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青岛区普通无痛人流医院青岛这边哪家正规的医院看妇科比较专业Finns win wife-carrying world championshipFinland continued to reign in the world wife-carrying championships on Saturday as Taisto Miettinen sprinted fastest along 253-metres (832-feet) track, carrying Kristiina Haapanen upside-down on his back.The couple, who also won the world championship title last year, finished the race in one minute and five seconds.Estonia's Alar Voogle and Kristi Viltrop tripped in the water obstacle and were second some five seconds behind the winners.Finns Ilpo Haalisto and Satu Juurinen got bronze.The winning couple trained together throughout the year."Before I have been a lot of in a gym, but nowadays I have run a lot and that is the secret," Miettinen said after the race in hot and sunny conditions.The race, held for the 15th time attracted 55 couples from 15 countries, including Australia, Ireland and Poland, to compete in the remote eastern Finnish village of Sonkajarvi, some 485 kilometers (302 miles) northeast of the capital Helsinki.The wife-carrying competition has its roots in a legend of Ronkainen the Robber and his gang who lived in the forests and stole food and girls from villages.Vocabulary:trip: 绊倒legend of Ronkainen the Robber: 传说一位名叫龙卡伊宁的芬兰强盗在松卡耶尔维一带招兵买马,聚啸山林。为了招到体格健壮的部下,他想出了一个独特的招数:在一条道路上设置各种障碍,让所有应征者背着一袋玉米或者一头活猪越过障碍,合格者才能被留下。也有说法是这项赛事来自古老部落的一种“偷妻”风俗,当地男人如果要娶媳妇,先要以这种方式与其他男人比赛,以此明他可以带着妻子闯过难关。背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108701青岛流产多少钱1000块够吗 Asian, European Leaders to Discuss Financial Crisis, Environment第七届亚欧会议周五在北京举行 Asian and European leaders are arriving in Beijing to discuss ways to deal with the global financial crisis. Europe wants support from China and other Asian giants on the crisis, as well as on climate change and sustainable development. 亚洲和欧洲国家的领导人集聚北京,商讨应对全球金融危机的对策。欧洲国家希望中国和其他亚洲大国在应对危机,以及气候变化和可持续发展方面提供援。Leaders from more than 40 Asian and European countries will hold two days of talks in the Chinese capital. 来自亚洲和欧洲四十多个国家的领导人将在北京举行为期两天的会谈。The seventh Asia-Europe Meeting, known as ASEM, begins Friday and will focus on shoring up global confidence in the face of a world economic slowdown. 第七届亚欧会议将从星期五开始,会谈的重点是在全球经济增长放缓之际如何提高人们的信心。European leaders want to see more support from fast-growing China and India. 欧洲国家领导人希望看到经济增长迅速的中国和印度提供更多的援。The president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, told journalists no country is immune to the crisis. He says the international financial system needs sweeping reforms and that for them to work, Asia needed to be "on board."  欧盟委员会主席巴罗佐对记者表示,没有哪个国家能够免受这场危机的影响。他说,国际金融体系需要全面的改革,为了达到这一目的需要亚洲国家的参与。"We are living in unprecedented times and we need unprecedented levels of global coordination. It is very simple. We swim together or we sink together," he said. “我们生活在前所未有的时代,需要前所未有的全球协调。事情就这样简单。我们是同生死,共沉浮。”During the past few months, governments around the world have moved to shore up banks, make cash available to lenders and to stabilize markets. The credit crisis, sparked originally by the collapse of bad loans in the ed States property market, has resulted in several large international banks being forced to close or merge. Barroso says the financial crisis is not the only cause of the global economic slowdown.  巴罗佐说,金融危机不是全球经济下滑的唯一原因。He says major imbalances and problems with monetary policies were other causes.  他说货币政策的重大不平衡和遇到的困难是其它原因。"If you look, for instance, at the level of reserves some countries have and the level of consumption, or internal demand, compared with other major players. That is one of the reasons why I really believe that China has a word to say and that is, by the way, in the interest of China, to be an active participant in this new financial order that will be created," Barroso said. 巴罗佐说:“比如说,你可以查看一下一些国家的储备金水平和消费或者说内需水平的情况。这就是为什么我认为中国有发言权,而且顺便说一下,中国积极参与这个即将创立的金融新秩序也符合中国利益的原因之一。”China has nearly trillion in foreign currency reserves and has been under pressure to allow its own currency to appreciate. Other governments also hope Beijing can stimulate domestic consumption, to reduce the damage from slowing demand in Europe, Japan and the ed States. 中国有将近两万亿美元的外汇储备,并一直面临让其货币升值的压力。其他国家政府也希望北京方面能刺激国内消费、减少欧洲、日本和美国需求降低所造成的损害。Chinese leaders say they are paying close attention to the global crisis and are considering what measures are needed to maintain stability. 中国领导人说,他们密切关注这场全球危机,并正考虑需要采取哪些措施来维护稳定。The meeting of Asian and European leaders is an opportunity to discuss common concerns, and will not produce binding agreements. 亚欧领导人会议是讨论共同关心问题的机会,但不会达成具有约束性的协议。During the meeting, leaders will also discuss climate change. Europe wants advanced developing countries like China to make more substantial commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  这些领导人在会议期间还将讨论气候变化议题。欧洲希望中国等先进发展中国家对减少温室气体排放做出更加切实的承诺。Barroso says he hopes the world does not make the same mistake with climate change as they did with the financial crisis. He says when they see a serious problem coming nations should not postpone the solutions. 巴罗佐说,他希望国际社会在处理气候变化议题时能避免处理金融危机时犯下的同样错误。他说,当他们看到即将发生一个严重问题时,这些国家不应该推迟解决这个问题。200810/53810British schoolboy crowned world's strongest 12-year-oldBritish schoolboy Kyle Kane has been crowned the world's strongest 12-year-old after lifting a 22-stone weight at a junior bodybuilding event.The youngster smashed the previous record by over five stone after he hoisted a 308lb weight in one clean lift.At 5ft 7ins and 10.5 stone he is aly twice the size of most boys his age and has muscles to rival that of most men.The Coventry schoolboy broke the record for his age during a charity bodybuilding event at the Standard Triumph Club in his hometown on Sunday.Prior to his attempt, the World Association of Benchers and Dead Lifters World Record dead lift for a 12-year-old was 236lb, set by an American youngster.Nicknamed Little Arnie after musclemen Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kyle now trains in the gym four times a week and can shift 600lb (272kg) with his legs, 309lb (140kg) deadweight and bench-press 200lb (90kg).He started kickboxing when he was four-years-old and became a black belt by the age of nine. He began weightlifting when he was 10.When he is not training, Kyle enjoys playing with his school friends at Grace Academy where his favourite subjects are History and PE.Kyle said he hopes one day to become an Olympic weightlifter and bring gold back to Britain.He said: "I just want to be as muscley as I can be."Hopefully one day I can train in the Olympics or compete in the World's Strongest Man but failing that I'd like to be a professional bodybuilder like my dad."People may think I've been pushed into weightlifting, but I wouldn't do anything I didn't want to do, I do this because I love it.Vocabulary:dead lift: one of three power lifting events (other two are squat and bench press). Weight is lifted off floor to approximately waist height. Lifter must stand erect, shoulders back. 硬举deadweight: a thing that is very heavy and difficult to lift or move (难以搬动的)重物bench press: a weightlift in which you lie on your back on a bench and press weights upward 卧推kickboxing: a type of boxing in which the opponents are allowed to kick as well as punch each other 有氧搏击操,起源于跆拳道和拳击的一种健身运动,它是将拳击、空手道、跆拳道、功夫,甚至一些舞蹈动作混合在一起,在激烈的音乐中,进行一些拳击和跆拳道的基本拳法和腿法练习。健身者在出拳、踢腿的过程中,随着音乐挥动双拳,动作刚劲有力,能最大限度地让健身者尽情地出汗,在不知不觉中减掉全身多余的脂肪。背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108582青岛市肿瘤医院口碑怎样

菏泽妇科医院HTCs patent problemsHTC 的专利问题Android alert安卓的警报Using Googlersquo;s Android software has given HTC a boost, but it may now make the Taiwanese handset-maker vulnerable to costly lawsuits使用谷歌的安卓软件给HTC带来了业务的增长,但是现在这也可能会使这家台湾的手机制造商面临巨额赔偿的诉讼UNTIL a few years ago HTC was pretty small and relatively obscure. But the Taiwanese companyrsquo;s recent growth has been remarkable. In the second quarter it sold 11m smartphones, more than doubling its revenues in the same period last year. HTCrsquo;s main rivals, Nokia, Samsung and Apple, still sell around twice as many smartphones. But its rapid growth, especially on Applersquo;s American home turf, has made it a competitor to reckon with.在几年前,HTC还是一家很小、很不著名的公司,但是这家台湾公司最近的增长十分引人注目。第二季度它销售了1100万台智能手机,比它去年同期收入的两倍还多。HTC的主要竞争对手;;诺基亚、三星和苹果,在智能机方面的销售量仍然是它的两倍左右。但是它的迅速成长,尤其是在苹果的主场;;美国的优异表现让它成为了一个需要顾及的对手。One reason for HTCrsquo;s surging sales is the relentless pace of its innovation: in the past quarter, in which Apple had no new iPhone to launch, HTC introduced ten new models. Another is Googlersquo;s Android operating system, on which most of HTCrsquo;s smartphones are now based, which has proved a hit among consumers.解释HTC激增的销售额的其中一条是它不停地创新:在上个季度里,苹果没有新的iPhone发布,HTC却引入了十款新的模型。另一条就是谷歌的安卓操作系统,目前多数HTC的智能机都以此为基础,这个做法使它在顾客中获得了青睐。Apple has not taken the challenge from HTC lightly. On July 15th the US International Trade Commission upheld two claims in a larger patent suit Apple had filed against its rival. Earlier in the month, Apple had filed additional claims and MOSAID, a Canadian company, said it would also sue HTC, and Sony Ericsson, for patent infringement. The outcome of these cases will be of keen interest not just for HTC but for other handset-makers using Android: promoted as a free, open-source system, it is proving surprisingly expensive. This is because it relies on a host of basic features that may be subject to patents: how a screen is swiped with a finger, how a phone number embedded in an e-mail can be called by tapping it, and so on.苹果公司也没有对HTC轻敌。在7月15日,美国国际贸易委员会持了两项在更大专利方面诉讼的请求,这些都是苹果控诉其竞争者的。这个月早些时候,苹果又提起了更多的诉讼,并且加拿大的MOSAID公司也表示会以侵权起诉HTC和索爱。关心这些案子结果的不仅仅是HTC,还有其他使用安卓系统的手机制造商。安卓被宣传为免费、开放的系统,但是最终明它是异常昂贵的。这是因为它要依赖一大堆基本的特征,而它们是属于专利的:像屏幕如何被手指滑开;一个电话号码如何被嵌入一封邮件中,只要轻触就可以拨打它,等等。Last year HTC resolved another claim over Android, with Microsoft, agreeing to pay it hefty royalties. More such suits may yet emerge, and prove costly. HTCrsquo;s shares, having hitherto outperformed its peersrsquo;, have dropped by a third since early June. HTC will appeal against the trade commissionrsquo;s ruling; but it will fight back in other ways, too. This month it spent 0m buying a loss-making software firm, S3, which recently won a patent case against Apple and may have other patents that will be useful in fending off Applersquo;s legal forays.去年HTC解决了另一个关于安卓的赔付要求;;它和微软合作,同意付其昂贵的费用。这样的诉讼可能还会出现,并且都会要求高额的赔付。HTC的股价虽然至今比它的同辈们要好,但仍然从六月初开始下跌了近三分之一。HTC会对美国国际贸易委员的裁决提出上诉,它也会以其他方式反击。这个月它花了30亿美元购买一家总是亏损的软件公司;;S3,这使它打赢了一个针对苹果的专利官司,并且也拥有了其他的一些专利可以用于阻击苹果的法律攻势。Founded in 1997, HTC started out mostly doing contract manufacturing for other gadget-sellers. But as it has gained confidence in making smartphones under its own brand, it has steadily risen up mobile operatorsrsquo; lists of the handsets they promote to subscribers. By April this year it had a bigger market capitalisation than troubled Nokia. The firmrsquo;s success has pushed Cher Wang, its chairwoman and largest shareholder, to the top of Forbesrsquo;s Taiwan rich list, passing Terry Gou, the boss of Hon Hai. HTC has kept much of its production in Taiwan whereas Hon Hai (also known as Foxconn) has shifted it to mainland China and stuck with contract manufacturing;a business that emphasises cost-trimming and low value-added.HTC has shown remarkable speed in building new products, adapting to changing telecoms standards and developing its own applications software. And its manufacturing quality has been remarkably high. Unlike rivals HTC has not suffered unpleasant headlines about shoddy products or suicides at its factories. It has made progress in building a brand that reflects innovation and trust, allowing it to escape from the low-cost tmill on which some of its peers remain stuck.创始于1997年,HTC以给其他配件销售商做代工起家。但是当它从自己名下品牌的智能机制造获得自信以后,它就逐渐出现在务商给其客户的手机宣传名单中。到今年四月,它已经拥有了比麻烦缠身的诺基亚更高的市值。这家公司的成功,使得它的女董事长以及最大股东,王雪红,超过鸿海公司的老板郭台铭,成为台湾福布斯的首富。HTC保持了它在台湾的产能,而鸿海(也作;富士康;)则移至大陆,并坚持代工;;这是一项强调成本控制的行业,而且附加值很低。HTC以令人瞩目的速度制造新的产品、适应不断变化的电信产业标准和开发自己的应用软件。它的制造质量也是十分良好的。不像它的竞争对手,HTC已经在它的工厂产出劣质产品和自杀事件的报道中吃了亏。它在建立反映创新和信赖的品牌方面有所进步,使得它可以从低成本单调的工作中逃离出来,而那些正是它的一些同辈们苦苦撑的。But there is a risk that Android, a key element in this successful strategy, is turning into a vulnerability. Apple sees its patents as a weapon to undermine Androidrsquo;s cost advantage. The more time HTC has to spend fighting lawsuits, and the greater the share of its revenues it has to pay out in software royalties, the harder it will be to keep up its remarkable run of success.但是其中也有风险,那就是安卓;;它成功策略中重要的一个元素,正在成为一个软肋。苹果将它的专利视作一种武器来破坏安卓系统的成本优势。HTC花在打官司上的时间越多,它从收入中拿出付版税的钱也就越多,而它要想保持它目前成功的运营也就越困难。201111/161720青岛市南区妇产科医院 The old man and the sea老人与海He loved to rock the boat他喜欢乘风破浪Hemingway’s Boat: Everything He Loved in Life, and Lost, 1934-1961. By Paul Hendrickson. Knopf.《海明威的船:他生命中所热爱的一切,失去的一切,1934-1961》; 作者:保罗#8226;亨德里克森、科诺夫。 PAUL HENDRICKSON’S bibliography lists 76 biographical works about Ernest Hemingway, nine of them by wives, siblings and children, followed by memoirists, respected biographers and hangers on, pretenders and doctoral students. “Scholarly forests have been clear-cut in the service of explaining his so-called fetishes,” he writes. That does not mean there is nothing new to say on the subject, but Mr Hendrickson, a former journalist and American author of non-fiction, intends to tell it differently: “I want it to be less of a biography than an interpretation, an evocation, with other lives streaming in.” Having picked his way through this thick undergrowth of biographical criticism and research, he believes that by focusing on Pilar, the 38-foot cabin cruiser Hemingway purchased in New York in 1934 for ,495, he has found a fresh way of telling a familiar story.保罗#8226;亨德里克森传记的参考目录中列举了76部关于海明威的传记作品,其中9部是由海明威个位妻子、兄弟及孩子所著。其他作品则是由回忆录写手、有威望的传记作家、逢迎拍马之辈、冒充顶替之徒及士学生所写。“在学术原野上,阐释对他盲目崇拜的果实已被收割殆尽。”保罗写道,但这并不意味再没东西可写了。亨德里克森曾是一位记者,也是美国纪实文学作家,他想以不同的角度书写海明威:“我想写的并不仅仅是一部传记,想用更多分析阐释,唤起人们的记忆,并为作品注入更多新鲜血液。”在传记批评与研究的茂密丛林中,他开辟出了自己的道路。他相信借助于“比拉号”----海明威于1934年从纽约以7,495美元买回来的38英尺渔船,新坛装老酒。Pilar was designed for catching big fish in the Caribbean. By describing Hemingway’s life on board, Mr Hendrickson can concentrate on fishing, friendship and fatherhood. Because he likes Hemingway more than many other recent biographers have done, Mr Hendrickson lavishes pages on cordial relationships that blossomed on the boat with otherwise anonymous characters: an American diplomat in Havana whose wife typed Hemingway’s letters; an aspiring writer who knocked on Hemingway’s door in Key West seeking advice and was co-opted as a crewman. Both tried to write about their experiences, but their memoirs went unpublished and unknown until Mr Hendrickson came along. Pilar was also the scene of time spent with wives and children, and those reflections do not sweeten Hemingway’s reputation. His youngest son, Gregory, a tortured transvestite who eventually changed sex, once called his father “a gin-soaked monster”.“比拉号”最初是为在加勒比海上捕获大鱼而设计。通过叙述海明威船上的生活,亨德里克森先生叙述了经历、船上友谊以及为父之道。他比近期的几位传记作家更热爱海明威,亨德里克森不惜花费大量笔墨描写海明威与船上无名小卒之间的真挚友谊:驻哈瓦那的美国外交官,其妻帮助海明威打印信件;在基#8226;韦斯特,一位踌躇满志的作家敲开海明威的门,寻求指点,却被海明威安排做船员。这两位都曾记录下他们的经历,但并未出版,所以无人知晓,直到亨德里克森发现了他们。“比拉号”也是海明威同妻儿们一起生活过的地方,但这段往事并未给海明威的声誉锦上添花。他的小儿子格雷戈里---饱受煎熬的异性模仿者,最终变性,曾说他的父亲是“泡在松子酒缸里的怪兽”。Hemingway’s fiction is sometimes said to express the anxiety of American men about their masculinity. Mr Hendrickson argues that behind the mask of hyper- masculinity lies “tuning-fork tremulousness”, which is why Hemingway’s writing survives, and also why there have been “years of innuendo and psychosexual speculation”. The idea that this he-man might actually have been gay is, he thinks, shallowly rooted—though Gregory did provide ammunition by calling his father “Ernestine, dear”. Mr Hendrickson, who regards Gregory as a tainted witness, concedes the possibility of a certain amount of sexual role-swapping between Hemingway and his wives. But this obsessive biographical speculation has managed to obscure Hemingway’s considerable literary achievement, especially in the years before he bought Pilar.有些人评价海明威的小说表达了美国男性对于自身男子气概的忧虑,亨德里克森辩解道,在硬汉的面具下,潜藏着“音叉般的颤抖”,这也是海明威作品长盛不衰的原因,也是为什么会有“长期含沙射影及性心理推断”存在。这个硬汉是同性恋?亨德里克森认为这种观念不靠谱-------------虽然格雷戈里也确实透漏过类似信息,如叫他的父亲“亲爱的欧内斯廷”。亨德里克森先生认为格雷戈里是承认海明威与其众多妻子之间可能会有性角色互换的污点人。但这种反常的传记推测不能磨灭海明威令人瞩目的文学成就,特别是在买到“比拉”号之前的辉煌。By the mid-1930s Hemingway found it easier to catch huge marlin than to write. In 1954, when he won the Nobel prize, his friend, John O’Hara, declared extravagantly that he was the most outstanding author since Shakespeare. But what Hemingway heard loudest in those years was criticism. While sailing on Pilar he a good deal of it, and he found it intolerable. “I am supposed to lay back and come in with ‘War and Peace’ or be considered a bum,” he said. Hemingway’s pain is part of the personality that Mr Hendrickson evokes; and his assiduous research among those friends who shared life on the boat humanises the later Hemingway’s image as a bullying old booby.十九世纪三十年代中期,海明威发现捕捉大金鱼比写作更容易。1954年,海明威获得了诺贝尔文学奖,他的朋友奥哈拉高调宣称海明威是继莎士比亚之后最杰出的作家。然而此时的海明威,听到的却多是批评斥责。乘“比拉号”航行期间,他读了大量批评,愈发忍无可忍,愤慨道:“都认为要么我穿越回去带着《战争与和平》再来,要么我就是不名一文的乞丐。”亨德里克森发现海明威的痛楚部分源于其性格,他孜孜不倦的研究与海明威同船生活的朋友,将海明威后来的形象更加人性化--------迟钝的倔老头子。Pilar is now a museum piece “like some old and gasping browned-out whale” in the garden of Hemingway’s house outside Havana. That image contributes to the strong feeling of melancholy that pervades this book. Mr Hendrickson says he sometimes feels we have lost all sense of who the man really was. By evoking and interpreting Hemingway’s smaller moments, the author has found an ingenious way of showing how this unhappy and vulnerable man was generally nicer outside his family than in it.在哈瓦那海明威故居展览馆,“比拉号”“像一只老得泛黄的鲸鱼”一般躺在花园里-----这样的画面渲染了书中弥漫着的强烈忧郁之感。亨德里克森先生感叹道,有时候我们并不真正了解海明威。通过挖掘和分析那么多细枝末节,作者从另一个角度展示另一个闷闷不乐而又内心脆弱、对待外人比对家人更友善的海明威。201110/157625青岛取环要多少钱

青岛挂号网上预约Immigration移民问题Let them come让移民来得更猛烈些吧!The West should be more welcoming to migrants—there’s competition from the East for them西方应该更加欢迎移民,不然东方就把他们竞争走了Aug 27th 2011 | from the print edition IMMIGRATION is a sensitive subject at the best of times, and this is not one of them. The economic crisis has destroyed millions of jobs in rich countries, making their governments especially touchy about the impact of immigration on the demand for indigenous labour.即便是在光景好的年代,移民也是个敏感话题,更何况如今光景衰败。发达国家在经济危机中失去了千百万的就业岗位,因此,政府对移民影响本土劳动力需求的问题显得尤为敏感。Such concerns are illogical, because immigration is counter-cyclical. Recession in rich countries has discouraged some would-be incomers from trying their luck. America, for instance, has seen a sharp decline in Mexicans trying to cross its southern border. Immigration to Europe has slowed. Some studies also suggest that increased inflows of migrants are a leading indicator of a pickup in growth.这样的担忧毫无逻辑,因为移民是反周期性的。发达国家的经济衰退已经让一些潜在移民望而却步。比如说,从美国南部边界进入该国的墨西哥人数量已经大大减少了。欧洲的移民量也在减缓。一些研究还表明移入居民的增加是经济增长好转的先行指标。201108/151624 You probably missed The New York Times photograph that showed a revealing picture of New Yorkers’ rides into work on commuter trains. The photographer stood behind a long series of rows, three seats to a row. In the photo, every window and aisle seat - and not ONE middle seat - is occupied. The train is otherwise crowded; the aisles are jammed with standees - all of them ignoring the available middle seat. Some people are even sitting on the floor.不久前,纽约时报刊登的一张照片,上面展示的是纽约人乘坐通勤火车的图景。摄影师站在一长溜三人座的座位后拍得这张照片。在照片上,每个窗户和靠走道的座位都有人坐,但没有一个人坐中间那个座位!车厢里真的很挤,就连过道上也站满了人,有些人甚至坐在地板上,可人们好像根本没看见三排座中间的那个座位。The accompanying story explores why Americans despise center seats, though not mentioning the unavoidable fact that many of us are, shall we say, rather husky. 和照片配图的文章探究了为什么美国人不喜欢坐中间座位。不过文章没有提到一个无可回避的事实,那就是,我们很多人,嗯,块头儿相当大。It seems that women, in particular, feel uneasy sitting elbow-to-elbow with strangers. And while being jammed into a window seat even farther from the middle aisle can also seem claustrophobic, at least there’s a view. 看来,很多人,特别是女性,对于和陌生人肩并肩坐在一起觉得很不舒。坐在最里面,虽然有点被囚禁的感觉,但至少还能看看窗外的景色。For the poor sap in the middle, there’s a real possibility of being squished between the extremely obese, insufferably chatty, overly perfumed or repulsively unbathed. So, before or after a tiring day, a lot of people would rather stand.而坐在中间,如果被夹在又肥又壮、喋喋不休、香水喷得太多或者不喜欢洗澡的人当中,那就惨了。因此,不管是要开始新的一天,或者在结束了一天的辛劳工作后,很多人情愿站着。201105/134423青岛人流那里比较正规青岛青医附院产科人流



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