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泉州医院人流要多少钱In recent weeks China#39;s leaders have been talking up the need to enhance the rule of law.Their aim is to strengthen the Communist Party#39;s grip on power while at the same time ensuring that justice is served more fairly. This may improve thelives of some. Many people complain bitterly that courts often pay more heed tothe whims of officials than to the law. But in the realm of death, it is the law itself that is the problem. The country#39;s statutes on inheritance remain littlechanged from the days when few had any property to bequeath. The rapid emergence in recent years of a large middle-class with complex property claims has been fuelling inheritance disputes. The crudity of the law is making matters worse.最近几周,中国各领导人已开始讨论加强法治的必要性。他们旨在强化中共的掌权能力,与此同时确保司法更加公正,这可能会使一些人的生活获得改善。很多人强烈抱怨法院常常关注官员的突发奇想胜于法律本身。但当涉及死亡问题时,法律本身就存在问题。中国的继承法从少有人有遗产遗赠订立以来就没有作过什么修正。而近年来大批中产阶级迅速崛起,其复杂的财产构成加剧了遗产继承纠纷,而继承法的不成熟则让情况变得更糟。Today#39;s inheritance law was adopted in 1985 when divorce and remarriage were rare and international marriage nearly unknown. Fewowned homes, cars or other valuable property. The law does at least grant menand women equal rights to their kin#39;s estates, but otherwise it is based largely on tradition. It is specific when it comes to handing down ;foresttrees, livestock and poultry; but runs out of steam when it comes to new fangled notions such as intellectual property; never mind domain names and digital photographs. A sweeping reference to ;other lawful property; is its unhelpful attempt to cover all eventualities. What counts as property? By whose laws? The statute has no answers.现用的继承法是1985年通过的,那是个离婚和重婚罕见的年代,而跨国婚姻也近乎是陌生的事物,很少人有房、车或其他有价值的财产。但继承法至少确保了男女平等的继承权,否则在很大程度上则是依照传统进行。继承法详述了“林木、牲畜和家禽”此类遗产的继承细则,但在如知识产权、域名和数码照片这些新概念方面却是一片空白。而包罗一切的“其他合法财产”则无法涵盖所有可能发生的情况。什么算得上是财产?根据那些法规?继承法则给不出。Modest changes were approved in 2003, but woollyareas remain such as in procedures for registering wills. This has led to rancorous court cases like one that last month attracted much public attention.It involved a disputed will and the embattled surviving family members of a famous calligrapher and his estate worth about 2 billion yuan (6m).继承法于2003年获得小幅调整,但如立遗嘱的程序这些模糊的领域依然存在。这导致了数起如上个月那样吸引众人关注的满怀愤懑的诉讼案件,卷入上月那起诉讼案件的包括遗嘱争议以及遗嘱订立者名书法家的问题缠身的家属及书法家价值达20亿元的财产。Since the last revisions to the law, society has kept up its blistering pace of change. The divorce rate has risen in each ofthe past ten years. In 2009 divorces outnumbered marriages. Thus there are nowex-spouses and step children among those squabbling over estates. China#39;sembrace of globalisation means that some assets (and indeed, clamouring relatives) are located in other countries.自从上次修订继承法以来,社会变化的步伐极快。在过去的每个十年中,离婚率均呈上升趋势,2009年离婚的人次甚至超过了结婚的,这样前任配偶和继子女也成了财产纠纷的一份子。中国迎接全球化意味着有些财产(甚至是有异议的亲属)还可能安置在其他的国家。China#39;s one-child policy has sometimes complicated matters. State media reported on a car crash in 2012 in which both parents died several hours before their sole child, a six-year-old girl. She automatically inherited their assetsin that short interval but had no legal heir herself, meaning the assets wentto the state instead of other kin.中国的独生子女政策有时还将问题复杂化了。据国家媒体报道,2012年的一起车祸夺去了一对父母的生命,而他们唯一的年仅6岁的女儿也在数小时后死去。他们的女儿在那短暂的时间里拥有了继承权,但由于她没有合法继承人,也就意味着她父母的遗产就为国家所有而不归其他亲属所有。At a meeting in October Chinese leaders expressed support for amending the inheritance law (though a long-mooted plan to introduce an inheritance tax still looks far from being put into force: the middle class does not want that). Yang Lixin of Renmin University in Beijing says that despitethis resolve it could still be several years before the law catches up with reality.在10月份举办的一个会议上,中国领导人们表示持修订继承法(虽然长期未决议的遗产税看起来仍遥不可及:中产阶级不愿接受)。中国人大的杨立新表示,尽管作出了这个决定,继承法与实际相符仍需要数年时间才能实现。 /201411/345308福建泉州儿童医院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗 The price of oil tumbled to a four-year low after the west’s energy watchdog cut its forecast for oil-demand growth and said that it did not expect Opec to cut supply when it meets next month.油价跌至四年低点,此前西方国家的能源监督机构下调石油需求增长预测,并称,预计石油输出国组织(Opec,简称欧佩克)下月开会时不会削减供应。A glut of crude in the market, partly driven by the US shale boom, combined with weakening oil demand as the global economic outlook darkens has pushed the price of oil to its lowest level since 2010. Brent, the international oil benchmark, which has plunged almost 25 per cent since mid-June, fell .65 to .58 in afternoon trading .在美国页岩能源热潮的部分带动下,市场上原油供过于求,加上全球经济前景恶化导致石油需求变弱,油价下降到2010年以来最低水平。作为国际原油基准的布伦特原油(Brent)自6月中旬以来暴跌近25%,昨日午后下跌1.65美元,至每桶86.58美元。Crude’s drop has reverberated across the oil industry, hitting the shares of shale oil explorers in the US and causing jitters in oil-producing countries, such as Russia, that rely heavily on oil revenues to fill government coffers.原油价格下跌已在整个石油行业引发震荡,不但打击了美国页岩油勘探企业的股价,还引起俄罗斯等产油国恐慌,这些国家的国库严重依赖石油收入。Further falls could endanger investment in deepwater, Arctic and shale reserves that require a high oil price to break even, analysts said. That could potentially crimp future oil supplies.分析师们表示,油价进一步下跌可能危及企业对深水、北极和页岩储量的投资,它们都需要高油价才能达到盈亏平衡。这可能不利于未来的石油供应。Brent’s slide has prompted some members of Opec, the producers’ club, to call for a cut in output ahead of the group’s next meeting in Vienna next month.欧佩克将于下月在维也纳举行会议,布伦特原油下滑促使部分成员国在会前呼吁减产。But Saudi Arabia, Opec’s largest producer, and Kuwait have both played down the prospects of a cut, with Riyadh signaling that it was prepared to accept a period of low prices.但沙特阿拉伯(欧佩克最大产油国)和科威特都弱化了减产的可能性,沙特发出信号称,它准备接受一段低价格时期。In its closely watched monthly oil market report, the International Energy Agency, the oil-consumers’ watchdog, cut its forecast for world oil demand growth this year by 250,000 barrels a day on “reduced expectations of economic growth”. That suggests demand will grow at its slowest pace in five years.石油消费国监督机构——国际能源署(International Energy Agency)在其备受关注的月度石油市场报告中,将今年的全球石油需求增长预测下调了25万桶/日,理由是“经济增长预期下降”。这意味着需求将以5年来最慢速度增长。Oil consumption has been hit by the worsening outlook for the world economy.近期石油消费受到世界经济前景恶化的影响。Earlier this month the IMF cut its forecast for global economic growth for the third time this year.本月早些时候,国际货币基金组织(IMF)今年第三次下调全球经济增长预测。The world’s weakening appetite for oil comes with the market awash with plentiful supplies of crude. Libya’s production has recovered strongly even as the country descends further into chaos, while Iraq’s oil fields have remained insulated from the violence in the north. Meanwhile, US output remains strong, leading to a glut of supply in the Atlantic Basin and the North Sea.在全球石油需求低迷之际,市场上充斥着原油。利比亚产量已强劲复苏,尽管该国进一步陷入混乱,而伊拉克的油田仍未受该国北方武装冲突影响。与此同时,美国产出依然强劲,导致大西洋盆地和北海供应过剩。 /201410/335775泉州医学高等专科学校附属人民医院属几甲

泉州不孕不育医院哪个最好A cleaning woman in southern Italy has unwittingly thrown away contemporary artworks that were supposed to be part of an exhibition.据英国《每日电讯报》报道,在意大利南部,一位女清洁工不小心把当代艺术作品扔进垃圾桶,这些作品是一个展览会的一部分。Lorenzo Roca, head of the cleaning company, said the woman ;was just doing her job; when she thought two artworks were part of rubbish left behind by those setting up for the show that opened on Wednesday in Bari.清洁公司的负责人洛伦佐·罗卡说,这位女清洁工只是做了她自己应做的工作,她把那两个艺术作品当做是为了19日在巴里(Bari)开幕的展览所做的陈设留下的垃圾。Show organisers said one of the works she gave to a city sanitation crew before dawn included pieces of cookies, which were scattered on the floor, as part of an artistic arrangement.展览负责人说,在黎明之前交给城市卫生人员的工作包括散落在地上的饼干,这是作为艺术布置的一部分。Mr Roca said the cleaning company would use its insurance coverage to pay for the trashed art works, whose value was estimated at 10,000 euros (,700).罗卡说,清洁公司用他们购买的保险来赔偿被扔掉的艺术作品,这些艺术作品的价值估计是1万欧元(1.37万美元)。The cleaning woman is not the first person to fail to recognise a piece of contemporary art.这位女清洁工不是第一位辨认不出当代艺术作品的清洁工。In 2001 a piece of art by Damien Hirst consisting of an ashtray, dirty coffee cups, empty beer bottles and crumpled newspapers was thrown away by cleaners at a London art gallery.2001年,在伦敦的一个艺术画廊,达明·赫斯特(Damien Hirst)的作品也被清洁工扔进了垃圾桶,其中包括一个烟灰缸、脏的咖啡杯、空的啤酒瓶和皱巴巴的报纸。In 1999 Tracey Emin was on the verge of winning the Turner Prize for her conceptual piece ;My Bed,; when one of the museums#39;s patrons saw the exhibit and, believing that it had been vandalised, straightened it up and made the bed.在1999年,特雷西·埃明(Tracey Emin)因为她的概念作品“我的床”(My Bed)即将获得泰纳奖(Turner Prize),当一个物馆的观众看到了这幅作品,以为床被弄乱了,还把床给收拾了并叠好了被子。 /201402/277518 One joke that has made the rounds among some economists in recent years holds that the Chinese government is not a government at all, but in fact the world#39;s biggest property developer. After all, were it not for revenues from land sales, local government budgets across the country would likely collapse like hundreds of little Lehman Brothers.近年来,一些经济学家中流传着这样一个笑话:中国政府根本不是一个政府,而是全球最大的房地产开发商。毕竟,没有土地出让收入,中国地方财政很可能崩溃,像成百上千个雷曼兄弟(Lehman Brothers)那样。That notion of Beijing as a regime of real estate salesman was reinforced this week after the Communist Party#39;s local flagship newspaper in an eastern Chinese city published a front-page article urging people to buy real estate in one of the country#39;s best-known ghost towns.把中国政府比作卖房子的开发商,这种调侃却在本周得到印。中国东部一个城市的地方党报在头版刊登了一篇文章,呼吁大家在中国最出名的“鬼城”之一买房。#39;Good Opportunity to Buy Houses in Our City#39; proclaimed the headline emblazoned across the top of the Tuesday edition of the Changzhou Daily.《常州日报》周二发表的这篇文章题目是“我市目前已到购房好时机”。The #39;article#39; below (in Chinese) argued that despite recent weakness in Changzhou#39;s property market, there#39;s limited downside for prices and it#39;s #39;a good time to purchase real estate.#39;文章说,常州市楼市虽然出现调整,但房价下降空间不大,目前已到购房好时机。An ancient city in the affluent Yangtze River Delta area that also includes Shanghai, Changzhou boasts a population of 4.7 million people, a struggling solar energy industry, a dinossaur theme park and a robust dried radish industry. But after years of high-octane development fed by rising property prices, the city is probably best known as an example of China#39;s so-called #39;ghost city#39; phenomenon.古城常州与上海一样都位于富庶的长三角地区,拥有470万人口。这里有困境中苦苦挣扎的光伏产业,有一座恐龙主题公园,还有当地特产萝卜干。但在经历了若干年由房价上涨推动的高速发展后,这座城市更为人熟知的可能是它所反映出来的“鬼城”现象。Like dozens of similar third- and fourth-tier cities that overbuilt when the property market was booming in 2009 and 2010, Changzhou had a grand vision for itself. It blocked out a section for higher-end housing and started building a subway in anticipation of transforming itself into a producer of advanced materials and high-tech goods. But with the market cooling and the more alluring lights of Shanghai beckoning the moneyed class, Changzhou#39;s banks of luxury houses remain largely unoccupied.在2009年和2010年房地产炙手可热的时候,像常州这种楼市过度膨胀的三、四线城市还有几十个。和这些城市一样,常州也对自身有宏大的愿景。除了专门划出一片区域用于修建高端房地产外,常州还开始修建地铁线路,希望转型成一个先进材料和高科技产品制造基地。但随着房地产市场开始降温,加之上海对富裕阶层更有吸引力,常州的豪宅大多空置。The average price for private residential properties in Changzhou came in at 6,796 yuan (,095) per square meter in the first half of this year, down 5.8% from a year ago, according to the Changzhou Daily. Citing fresh figures from the city#39;s housing bureau, the newspaper said that contracted sales for private residential properties totaled 2.51 million square meters in the first half of this year, down 11.3% from a year earlier.《常州日报》称,今年上半年,常州居民住宅均价为每平方米人民币6,796元(约合1,095美元),同比下降5.8%。该报援引常州房产最新数据称,今年上半年常州商品住房销售备案面积为251万平方米,同比减少11.3%。Despite those dark numbers, the newspaper insisted on painting a bright picture. Quoting mostly real estate executives, the paper said there#39;s #39;no downside for housing prices in our city.#39;尽管住房销售数据黯淡,但该报极力描绘出一个乐观的前景。该报称走访多位业内人士,他们均表示,常州房价已无下降空间。#39;It#39;s time to buy properties,#39; it added.该报称,近期是购房的好时机。In a country where land sales make up the primary source of disposable income for local governments, it makes sense that a city might want to do what it can to buoy the market. Still, Changzhou#39;s thinly veiled attempt to talk up its sagging property sector drew harsh criticism from Internet users and rival media, including the Communist Party#39;s national mouthpiece - the People#39;s Daily.在一个卖地收入占地方可配财政收入大头的国家,一个城市希望不遗余力提振市场是可以理解的。但常州试图舆论救市的露骨做法仍受到了互联网用户以及媒体同行的批评,包括共产党的喉舌《人民日报》。In an article carried on its digital news portal People.cn (in Chinese), the party#39;s flagship newspaper lashed out at Changzhou Daily#39;s piece as an indirect approach to rescue the local housing market.人民网刊登的一篇文章批评《常州日报》的文章是变相救市。People.cn#39;s article also identified the two authors of Changzhou Daily#39;s story as a reporter from the paper and the head of the propaganda office of Changzhou#39;s housing bureau, respectively.人民网记者还了解到,《常州日报》这篇文章的两名作者分别是常州日报社记者和常州市住房保障和房产宣教处处长。#39;As a local Party newspaper, Changzhou Daily even went so far as to urge the city#39;s residents to buy houses on its front page, saying it was the best time to do so. This kind of market support measure betrays a lack of moral principle,#39; said the People.cn#39;s article.人民网发表的文章称,《常州日报》作为地方政府党报,竟然在头版头条发文号召市民买房,称是最佳买房时机,这种救市之举实属没有节操的行为。In other words: Now is not the time for the hard sell.换句话说,现在还不是强行推销的时候。 /201407/312880福建泉州新阳光妇产医院是几甲医院泉州人工流产什么时候最好




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