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Im in the Pacific Ocean,and Ive just set sail east towards Panama.我正身处太平洋中 我刚扬帆起航 朝东面驶向巴拿马Now the sanctuary of my island is fading as I slowly drift away.随着木筏缓缓的远离 我的避难岛也渐渐隐去Well, we got away from the island.如今我们已逃离了海岛The reality is, once you set sail,theres no going back.现实就是 一旦扬帆起航 就再无退路了 You know, really youre then at the mercy of just all the tides and the currents that rip around this island.此时 掌控你命运的 是这环绕着海岛的 潮汐和洋流Kind of a one-way ticket, you know?Now Im out in the open sea.没有回头路可走 我如今身处无际的大海上Im exposed to the elements,and it makes you feel very, very vulnerable.任凭风吹雨打 这让人感觉极其孤苦无依Here comes the sun again.Its been behind the clouds for the last hour. Its been bliss.烈日又来了 刚才那1小时都有云蔽日 太幸福了Soon as it comes out, its just blistering.Okay. lets get this up.太阳一旦出来 真是要把人烤焦了 好吧 我们把这个挂起来All this crisscross netting overlapped just makes all the sunlight dapple and takes the main brunt of it away.这密密麻麻层层叠叠的网 能减弱光照 便不会造成大面积的晒伤But a midday like this without any sort of shade,youre toast. Thats the bottom line.假若在正午烈日下 没任何遮挡 绝对会被烤成鱼干 要尽量避免Under this burning sun,staying hydrated at sea is a survivors biggest challenge,在这样的烈日下 如何在海上避免脱水是最大的挑战but a small rock ahead offers me a chance to replenish supplies.远处的小礁石给了我补充供给的机会The current is dragging me straight towards it.洋流将我笔直地推向礁石Kind of half tempted just to see if I can have a quick look around and see if theres any freshwater on there还真有点诱惑 让我想上去 瞥一眼看是否找到淡水or anything else that can help me.或其他有用的东西Theres a big swell around the island.Timing will be everything.海岛周围浪头汹涌 把握时机非常关键201607/452801。

  • TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480359。
  • You know, you simply cant get involved in all of these things. Its...I used to try.你不可能去参加这每一项活动…我试过这样做。This one I might go to, but I just dont know. The security could be so awful.我可能会去这个,也不一定他们的安保措施很差。First, I select a charity that will do the most good.首先,我选择慈善活动。Never looking at a guest list.我从不看来宾名单。As a matter of fact, people call up and say, ;Well, this ones coming or that one. ; I say, ;Dont bother even telling me, and dont bother sending a guest list cause Im not interested. ;但总会有人打电话跟你说;谁谁谁会来参加这个活动; 我说,不用告诉我这些,也不要给我寄来宾名单因为我对此毫无兴趣。;The Queen of Sweden, the Queen of Jordan, their Royal Highnesses;...and, uh, blah, blah, blah, blah.瑞典皇后约旦皇后…皇家…什么什么殿下bla~bla~bla~好多这样的。Im interested in what the charity does, and thats why the Times is there.我关心的是这些慈善活动具体是做什么,这才是《纽约时报》关心的要点。It really is that way.这才是正确的选择方法。People find it hard to believe. They think its a society column.有些人不理解他们觉得我做的是一个社会类专栏。Its not at all.但不仅仅是这样。It never was meant to be.才不是这样。There was a magazine. Its now deceased.有个已经停刊的杂志。They had a headline...The best magazine title Ive ever seen.做过一期的标题...是我见过的最棒的杂志标题。;You went out last night. Nobody wrote about it. Do you exist?;你昨晚出去了,没有人把这记录下来。那你真的存在么?Now thats...Thats the frame of mind that a lot of people got caught up in.哦,那是…其实很多人都带着这种心态。You kids print your names for me.你们帮我把你们的名字写下来。Wheres it gonna be? Wheres our picture gonna be?这会登在哪儿?这些照片登在哪儿?Hes New York Times. -Oh.他是《纽约时报的》。-哦。The Times have a little benefit page. Its small stuff.《纽约时报》会有一个小的版面登出来。We gotta be in it. -Unimportant.我们会等在报纸上。-这不重要。Were pretty good-looking people.因为我们穿的好看。Yeah. Thats what I thought.是的,我也这么认为。New York is about status.纽约是一个很在意身份地位的城市。201608/460721。
  • TED演讲视频:社会进步指数可以告诉我们什么GDP这个词经常挂在人们口中,好像他们是上帝掷给我们的石子一样。但是这个概念却是由一位经济学家在1920年代提出来的。我们需要的是更加有效的衡量工具,来应对21世纪的需求,迈克尔·格林说道。他用充满魅力和智慧的方式,给我们展示了如何通过三个真正有用的维度来衡量社会。还揭示,当我们使用它的时候,国家的排序会发生戏剧性的变化。201705/507484。
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