, Holy Scripture and they of course were the Puritans. 这些人的呼声甚至要比 神圣文件大宪章更难回应 而这些人正是清教徒For the hotter kind of Protestants, the Puritans,对新教徒的狂热升级版清教徒而言the Stuart obsession with harmony and unity was at best meaningless claptrap,斯图亚特王朝所推崇的和谐统一 说好听了就是个哗众取宠的笑话and at worst it was a plot to delude the gullible into bending the knee to Rome again.难听点就是一场蛊惑人心的阴谋 让人们再次对罗马跪拜 /201703/495650

英语非常道 第16期:今天你的;bird angry;了吗暗黑破坏神,魔兽世界,反恐精英,DOTA还有愤怒的小鸟和植物大战僵尸……这些游戏你真的都会玩吗?用游戏玩转英语,做个有品的酷玩家,不再只能听懂“game over”还有“go go go~”,跟张建宇老师探秘游戏中那些不为人知的英语小秘密,let#39;s go! Article/201509/389123

栏目简介:《跟jade老师学英语》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,来之英伦的美女老师jade,一口纯正的伦敦腔,听上去就是一种享受,最重要的是妈妈再也不用担心我看不懂权利的游戏了。通过视频讲解,英语学习爱好者能够更好地理解英语知识内容,培养英语学习的兴趣,是提高英语水平的好伙伴。 Article/201509/400290

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